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Here Is What Some People Have Said About W.H.A.T:

                            "FINE! Don't Quote Me."

            "Shame On You Derec, For Putting Words In My Mouth."

       "W.H.A.T. Is More Fun Than A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick."

                      "Why... I Remember Back In My Day..."
                                     -The Fugitive Guy

                           "When WAS Your Day Fugie?"
                                     -Al Capone

                              "I've Been Quoted!!!"

                              "WOAH! Inside Out!"

                  "I Guess I'm Not As Flexible As I Used To Be."
                                     -The Fugitive Guy

                    "And We All Know How Painful That Can Be."


      W.H.A.T. (508)697-9420 8-N-1 300/1200 Baud 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week.
                     "Now With LN-Network And Granola Riots"