The BBS Files

In the late 80’s I ran a BBS called Network XXIII that ran for several years on a
commodore 64. Well in fact, it ran on two 64’s.  Other stats for the board
were two SFD-1001 Drives and a 1541.  Wow! Well over 2 WHOLE MEGS!

I was so leet for the times.

What I mean by two 64’s was that I didn’t have the machine screwed together so when it overheated
I quickly swapped out the motherboard with a spare.   Yeah I could swap the motherboard in
under a minute…

Those were the days huh?

The BBS was a conversation driven board… It was a place of geeky humor. As I dig
though old archives I will post more here.


>Network XXIII: Post #1 (Jul 1988)
>Network XXIII: Orwell's 1984 (Jul 1988)
>Network XXIII: User Chat
>Network XXIII: War is Goooood! (Jul 1988)
>Network XXIII: Full Session (Wed Mar 9,1988 1:43 PM)
>Network XXIII: Beastiality 101 (Tue Jan 23, 1989  9:06 AM)
>Network XXIII: Full Session (Mon Oct 9, 1989 3:00 PM)
>Network XXIII: SubBoard 1 Part 3 (Tue Jul 23, 1990)
>Late Night: Nipples (Fri Dec 16, 1988 10:28 PM)
>W.H.A.T: Advert (Sat 27-Jan-1990 11:22AM)
>W.H.A.T: Advert

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