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Msg # 862 Tue Jul 23, 1990  9:06 AM
Resp To:841-Cast Party consists of:

INNUENDOES! STOP IT! When I call this
BBS I expect to have full and complete
control over the 'Realm of Perversity',
my secret realm, it's very  un-sabulous
for everyone hemming in at my material.
Now stop it before I let you all rub
your hands over every inch of my hairy,
well-oiled, body.

Slaine, I'm a lazy sack o' shit
                    sack o' shit
                    sack o' shit
         I'm a lazy sack o' shit
            won't you please join in?

        I'm a lazy sack o' shit
                   sack o' shit
                   sack o' shit
        I used to be a pile of shit
        Until I learned to relax a bit

Msg # 863 Wed Jul 24, 1990  3:58 PM
Subject:E the starchy old maid
Resp To:853-Cast Party consists of:

I've never had a date with elenor...
Just wasn't my type I guess.... Blind
dates..welllll, That's how I met my ex
fiance, but then again I've met a lot
of very nice very cool people too...I
just don't know.. I thought for a long
time the ONLY way to be really happy
was to be firmly attached to one guy
and have him be the same towards you/..
now, I rather like my independence..
I'm not saying that if the opportunity
for a relationship presented itself
that I'd turn it down... but I wouldn't
go rushing in either.. too much living
to do to be serious
enuff rambling!

Msg # 864 Wed Jul 24, 1990  4:01 PM
Subject:there's TAX??
Resp To:854-Cast Party consists of:

My personal favourite.. there's tax??
you've got to be kidding right? well
forget it I don't want it..or people
who sigh heavily as you ring them
through... I can deal with grouchy old
people and sick kids, but impatient
people are killers......

Msg # 865 Wed Jul 24, 1990  4:04 PM
Subject:I dunno
Resp To:855-Cast Party consists of:

What was I talking about when I said my
advantage? My height? My good looks and
charm? My height is to my advantage
because very few people can intimidate
me. I just look down my nose at em and
they shut up real quick! I dunno if
it's the height or my eyes.. they're
really wierd coloured... was that what
I was talking about? I dunno.. I'm out
of it right now..

Msg # 866 Wed Jul 24, 1990  4:13 PM
Resp To:862-Cast Party consists of:

I might like that tho!
It's like second nature tho.. I can't
help it. it's just me.. and I can't
stop being me!

Msg # 867 Wed Jul 24, 1990  4:44 PM
Subject:Crack Card
Resp To:848-Cast Party consists of:

The crack card is an underground device for copying commercial
software....illegal, but fun.


Msg # 868 Wed Jul 24, 1990  4:50 PM
Resp To:865-Cast Party consists of:

You don't intimidate me in the least, TFM....far from it.


Msg # 869 Wed Jul 24, 1990  5:43 PM
Subject:Next computer
Resp To:844-Cast Party consists of:

Christ!  I'm glad I have all that in this package!  What are you aiming for
your next computer?  Sparcstation?  IBM's new RISC?  What?  Don't buy the NeXT,

it's a piece of crap.

Msg # 870 Wed Jul 24, 1990  5:49 PM
Resp To:845-Experiences

I've heard of Mathematica, but I've never used it.  In fact, I don't even know
what it DOES.  Can you tell me more about it?

Before the summer ends and I head back for college, don't forget to give me
your account number at UMASS, I can keep in touch from my college via Bitnet as

well.  Have you tried UseNet?

We don't have to wait to make our chips, we make 'em ourselves.  Right next
door is a complete chip manufacturing facility.  Well, not ME, but the people
in the MicroElectronic Engineering major are responsible for it.  Did you know
that chips have to be mass produced with 100% error free quality?  Even if they

produced chips that were 99% error free in a batch, a whole mess of problems
would occur around the world -- for example, someone could get a wrong
prescription; another could recieve more money than he asked for via an ATM;
and so on.

Msg # 871 Wed Jul 24, 1990  9:26 PM
Subject:I'd like
Resp To:869-Cast Party consists of:

I'd like to get the following in my next computer:
486 processor.
9600 baud 19.2k HST
300 meg HD
CD drive
SuperVGA monitor.

and that's just to start.  Lots of other things that I could get.  I'll
probably change my mind on this in the next few years.


Msg # 872 Wed Jul 24, 1990  9:29 PM
Resp To:870-Experiences

Well, I've had people reach me at several adresses.

The one that the school gives me is Meunier@umaecs.

I've also been reached at UNIX1::Meunier@umass.edu


Msg # 873 Wed Jul 24, 1990  9:34 PM
Resp To:870-Experiences

Basically, Mathematica is a mathematic modeling utility that allows you to
simulate pretty much ANY situation that you could come up with(This is a
drastic oversimplification, but to fully explain it you'd have to use it for
yourself).  The graphics on it are also great, too.  You can get pretty sick
geometric shapes.  All of IE's eat, sleep, and breathe Mathematica by our
senior year.

A proof of 1=2
x = y
xx = yx
xx - yy = yx - yy
(x + y)(x - y) = y(x - y)
x + y = y
since x = y,
y + y = y
2y = y
1 = 2.

Where's the mistake??


Msg # 874 Wed Jul 24, 1990  9:36 PM
Resp To:871-Cast Party consists of:

Oh Yeah!

Give me your account address at school.  That way, I can send you mail via
Bitnet, and then you can see what my adress REALLY is.  This way, there will be

no guesswork in sending mail to me, you'll know my exact address.


Msg # 875 Wed Jul 24, 1990 11:13 PM
Subject:"Ideal" computer
Resp To:871-Cast Party consists of:

That's not a bad platform to have.  They have those packages now for reasonable

prices.  If you're going into engineering, why not go for TRUE number cruncher?

Yeah, right.  Who can afford to have a personal Sparcstation in your
own home, eh?  Probably a millionaire or two.  But I exaggerate, they really
don't cost that much.  A little over 10,000 dollars.  You'll probably shell
out that amount to get what you want.

Me?  I would like the same thing you want, only bigger.  <grin>  Why
300 megs?  They should come out with read/write optical storage.  Get a gig
or two, eh?  For the CPU, I would like a 68040.  Of course, the OS has GOT to
multitask.  Why get a modem?  Get a direct feed from a network server!

Msg # 876 Wed Jul 24, 1990 11:16 PM
Subject:That's IT?
Resp To:872-Experiences

What if there are TWO Meuniers (sp?) in your department?  How can you tell them


Mine is WEY8851@RITVAX, I THINK.  I'll have to verify that.

Msg # 877 Wed Jul 24, 1990 11:20 PM
Resp To:873-Experiences

Tell me more about it!  How do you run it on the Sun?  Is it language oriented?

What possible applications does it include?

As for your "proof," you lost me on the 3rd step, I don't see how you got
xx - yy = yx - yy.

Msg # 878 Wed Jul 24, 1990 11:26 PM
Subject:Bitnet traffic[A
Resp To:874-Cast Party consists of:

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you.  My college has restrictions on Bitnet use -
meaning that interactive chat or messaging is not allowed, we're a leaf node,
thus all our Bitnet traffic goes through University of Rochester.

At least ALL the computing facilities are "free," meaning that we don't have to

pay a fee to use anything.

One thing I like best about calling our school's computers is to use the Dow
Jones news service -- it's free to access from the school computer, so I can
pick up the latest news for free as well as an online encyclopedia which is

Oh yeah, our school library is completely computerized -- they have the whole
library in on the VAX, so you can look up an author, subject or book via the
VAX.  The best part is that it can be accessed through any terminal on the VAX
or a dialup.  Imagine, going to the library without having to go there; if you
catch my drift.


Msg # 879 Thu Jul 25, 1990 12:03 AM
Resp To:863-Cast Party consists of:

 [The word for today is: quiescence ,
meaning 'inactivity' and is a noun.]

 Well, I too have been hitched, once
for quite a while [2 years] and a few
one-night stands, I've got this seven
year cycle where I rotate my mating
season. It's quite a period of sexual
quiescence, but that's the way the
donut get's it's batter. Whatever. I'm
a Jekyll/Hyde combo, when I'm nice,
I'm an angel, when I'm bad, I'm not
responsible for my actions. See?
[Holding up a note from my shrink to
the screen]

Slaine, sitting on a fence.

Msg # 880 Thu Jul 25, 1990 12:10 AM
Resp To:864-Cast Party consists of:

 Yeah, I know, that 5% tax can kill
some people. I make most of my money in
tips, and most knuckle-heads don't
realize that. All I ask is $1 from each
person I order from, is  that too much
to ask? I don't. Some people actually
want  change when I give them the
stuff. Losers? Most definitely. When
it's good, or half-way decent I can
make upto $10 an hour, when it's bad,
so..so bad, I could make err. $5/hr.
Which really isn't that bad. Maybe I
should try to be nicer when I invade a
stranger's home. I know what I'll do,
I'll say "Nice drapes." to every person
who orders a pizza. I could be onto

Slaine, just suggestions and roaring

Msg # 881 Thu Jul 25, 1990 12:13 AM
Subject:Your advantage.
Resp To:865-Cast Party consists of:

 Deuce. Whoops, how did that get in
there? Sorry, tennis talk.

 Um, yes, your advantage. Your height.
I guess that woule be intimidating to
most people. But not me. I'm well over
6' tall. I just saw my cousin  a few
weeks back, a female, and I haven't
seen her in probably 10 years and she's
tall, almost as tall as I am. And boy
is she frisky. I thought I was frisky,
boy, she must have Nine-Lives every
night. Meow.

 Sorry, my brain is stressed out from

Slaine, calistenics make pudgy people

Msg # 882 Thu Jul 25, 1990 12:16 AM
Resp To:866-Cast Party consists of:

 I must admit, all this bawdiness has
made me hot under the collar. Goodness.
What did you mean that you might lieke
[like] it? Rubbing your hands all over
my hairy body? Or just the sexual
innuendo in general? I find it all
rather stimulating. Whoops. Double

Slaine, here comes the rain.

Msg # 883 Thu Jul 25, 1990 12:18 AM
Resp To:867-Cast Party consists of:

 Mom, where've you been? We want our
dinner! Now! Stop playing with that
crack card and [Whoops.] take care  of
your offspring!

Slaine, peevish,peckish,plunk.

Msg # 884 Thu Jul 25, 1990 12:22 AM
Resp To:878-Cast Party consists of:

 Thhave the same set-up at UMB, their
library is computerized,  makes it a
lot easier on the feet in such a large

Slaine, sleepy.

Msg # 885 Thu Jul 25, 1990 12:28 AM

 I'm looking for the artist and name of
this song. I'm not sure who it is, but
below is a few lines that I can make
out, anyone who can identify this song
will make one human on this godforsaken
planet much happier.

 "...all the young dudes, carry the
news [?]...

 "Hey, dudes! I want to talk to
you..... I've drunk a little wine and
I'm feelin' fine....Hey, you! In the
back, with the glasses, I want to see
you and I want to relate to you..."

 As I said, it's not much, but that's
all I've got, it sounds like a Beatles
song sung by Bowie.

Slaine, train kepta rollin'.

Msg # 886 Thu Jul 25, 1990  7:39 AM
Subject:You're not worth piss
Resp To:777-Cast Party consists of:

   you're not worth anything and way do something that you're going to resent.
So I have desided to ignore you messages bud.
            You suck

Msg # 887 Thu Jul 25, 1990  7:41 AM
Subject:What was that
Resp To:779-Cast Party consists of:

    You just said you're really tall blonde and cute???  When did this
happen???  You're about average height but you are blonde and I don't want to
get in to the rest.


Msg # 888 Thu Jul 25, 1990  7:43 AM
Subject:Calm down!!!!!
Resp To:780-Cast Party consists of:

   How can I calm down when I have assholes bugging the crap out of me
everytime I call.  Not like the good old days when I had some power.


Msg # 889 Thu Jul 25, 1990  7:47 AM
Subject:Very Strange
Resp To:785-WHAT CP & Killmor.

    What do you have for a brain???  Come on (yourself) man don't you get you
little fag I'm not!!!!  I know you're just joking.  Well you got two jobs
huh???  Well I have one so there.


Msg # 890 Thu Jul 25, 1990  7:55 AM
Subject:Hey man
Resp To:794-Cast Party consists of:

    Sorry about that bud but they just pushed me to far that day.  And I
exploded.  How would you like it if your name was the  ending to every joke.  I

bet you would get pretty pissed yourself.  I was once in good grounds at all
the bbs i called now only two I don't have to put up with this crap.  Oh you
have asked me how many have I seen.  Well I have seen TFM, Fugitive guy, Cutter

and his girlfriend, aqualung, Derec, and a few others.  I saw most of them at
the last LNCP.  Even though I know Fugitive guy and aqualung.  Oh I almost for
got I also meet Frumpy.  Good where I my head now a days.  Oh yeah I used to
take karate even though I didn't help me my last fight.  I still have thumb
problems from that punch that knocked it out of use.


Msg # 891 Thu Jul 25, 1990  7:58 AM
Subject:If I stopped
Resp To:795-WHAT CP & Killmor.

   If I stopped calling this board it would also hurt alot of people to but I
guess it doesn't matter anymore.  You see I used to be one of the most popular
people one here and LN and now it sucks.  But you see it is only two people
making it hell for me not the whole board.


Msg # 892 Thu Jul 25, 1990  8:02 AM
Subject:You doing it
Resp To:813-CREDITS

   If you wanted to know how just write messages.


Msg # 893 Thu Jul 25, 1990  8:36 AM
Resp To:772-Cast Party consists of:

1.  I wasn't always trying to pick on you 'til just this minute, but I've just
decided to make that my mission in life.

2.  I am not your pal.

3.  I haven't seen nine in twelve years.

4.  I'll use your name anyway I want.


5.  You can can the tough guy act... In case you don't remember, we've met,
your sixteen, none too tall, and must weigh one hundred pounds soaking wet,
I'll kick your ass.

Msg # 894 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:00 AM
Subject:I really hate...
Resp To:829-CREDITS

Um, I really hate to state and restate the obvious HOWEVER, has it occurred to
anyone but me (with my naturally suspicious mind) that maybe possibly, prehaps,

he's already figured that out?  And that that "message" was realllllly just an
attempt to get a little more empire playerage out of the board without actually

having to participate in anything?

WOW, I really DO have a suspicous nature -- hey, is that a KGB agent hiding
under my couch?!

Msg # 895 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:06 AM
Subject:spoilling the surprise
Resp To:833-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Thanks a lot, you bodacious cocker spaniel (how could a dog be bodacious?) (who

cares, it IS today's word).   I guess you would be to another dog.

Say the secret woid and you win a million dollars.

Killmor killmor killmor killmor killmor.  <--- re:  Mission in life, belief
statements... prime directive - start using Killmor's name in as many messages
to other users as possible.   HEY, can tomorrows' secret word of the day be

Msg # 896 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:22 AM
Resp To:834-I'm Back!

Hmm, you're right... AA, BA, Masters, Doctorate....   Add two more years in
that equation somewhere.  What confuses me is how many credits I'll be
graduating with -- unfortunately, they're all spread across different majors..
well, at least it's flexible.

I'm pretty sure I want to be a maid.  The problem is obvious if you reread the
previous two messages, and my transcripts... I tend to go in all different
directions at once.  I think it is that I'm 3 credits and however-many hours
fieldwork time short of being a psychologist, I had great difficulty in the
remidal geometry course (high-school level, doesn't count for degree credit) I
took to sort of "catch up", but got the highest grade in the class in the
advanced math course (I took them at the same time)., Flunked french in high
school, but am making great progress teaching Japanese to myself out of some
old world war II textbooks.  The things I do know, no one could possible expect

me to understand, and the things I don't know are incredibly simple... like the

order of degrees, f'instance.  Which is why I want to be a maid... or maybe a
seamstress, or teach self-defense or areobics.

Then again, why am I explaining all this to a dog...

RE:  SMU, yeah that's what the payment plan is for (the booklet you tried to
walk off with).

Msg # 897 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:28 AM
Subject:Small world
Resp To:843-I'm Back!

Small world, huh?  Cutter goes there (SMU) too... which is Mostly what
influenced my choice... that and I knew I didn't want to go to Bridgewater
(nothing personal).  Have you ever seen SMU?  The man who designed it was
insane and supposedly some sort of devil worshipper.  It's supposed to be spook

central.  Gives me nightmares.

Msg # 898 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:33 AM
Subject:Twin Peaks
Resp To:847-Cast Party consists of:

This has absolutely nothing to do with hardware or the previous message,
something you said must have jogged my memory.  Starting Aug 5th they're
playing Twin Peaks over again from the beginning.  I assume that means the
episode after the last one we saw will start the next season.

You know people have started using that music in restuarants?  I heard the
theme song when Cutter and I stopped to get something to eat (not coffee and
cherry pie) and I heard it .. I was waiting for something weird to happen, then

I realized everyone else could hear it too.

Msg # 899 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:47 AM
Resp To:859-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Have a sabulous day.   What the hell is that supposed to mean?   Hmmmmm, looks
like we got some dope fiends hiding behind that first amendment thingy with the

pornographers and pansies, huh?!  Huh boy?  "Powdery" huh?  "Granular", huh?
And what are we supposed to think THAT means?  How dumb do you think we decent
godfearin' Americans are, hmmmm?   And Peter Paul and Mary didn't think we'd
figure out that "magic smoke ring" thing neither.  "Puff", huh.

Marpessa, sitting huddled in the chuch basement, playing the record slower, and

slower until AHA!  THERE'S A DIRTY WORD!

Msg # 900 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:53 AM
Subject:If you think THATS Sacreligious
Resp To:861-Cast Party consists of:

If you think THATS Sacreligious you should have seen the lycra spandex bikini I

wore to the wake... I'm kidding, actually, I meant to pick up that sentance
after, ah, nevermind, I'll do it again

If you thinkg THATS sacreligious, you should have been to the wake!  People
just sat around talking about the deadman's son's terrible toupee, the dentist,

their hair, looked at the their watch alot, gee, I hope nobody starts bawling,
my poor grandmother is in tears, Al is lying in the very same room DEAD, and
it's just business as usual.  My mother was saying she should have left me
home, I had the nerve to look upset.

Msg # 901 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:57 AM
Subject:poor deluded girl.
Resp To:863-Cast Party consists of:

The only way to be really, truely happy, is to be a good wife, and obedient to
your husband, and if you are very good, and very concientious in your duties,
then you will be rewarded with the ultimate penis substitute, a baby.  Maybe
even, a baby BOY.

Msg # 902 Thu Jul 25, 1990 10:09 AM
Subject:Paid commerical annoucement
Resp To:887-Cast Party consists of:

Feeling socially Inept?  Lacking in grace charm and wit?  Do people laugh at
you behind your back and call you a geek to your face?  You need ..


In your bookstore today!  Or send $9.95 to

I'm sick of being a shlep
P.O. Box 1555
Nixville, MA

Msg # 903 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:13 AM
Subject:Elucidiate, bud.
Resp To:891-WHAT CP & Killmor.

Can you please tell me HOW it would hurt a lot of people if you stopped calling

this BBS?

Msg # 904 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:14 AM
Resp To:893-Cast Party consists of:


Have you been taking male injections?  <grin>

Msg # 905 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:16 AM
Resp To:894-CREDITS

It takes CREDITS to play Empire??  Is there any OTHER use for credits?

Msg # 906 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:19 AM
Resp To:895-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Now you're confusing me.  I thought it was "quiescient." (sp?)

Why must I be a cocker spaniel?  Why can't I be something a little be nastier
like a pit bull or a bulldog or SOMETHING?  Is there any particular reason that

you prefer spaniels?  Ahhhhh, some vaseline and...?

Msg # 907 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:22 AM
Subject:College Talk
Resp To:896-I'm Back!

Don't be abashed, I may sound like a dog, but don't think like a dog.  <grin>

Are you planning to write a novel of some sort?  If you want to teach, why not
teach at a college?

Would Cutter have anything to do with your decision to go to SMU?

Msg # 908 Thu Jul 25, 1990  3:39 PM
Resp To:868-Cast Party consists of:

Wasn't trying to....

Msg # 909 Thu Jul 25, 1990  3:49 PM
Resp To:879-Cast Party consists of:

two years...that's a pretty long time
to be with one person.. I've done it
but... well... My ex was over at my
house trading disks.. I can't seem to
get the smell out of the air in here...
No I'M NOT BITTER! He's supposedly
showing up again sat morning.. good
thing I'm working. I don't want to see
him. Too much hurt STILL there it's
been a year now... such is life...
7 years... boy.. I know I couldn't do
that nope...
not me

Msg # 910 Thu Jul 25, 1990  3:52 PM
Subject:just don't
Resp To:880-Cast Party consists of:

Some easy don't do's...
 don't make a pass at the dudes wife/
signicant other, don't make passes at
the pets and DON'T make a pass at the
guy... just thought this might help..
the drapes thing is a good idea...

Msg # 911 Thu Jul 25, 1990  3:57 PM
Resp To:881-Cast Party consists of:

Well if the height doesn't work.. then
there's the big sad eyes... that works
wonders.. when that starts to fail..
pout and make your lower lip tremble...
really this works well! Most people( I
did say most mr Not-man) will have let
me had my way by this time.. then there
are the stubborn ones.. that calls for
more dramatic things.. but we can't
discuss such things here! by the way..
This is only what I resort to with
people who are bigger than I am.. only
after  I try the ' you will refund my
money' or whatever I happen to be on
aptirade about.. it really does work..
ask people who seen me...

Msg # 912 Thu Jul 25, 1990  4:00 PM
Subject:for me to know
Resp To:882-Cast Party consists of:

Only hot under the collar? rats I
usually do better than that... Looking
so sweet and innocent as I do.. I can
get away with alot.. ask Not-Man.. he
doesn7t think I look my age....
I7m giving away all my secrets here

Msg # 913 Thu Jul 25, 1990  4:05 PM
Resp To:887-Cast Party consists of:

Mr Killy, considering when you saw me
at the LNCP, I was sitting down I don't
think you can accurately judge my
height, and besides that you happen to
at least 6' tall so yess people do tend
to look littler to you.. And for
another thing.. it was dark and you
never really came over to introduce
yourself.. how can you really say I'm
not tall and cute??? HMMMMMMMMM?????And
that was before I haved my hair off and
added another earring.. I look Alot
different now that I did!

Msg # 914 Thu Jul 25, 1990  4:18 PM
Resp To:901-Cast Party consists of:

Oh please.. the whole Idea of marriage
and children.. forget it.. not now..
there's too much living to do to be
tied down like that.. why be obedient?
Does that mean he can slep you around?
No I don't think so. I'm not saying to
go out and sleep around with everything
and everyone you see.. no that'S not
right either, but you don't need a
happy hubby and bouncing baby to be
truly happy either... belive in
yourself and be happy with yourself
first or else you'll never make anyone
else happy.... there is nothing wrong
with being a woman and believe it or
not, I do know how to clean and cook
and I enjoy my needlepoint and cross
stitch and embroidery, but I think that
all people should be equal, not bowing
to a husband... you lose yourself
esteem and self motivationa and self
respect...... take it from someone
who's been there I know about being the
obedient little person and all it got
me was a year in therapy, cost me a lot
of friends, and a bitter attitude about
enuff said.. I hope I didn't offend
anyone.. and maybe being a wife and a
mum is what some are cut out for.. but
not everyone!

Msg # 915 Thu Jul 25, 1990  5:21 PM
Subject:Bicker, bicker...
Resp To:913-Cast Party consists of:

If you're confident of yourself, why do you need to justify for yourself?

Who cares about what people think?

Msg # 916 Thu Jul 25, 1990  5:37 PM

I wrote a message some time ago about finding successful athletes and true
knockouts on this BBS to be a slim chance.  Some of you took offense to that.
Why?  TFM said that I implied that they were too stupid.  If I wanted them to
be stupid, I would have written that.  Slaine claimed to be an athlete, thus he

was an exception.  Well, then, that holds true for me as well, since I was
a swimmer for my high school swimming team.  Please don't read between my
lines, there is nothing there to read.

So, what's my point?  If an athlete were truly successful, he would possess the

qualities required to keep that success.  For example, determination,
diligence, and desire.  In order to remain successful, they're usually
extremely busy, which is probably a pretty good reason why you won't find them
dawdling like the rest of us on this BBS.

True knockouts?  That was probably a sexist statement and blunt -- can you
think of a better phrase?  "An extremely endowed and capable female?"
Let's not mince words and use euphemisms here.  The majority of the computer
users today are males which explains why there is a small percent of females.
In fact, I can only identify two female users on this BBS out of what, 160

I await any rebuttals.

Msg # 917 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:54 PM
Resp To:877-Experiences

It is language oriented....very complicated....I'll get into it later.

As for the proof, I just subtracted yy from each side...basic algebra.


Msg # 918 Thu Jul 25, 1990  9:57 PM
Resp To:885-Attention.

It's "All the Young Dudes" by Bowie.   Bruce Dickinson does a cover of it on
his latest album, also.


Msg # 919 Thu Jul 25, 1990 10:04 PM
Subject:You should know
Resp To:911-Cast Party consists of:

You should know by now that it takes A LOT to get through to me.....but then
again, maybe the right buttons aren't being pushed.

Msg # 920 Thu Jul 25, 1990 10:34 PM
Subject: -yy
Resp To:917-Experiences

Can you explain WHY you wanted to subtract y squared from both sides?

Msg # 921 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:38 PM
Resp To:886-Cast Party consists of:

 If you decided to ignore D'Arc's post.
[,] why did you respond to it? I'll bet
my bottom dollar you're the type of
student that teachers look at and shake
their heads, am I right? I know I am.

 Ohh.. My disk drive is making a weird
noise. Like when I put KY Jelly all
over my [censored] and rub it in good
and hard, thus causing my [censored] to
[censored] while I [censored] to my
[censored] on her [censored]. Has this
happened to anyone else?

Slaine, b-b-b-b-b-banned in the USA.

Msg # 922 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:42 PM
Resp To:889-WHAT CP & Killmor.

I've noticed when you get flustered,
your messages are highly illiterate.
May I suggest counting to ten after
reading a message, then respond to it?

 How do you know I'm not gay? Do you
doubt your own sexuality? Maybe I could
persuade you to come over  to OUR side.
MOHUAHAHAHAHA! [Gayish-type laughter]

Slaine, mind-bomb.

Msg # 923 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:49 PM
Subject:Oh SNAP!
Resp To:893-Cast Party consists of:

 Holy cow, in this corner, weigh 100
lbs, Killmor The Raving Looney! And in
this corner sporting 'nightclothes',

 I guess ifI meet Killy at the CP he
won't be able to put up much of a
struggle when I make him rub his
adolescent fingers all over my body.
Isn't that delicious? [My God. I'm
actually freaking myself out.]

 Ever known someone for a long time,
see them probably everyday, talk  them
a lot, then realize you're in love with
them? [This is another topic from
Killmor altogether.] This girl I know,
have known for quite a while, just
simultaneously realized we would be
pretty good together. Anyone ever seen
'When Harry Met Sally'?  Same type of
deal here, only I have no qualms
against sex, unlike Harry. Oh well.

Slaine, get up off our knees.

Msg # 924 Thu Jul 25, 1990 11:55 PM
Subject:The Word.
Resp To:899-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

 Ok. Today's word is
'heterodox', meaning 'false doctrine or
'heresey', you know, blasphemy, all
that fun stuff. Ain't I be educational?
I should be a teacher.

 Umm, what the hell was I about to say?
Oh, I forgot, so I'll make something
up. Isn't all this rain wacky? I mean,
it  wasprinkling as I was going home,
rain for the past three days! IT'S In

Slaine,spreader of heterodox.

Msg # 925 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:00 AM
Subject:Penis substitute?
Resp To:901-Cast Party consists of:

 Made of what? Corn starch? NutraSweet?
Is that thesame as penis envy?

  Sorry, I'm just adding to the
[Ahem!] heterodox here. Sabulous
drapes. Power to the people, especially
the white ones.

Slaine, last night, when all I wanted
to do was knife you in the heart, I
keep it all in.

Msg # 926 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:07 AM
Subject:Hitched II.
Resp To:909-Cast Party consists of:

 I'm a black widower. I kill all my
ex's and store them behind my walls.
It's a mess when they leak from their
hoover bag graves, but such is life.
What's a little effort to relieve so
much pain?

 Recently I've decided to start seeing
this girl I've known for quite some
time, but never actually thought of her
as someone to have a relationship with,
but as a friend. To tell you the truth
I get pretty tired of having no one
steady to be there when I want them,
I'm not knocking the single scene, but
t I got sick of that in high school.
God, I feel like a Buddist monk, so
peaceful, in harmony, today I spoke
with a bird that landed on my stairs,
it asked for the next day's weather, I
said 'Wet, my friend, and warm.' I'm on
cloud 9.

Slaine, 25 years from now, will you
come to my cremation.

Msg # 927 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:09 AM
Subject:Advice for the young at heart.
Resp To:910-Cast Party consists of:

 That's good advice. I usually try not
to score with customers, that could get
sticky. [Whoops. Sexual innuendo
there.] Um, so where you do work
and what do you do?

Slaine, Mr. Census Man, take my wife,

Msg # 928 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:13 AM
Resp To:911-Cast Party consists of:

 So, you openly admit to using your
female wiles to coerce young strapping
men into doing things for you? Is that
about right?

 I think it's about time we had a
little trial here. This is out of hand.
I mean, as a man, a manly man with hair
all over me, this is just something
that I cannot bear to hear. Why roast
Mapplthorpe when we've got such tales
of frivolity here? Let the prudes speak

Slaine, the hate song.

Msg # 929 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:17 AM
Subject:Oh Goody.
Resp To:912-Cast Party consists of:

 Yes, well, I'm hot all over if you
must know the truth. How old do people
say you look? How old are you?

 That happens with me a lot too. I'm
20, but people say, when me and my
brother [Who's 22.] are out together,
they always say I look like the older
of the two. Not that I like it much.
It's only because I'm 6'' taller than
him and and more muscular, handsome
too, good teeth, far complexion, tight
buttocks. Yup, I'm all man. No doubt
about it. Boy, I think I'll swagger
about the kitchen now.

Slaine, it's sheep we're up against.

Msg # 930 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:26 AM
Resp To:916-Stereotypes

 I also made the B-Ball team at UMB my
freshman year, but quit to hold up my
grades. If I really wanted to I could
get into shape and try out for NU
B-ball team in the fall, but I've grown
tired of the serious competitive nature
of the sport. Anyways, I'd have to
agree with most of what you said. Most
users here are male, are not what I'd
call 'social butterflys'. WWhat I want
to know is why you brought it up in the
first place?

 About thhe knockouts, there are
actually three females here. Marpessa,
TFM, and Rebekah. I can't judge them on
this until I've met them, but they
are able to eloquently voice their
opinions and thoughts, something most
'knockouts' or 'babes' [Your choice.]
don't have the capacity to do. My
brother's ex, in short, was/is a bimbo
in the truest purest sense of the word.
She was gorgeous, no doubt, but I
couldn't 'talk' to her for more than
five minutes without feeling like I was
back in kindergarten. If that's what
a knockout is, then I'll take mine
without cream or sugar. [Whatever that

Slaine, mein kampf.

Msg # 931 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:31 AM
Resp To:918-Attention.

 [Kissing your feet.] Thanks. I knew it
sounded like Bowie, but wasn't sure if
it was him. Oh well, now I can sleep at

 Heard B. Dickinson's 'Tattoed
Millionaire', meaning him of course,
sounds good, but I dunno, doesn't feel
right saying Dickinson w/out bringing
up Iron Maiden. Boy, a sudden burst of
nostalgia in meinst veins. Goodness,
maybe I'll lull myself to sleep with
some 'Piece of Mind'. MAMMORIES!! LIKE

Slaine, breakin' the law.

P.S. What are your thoughts on the
Judas Priest trial? Is that insane or

Msg # 932 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:49 AM
Resp To:920-Experiences

To prove 1=2, subtracting y squared from both sides is necessary.

Figure it out yet.


Msg # 933 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:51 AM
Resp To:921-Cast Party consists of:

Actually, I've found Baby Oil to work better than KY jelly.....KY sucks.


Msg # 934 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:53 AM
Resp To:923-Cast Party consists of:

Actually, yeah, I have found myself in this situation.  It didn't work, we were

better off as friends....no obligations....no relationships.........no


Msg # 935 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:57 AM
Subject:Well, I think
Resp To:929-Cast Party consists of:

Well, I think that she looks like she's thirteen or fourteen......that's giving

her the benefit of the doubt, too.   Check mail.

"Now TFM, would I really send him mail about you??  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Msg # 936 Fri Jul 26, 1990  1:03 AM
Subject:Very Insane
Resp To:931-Attention.

It's all bullshit.....if these two kids were already depressed, drinking, and
sitting in a culvert with a gun, what the hell are they going to do??  It seems

to me that they would have died no matter what music was played, be it
Madonna's "Like a Virgin" or Judas Priest's "Stained Class."  It's bullshit.
Judas Priest!!  Satanistic????  Tell me another one.  That's like saying the 2
Live Crew have morally upstanding lyrics that get nonstop radio airplay.

If they want to see some really Satanistic Music, why don't they check out
Slayer...or Venom.....or even Grim Reaper....Grim Reaper even goes as far to
have a Backwards message blatantly tacked on at the end of one of their tapes
that says "See You In Hell" backwards.

Oh no, I gotta kill myself......IRON MAIDEN MADE ME DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Msg # 937 Fri Jul 26, 1990  7:39 AM
Resp To:897-I'm Back!

Yeah, I've been there.  Awfully spooky.  I hate being there around nitetime.

Msg # 938 Fri Jul 26, 1990  7:47 AM
Resp To:916-Stereotypes

Three women on this bbs.  But look on Argus sometime theres tons of females on

Msg # 939 Fri Jul 26, 1990  7:58 AM

If you are one of the few users coming to the cast party.  We still need 5 more

people to Say "Yeah sure, Laets t
"Lets trash Becka's house"
But seriously We need more people!!
Come join in on the fun.
By the way I will also need the town you live in so I can email you the right

Msg # 940 Fri Jul 26, 1990  8:24 AM
Subject:Don't push
Resp To:904-Cast Party consists of:

Keep pushing, little dog, and one unspecified day this year I'll hide
cockroaches in your milkbones.

Besides, I wasn't even really mad, the guy's a laugh riot.

Msg # 941 Fri Jul 26, 1990  8:26 AM
Resp To:905-CREDITS

Not that I know of... I wouldn't of even known that, (can't stand empire) if we

hadn't had been waiting for Frumpy to run out of them to see what he'd write.

Msg # 942 Fri Jul 26, 1990  8:29 AM
Subject:language language
Resp To:906-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Hey!  Don't complain to me, talk to your mom... it's not my fault she consorts

with other spaniels --- You're not even my dog.

Msg # 943 Fri Jul 26, 1990  8:35 AM
Subject:college, et al.
Resp To:907-I'm Back!

Novel?  Heck, I haven't even got enough interesting things to say to fill a
post, let alone a book.

Teach?  Actually, I was going to teach areobics at school, but I had a class
the hour the fitness center wanted to hold class.  Oh, you mean teach English.

It's entirely possible and not highly unlikely that I will (depending on how
much I enjoy my seminar classes) before I get married.  (Cutter says I'm not to

work after we marry).

Of course Cutter influenced my decisision... he said I'm going to SMU.   It's
not that bad, the only other place I wanted to go was in Iowa and we both
agreed that was too far away.

Msg # 944 Fri Jul 26, 1990  8:41 AM
Subject:a year of therapy.
Resp To:914-Cast Party consists of:

I only paraphrased that.  I was quoting Sigmund Freud.

I guess pyschodynamic theory has come a long way baby.

Msg # 945 Fri Jul 26, 1990  8:49 AM
Subject:love tryst.
Resp To:923-Cast Party consists of:

If you wanted him I'm afraid you'd have to drive down to Lakeville to get
him... also I wouldn't suggest getting him and the girl together all at once,
give her a little time to adjust to the idea -- oh yeah, that was a seperate
subject, wasn't it?  In that case, Cutter and I will invite you both over for
expresso sometime... if Cutter ever gets out of work, that is.. STRIKE THAT,
young ladies who want engagement rings shouldn't criticize their fiances work
hours and excess thereof.

Msg # 946 Fri Jul 26, 1990  8:50 AM
Subject:apocalypse now, end of the world, et al.
Resp To:924-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Yeah, but Slaine, WHERE would we find two of you to put on an ark?

Msg # 947 Fri Jul 26, 1990  8:52 AM
Subject:penis envy
Resp To:925-Cast Party consists of:

Exactly the same, in fact... that's what Freud was talking about.

Msg # 948 Fri Jul 26, 1990  9:04 AM
Subject:why he brought it up.
Resp To:930-Stereotypes

Not that I really ought to get involved, but I've got to say something, if his
head gets any bigger, his collar isn't going to fit.

He brought it up because he's recently gone through a sort of chryalis stage...

you know, like a butterfly or something.  About a year and a half ago he
started working out, lifting weights, you know the whole nine yards, and put on

a lot of weight (muscle weight) and now he thinks he's beautiful, and wants us
all to tell him how lovely he is.  And he does look very nice too, so maybe we
can now drop this whole inner vs. outer beauty thing.

And, Mr. Spaniel, don't think I haven't heard your opinions (re:  "guy talk")
you know Cutter has a big mouth.

Msg # 949 Fri Jul 26, 1990  9:11 AM
Resp To:937-I'm Back!

Heck, what's so spooky about stairs that lead into walls?  20 ft. ashtrays?
Hallways that go nowhere?  Its UGLY that's what it is... it's probably the
Ugliest set of buildings that I have ever seen in my life, a concrete
nightmare.  The dorms look like Prision buildings, everything has those hideous

angles jutting out of nowhere, hanging over into space, looking like it's going

to topple down on you any second, and in the middle of it all, Otto's Last
Errection.  Ick.

Msg # 950 Fri Jul 26, 1990  9:36 AM
Resp To:893-Cast Party consists of:

   The only thing you got right was I am 16 and I told everyone that two or
three days ago.  I am 5'10" and weigh about 155.  So don't give me that crap.
By the way I am not taking that shit from you anymore.  I am ignoring it.


Msg # 951 Fri Jul 26, 1990  9:44 AM
Resp To:913-Cast Party consists of:

   Come on, you know I was ony joking don't you???  I guess you didn't.  i
wasn't trying to piss you off.  I didn't ay anything about your looks because
of that anyways.  You should hear kieth when he....  well sorry.  God what do I

have to do around here!!!


Msg # 952 Fri Jul 26, 1990  9:50 AM
Resp To:921-Cast Party consists of:

   No actually every teacher I had liked me my english teacher liked me the
most I was sorta a teachers pet.  I was like the most trival person in that
class that is way though.  I am generally quite and don't talk back to people
unless they piss me off or in other words turn me the wrong way.  But I have
ignored them now and plan on doing so until they stop acting like assholes.


Msg # 953 Fri Jul 26, 1990  9:52 AM
Subject:You're so gay
Resp To:922-WHAT CP & Killmor.

   Hey fag I am not like you. I go for the oppisite sex and I perfer it that
way.  Muhahahahahhaha!!! 9Evil type of laughter)


Msg # 954 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:46 PM
Resp To:930-Stereotypes

Why did I bring it up?  Because I wanted to know what others had to say.  Most
people tend to avoid this topic because of what you said might be true: "We're
not exactly social butterflies."  This is not to say that you are, but most
people might be afraid that they are.

Msg # 955 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:47 PM
Resp To:932-Experiences

I'll have to look at it more carefully -- most of my mathematical tendencies
went on vacation 2 months ago.

Msg # 956 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:49 PM
Resp To:933-Cast Party consists of:

KY jelly is water soluble.  Baby oil and vaseline might be great lubricants,
but they don't come off easily under water.  A person might get infection with
bacterica breeding underneath an oily layer.

Msg # 957 Fri Jul 26, 1990 12:55 PM
Resp To:943-I'm Back!

Excuse me.  Cutter said you weren't allowed to work after you married?  Come
now, what do you really think of that?  I think that's sexist...

You -- teach aerobics -- what a concept!  <grin>

Msg # 958 Fri Jul 26, 1990  1:00 PM
Subject:Heterosexual preferences?
Resp To:953-WHAT CP & Killmor.

Somehow, deep in my heart, I know that simply isn't true.

Msg # 959 Fri Jul 26, 1990  1:08 PM
Resp To:939-going?

I live in Taunton.


Msg # 960 Fri Jul 26, 1990  1:15 PM
Subject:Social Butterflies
Resp To:954-Stereotypes

I may not be a 'Social Butterfly" but I have my share of fun.  The BBSing is
something I do because I enjoy it.  It's a welcome escape from the BS of
everyday life.  Besides, I like to communicate with my fellow, er, scratch

I\  I -----  -----
I \ I I   I    I
-----    I


Msg # 961 Fri Jul 26, 1990  1:17 PM
Subject:Take a summer course
Resp To:955-Experiences

Take a summer course sometime...it's amazing how hard it is to get your brain
back in gear after a 2 month leave, especially in the dead of summer.  Only two

weeks left though, I'm psyched.


Msg # 962 Fri Jul 26, 1990  1:19 PM
Subject:Baby Oil
Resp To:956-Cast Party consists of:

I know Vaseline is a definite no-no, but baby oil is supposedly ok to use.  I
usually never need such things though, as women are more than ready after an
hour or so of foreplay with me. [ :) ].  Now as a swagger off to my love nest
with Teri, Heather, and Lisa.......


Msg # 963 Fri Jul 26, 1990  1:22 PM
Resp To:957-I'm Back!

I also though it was very sexist.....but I was waiting for someone else to
bring it up.  Geez, I just can't get into that whole concept of the little cute

married life with the whole family deal and kids and support and

Hey, I'll probably be teaching a Calculus One class this fall, should be pretty

fun, with 18 yr. olds calling me Mr. Meunier and getting to CORRECT papers.
Wait till they see MY scaling system.   hehe.


Msg # 964 Fri Jul 26, 1990  1:58 PM
Subject:I wasn't
Resp To:915-Cast Party consists of:

I wasn't justifying, I was explaining,
not all people understand my particular
point of view and now a few more do...

Msg # 965 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:02 PM
Resp To:919-Cast Party consists of:

I think that on a few occasions the
right buttons were pushed... just a
case of common sense and morals taking
over... thhhpppt
still thinking abpout the nunnery

Msg # 966 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:07 PM
Subject:messes up
Resp To:923-Cast Party consists of:

Messes up a good friendship... HONEST..
although after all is said and done if
it's a strong friendship, you'll
eventually come back to that stage...of
being.. just good friends. My best
friend and I ( he's a guy okay?) tried
that routine ast summer up until Late
May.. we fought mre, and we lost some
respect for each other.. I love him to
pieces.. but when we're together in
THAT way... it just isn't the same....
think before you jump in...

Msg # 967 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:11 PM
Subject:single scene
Resp To:926-Cast Party consists of:

I dunno, I rather like being single,
having many male friends that i can go
out with and no ties....but that's
after scars from the past two
relationships still... I lost most of
my friends being tied down.. oh well
just be careful

Msg # 968 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:14 PM
Resp To:927-Cast Party consists of:

I work in Carver at Thayer as a drug
dealer ( pharmacy tech) and in Pocasset
at Denmark's as a cashier and sometimes
when I'm good they let me do a little
pharmacy too.. That's what I'm going to
scool for.. I wanna be a legal drug
dealer when I grow up...

Msg # 969 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:17 PM
Resp To:928-Cast Party consists of:

Well if I just openly fought with
people I might break a nail or
something.. Usually I jut stand my
ground and only when that fails do I
use the more harsh measures... the
feminine deal...
And Slaine... if it works... USE IT!!!

Msg # 970 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:23 PM
Subject:I vary
Resp To:929-Cast Party consists of:

I am twenty... Notty says I look like
I7m 13.. my friend Peter says if he
didn't know me I'd be about 25....
depends on how I wear my hair and if I
wear makeup. and what colours too. When
I'm dressed for work.. you know the
dress or skirt deal( aaghh that's what
I really hate) then I look older I
guess.... Personally I have 15000
dollar smile... thanks to a car
accident.. well it's only $5000 right
now, but by the end of summer.. it'll
be worth more!
ahh well.. I think I need a nap.. it
was a long night last night

Msg # 971 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:28 PM
Resp To:934-Cast Party consists of:

Yes Notty, I agree...
wholeheartedly...Friendships are
treasured a life time.. realtionships a
complained about for a lifetime...

Msg # 972 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:30 PM
Resp To:935-Cast Party consists of:

No you wouldn't really do that to me..

Msg # 973 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:40 PM
Resp To:944-Cast Party consists of:

Freud was a sick man.. I think so at
least.. I mean look at all the hangups
that he cooked up... there are far
better pschologists to study than
freud.. Therapy didn't make me the way
I am at all.. my therapist hated men..
it was pretty funny too.. she was
nuttier than I ever was.. I only went
for the year to see what she would come
out with next... I7d say what Kiddo did
to me.. I could have worked out in two
or three sessions... my friends are
what pulled me through.. and theystill
do.... maybe someday marriage will be
in the picture, but not right now.. I
am planning on going away to college
after I get my associates here.. being
tied to one person would really really
put a damper on THAT.. I'm sure that
you and Cutter are very happy.. judging
by seeing you two at late nites cast
party I guess you are.. but that type
of relationship isn't for us
independent types.. who need freedom
and space and time alone...
I dunno whatever works for you.. go
with it

Msg # 974 Fri Jul 26, 1990  2:48 PM
Resp To:962-Cast Party consists of:

...... snicker.. snicker......
giggles...yeah right... snicker...
really starting to laugh now...
And no baby oil is bad too
only use water soluable things notty...

Msg # 975 Fri Jul 26, 1990  4:35 PM
Resp To:960-Stereotypes

So do I.  Everyone has their preference.  How long have you had a modem?

Msg # 976 Fri Jul 26, 1990  4:39 PM
Subject:Summer course
Resp To:961-Experiences

It'll be about three months total of brain unuse for me.  Wow.  What scares me
the most is when the time comes to take Physics II in the WINTER when I took
Physics I in the spring.  I really hope that I remember most of the stuff...

Throughout August, I plan on brushing up my programming skills for my
programming course in the fall -- now that I remember, there IS a little bit of

AI involved, we have to write games that "think" for themselves, such as chess,

checkers, etc.  We have a team, one person doing graphics, one for the logic,
another for coding, and finally, a person to write a manual.  Should be

Any suggestions on how one can get the ol' cog device going?

Msg # 977 Fri Jul 26, 1990  4:40 PM
Resp To:962-Cast Party consists of:

Dream on... the only Heather, Lisa, and Teri that you'll find is in the men's
entertainment magazines.  <grin>

Msg # 978 Fri Jul 26, 1990  4:45 PM
Subject:Teaching, etc.
Resp To:963-I'm Back!

Personally, I don't believe in marriage.  To me, it's a legal way of settling
things such as estate, and so on.  Maybe my views will change as I get older.
A lot of my views have changed throughout my life.  I definitely believe in
equality, though.  And I definitely believe in "guy" and "gal" bonding
(separately) such as the ol' poker night.  <grin>

YOU?  Teach Calc I?  How did you come accross this opportunity?  What are you
getting out of it, other than the satisfaction of screwing young, innocent,
naive freshman minds?

Yeah, I know alllllll about your scaling system -- $50 for an increase in
point, $10 to pass a quiz, $20 to ace a quiz, $0.05 to sleep with the

<wide grin>

Msg # 979 Fri Jul 26, 1990  4:47 PM
Resp To:968-Cast Party consists of:

I thought you were working somewhere along the lines of journalism?  A change
of major?

Msg # 980 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:04 PM
Resp To:965-Cast Party consists of:

I don't think that the right buttons were pushed....it was just a case of a few

knobs being turned.


Msg # 981 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:08 PM
Subject:I just wanna...
Resp To:967-Cast Party consists of:

I'll be honest with ya.......I just wanna get back to school and get back to
the three d's:  drinking, daydreaming, and dozing.  Of course with that, goes
all the scooping activity....which is why I went to Umass in the first place.


Msg # 982 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:11 PM
Resp To:972-Cast Party consists of:

Don't put it past me, TFM, after all, I do have an evil, spiteful side, don't
I???  hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.


Msg # 983 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:14 PM
Resp To:974-Cast Party consists of:

But, Lori's ob/gyn lady told her that with baby oil the risks are relatively
small becuase of the thin nature of the liquid, that is, most of it is absorbed

into the skin and tissues.  Works well, too.


Msg # 984 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:17 PM
Subject:You know
Resp To:974-Cast Party consists of:

You should know about my little promise....none of that stuff until I graduate
from College....

BTW, you never seemed to have any complaints.


Msg # 985 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:23 PM
Resp To:975-Stereotypes

I've had a modem for going on 8 years now....never called any local boards
though, I used it mainly to call Cserve and stuff like that....it's only within

the last two years that I've started calling local boards....before that I was
caught up in a programming frenzy---from 6th to 8th grade I programmed in every

free moment.  I wrote some nifty stuff for my TRS-80 during that time, too.
Even had two one-liners accepted by a magazine, but alas, with the sale of my
computer, all of my disk copies of software went with it....still have the
hardcopies around here someplace.  The extent of my programming in the last 2
years consists of mainly Pascal assignments, and no 'fun' programming projects.

I'm still trying though, to convert some of my old programs to GWBASIC and
Turbo Pascal.


did I ever get off on a tangent or what??

Msg # 986 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:29 PM
Resp To:976-Experiences

Tell me about it!!!  I took Physics I in the Spring of 89, and then I took
Physics II in the spring of 90.  It was amazing how much I forgot...really
sucked too, because I had no recollection of kinematics when it came time to do

Emag Fields and I needed them.

You wanna know how I got my brain working?? I sat down with a couple of old
Calculus exams from my I, II, and III classes and did them.  Worked too.  The
only problem that I'm having now is my attention span is lacking to extremes.
I have actually fallen asleep in my class twice now.  It's really fun to look
at the clock and you can't recollect any of the last hour.


Msg # 987 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:36 PM
Subject:You know
Resp To:978-I'm Back!

Well, every spring, the Math department sends letters out to Mathematics,
Computer Science, and Engineering students with A's in certain math classes and

tells them that there are openings in the fall for teaching positions in the
intro math classes.  I signed up for it, but I won't know for a while, and if I

do get it, I'm pretty sure that it will only be for a 2 credit A, with no money

involved.  I think it would look GREAT on the old Resume' though, as the only
things I have on there now are various professional societies and UPC, the
concert promotion club.

The only thing that you got wrong with my scaling system is that it is FREE to
sleep with the teacher if the student is a nice looking, firm, blue eyed,
blonde, female.  Stress female.


Msg # 988 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:44 PM
Subject:Baby Oil
Resp To:983-Cast Party consists of:

If you like baby oil so much, why don't you try Ben Gay?  <snicker>

Yeah, I know, it's cruel..

Msg # 989 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:47 PM
Resp To:985-Stereotypes

I've had a modem for about... 5 years now.  It took an awful lot of fuss to get

a computer in the first place.  Got one of those TI/99-4a's.  Don't knock on
'em, they actually had 8/16 bit processors!  Christ, my keyboard is falling
apart right now.  I think that's a sign... <grin>

Msg # 990 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:51 PM
Resp To:986-Experiences

Fortunately, I can see a tutor.  It really helps.  I took a course to improve
study habits.  Too soon to say if that will help.  I know what you mean about
falling asleep.  I haven't actually slept (yet), but I've gotten pretty close
to doing so... ugh.  I hate that.  The one thing I hate most about college is
feeling tired -- next to fire alarms in the middle of the night.

That reminds me -- I went through a worst case scenario -- It was a cold,
blizzard stricken night.  I had an awful cold.  You guessed it, the fire alarm
went off at 2:00 am.  That's not all, it went off AGAIN at 4:00 am.  That
really pissed me off.

Msg # 991 Fri Jul 26, 1990 10:55 PM
Subject:Instructor Meunier?
Resp To:987-I'm Back!

We have student instructors as well.  Though, I'm not sure how they came to be

I'm sorry, I had some line noise.  I couldn't get some of your last part of
your message.  I did see "I stress male."  My, my, naughty aren't we?  <grin>

Seriously, will you be a good teacher?   I've had some friends really screwing
up classes because some teachers couldn't teach shit.  I did have a student
instructor for Physics Lab - I did quite well - writing up all those lab
reports gets pretty hectic when you're not sure what the hell you're doing.

Msg # 992 Fri Jul 26, 1990 11:17 PM

  If you're ready for the BEST in
simulation wrestling action, you're
ready for
    GRAPPLE! The Pro Wrestling
       Role Playing Game

 In GRAPPLE!, YOU design your wrestler.
YOU call the shots.  YOU LIVE THE
ACTION!  And GRAPPLE! is played
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NOT a computer game!  The only limit to
the action is the limit of YOUR

 Quick rolls of the dice determine the
outcome of every bone-crushing turn!

 And all the angles are covered--in the
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 To get your 20 page rulebook and start
GRAPPLIN' today, send $7 to:
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           1054 Washington St
           Abington MA 02351

 When you order GRAPPLE!, you get a
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GRAPPLE! Alliance!

 So if you're ready to enter the ring
for real, you're ready for
       GRAPPLE! The Pro Wrestling
          Role Playing Game

GRAPPLE! is copyright 1990, John C.

Msg # 993 Sat Jul 27, 1990  6:40 AM
Resp To:949-I'm Back!

Scariest thing is every time I've been there no one even says anything.. No
security there what so ever.

Msg # 994 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:02 PM

This is probably going to sound strange but could someone tell me what
W.H.A.T stands for...

Msg # 995 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:15 PM
Subject:wrong gain butthead
Resp To:958-WHAT CP & Killmor.

  Ignore Ignore Ignore

Msg # 996 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:28 PM
Resp To:934-Cast Party consists of:

 That's too bad. Love is a many
splendid thing. I wrote that.

Slaine, brief.

Msg # 997 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:29 PM
Resp To:935-Cast Party consists of:

 That mail was nice, and thanks for
that digitized file showing TFM in that
extremely innocuous situation.

Slaine, have you ever been away?

Msg # 998 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:35 PM
Subject:You said it.
Resp To:936-Attention.

 You're right. Their lyrics [JP] aren't
half as bad as most of these other
groups. The court and those losers
needed a scapegoat to hang the 'blame'
on, they should have sued the parents
for screwing the kids up in the first
place. I was watching this [the trial]
on TV and found out it was on the 700
Club, some fascist 'christian' show,
and after they showed the footage of
the trial, the lady speaking with Pat
Robertson goes, 'These musicians have
had a free rein with all their lyrics
and causing young people harm, even
killing them at times, it's about time
they were stopped.' What the hell is
this? When people get swept up in their
own causes, they get blind to the fact
that they're censoring when we have the
godammn right to choose what we want.

Slaine, it was worth it.

Msg # 999 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:42 PM
Resp To:945-Cast Party consists of:

Just  to put everyone at ease, no, I'm
not t gay and Killmor won't be my love
slave. But I could change my mind.

 Expresso? That would be quaint. I
haven't had the chance to get my woman
all to myself this weekend, she's off
to Maine this weekend, and funny thing
was I was supposed to got there next
weekend, but the CP is supposedly going
to be then, but NOW it looks like it's
not going to happen, so I'll probably
be going to Maine anyways. What the
hell was I talking about? I
forgot.Isn't that a kick? Maybe it's
the pills.

Slaine, where were you when we took

PS. Was reading Catch-22 at work,
this dip goes, 'That's a restaurant,
not a book.' I made sure he ingested
every page.

Msg # 1000 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:46 PM
Resp To:946-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

 You forgot my alter-ego, Mescaline.
He's been away to California for the
past few months, studying the Bible,
and helping old ladies cross the
street. God I hate him. Sometimes I'm
not sure if he is a separate person,
but just another fragment in my
schizophrenic personality.

Bless you my children.


Slaine, he was just a social drinker,
but social every night.

Msg # 1001 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:50 PM
Resp To:948-Stereotypes

 I'm sure he's very muscular, and now I
know why he brought it up. I guess he's
an ex-nerd, does that sum it up? Now
that he's Schwarzeneggar Jr., I mean,
good for him. But other people on this
BBS lift weights and don't sit playing
with computers all day. Not saying
anyone here is, but that's the
impression he has.

Slaine, was that legible?

Msg # 1002 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:53 PM
Resp To:954-Stereotypes

 I still don't understand, but Marpessa
clued me into a few things, so you've
been pumping iron?

Slaine, muffled laughter.

Msg # 1003 Sat Jul 27, 1990  9:57 PM
Resp To:966-Cast Party consists of:

 We haven't had sex yet if that's what
your driving at. Maybe you weren't, oh
well.  But the thing is, she's very
special to me, and I to her. I'm not
rushing anything right now, taking it
slow, thinking it through. Oh well, if
it doesn't work out the way we plan,
I'll be an Old Maid, or whatever a male
maid is called... Old fart? Then again,
there's always Killmor. [*Drool*].

Msg # 1004 Sat Jul 27, 1990 10:01 PM
Resp To:967-Cast Party consists of:

 I wish Ididn't have girlfriends in
school, I lost out on so many things
that were happening then. I'm talking
high school. Then again, I can't blame
them, I could have tried to be more
outgoing with my friends, but c'est la
vie [ I seem to be saying that a lot,
even to my dog. ] I'm working with some
guys I went to high school with and
it's cool catching up on old times.

 The single scene just isn't cut out
for me. Read my messages, I'm insane!
Don't you understand that? Could you
stand someone who would do anything, no
matter how bizarre to get a laugh? I
don't think so, but I've calmed down a
notch. I've been domesticated.

Slaine, meow.

Msg # 1005 Sat Jul 27, 1990 10:07 PM
Resp To:994-W.H.A.T

 Stands for ' We Hate All
Transvestites '.

Slaine, my 2 cents.

Msg # 1006 Sat Jul 27, 1990 10:17 PM
Resp To:991-I'm Back!

If I do get it, I'll try to be a good teacher.  I kind of know what it feels
like to be in their shoes, so I think it'd be to the students advantage to have

someone like me.  I mean, I KNOW the material, and I also can give them the
student to student help they wouldn't get otherwise.


Msg # 1007 Sat Jul 27, 1990 10:22 PM
Subject:You're welcome
Resp To:997-Cast Party consists of:

You're welcome, and if there is any other info you want I'd be happy to get it
to you.

You'll have to excuse me, I've been partying and drinking all day, so I'm not
exactly up to par, but I'll do.


Msg # 1008 Sat Jul 27, 1990 10:25 PM
Subject:As it goes
Resp To:998-Attention.

As Sacred Reich says:
"Now it's time for parents
To open ears and listen
Maybe it's too late,
Too see what you've been missing
Music is no cause of death
It's you that suffocates
If you had opened your eyes and ears
You'd see just who's to blame"

'bout says it all.


Msg # 1009 Sat Jul 27, 1990 10:56 PM
Resp To:995-WHAT CP & Killmor.

Hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite.

Msg # 1010 Sat Jul 27, 1990 11:01 PM
Resp To:1006-I'm Back!

I still think it's pretty neat that students can be instructors with all the
quirks -- grading, flunking, and sleepin'.  <grin>

Msg # 1011 Sun Jul 28, 1990  1:27 AM
Resp To:1010-I'm Back!

Yeah, but it also is a BIG responsibility.  If you screw it up, you could, in
effect, mess up someone's academic life.

In a University as large as UMASS, it is a necessity to have student
instructors, especially in Math and Science classes.  Take the math department
for example.  They have like 35-40 faculty, and at the same time, over 400 math

courses offered each semester.  Student and graduate student instructors are
needed.  I've had all three(Prof, Ugrad, and Grad) and I've found that the
Ugrad instructors are the best.  I had him for Calc I(called him Wayne, never
did tell us his last name), and I got an 'A.'  I had this Grad student for Calc

II, and he was an ass, he thought that we were all grad students, also, and
ripped everything I did to shreds.  Got a 'B.'  Calc III I had this ancient(I
mean OLD!!!!) lady Professor.  She sucked.  Totally caught up in the 'Old
Ways.'  Didn't believe in calculators, didn't believe in makeups, and had us
pass in HW four times a week along with 2 quizzes a week.  Hellacious.  I did
more work in that one class than all of my others combined(well...seemed that
way).  Only got a 'B' in that one, too.  AAH!!!

But, after Linear Algebra this summer, no more math, officially.  Can always
take one if I want, though.


bored out of my mind at 130 in the morning.

Msg # 1012 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:32 AM
Subject:seperated at birth?
Resp To:950-Cast Party consists of:

Killmor and Barney Fife, Twins seperated at birth?

Msg # 1013 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:33 AM
Subject:ignore them.
Resp To:952-Cast Party consists of:

Smart plan, I heard you couldn't hit water if you fell out of a boat.

Msg # 1014 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:38 AM
Subject:Keep your grins to yourself...
Resp To:957-I'm Back!

 .. I don't want to listen to your preadolescent fantasies involving spandex,
a Jane Fonda wig, and milkbones.

I don't think there's anything wrong with me not working after we're married...

it's not as though I'd ENJOY going to work or anything... Sitting at home
sounds darn good to me -- the confusion starts with the fact that what they
call "household drudgery" is my idea of a good time.

Msg # 1015 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:41 AM
Subject:sexist, et al?
Resp To:963-I'm Back!

What is so sexist about expecting obeidence from your wife?

Msg # 1016 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:49 AM
Subject:happiness and Sigmund Freud.
Resp To:973-Cast Party consists of:

I suppose we're happy... we were fighting (well, not really fighting, we just
state and restate our individual points and look glum alot) last night about
some of my clothing.  I suppose I should have given in, but I guess I was
feeling stubborn and willful... he's absolutely right, of course --- actually,
now that I think about it, I did give in (went upstairs and changed right away)

but I wasn't very pleasant about it, I shouldn't have gotten so depressed.

Msg # 1017 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:14 AM
Resp To:994-W.H.A.T

 Guardian, W.H.A.T. stands for
   "We'll Harrass Anyone's Trout"

 And by God, we will!!!


Msg # 1018 Sun Jul 28, 1990 12:28 PM
Subject:I'll tell ya!
Resp To:1015-I'm Back!

What is so sexist about it is that it stems back to the fact that the wife is
the husband's property, and that what he says, goes.  A wife is not some little

puppy that can be told what to do and be obidient to their "Master."  You have
your own mind, you don't need anyone to tell you what to do and abide by.
Sounds very sexist to me.


Msg # 1019 Sun Jul 28, 1990 12:30 PM
Resp To:1017-W.H.A.T

We Have A Tele


Msg # 1020 Sun Jul 28, 1990 12:47 PM
Resp To:1011-I'm Back!

I had a very ancient professor for Calc I -- he nearly destroyed my hope for
college because I thought all professors were like him.  Fortunately, I was
wrong.  I got an 'A' in Calc I as well.  I had an excellent teacher for Calc II

and got another A as well.  Calc III was more difficult so I got by with a B.
Was a good teacher, but boring.

The biggest shock I recieved was University Physics I -- they ripped right
through what Mr. DeSousa went through in TWO weeks.  WOW.  Never before I had
to work so HARD to keep up in that course -- it's VERY mind boggling.
Fortunately, I got a B for all the hard effort I put into it.  Makes me feel
good.  The professor in that class would come in without ANY material, ask a
student where we left off, and just rattled on... WHOAH!  That class seriously
hurt my brain, literally.  I had headaches trying to put everything together.

The best class I had so far was Independent Study -- meaning I got credit
working for a teacher, helping put together computers and stuff.  <grin>

What do you mean, no more math classes?  You finished all the Differential
Equation classes?

Msg # 1021 Sun Jul 28, 1990 12:51 PM
Subject:Uh huh...
Resp To:1014-I'm Back!

I would accept your explanation IF you originally had stated "I don't feel I
should work after getting married" instead of "Bret doesn't feel that I should
work after marriage."

Is there any "I's" in this future marriage of yours?

Msg # 1022 Sun Jul 28, 1990 12:53 PM
Resp To:1015-I'm Back!

Obedience?!  It's downright demeaning!  You expect obedience from DOGS, not
wives.  Are you a tamed animal, trained to obey?  Why is it that wives have to
obey, but not the husband?  It's all too one-sided if you ask me.

Msg # 1023 Sun Jul 28, 1990 12:54 PM
Resp To:1017-W.H.A.T

What's a trout?

Msg # 1024 Sun Jul 28, 1990  3:37 PM
Subject:Yes, J and X cells
Resp To:662-I'm Back!

   The J cells are the ones I work the
most with. They're about the size of a
soda can and are mainly used to power
computer back-up systems.


Msg # 1025 Sun Jul 28, 1990  4:03 PM
Subject:Couldn't agree w/you more
Resp To:966-Cast Party consists of:

   One of my friends has this motto:
"Friends don't fuck friends." At first
I thought, "So what does that leave,
enemies?" But since having heard that
motto a couple years ago, I now know
the truth of it. Nothing can ruin a
friendship more than sex. And as you
say, it's a long time, if at all, that
the two of you are back at where you
were before the whole incident...


Msg # 1026 Sun Jul 28, 1990  4:25 PM
Resp To:1021-I'm Back!

   Oh, weren't you aware that
immediately after marriage, the happy
couple who could previously think and
act on their own, meld into one
symbiotic composite entity?


Msg # 1027 Sun Jul 28, 1990  5:51 PM


Msg # 1028 Sun Jul 28, 1990  6:31 PM
Resp To:1004-Cast Party consists of:

   I swaer slaine you're the gayest person I have ever read about.  I was going

to say met but that isn't true.  Go have some sex with a girl for christ sakes.

Try TFM for a whiz.


Msg # 1029 Sun Jul 28, 1990  6:36 PM
Resp To:1027-BOARDS

    Your new at what???  Is it this place, this board, or telecoming period.
Well there is Shoe city (697-5549) and Modem Madness (866-7878).  Well at least

those are local calls for me.


Msg # 1030 Sun Jul 28, 1990  8:41 PM
Resp To:979-Cast Party consists of:

Ahhh my biggest love... writing..
unfortunately it's fiction I love.. not
only that... the money isn't there..
you work for years and most people
don't get anywhere.. there are some
exceptions of course.... If the math
deal doesn't work out that may be what
I go for next.. but I like it as a
hobby not to do as a career... I had a
blast in the PCC course, and I enjoyed
being co editor in chief and my 3 years
on staff with the school newspaper....
But you have to think practically
sometimes..... and I7d like to be
financially set. Not having to rely on
anyone except myself... who knows..
maybe I could right for a medical

Msg # 1031 Sun Jul 28, 1990  8:43 PM
Subject:uh huh
Resp To:980-Cast Party consists of:

Whatever you say d***ie!!!!!!!

Msg # 1032 Sun Jul 28, 1990  8:47 PM
Resp To:981-Cast Party consists of:

I just wanna get back to manhunting..
it's pretty decent down there... of
course I really should write that
English report before I go back and
transfer my course down too... ack!!!!
I need to get back to school.. to get
myself back on a normal schedule... to
find men..I can't wait for anatomy and
Physiology part 2!!!!!!

Msg # 1033 Sun Jul 28, 1990  8:50 PM
Resp To:982-Cast Party consists of:

and just what do you have against me to
be Spiteful against mr not-man???
NOTHING!!! I've been a very good girl
lately, I've behaved myself, I haven't
said anything BAD about you or anyone
else in the past few days....I mean I
could see it if I said you were a scum
sucking slug, but no.. I don't think
you are.. you know me.. I'm very
honest.. I7d tell you if you were... So
do tell what do you have to be spiteful
about??? HMMM??????

Msg # 1034 Sun Jul 28, 1990  8:52 PM
Resp To:983-Cast Party consists of:

Still sounds like B.S. to me.. if ya
can't do it naturally... don't do it at

Msg # 1035 Sun Jul 28, 1990  8:55 PM
Resp To:984-Cast Party consists of:

Me? How would I know about such
things.. gee now all these peope are
really going to wonder abopout my
pure.. sweet nature...
If you last until you graduate.. you
deserve some kind of award notty... you
adorable well built thing you......

Msg # 1036 Sun Jul 28, 1990  8:59 PM
Subject:not until
Resp To:987-I'm Back!

Not until you graduate Notty,, remember
your little promise.... besides she'd
have to be really gullible.. you forgot
not looking forward to the math part of
my major

Msg # 1037 Sun Jul 28, 1990  9:09 PM
Resp To:1003-Cast Party consists of:

Just honestly telling you.. sex
complicates things with very special
people...it did with newmie and
myself...he's very special to me..
we've always been there for the worst
things in each othrs lives... I think
we always will be... but that kinda
messed things up for a while... just
watch yourself that's all I'm saying..
you don't want to trash a good
friendship by mixing in the s

Msg # 1038 Sun Jul 28, 1990  9:15 PM
Resp To:1004-Cast Party consists of:

Could I stand someone who does anything
for a laugh.. yes.. I7ve been known to
do such things... for someone who was
dreadfully shy in highschool I think
this is a great improvement.. I don't
usually do wierd stuff I have to be in
a wierd mood and I have to have some
kind of audience.... I don't try to fit
in anymore... too hard to when I know
I'm never going to be lie everyone else
anyway.. all of THAT crowd has eother
gained 300 pounds or squeezed out a
couple of puppies by now.. that makes
me and one of my best friends very very
happy... we started kindergarten
together and have been friends all the
way through.. we haven't changed too
too much since Highschool..taken off a
few pounds.. changed the hair but
that's it.. The popular crowd went to
their Big schools and packed on the
pounds.. the sluts and bimbos had
kids.. I dunno
Someday the 'right' person will come
along I guess... I just have too much
to accomplish before he does.......

Msg # 1039 Sun Jul 28, 1990  9:26 PM
Resp To:1016-Cast Party consists of:

I just wear what I feel comfortable
in.. usually jeans and a t shirt or
sometimes a dressshirt ( depending on
if I have just gotten off work) I have
to wear dress pants or skirts to work
tho.. that's a bummer...I think
everyone should wear whatever it is
they feel comfy in...
I'm glad to hear that you and cutter
are indeed happy most of the time.. I'm
not against relationships.. just as
long as they don't involve me for the
most part.... probly just a 'stage' I'm
going through......It's a fun one..
it's driving my parents up the wall..
they can't keep track of who's who...
Mum got ticked when I told her I didn't
believe there was any such animal as
love.. I told her it was a marketing
ploy and she got really mad....
Who knows maybe just maybe when the
scars heal over again./.. I won't be as
bitter and sarcastic about the whole
deal... I dunno.. I just wanna go bacck
to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rambling on cuz I'm tired

Msg # 1040 Sun Jul 28, 1990  9:31 PM
Subject:I knowed
Resp To:1025-Cast Party consists of:

I knew someone would see things my
way... I think if the friendship was a
good firm one to begin with then it
will in time come back.. granted it's
gonna be different... but.. hey..

Msg # 1041 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:50 PM
Resp To:1020-I'm Back!

Yeah, I did differential equations already, so I'm done!!!

I know what you mean about Physics I.  It took them exactly 6 classes to do
everything DeSousa did in the whole year.  It was mind boggling, and I only got

a BC for my effort.  I hate physics, and I'm glad that I'm done with it.

I took an independent study my freshman year to be a Vax tech. asst.  It was
pretty interesting learning about the vax and all it's capabilities.  That's
how I got introduced to the SUN's and VLSI workstations.  I want to do it again

sometime, but this time as a real Job with pay and all.  I already work for the

College of Engineering as a Clerical Asst., and I am trying to parlay this into

a ECS(Engineering Computing Services) tech for this semester.


Msg # 1042 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:54 PM
Resp To:1027-BOARDS

Night City  508-285-5325
School Forum 508-285-9635
Sci-Net 508-697-1206


Msg # 1043 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:55 PM
Resp To:1028-Cast Party consists of:

Don't send Slaine after TFM....only I am allowed to be sent after her.



Msg # 1044 Sun Jul 28, 1990 10:58 PM
Resp To:1031-Cast Party consists of:

Well, if you're good, maybe you'll get another chance at trying to push those
ever elusive 'right' buttons.  Who knows, maybe they'll surface.



Msg # 1045 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:00 PM
Resp To:1033-Cast Party consists of:

I have nothing to be spiteful for against you yet, so doan worry 'bout it.
Ain't nuthin but a thang.

Calm your mones.

But then again, maybe you like that.

"Just how much a man, no one knows"

Msg # 1046 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:03 PM
Resp To:1034-Cast Party consists of:

I've never had any problems with doing it naturally.  It's those damn women and

their being so caught up in that 'respect' thing.  Does wonders for their
'emissions', or lack thereof.

Is this starting to get to graphic??


Msg # 1047 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:06 PM
Resp To:1035-Cast Party consists of:

They don't have to wonder about your sweet nature NOW, do they??

The way that I feel now, I don't think that I'm gonna be able to last the
summer, never alone 2 more years.  To hell with that, I don't think that I'm
gonna be able to last another week......AARRGGHH!!!  My mind is being slowly
swayed.  Almost was Saturday, as I told you earlier.


Msg # 1048 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:10 PM
Resp To:1036-I'm Back!

Why would she have to be really gullible, TFM.  I mean, how could she resist??

I was just looking at my original message, and those descriptions seem to fit
you now, don't they.

"Gonna Raise Hell"

ps.  Blonde, blue eyed females make the world go round....to bad I've only
dated one person fitting those descriptions.

Msg # 1049 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:18 PM
Subject:J cells?
Resp To:1024-I'm Back!

Hiya, sorry to bug ya -- can you tell me more about these J and X cells?

For example, how much power can they put out, are they rechargable -- if so,
what kind of regeneration method is used? (nicad, lead, etc.)

And are they marketed or are they sold only to manufacturers who need them?

Msg # 1050 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:24 PM
Resp To:1030-Cast Party consists of:

Before I decided on engineering, a person told me I ought to think about
journalism.  Simply because I can write.  So what?  I don't have the gift for
making stories or captivating an audience through writing.  Yeah, I would
prefer to write fiction as well, if I had that choice.

Why not try technical writing?  Write manuals?  Nah.  That sounds boring.  At
least that's what I can do for a fallback or a temporary position, write
manuals with the technicial skills that I possess.  They need people for that
-- a remarkable number of engineers have poor writing skills.

Oh yeah, there is this thing called "making too much money."  You can probably
lose up to 60% of your income if you make $50,000 a year or so.  I might be
wrong.  Or it could be a total income for two spouses making $50,000 apiece.

Msg # 1051 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:25 PM
Resp To:1032-Cast Party consists of:

I can't wait to get back either!  Things are getting pretty stagnant here!

Msg # 1052 Sun Jul 28, 1990 11:32 PM
Resp To:1041-I'm Back!

Goin' to take diff. eq. this year.  Any tips?  Goin' into the great unknown...

I have 3 more physics classes to take, II, III, and Quantum.  Eek.  Look at the

bright side, after all that, I can figure out how much it will take to detonate

the whole campus, eh?  <grin>

We have a lot of computer labs, so we have student staff helping people iwth
the computers.  We call 'em "labbies."  I'll probably take up a job as a labbie

in the future.  I tend to shy away from jobs that have "rigidity" attached to
them -- meaning the hours.  I would like to work when I have the time.  Like
the job I have now, I work when I have the time.  I have co-workers that help
out as well.

What's left for you?  The engineering courses?  What about your liberal arts?
Done with 'em yet?

I have a lonnnnnnnnng way to go in liberal arts.  I have some STORIES that you
won't believe -- absolute beaurocratic nightmares!  Ack!

Msg # 1053 Mon Jul 29, 1990  1:38 AM
Subject:Me neither
Resp To:1051-Cast Party consists of:

I want to get back to school very badly also....they only advantage that I have

over you right now is that I have an apartment at school that I can go to at
any time and hang out if things get too tense around here between me and the
'rents, as they are right now.

Really though, when I'm at school I always complain that I have too much work
to do, and then when I'm home I'm dying to be doing that same work again.  I
dunno why I get like this, it's not like there is anything particularly
exciting about doing 20 page lab reports or anything.  I think that most of it
is connected to the fact that I know that along with the work comes that ever
popular social life and all the little things that go along with it, like
concerts, women, beer, women, parties, women, etc.  I miss it badly.  I'm
psyched that this is my last 'official' summer at home, as next winter and
summer I'll be living there and taking courses and more importantly, not having

to deal with the dictatorial rules around the Meunier household.  Really
getting to me, can't you tell?  Why else would I be rambling on aimlessly at
1:30 in the morning?


Msg # 1054 Mon Jul 29, 1990  1:47 AM
Resp To:1052-I'm Back!

It is as follows:

Liberal Arts:
2 more history classes
1 more Biological science class(I'm taking 'Bio for the curious' hehe)

Simulation I and II
Operations Management I and II
Data Structures
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Capstone Design (senior project)
Intro. to AI
Advanced AI
Human Factors Engineering
Assembly Language Programming
'C' programming II
and the biggie,  Programming Methods in AI, this course links all I know about
simulation, C, Pascal, Assy. Lang., Electronics, and Ergonomics to design our
little robot.  Don't ask me what it's gonna do, because I have NO idea.

Exactly 18 courses left, for approx. 60 credit hours of material.  I plan on
taking the history and Bio classes this upcoming winter and summer, so I can
leave my semesters entirely devoted to engineering.  I always find that he
liberal arts classes detract from my concentration in the Science classes.


Msg # 1055 Mon Jul 29, 1990 11:44 AM
Resp To:1053-Cast Party consists of:

Ditto.  Too much work, yuck.  But I like the quirks that come along with it.  I

should be living in an apartment next year and going on co-op as well.  Future
plans?  Hasn't materialized yet.

Even if I had an apartment right now, you'd still have an advantage.  My
college is at least 500 miles away from here.  Truly a home away from home.

Msg # 1056 Mon Jul 29, 1990 11:47 AM
Subject:Lib arts.
Resp To:1054-I'm Back!

Ironically, I find the liberal arts classes to be a welcome relief -- a break
from all the serious number crunching.  It does help the ol' brain to relax and

do something else.

What else do I have left?  Beats me.  I gotta go look.

Msg # 1057 Mon Jul 29, 1990  2:23 PM
Resp To:1055-Cast Party consists of:

I'm trying to get a summer Co-op for 1991.  I was thinking of taking a semester

off to do one, but the more I go to school, the more I realize that I want to
graduate on time or early.   Co-op would throw me back a YEAR!!!  Courses are
only offered one semester a year, so I would also have to sit out a semester.


Msg # 1058 Mon Jul 29, 1990  3:32 PM
Subject:This Board
Resp To:1029-BOARDS

Thanks for the boards,and by the way
I'm new at this board.But because my
computer was messing up I had to keep
it short.Thanks Again


Msg # 1059 Mon Jul 29, 1990  9:23 PM
Resp To:1058-BOARDS

.....what ideas or comments do you have to add to this, our ever meandering
WHAT sub1 conversation?

Or are you just gonna play empire and not post??


Msg # 1060 Mon Jul 29, 1990 10:44 PM
Subject:Teacher, Teacher.
Resp To:1006-I'm Back!

 'Can you teach me?'.. That's a shame,
have you always wanted to spew facts to
people who should know better? Ii7m
sorry. I'm wired.

 Oh yeah. My friend had to teach, since
he wanted to be a teacher, so he was
sent to B-R HS and was pretty amazed to
find everyone in his class, or nearly
everyone, was suicidal. Living in
Bridgewater or Rayhnam would do it for
me also. Oh yes, the moral to this
story is he wanted to be a teacher
going into college and now that
he's graduated, he is desperately
clawing his way out of it.

Slaine, having a nice lunch.

Msg # 1061 Mon Jul 29, 1990 10:49 PM
Resp To:1007-Cast Party consists of:

 Yesterday went to Conneticut and
partied most ferociously with some
people I used to be close with when I
was a kid. Now we're all grown up,
especially the goils, and I had a blast
reminiscing with these people I haven't
seen for, at least 6 years. xD

 Then on the way home, driving drunk
like a retard, got a flat tire. The
tire iron didn't fit my luignuts, and
just sat there until 5 minutes later my
friend's drove by and helped me out. I
get high wiith a little help...' ya
know, it's true.

Slaine, birds, snakes, and aeroplanes.

Msg # 1062 Mon Jul 29, 1990 10:54 PM
Resp To:1016-Cast Party consists of:

 So he made you take off the spandex
lame nightgown? The one with the frilly
things all over it? The cad...

Slaine,I spy with my eye one empty beer

Msg # 1063 Mon Jul 29, 1990 10:59 PM
Resp To:1022-I'm Back!

 Sit, D'Arc. Good dog. Doggie wanna
bone? Roll over!

 You led me right up to it.

 Anyways, what's wrong with a little
repression and obedience now and then?
And don't tell me you've never been,
pardon the expression, 'pussy-whipped',
before? I bet if someone had a
videocamera someone would be eating
some crow right now. Of course, I could
be wrong. Perhaps D'Arc gets anyone her
[he] wants. The bastard.

Slaine, your crooked hand.

Msg # 1064 Mon Jul 29, 1990 11:03 PM
Resp To:1025-Cast Party consists of:

 Well that's a fine how-do-you-do. I
gather you didn't get that motto from
Mother Goose, eh?

 That's fine, but we've decided to go
ahead with this anyways. Right now it's
pretty hard to see us not even friends
after a break-up. But love is blind,
and so is the guy with the pencils.
I've told her that once things get out
of hand, even before thhat, I'm bailing
out. She was understandibly upset, but
I wanted to show her how much our
friendship means to me. I didn't mean
it, at least I'm not sure if I did.
Hmm.. steady as she goes, anyhow.

Slaine, trance dance.

Msg # 1065 Mon Jul 29, 1990 11:07 PM
Resp To:1028-Cast Party consists of:

 Oh Killmor! I thought you'd stop
sending me messages! So you must be
thinking about me, alot. I've got some
neat 'toys' from a catalogue I'm sure
you'll enjoy trying out for me. Are you
allergic to nipple clips or leather

Slaine, bang a gong.

Msg # 1066 Mon Jul 29, 1990 11:15 PM
Resp To:1037-Cast Party consists of:

 I can't see us, even after a break-up,
not being friends. We're both realists
and understand that this might not be
the best thing in the short run, but
we'll never know unless we try. I
honestly feel so secure right now, it's
a great feeling not wondering,'Gee,
which girl haven't I gone out with in
the South Shore area, and where can I
find them, and are they available'?

It's pretty safe to say we're in thhe
'lovey-dovey' stage of a relationship,
even though we've known each other for
years. For all of you unaware of the
'lovey-dovey' stage, it's when you can
drop 5 tons of steel on you big toe and
then smile about it. Maybe that's an

Slaine, to many things were said.

Msg # 1067 Mon Jul 29, 1990 11:21 PM
Subject:Same here.
Resp To:1038-Cast Party consists of:

 Every one I knew from high school
either; failed out of school, got fat,
got married, got killed, or haven't
changed one speck.

 Except for me. Hell, I gained 35
pounds, but 'm still underweight. I've
also changed, much in the same way you
have. I've finally figured it out that
I wasn't being myself, I was being
someone somebody expected me to be.
College makes you figure these things
out, even if you can't get a job after
graduation. Maybe it's worth it, it is
to me.

Slaine, eyes of a stranger.

Msg # 1068 Mon Jul 29, 1990 11:44 PM
Resp To:1057-Cast Party consists of:

What?  My god!  You're worried about graduating a year later!  Gods!

Listen, if we both majored in Industrial Engineering; the only difference
between us two being that I went on co-op and you didn't.  Who gets the job?
Me.  Think about that.  They're looking for people that have experience.  Out
of curiousity, I did some job hunting for engineers.  A large majority of the
jobs are looking for TWO YEARS OF EXPERIENCE at the least.

Looking from another viewpoint -- the company you co-op for might hire you on a

permanent basis and add an INCREASE to your salary as well.

Co-op yields a LOT more than "one measly year of college."

Msg # 1069 Mon Jul 29, 1990 11:48 PM
Subject:Oh, please!
Resp To:1063-I'm Back!

Oh, puh-lease!

Save your crowing for the birds.  You're only siding with her because you don't

like the way I think or the way I present my opinions.

Well, it's a tough life, isn't it, pal?

Msg # 1070 Tue Jul 30, 1990 12:04 AM
Subject:Don't mistake me.
Resp To:1060-I'm Back!

Don't get me wrong, but I definitely DON'T want to be a teacher.  I'm only
doing this for the 2 credit 'A' and the extra line on my resume.  Also, it's a
great way to meet vulnerable freshman women.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you just want to pull all your hair
out, strand by strand.  I'm at that point right now.  I've been locked in my
room all day practicing my guitar method, and right about now I'm getting ready

to throw the thing out the window.....might have something to do with the fact
that my ring finger is bleeding and I'm trying to learn stuff by Randy


Msg # 1071 Tue Jul 30, 1990 12:08 AM
Subject:Pussy whipping
Resp To:1063-I'm Back!

Ah, that lovely expression.   I will admit, this woman once did have me in such

dire straits, but that might have had something to do with the fact that she
was my 'first,' if you get my drift.  I've since learned not to let myself get
into such situations, which usually involves me doing something like NOT
getting involved in serious relationships....now 'Scoops' are something
else....I like to hear women beg....:)


Msg # 1072 Tue Jul 30, 1990 12:12 AM
Resp To:1066-Cast Party consists of:

Is that the stage of a relationship in which you could get fired from your job,

flunk out of school, total your car, and still come away in a great, optimistic

mood?  Thought so.   It is a great feeling, isn't it.....haven't felt in a
while myself, though.....hmmm, have to explore that feeling soon,
methinks......Man, am I quantisizing.


Msg # 1073 Tue Jul 30, 1990 12:16 AM
Subject:Me, too
Resp To:1067-Cast Party consists of:

College does make you realize who you really are, doesn't it.  In HS, I was
known as a mostly quiet, unopinionated sort of person.  Nowadays, it seems as
my 'friends'(i use that term VERY freely) don't like me anymore because they
say I've changed:  I'm now outgoing, friendly, and don't give two shits what
they think of my ideas.  It's a good feeling though, having, in effect, found
myself.....every semester a little more of this person comes through.


Msg # 1074 Tue Jul 30, 1990 12:22 AM
Subject:Don't preach.
Resp To:1068-Cast Party consists of:

That's why I'm looking for a summer co-op.  I'll get the experience, and also
the money.  You also forget that I wanna get the Master's degree right away,
too.  That would make a BIG difference when I apply.  Most of the recruiters
that I have talked too at school have given me the general opinion that if your

grades are up to par, and you have some activities, you should have no prob
getting an entry level job.  I don't really give a shit what I do with my entry

level job...chances are that I'll just be taking it to GET the experience, then

parlay that experience into a REAL job a few years later.  Right now, I'm
looking to the Western US for employment.....Someplace like Southern Cal or
Arizona.  Can't stay in Massachusetts any longer.  I already HAVE experience as

a matter of fact at the Foxboro Co doing Industrial Engineering work the last
two summers and winter breaks.  I couldn't take the job this summer because of
my class.  I have approached them with the idea of getting that job listed on
my transcript as a co-op, and so far, everything seems to be working out.


Msg # 1075 Tue Jul 30, 1990 10:21 AM
Subject:Western US?
Resp To:1074-Cast Party consists of:

Why look for the engineering job in the Western US?  Any particular reason?

Msg # 1076 Tue Jul 30, 1990 12:51 PM
Resp To:1075-Cast Party consists of:

I like the western US......I tend to be sort of a 'club rat' when it comes to
seeing new and upcoming bands, and LA/San Francisco area is great for this.  It

seems to be better as far as people's attitudes are concerned in the West.
People are more health conscious.  Phoenix basically is a desert climate, and
there is no humidity, and with my asthma and allergies, I need to get away from

the humidity.


Msg # 1077 Tue Jul 30, 1990  1:50 PM
Subject:Ok then....
Resp To:1043-Cast Party consists of:

   Ok then go and get TFM.  I was just trying to get gay slaine off my back.
Go ahead fly like a blue bird jay.


Msg # 1078 Tue Jul 30, 1990  1:54 PM
Subject:New to the board
Resp To:1058-BOARDS

    Well i am kinda old here and i haven't been calling much because Modem
Madness is just a bit better.  But what do you expect it7s run off an IBM
compatable.  Well I will be seeing you.


Msg # 1079 Tue Jul 30, 1990  4:14 PM
Resp To:1077-Cast Party consists of:

No, that's ok, I'll leave her for Slaine.


Msg # 1080 Tue Jul 30, 1990  5:29 PM
Resp To:1059-BOARDS

   Calm down! I was just thanking him
for giving me some other boards to

 ..and I don't even know what the hell
empire Is ABOUT!


Msg # 1081 Tue Jul 30, 1990  7:42 PM
Subject:Oh really?
Resp To:1043-Cast Party consists of:

Oh really Notty??? says who.. he may
send anyone he deems (sp?) acceptable
after me... as long as he knows they
must be good looking, adventurous (
with my driving one must be
adventurous!) and well possess a sense
of humour... yep I think those are my
qualifications this week..
and Notty you do posses them
so... come and get me... wink wink

Msg # 1082 Tue Jul 30, 1990  7:44 PM
Resp To:1044-Cast Party consists of:

Dearest Notty,
I'mnm ALWAYS good.. sometimes my
spelling isn't.. and this is BEFORE I
hit the scotch!!!!!!
eagerly waiting to push buttons...

Msg # 1083 Tue Jul 30, 1990  7:46 PM
Resp To:1045-Cast Party consists of:

Calm my Moans eh mr Not-Man.. is that
an Offer???? Why I am just soooooooo
embarrassed.. blushing

Msg # 1084 Tue Jul 30, 1990  7:48 PM
Resp To:1046-Cast Party consists of:

Ahh the big Respect thing... to which I
say thh@ppptt if they were so worried
about THAT then they shouldn't have let
it get even CLOSE to having to worry
about the ole tube of KY!

Msg # 1085 Tue Jul 30, 1990  7:50 PM
Subject:sweet nature
Resp To:1047-Cast Party consists of:

C'mon Notty you can do it.. if I can
hold up than you bloody well can too!
My sweet nature... I am sweet.. maybe
not overly innocent anymore but still

Msg # 1086 Tue Jul 30, 1990  7:53 PM
Subject:umm well
Resp To:1048-I'm Back!

Umm well other than the freshman part
yeah I guess I kinda sorta do. All
freshman are gullible Notty... that's
what I was getting at I think... I'm
really out of it now... REALLY! whoa
think I need that drink sooner than I

Msg # 1087 Tue Jul 30, 1990  7:57 PM
Resp To:1050-Cast Party consists of:

But, what about investing wisely..
couldn't you hang on to more of your
monies that way??
  as I believe I said I may write for a
medical journal someday.. I really want
to go into medicine.. but am not yet
sure about being a Dr.. I know I want
to be a pharmacist.. I like helping
people and seeing themxget well, or at
least easing some of their suffering..
but nursing doesn't cut it...
I like pushing those pills around...

Msg # 1088 Tue Jul 30, 1990  8:05 PM
Resp To:1066-Cast Party consists of:

Your life... just don7t screw it up man
and don7t say all of helpful folks here
didn7t try to warn you....
I dunno guys I think we lost another
one to that dreadful LOVE beastie...
cynnical as ever

Msg # 1089 Tue Jul 30, 1990  8:08 PM
Resp To:1070-I'm Back!

Ohh notty will you ever learn?? You
can't do that to yourself! give your
fingers a rest...

Msg # 1090 Tue Jul 30, 1990  8:13 PM
Subject:thank you SO
Resp To:1079-Cast Party consists of:

Thanks So much Notty.. isn't that kinda
like saying.. leave the body.. the
scavengers will get to it eventually...
I feel so flattered now.. gee golly
sniff.. I'll get over it I'm sure

Msg # 1091 Tue Jul 30, 1990 10:28 PM
Resp To:1087-Cast Party consists of:

Investment schvmestment -- I'm not sure I'd like reading all those journals on
how to make a buck, selling, cut my losses, finding high yield CD's, attending
seminars on how to get retirement money, etc.  Yuck!  And that's to make a
small buck.

Ahhhh, I can understand why you like to work in the pharmacy -- you can take
your work home -- get my drift?  Eh?  <silly grin> <elbow jab>

Why do you want to be a doctor?  Do you really want to help people and heal
them?  It takes quite a bit...

Msg # 1092 Tue Jul 30, 1990 10:43 PM
Subject:I didn't mean it.....
Resp To:1080-BOARDS

I didn't mean it like that!  It was sarcasm.  There are a lot of users of this
board who only call to play empire and never post.  Once they run out of
credits, they call back under another name, and it snowballs.  Sorry if I
offended thee....


Msg # 1093 Tue Jul 30, 1990 10:46 PM
Subject:More innuendos
Resp To:1081-Cast Party consists of:

More innuendos, eh, TFM???   I guess that our little secret is out.  Everyone
must have figured out by now that you and I have weekly sexual encounters on
the beach bathed in Baby oil and whipped cream.

Oh BABY!!!!!

"I can't wait until this weekend"

wink wink

Msg # 1094 Tue Jul 30, 1990 10:48 PM
Subject:It's like
Resp To:1083-Cast Party consists of:

No, it's calm your mones, as in hormones.  Not MOANS.   What's on your mind,
TFM.....probably the same thing that's on my mind.

"Red White and Blue, for me and all of you, American Metal"

Msg # 1095 Tue Jul 30, 1990 10:51 PM
Subject:No I can't
Resp To:1085-Cast Party consists of:

I can't hold out, really I can't.

Then again, there will be TWO very single women at the cape with us this
weekend.   hmmm, has possibilities.


Msg # 1096 Tue Jul 30, 1990 10:57 PM
Subject:Did it again
Resp To:1089-I'm Back!

Did it again today, but I am proud to say that now Ozzy Osbourne's "Suicide
Solution," "Crazy Train," and "Steal Away the Night" are added to my arsenal of

hair raising guitar numbers.  Solos, too.


Msg # 1097 Tue Jul 30, 1990 11:00 PM
Subject:I knew
Resp To:1090-Cast Party consists of:

I knew that that would get a rise out of you......did it???

I won't leave you for anyone else.

Then again, it's hard to leave someone you don't have.

I'm not making sense, and if I am, It's coming out wrong.


Msg # 1098 Tue Jul 30, 1990 11:40 PM
Resp To:1068-Cast Party consists of:

 Look at me. I changed my major and
transferred to a 5-year school. Now
I'll be graduating in '94, but I'll
have some experience under my belt. In
case anyone is wondering I'm taking
journalism and hope to be working for a
sleazy tabloid sometime in the future.
I've been practicing my headlines; '2
Headed Elvis Love-Child Seen With
Donald Trump.' Ok, it needs some

Slaine, cry freedom, for the woman in
the wall.

Msg # 1099 Tue Jul 30, 1990 11:44 PM
Resp To:1069-I'm Back!

 What do you mean "it's a tough life"?
Of course it is. I wouldn't have it any
other way.

 Oh, besides, you've obviously
forgotten that much of what I write had
[has] no substance to it, so don't take
it seriously. I'm a Bokonist.

Slaine, Almost Home chocolate fudge
chip cookies are pure evil.

Msg # 1100 Tue Jul 30, 1990 11:48 PM
Resp To:1070-I'm Back!

 Can't say that I've ever wanted to do
that to my hair, but who knows, maybe
you've planted the seed of suggestion
and tomorrow I'll have this
irresistable urge to rip my hair out by
the roots. Never can tell...

 Oh yeah, heard B Dickinson's version
of "All The Young Dudes", some kid
said [I was at work] 'Damn. Is this
live Bowie? He sounds awful!'

 He didn't believe me when I told him
who it was. But I had to agree, I like
the original better, Dickinson isn't
cut out for that type of music, I feel.

Slaine, rolling, turning, diving, DOING

Msg # 1101 Tue Jul 30, 1990 11:53 PM
Resp To:1071-I'm Back!

 You're talking to a 'married' man now,
behave yourself.

 Umm, yup. I can recall way back in
junior high, 7th grade, I had my first
[AHEM!] experience. Needless to say I
was a bumbling fool for the next year,
buying her stuff, ignoring my friends,
getting my wrists measured for
shackles.. Stuff like that. I actuallyu
saw this girl not too long ago and I
had to laugh at myself. Anyways, we
live and we learn. Because we can't die
and learn, it just wouldn't work.

Slaine, his world a little colder...

Msg # 1102 Tue Jul 30, 1990 11:56 PM
Resp To:1072-Cast Party consists of:

 Yeah it is great. I got car problems,
money problems, school problems, family
problems, but it doesn't really have
that grip on me that it used to. Now if
someone could only bottle this stuff
and sell it...

Slaine, here's a man that swings from
pole to pole.

Msg # 1103 Wed Jul 31, 1990 12:02 AM
Subject:No question.
Resp To:1073-Cast Party consists of:

 That's exactly how I feel. If you cant
deal with the real me, the one I'm
comfortable with, then piss off. [Not
you, but anyone in general.]

 I'd have to say that living away from
home and being independent has done
lots for me, shaping my ideas, dreams,
and opinions. Recently I've found that
I agree with almost nothing my father
believes in, but we get along great. I
think, at times, he's more immature
than I am, in a good way. Now that's
not a pretty sight, some of you
are saying.

Slaine, "pure energy"

P.S. You know that song, "What You're
Thinking" by Information Society? Did
you know that the excerpts of "pure
energy" were taken from a TV show? Can
you guess which show? I am just one
bundle of trivia tonight.

Msg # 1104 Wed Jul 31, 1990 12:08 AM
Subject:Clubs? CLUBS?!
Resp To:1076-Cast Party consists of:

 I'd say, and people from school who
are from different parts of the US say,
that Boston has one of thee best
locales for clubs and area music. I
mean, LA is all big hair and spandex.
There's no substance to that music at
all. I mean, take for example, Poison,
their new song 'Unskinny Bop'. That's
music?! Then I'd rather be locked in a
metal shed and fed my dinner through a
garden hose. Unless, of course, you
like that ...er.. music.

Slaine, one opinionated bastich.

Msg # 1105 Wed Jul 31, 1990 12:11 AM
Subject:That's ok.
Resp To:1079-Cast Party consists of:

 I can handle two women at the same
time, I have the strength of ten men.

 Not-Man, how many times have you
called here today? Three? Sheesh.
Didn't you have that job skinning dead
weasels or something?

Slaine, when the mind and hand merge to
create beauty.

Msg # 1106 Wed Jul 31, 1990 12:18 AM
Resp To:1088-Cast Party consists of:

 Thanks a lot for all the 'support'.
Now I've got all this pressure riding
on my shoulders to make this 'thang'
work. No complaints so far. Oh, I did
bump into one of her ex's today. It
wasn't a very comfortable situation,
but he understood that if he bothers us
he will be pummeled most heinously if
need be.

 I'm really a nice guy though. It's not
like I was actually looking to fight
him, he just got on my nerves when he
said "Hi." Don't you hate it when
people do that? Really rubs my rhubarb.

Slaine, don't show your soul to me, I'm
afraid the light will shine through.

Msg # 1107 Wed Jul 31, 1990  8:14 AM
Resp To:1080-BOARDS

    Well being a past king at empire.  I will tell you what it is.  It's a
game.  You ry to kill off all the people.  And who ever has the most land and
armys at the end of the game wins!!!  Well lateR.


Msg # 1108 Wed Jul 31, 1990  8:19 AM
Resp To:1090-Cast Party consists of:

    God I am tired of writing killmor.  It is so boring after two years.  Well
I will write matt and keep it short and simple.


Msg # 1109 Wed Jul 31, 1990  8:24 AM
Subject:You like ozzy!!!
Resp To:1096-I'm Back!

   You like the Ozzy huh???  Well so do I.  He used to be my favorite singer.
Those people who bust his balls and saying stuff like his music makes people
commit sucide and devil worship is a bunch of bull as far as I am concerned.
Well later.


Msg # 1110 Wed Jul 31, 1990  1:17 PM
Resp To:1107-BOARDS

 Hey...That sounds like my home life
(just kiddin).Anyway it sounds pretty
cool.I'll have to give it a try.


Msg # 1111 Wed Jul 31, 1990  2:33 PM
Subject:Hey, that reminds me
Resp To:1100-I'm Back!

I just heard from my close personal friend Kurt Loder of MTV and Rolling Stone
fame that Iron Maiden has pulled a fast one and tricked everyone into thinking
that they had broken up.  They just completed the new album.  I guess while
Bruce has been out on tour promoting tattooed millionaire, the drum and bass
tracks were being laid down to the new album, featuring their NEW guitarist,
Jannick Gers, who also plays on BD's album.......the new tape should be out
sometime in September.  But as we all know, when dealing with the recording
industry, everything is subject to change.

I'm just waiting to see them in concert.    Best shows I have ever seen, aside
from KISS in 1979 with the full makeup.


Msg # 1112 Wed Jul 31, 1990  2:41 PM
Subject:I know
Resp To:1104-Cast Party consists of:

I know that Boston has a great club scene(recently rated second in the US by
Guitar for the Practicing Musician), but LA/San Fran have more of what I'm
looking for.  I'm mainly into thrash or REALLY heavy metal, and with the
exceptions of Meliah Rage and Wargasm, Boston is really lacking in that
department, wheras California has produced Metallica, Exodus, Testament, Laaz
Rockit, Death Angel, etc.  I'm starting to get fed up with "Bluesy" metal, as
in the vein of GnR, Aerosmith, etc.   Boston has more of that than anything.
Although I would miss the Channel Club, but LA has the Cathouse, Whisky a
Go-Go, etc.   Also, GIT is there and I would LOVE to go to some of the shows
they put on as well as attend some guitar clinics there.  You can actually get
into clinics free featuring people like Paul Gilbert, Eddie Van Halen, Billy
Sheehan, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Alex Skolnik, and the list goes on.


Msg # 1113 Wed Jul 31, 1990  2:44 PM
Subject:No, four actually
Resp To:1105-Cast Party consists of:

I've called four times.   I take my class, and then I do Calc and Algebra
tutoring afternoons and nights.  I usually sit here playing guitar and calling
boards.  I don't go by the 'Day' concept anymore.  There are just two
measurements of time----In school, and Out of School.....right now I'm
out....all the days seem to meld into one big lump.

"Five times now"

Msg # 1114 Wed Jul 31, 1990  2:46 PM
Resp To:1109-I'm Back!

I do like Ozzy very much....he always has GREAT guitarists and GREAT music.
Only complaint that I have is that his live show seems to be lacking as of
late.  His voice just ain't what it used to be.

"Wine is fine but Whiskey's quicker, suicide is slow with liquor"

Msg # 1115 Wed Jul 31, 1990  3:09 PM
   From:THE CLAM-ID77
Subject:Legacy of The Ancients

  I've been looking for the codes to
get back into the museum in Legacy of
The Ancients for the longest time and
have had no luck at all in  finding
them. If anyone can help  me I would
greatly  appreciate it.

 --<** The Clam **>>--

Msg # 1116 Thu Jul 31, 1990  6:24 PM
     To:THE CLAM-ID77
Subject:May I ask
Resp To:1115-Legacy of The Ancients

Just what exactly is "The Legacy of the Ancients??"  Is a game.  If so, call
Night City BBS(508)285-5325.  Lots of gamers there.  Should be someone to help

Tell 'em Not-Man sent ya.


Msg # 1117 Thu Jul 31, 1990  9:28 PM
Resp To:1091-Cast Party consists of:

Yes, I get some perverse satisfaction
out of helping people.. It would be a
long long road.. so I'm gonna try the
pharmacy bit first.. that's a 5 yr
program and if I go to the school I wan
t to go to 6.. I come out with a Bs in
pharmacy and an MBA too.. not bad huh?
Me sample drugs nooooooo... that's the
one thing I don't get into... that's
why I get into the scotch for the
pain... works pretty well too!
Chocolate is still better......


Msg # 1118 Thu Jul 31, 1990  9:31 PM
Resp To:1093-Cast Party consists of:

That's right.. you're Friday Night,
Sparky the fireman is saturday night
with chocolate pudding, andthe GEEK is
sunday nights in a hot tub.. yes I'm a
VERY VERY busy person on the
weekends... Hey notty.. know where I
was tonight???? At the beach with WEW!
yep.. enjoyed it too!

Msg # 1119 Thu Jul 31, 1990  9:33 PM
Resp To:1094-Cast Party consists of:

Ohhhh pardon me.. I'm blonde.. I'm
supposed to make mistakes.. ( hey don't
laugh this excuse gets me out of a

Msg # 1120 Thu Jul 31, 1990  9:34 PM
Resp To:1095-Cast Party consists of:


Msg # 1121 Thu Jul 31, 1990  9:36 PM
Resp To:1096-I'm Back!

And ya didn't even leave one on my
messages to critique??

Msg # 1122 Thu Jul 31, 1990  9:38 PM
Resp To:1097-Cast Party consists of:

HUH??? No what you're saying I believe
is that you would not leave my body for
the scavengers.. you'd pick it up do
naughty things and then give me a
decent burial.. right??? Admit it
notty.. you couldn't resist me even If
I were dead!
very sick in spirit tonight

Msg # 1123 Thu Jul 31, 1990  9:42 PM
Subject:I think
Resp To:1102-Cast Party consists of:

Me thinks I'm gonna toss my cookies if
this love deal gets any sweeter..
Slaine wake up you poor deluded thing
you! Slap slap.. it'll wear off and
then you'll be left with one hell of a
knows from experience.

Msg # 1124 Thu Jul 31, 1990  9:46 PM
Resp To:1108-Cast Party consists of:

That 's nice dear Killy
after 4 years still me....

Msg # 1125 Thu Jul 31, 1990 10:55 PM
Resp To:1098-Cast Party consists of:

Hey, how about Elvis's ghost seen in homsexual encounter with Donald Trump...
Has possibilities....


Msg # 1126 Thu Jul 31, 1990 11:34 PM
Subject:But, alas TFM
Resp To:1122-Cast Party consists of:

But you fail to remember that I have indeed resisted you while you're
alive.....quite proud of myself, actually.

"Don't call me Dude!"

Msg # 1127 Thu Jul 31, 1990 11:55 PM
Resp To:1111-I'm Back!

 That's good to hear, maybe I'll pick
it up for old times sake. I learned
more from Harris' 'Alexander The Great'
than from most of my history courses
throughout high school.

 You saw KISS in 1979? Gee, I was only
9 years old at the time, how old are
you? I also saw Iron Maiden during the
Slavery tour with Accept opening upfor
them, hmm, that must  have been about 4
years ago, maybe more. It was a good
show. Last year I saw Metallica twice,
once in March and again in um.. it was
either August or September. The March
concert was incredible, with
Queensryche opening up for them. The
second show wasn't as good, but better
than most, they had  The Cult opening
[Whom I feel have sold out since their
'Love' album.] for them, it was a more
laid back show, possibly because it was
near the end of their US tour while the
other w at the start.

Slaine, how does it feel?

Msg # 1128 Fri Aug  1, 1990 12:02 AM
Subject:To Each His Own.
Resp To:1112-Cast Party consists of:

 Ever heard of Slaughter Shack? They
play what's known as 'Death-Chug
Metal', it's like a locomotive
gathering speed until it passes by
screaming at 110 decibels sucking you
in and spitting you out. At least
that's the way I like to describe it.
They beat out those pansy groups like
Drumming On Glass and Talking to
Animals, made them look like amateurs
[This was at 'BCN Best Band contests
they had.]. Anyways tonight, as you can
tell, I'm into my 'angry,
self-delusion' phase. Oh well, off to
get some beauty sleep.

Slaine, people that grinned themselves
to death, smiled so much they failed to
take a breath. All the while their kids
were starvin' they thought that we were

Msg # 1129 Fri Aug  1, 1990 12:07 AM
Resp To:1113-Cast Party consists of:

 Right now I'm lucky if I can call once
a day. Between work and play, that
makes Slaine a dull boy. I've been
doing this telecom thang it's like
second nature for me now. I had a
little party over my house a few days
back and I was in here calling boards,
and my friends were watching me going;
'Wow. Look at what he's doing!'. They
think that because I can use a modem
that I'm one of those hackers they see
on USA Today or something. One of the
kids is worried because I threatened to
put a million dollars in his bank
account. Maybe threatened isn't the
word I'm looking fo...

Slaine, just like that murder in '73,
just like that robbery in '62..

Msg # 1130 Fri Aug  1, 1990 12:10 AM
     To:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1115-Legacy of The Ancients

 Dear Mr Clam-person: I have a text
file with the codes needed for Legacy
of The Ancients. Now we come to the
crux of the dilemma, what can you offer
me in trade? HMMM?? I think a little
caviar would do nicely.

Slaine, mumble.

Msg # 1131 Fri Aug  1, 1990 12:17 AM
Resp To:1123-Cast Party consists of:

 Today I serenaded my beloved in a a
fashionable restaurant whilst she
threatened to kill me if I continued
with much further crooning ala Frank

dum-dee-dee-dum-dum... I've got to get
the lyric sheet for that song if I'm to
do it right the next time. Another
great thing about relationships; free
stuff, got me some sporty clothes... I
don't think we're in Gotham anymore,

Slaine, bring you to the higher ground.

Msg # 1132 Fri Aug  1, 1990 12:21 AM
Resp To:1125-Cast Party consists of:

 Ye Gods, man! How could a ghost have a
homosexual encounter? You've got to be
trashy AND credible!  That's the
secret. Ok, another headline. 'Rosanne
Barr Hires Midget To Grab Crotch For
Her During National Anthems.' You see,
because she's a bit chubby and can't
reach over her glutimus guttumous to
grab it at her conveinience. Trashy and
credible! AND IT SINGS!!

Slaine, I could break you down, but
what good would that do?

Msg # 1133 Fri Aug  1, 1990 12:35 AM
   From:THE CLAM-ID77
Subject:Night City
Resp To:1116-Legacy of The Ancients

 Yeah,I've already tried calling Night
City and I've gotten either a busy
signal or the board doesn't work.
 Legacy of The Ancients is a game
kinda like The Bard's Tale or Ultima.
 I have a copy of it and the original
came with codes, which I need to finish
the game.

 --<<** The Clam **>>--

Msg # 1134 Fri Aug  1, 1990 12:42 AM
   From:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1130-Legacy of The Ancients

   It depends, what do you want in
trade??? I have a lot of games for the
C=64 to offer.

  --<<** Mr. Clam Person **>>--

Msg # 1135 Fri Aug  1, 1990  1:43 AM

      HELLO !!!

    are THERE any metalheads around
here ? If so, When the hell is Slayer
comin' out with their new tape ??

    .... I almost forgot, how about

    Has anyone heard Death's new Faith
Healing tape ??

    How about Sepultura's old stuff ??

  Are you getting aggravated with my
questions yet ?? GOOD !!

  Anyone out there play an instrument ?


   a GOOD singer

     For heavy metal band...

   We're a cross between:

   forget it!!! we're us !!

    I've done enuff !!

      -+ The Cavity +-

         shrimp rules man !!

Msg # 1136 Fri Aug  1, 1990  8:22 AM
Subject:Cast Party

Slaine and Not-Man you will be getting your directions in the E-mail soon.
To anyone else - Just let me know and I'll e-mail you.
Sun, Aug 5th my house at 2ish .

Msg # 1137 Fri Aug  1, 1990  1:28 PM
Subject:Sigmund Freud, or, Not that again.
Resp To:973-Cast Party consists of:

The last time I answered that there wasn't too much about Freud in it, was

This is about the third time I've typed this response, I keep getting logged
off during it... unfortunately, I'll begin talking to whomever, and forget to
call back so days lapse inbetween..

RE:  Sick... Yes, very.  (I had a much more graphic representation, but the
exploits of Sigmund Freud are hardly matters for discussion on a family BBS, so

this time I'm sticking to, "yes, very".

Better to Study?  I wouldn't know who, considering he's the father of
psychology, I don't know of a single theory that isn't somehow somewhere
connected to his theories... unless it's the biological model, but he does
touch on medicine somewhere as well.

Msg # 1138 Fri Aug  1, 1990  1:40 PM
Subject:grapple, roleplaying games, et al.

What the heck kind of fun and excitement is sitting on your rear end and
Pretending to be a wrestler?   Do they have one where you sit down and pretend
to play baseball?  How about soccer?   If you liked watching OTHER people
wrestle, you could turn on TV.  If you wanted to be involved yourself, you
could join the school team -- the coach wouldn't let anyone Really get hurt, so

there wouldn't be any reason to fear for personal safety.

My brother had a group of people gelling in my kitchen playing some stupid game

like that for SEVEN HOURS the other day -- looked like they were casting
Revenge of the Nerds part three... biggest bunch of losers I ever saw.

Msg # 1139 Fri Aug  1, 1990  1:45 PM
Subject:no security.
Resp To:993-I'm Back!

They have plenty of security.. they also have plenty of scary people running
around looking for an opportunity to take advantage of your possessions or your

person.  I think their security even carries guns.  (Not like the good 'ol BCC
attack squad -- two senior citizens and a three and a half foot tall woman who
weights about 160... I walked behind her on my way to class one day, She was
wheezing from a walk across campus... I think she ended up stopping and sitting

down.. I'm not sure, I'd passed her and gone on).

Msg # 1140 Fri Aug  1, 1990  1:46 PM
Resp To:994-W.H.A.T

Stands For?  That's strange, I didn't think it stood for anything.

Msg # 1141 Fri Aug  1, 1990  1:56 PM
Resp To:998-Attention.

Wait a minute, I thought the problem was they were interferring with Other
people's rights to choose freely ("decide what they want to listen to")...
The whole thing is about subliminal messages, isn't it?   It's totally beyond
me what on earth that could possibly have to do with artistic freedom,
considering you can't even HEAR them, consciously, and don't know you're
listening -- it's illegal to use them in movie theaters (they used to cut the
flim with pictures of soft drinks and goodies, people would feel like they were

thirsty or whatever and go to the concession stand)... We (the supermarket
where I work) aren't even allowed to use "Don't Steal" under the music, why
should someone else get away with "Kill yourself"... or "You NEED stationary
and toothpaste" <--- Ames subliminal message used to be you NEED stationary and


They supposedly work on suggestable people.

Send me some money, send me some money, send me some money, send me some money,

send me some money, send me some money, send me some money, send me some money.

Just thought I'd see if It worked....

Msg # 1142 Fri Aug  1, 1990  2:03 PM
Subject:last two messages...
Resp To:1000-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Frosting!  Every square inch of my body is covered with Frosting, my hands are
slipping off the keys... but I'm going to finish reading these 155 new
messages, it is my GOAL in life...

You and Killmor called it quits!  Darn!  I suppose this means I have to cancel
the suprise shower I was throwing for the two of you.

Speaking of Maine (were we speaking of Maine,.. and what has this got to do
with Maine.. oh yeah, they have some water in Maine, don't they?) Speaking of
Maine, Cutter and I are now the proud owners of a 14 ft. Sailfish... Anybody
want to buy a boat?

The cast party is cancelled?  Ooh, if she reschedules it for a Saturday, let us


Now, what were you talking about?

Hey, by the bye, guess how much water Cutter's VCR holds?

Msg # 1143 Fri Aug  1, 1990  2:05 PM
Subject:Lift weights
Resp To:1001-Stereotypes

I never lift weights,.. well, I do, sometimes... just every other day, and only

with Jane.. and they're only three pounds, well sometimes, well maybe most of
the time I use fives, but that's it, I swear.

Msg # 1144 Fri Aug  1, 1990  2:13 PM
Subject:property, et al.
Resp To:1018-I'm Back!

1.  "Who GIVES this woman in marriage".

2.  "Do you promise to love, honor, and OBEY"

Of course your wife is your property.  In some states it's not even illegal to
beat them to a bloody pulp.

Msg # 1145 Fri Aug  1, 1990  2:17 PM
Subject:The other reason he drove you home...
Resp To:1021-I'm Back!

There are no I's in marriage, only we's.

And how on earth could he keep an eye on me if I were off all day?  We wanted
to have a lot of land, and the grounds would be all fenced in.

Msg # 1146 Fri Aug  1, 1990  2:21 PM
Subject:Dogs, et al.
Resp To:1022-I'm Back!

A wife is her husbands property, which is probably the reason they are expected

to be obedient, instead of the other way around.

I'm not sure how dogs work it all out, but people have been doing it this way
for thousands of years, and it seems to be working out just fine.

Msg # 1147 Fri Aug  1, 1990  2:28 PM
Subject:Clothes, comfortable, et al.
Resp To:1039-Cast Party consists of:

Well, ones clothing should also be appropriate.  Cutter was only saying it for
my own good.

Msg # 1148 Fri Aug  1, 1990  3:10 PM
Subject:Spandex gold lame'
Resp To:1062-Cast Party consists of:

You've been listening at doors again!  Peeking through keyholes?!  Haven't you,

Haven't you!

Actually, is WAS a little short, and a little noticable...

Msg # 1149 Fri Aug  1, 1990  6:25 PM
Subject:Kiss, et al
Resp To:1127-I'm Back!

I was only 9 years old in 1979, too....mom went with me.

I also saw Maiden in 1985 with Accept on the Slavery tour....it was great, and
I also saw Metallica in March 89 with Queensryche in Hartford


Msg # 1150 Fri Aug  1, 1990  6:29 PM
     To:THE CLAM-ID77
Subject:Try again
Resp To:1133-Legacy of The Ancients

The boards busy mostly all day.....I usually call at like 2 am.   Wait a few
seconds when you connect, it takes like 10-15 seconds to load.


Msg # 1151 Fri Aug  1, 1990  6:33 PM
Subject:I guess
Resp To:1135-@*)('&$#"

I guess I'm the resident Metalhead around here(Not-Man, hmm, wonder where I got

that name from).   Slayer is out in late August, early September, Testament in
September, Anthrax AUGUST 21st!!!!!!!!!!!  I love Anthrax....they do a cover of

a Joe Jackson song on this one, I heard it Sunday night, and it's cool.
Lessee, Maiden has something new out soon(contrary to the rumours) and I guess
that's all I have to report for now.

I play guitar, by the way.  But then again, so doesn't everyone.


Msg # 1152 Fri Aug  1, 1990  6:38 PM
Resp To:1144-I'm Back!



Msg # 1153 Fri Aug  1, 1990  6:48 PM
Resp To:1117-Cast Party consists of:

FIVE years to become a Pharmacist?  Exactly what are you learning?  I've heard
about MBA's.  What do MBA's give you, exactly?  And what can you do with it?

I'm starting to think that one of these five years -- you're going to learn how

to grow and cultivate a cocaine crop... <grin>

Msg # 1154 Fri Aug  1, 1990  6:50 PM
Resp To:1122-Cast Party consists of:

Shh!!  Not so loud!  Not-Man doesn't want the people knowing that he's a
necrophiliac.  He says it's the only way he can "get sum action."

Now you have me worried.  I think Not-Man will have to kill you -- and then
have fun.

Ahh well.  You cocked it good... <grin>

Msg # 1155 Fri Aug  1, 1990  7:59 PM
Resp To:1151-@*)('&$#"

  Kool ! How long have ya been playing

  Another thing, Testament is coming
out w/ a new tape ?  That is a

       -+ The Cavity +-

Msg # 1156 Fri Aug  1, 1990 10:33 PM
Resp To:1110-BOARDS

   I used to play empire all the time once you play you're hooked.  And quiting

is like trying to break a bad habbit.  Also it eats away your credits.  well
just warning ya!  lateR.....


Msg # 1157 Fri Aug  1, 1990 10:37 PM
Subject:the oz
Resp To:1114-I'm Back!

   He is the best I have all of his tapes except Just say Ozzy haven't had the
money to get it lately.  But his newer tapes seem to be remakes of older songs
of his.  I'm not saying the whole tape is that way but a few songs are.  Well
see you around.


Msg # 1158 Fri Aug  1, 1990 10:41 PM
Resp To:1124-Cast Party consists of:

  I liked your title so much i thought I would copy it.  Well thanks for the
long message exactually what I need to reply to.  You're probably saying when
did I write him a long message!  Well you never did. I just felt like writing
that!!!!!  Well see ya!!!!!!!!!


Msg # 1159 Fri Aug  1, 1990 10:45 PM
Subject:Speed metal
Resp To:1151-@*)('&$#"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  Can stand speed metal!!!!!!


Msg # 1160 Fri Aug  1, 1990 10:56 PM
Resp To:1126-Cast Party consists of:

you also had a fever that time too....

Msg # 1161 Fri Aug  1, 1990 11:00 PM
Resp To:1131-Cast Party consists of:

gag gag ackkkk gag
consider my cookies tossed.

Msg # 1162 Fri Aug  1, 1990 11:04 PM
Subject:I guess
Resp To:1137-Cast Party consists of:

I dunno.. I guess they are connected..
it's too late to think... I jsust don't
happen to agree with his views.. but
what does it matter? he's dead.

Msg # 1163 Fri Aug  1, 1990 11:10 PM
Resp To:1152-I'm Back!

thanks for saying it for me Notty!

Msg # 1164 Fri Aug  1, 1990 11:12 PM
Subject:of course
Resp To:1153-Cast Party consists of:

I don't exactly know why five years..
the last year in many schools is
clinical... With an MBA you can bypass
working in a pharacy and go into
administration.... besides it looks

Msg # 1165 Fri Aug  1, 1990 11:14 PM
Resp To:1154-Cast Party consists of:

Well just how did YOU know about his

Msg # 1166 Fri Aug  1, 1990 11:16 PM
Resp To:1158-Cast Party consists of:

 thanks so very much dear Killy..
well smell ya later

Msg # 1167 Sat Aug  2, 1990 12:03 AM
Resp To:1153-Cast Party consists of:

I can also get an MBA along with my IE degree...what it basically gives you is
the capability and qualifications to be a manager.


Msg # 1168 Sat Aug  2, 1990 12:07 AM
Resp To:1155-@*)('&$#"

I've been playing woodwind instruments since I was 9, and I started playing the

guitar around age 15.  Never really took it seriously until about 20 months
ago, though.  I'm mainly a rythym player, leads still have me mystified.  I can

do some, but others drive me crazy trying to do, especially ones by Skolnik,
Hammett, and Vai.

Yeah, according to 94HJY and WERS, Testament is coming out with a new album
soon....it also came as a surprise to me.

BTW, do you also play guitar...what's the name of the band?

"Revenge is sweet for those who wait, never early always late"

Msg # 1169 Sat Aug  2, 1990 12:11 AM
Subject:To each his own
Resp To:1159-@*)('&$#"

I like it all, from the slow, lumbering riffs of Sabbath, to the breakneck
speed of Metallica and everything in between.

Technicality in guitar playing is a turn on...I like 'sexy' players like Paul
Gilbert, Becker, Vai, Satriani, Hammett, Friedman, Skolnik, et al.

And that's why I like speed metal, besides the fact that most of the bands can
play incredible fast making few or no errors.


Msg # 1170 Sat Aug  2, 1990 12:13 AM
Resp To:1160-Cast Party consists of:

Fever!!!??!!  That was no fever, that was just the natural sexual radiance that

I eminate at all times [ :)

Msg # 1171 Sat Aug  2, 1990 12:16 AM
Resp To:1163-I'm Back!

Ain't it the truth, tho?

"I came to SHRED!"

Msg # 1172 Sat Aug  2, 1990 12:19 AM
Subject:Wait a minute
Resp To:1165-Cast Party consists of:

Hey, wait a minute here...what's all this talk of my perversness without me
involved.  Besides that incident last summer in the Mortuary and the incident
last March in the Funeral Home, I am not a necrophiliac!!!!  I like nice, warm
female bodies.  Preferably covered with Baby Oil and Whipped Cream....

Can this be arranged, TFM.

"Skate all day, drink all night, drunk and disorderly in Boston, Massachusetts"

Msg # 1173 Sat Aug  2, 1990  7:41 AM
Subject:I take it that means...
Resp To:1152-I'm Back!

 ...I take it that means you haven't got anyone willing to marry you.

Trust me, if you had a beautiful woman waiting on you hand and foot, willing to

obey your every command you'd probably not abhor it quite so vehemently... or
at least you'd suffer through it, poor thing.

Msg # 1174 Sat Aug  2, 1990  7:47 AM
Subject:views, agreed with disagreed with
Resp To:1162-Cast Party consists of:

Now heck, did I ever say I AGREED with him?   I was just putting them forth...
As a woman I have a small capacity for memorization -- like one of those
brightly coloured birds from Africa, they can recite sounds they hear -- but
that hardly means that I'm capable of understanding, or yet, forming an opinion

on something of that nature.

Msg # 1175 Sat Aug  2, 1990  7:52 AM
Subject:Satriani, Joe.
Resp To:1169-@*)('&$#"

Cutter took me to see him in concert the other day (He opened for David Bowie).

 I must say he was, um, Loud.. very loud, no problem hearing him whatsoever...
You listen to that sort of thing all the time, do you?

Msg # 1176 Sat Aug  2, 1990  2:46 PM
     To:THE CLAM-ID77
Subject:Glad you asked.
Resp To:1134-Legacy of The Ancients

 Do you have any decent word
processors? Like The Write Stuff? I'd
settle for anything that serves some
purpose, not like some pathetic game
which only corrupts our youth, sending
them into a future blighted by Japanese

Slaine, it's happy--hour again.

Msg # 1177 Sat Aug  2, 1990  2:48 PM
Resp To:1135-@*)('&$#"

 Since you're looking for a singer,
bass player, and drummer, would it be
safe to assume that you haven't
actually got a band? What's with this
'we' talk? You'd better straighten up,
young man, and LOOK AT YOUR CARDS!

Slaine, parochial flash-back.

Msg # 1178 Sat Aug  2, 1990  2:52 PM
Resp To:1136-Cast Party

 I got the impression that you weren't
going to have it after you said you
needed 5 more people. In the meantime I
, in assuming it was called off, made
other plans. Oh well, I think we should
have done my original suggestion which
was to go to a water-park or a beach
and just chill out.

 Anyways, I'm between a rock and a hard
thing here, so I don't know what I'm
going to do.

Slaine, the border police have scoured
the land, smoothing out rough spots, to
get you in hand.

Msg # 1179 Sat Aug  2, 1990  2:57 PM
Resp To:1137-Cast Party consists of:

 I studied, rather, took a class that
studied the various personality
theories of major psychologists like;
Freud, Jung, Skinner, Bandura... I
can't recall the gentleman's name, but
his Role-Theory seemed to click for me/
You are probably more familiar with it
than me, but he states that when we are
in different situations we play a
different role. IE, with family we play
the son or daughter..whatever, with
girlfriend we play the one-armed sex
maniac.. You must be getting the jist
t of this by now.

Slaine, can't put my finger on it.

Msg # 1180 Sat Aug  2, 1990  3:03 PM
Subject:The point being.
Resp To:1141-Attention.

 Since you are obviously WOEFULLY
unaware of the facts here's the whole
truth and nothing but. In Judas
Priest's song, a number of times the
phrase 'Do it.' is mentioned. DOES THAT
must scream.]

 If you read Time you'd see that one of
the kids hit his mother with a hammer
and the other had a [They both had]
long history of senseless violence.
You're being very much the Tipper Gore
now, but I guess someone has to be to
keep things lively here.

Slaine, bake phallic cake, be an Indian

Msg # 1181 Sat Aug  2, 1990  3:07 PM
Resp To:1142-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

 Yes, Killmor and I are no longer an
item. He's  such a bad boy, and he will
be punished.

 Um.. you got a boat? A sail-boat?
That's nice. Well, you've got to dom
something with all that money Cutter's
making, don't you?

 My cousin has a  12 foot Boston
Whaler, you can supposedly cut it into
sections and they will all float. We
were sorely tempted to try it after
drinking all night, but decided against

Slaine, all the live long day.

Msg # 1182 Sat Aug  2, 1990  3:10 PM
Resp To:1143-Stereotypes

 I haven't lifted weights since the end
of May, when classes ended. But I'm
doing physical work that keeps me in
shape, so I don't mind.

 Now my friends, what a bunch of
losers, two of them have $500 lifetime
memberships to this gym, have had these
memberships for about 2 years, and
haven't been in the place since their
initial tour.  Sometimes I could just
  The laziest bastards this side of the
universe... I think I'll go beat them

Slaine, frisky.

Msg # 1183 Sat Aug  2, 1990  3:14 PM
Resp To:1149-I'm Back!

 So, does Mom like Kiss? Or was she ...
hey, wait a minute. You're my mother,
so grandma took you to the concert? I'm
getting confused..

 Seriously, yah, I've got pictures of
Maiden that I took with this cheapo
camera I smuggled in. I'm hoping to get
a bootleg video of Metallica from their
last tour.

Slaine, bodacious ta-ta's.

Msg # 1184 Sat Aug  2, 1990  6:55 PM
   From:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1176-Legacy of The Ancients

  No,I can't say that I have any really
good word processors, but I do have
quite a few utilities and
miscellaneous files.I also have a lot
of demos.

   I have this program that's pretty
kool, Future Writer.You may have seen
before,it's been around awhile.It's
kinda hard to explain so you'd have to
check it out yourself.

--<<** The Clam **>>--

Msg # 1185 Sat Aug  2, 1990 10:17 PM
Resp To:1168-@*)('&$#"

I too have played woodwinds since I was
9 and started on keyboards.. so
there... Notty are you saying then that
you believe in the rthym methoD??? Tsk
tsk you should know better

Msg # 1186 Sat Aug  2, 1990 10:20 PM
Resp To:1170-Cast Party consists of:

Such big words notty I am REALLy and
TRULY impressed man... Of course the
way I am right now it don't take
much... Wendy and I have a serious case
of the Giggles.. it's a sad state of
affairs.. she's laughing at me trying
to type..... Yes you just exude
sexuality notty
later babe

Msg # 1187 Sat Aug  2, 1990 10:23 PM
Subject:just think
Resp To:1171-I'm Back!

Just think tho dude... if all ahd gone
according to plan.. I'd be the happy
little wife of bob right now... scary,
scary scary SCARY thought.. boy I'm
glad that fell through....
Me married.. thptt
be a pretty funny sight tho...

Msg # 1188 Sat Aug  2, 1990 10:25 PM
Resp To:1172-Cast Party consists of:

Of course it can be arranged dear
heart... I'll fit you into my busy
schedule... just call my secretary and
make an appointment... you KNOW the
drunkenly yours

Msg # 1189 Sat Aug  2, 1990 10:32 PM
Resp To:1174-Cast Party consists of:

Look chick, everyone is capable of
forming an opinion... I have my
opinions and Mr Not]man has his.. and
they happen to be similar opinions..
that of marriage being a partnership
and each pern being equal.. well those
are my opinions.. but from the convos
we've had on said subject about why
marriage is out of the question anytime
in the near future I would tend to
think that his opinions are indeed
similar..Oh yeah I don't mean to each
other either.. in case you got the
wrong impression there... I know the
one person I would marry... but he
doesn't believe in the marriage deal
either... but for different reasons...
I thinks you need some time to get
yourself pulled together.. just my
humble opinion.. but don't rely on
anyone person too much

Msg # 1190 Sat Aug  2, 1990 11:56 PM

Hey..Are there any AD&D players here!If
 so how long have you played and what
character are you. I've only been
playing for about 6 months now,and I
was always partial to Magic-Users.

                just wondering,

                *Scorpio* (Merlin)

Msg # 1191 Sun Aug  3, 1990 12:47 AM
Subject:Rosanned Barr
Resp To:1132-Cast Party consists of:

   About ghost's and homosexual encounters, I just saw the movie ghost, and
they can enter just about anything....

   The only thing wrong that I can see with your headline about Rosanne Barr is

the singing part, after all I heard, I wouldn't exactly call that singing would


   Now try this one....
       Rosanne Barr captured by aliens because they though she was singing in
their language...


Msg # 1192 Sun Aug  3, 1990  1:15 AM
Resp To:1190-AD&D

As a matter of fact I've been playing
AD&D for almost a month now,and I think
it's pretty cool.Right now I'am a


Msg # 1193 Sun Aug  3, 1990  2:07 AM
Resp To:1192-AD&D

 Oh yeah....Well what level is your
Fighter on.My Magic-User is on level 8.
So,your pretty new at this game.It's
hard to learn how to play because It's
so complicated,but once you learn how
It's easy.Good Luck!

            *Scorpio* (Merlin)

Msg # 1194 Sun Aug  3, 1990  7:59 AM
Subject:this is great.
Resp To:1181-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

This is great, I got logged off in the middle of your other message, about
Ericson (?) and called back, and immediately was plopped down right here,
connected me right in the middle of the bad news about Killmor and you --
actually, I suppose that isn't so wonderful, what if I hadn't been me... not
that I can think of anything in my file that exactly qualifies as the secrets
of the ancients, but I get into enough trouble on my own without help from the

Now what were you saying?  Oh yeah, the boat...  He bought it off someone for
$150, which is supposedly the miracle of the centuries.  It's a sailfish.  I
think it must be some sort of racing boat because it's extremely light, has a
huge sail, and no real place to sit down.  He was planning on selling it but we

changed our minds, it's too much fun.  He's taking me out on it again today (I
almost capsized the boat last night -- quit laughing, it's extremely easy to
do, and I understand the whole joy of owning that type of boat... why pulling
yourself and a boat out of the water would be tons of fun is yet beyond me, but

I'm sure I'll find out.)

I'm really sorry about you and Killmor, I really thought the two of you were
going to last.

Hmmmm, wouldn't anything made out of wood float in the water no matter how many

pieces you cut it up into?

Msg # 1195 Sun Aug  3, 1990  8:06 AM
Subject:lifetime memberships
Resp To:1182-Stereotypes

Do they have to flash a card at the door, or do they have to show some sort of
real ID?  (I had that problem last night -- I AM 21, I just have no ID and
somehow a chinese restuarant just isn't a Chinese restaurant without one of
those stupid little drinks in a tacky cup with paper umberellas and fruit) I
mean, why couldn't they lend their card to there good friend who could then in
turn, pretend to be them and maybe get some use out of their $500 membership?

Msg # 1196 Sun Aug  3, 1990  8:16 AM
Subject:formation of intelligent opinions
Resp To:1189-Cast Party consists of:

I didn't mean "feelings" about something happening one way or the other -- a
preference for A and a dislike of B based on personal emotion.  "I don't like
barbeque sauce" is not really an opinion.

The type of opinion I was talking about is the sort you write a disertation on,

or stand up in a formal debate and defend with facts and figures --- THAT type
of opinion requires a deeper sort of understanding, one that a woman, with her
limited intelligence, would be incapable of reaching.

Msg # 1197 Sun Aug  3, 1990  9:30 AM
Subject:Anatomy and Physiology Part 2
Resp To:1032-Cast Party consists of:

   Speaking of such things, I can't
believe how interesting my course
selections for the fall turned out. On
MWF 800 - 850 I have Human Sexuality,
then from 1000 - 1050 I have Sex &
Personal Relationships (a philosophy
course), then biology from 1100-1150,
on Mondays from 200 - 430 a class
called Developing Creativity, then
finally on Tuesdays and Thursdays a
course that actually relates to my
major: Major American Drama (which,
some say, is a contradiction in terms).


Gee, I wonder what's on my mind...

Msg # 1198 Sun Aug  3, 1990  9:36 AM
Resp To:1040-Cast Party consists of:

   Yes, let's just say that things were
strained for a while, mutual guilty
feelings etc., but once things got
talked out, it was pretty much back on
track. Different, granted, but on track
at least.


Msg # 1199 Sun Aug  3, 1990  9:44 AM
Subject:Powerful cells
Resp To:1049-I'm Back!

   The power output of all the cells we
deal with is 2 volts; it's only the
amp. hours that are different. The J
cells have about 12.5 amp. hours, if I
remember correctly. And yes, they are
rechargeable. One of my jobs is to
slowly discharge 30 packs of six J
cells, then hook them up to be
recharged again. We deal in all kinds
of rechargeable batteries: lead/acid,
nickel/cadmium, lithium, etc. Amusingly
enough, we supply quite a few batteries
for Lifeline. You know, "I've fallen,
and I can't get UP!!!!" BTW, I don't
know if the batteries I work with are
available for commercial resale, but in
my room we deal exclusively with Gates
batteries, if that helps.


Msg # 1200 Sun Aug  3, 1990 10:29 AM
Resp To:1190-AD&D

   Oh well gee, let's see now, I've
only been playing for, oh, at least
seven years now. I've always been
partial to magic-users and their many
sub-classes, but now and again I like
to play a fighter, just so you don't
have to worry about choosing spells and
all that.

   I've played in an unusual campaign
for about two years now. The DM has
played D&D ever since it came out, and
he's made some interesting adaptations
to it over the years. The adventures we
play are usually rather high level, and
his campaign world is extremely rich in
magic and VERY chaotic as well. Usually
we can only play about once a month,
when everybody can squeeze it into
their hectic schedules, but we're
usually looking for new players.
Trouble is, you usually have to be
quite experienced, since like I said,
we do things differently.


Msg # 1201 Sun Aug  3, 1990 10:34 AM

   I don't know about the rest of you,
but I get a bit annoyed when you're
scrolling through messages and all of a
sudden it stops for no apparent reason,
leaving you dangling in the middle of a
sentence, usually, before chugging on
its merry way five seconds later. I
believe someone else likened this to
the BBS having a heart attack or
something. Perhaps it's just pausing
for its computer-equivalent of
"breath", but I keep thinking it'll
hang up on me.


Msg # 1202 Sun Aug  4, 1990  9:45 PM
     To:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1184-Legacy of The Ancients

 Future Writer? That's really old. I
mean, stale-old. I already have a
million [Slight exaggeration.] of
programs in that vein. Let's see...
What the hell, it's only like 50 blocks
I think, if this BBS had a UD section I
could send it here, but since I
can't... It's sort of a tremendous
waste just putting one program of 50
blk on a disk. Wouldn't you agree?

 Besides, I would never be able to find
it, I think, because I tried  looking
for it a while ago, but couldn't find
it. I'll try to sort out my emotional
and mental problems before attending to
this task.

Slaine, I wasn't sure if it was Marx or
Hitler that was in this year...

Msg # 1203 Sun Aug  4, 1990  9:53 PM
Resp To:1190-AD&D

 What's this? I thought after we
castrated Frumpy we'd heard the last of
these vermin. What's the thrill of
RPG's? Could you explain it to me? I'd
like to join the enchanted world of
elves too.

 .Somethings in life just weren't meant
to be understood.

 Oh, great. Mescaline has broken
through again. Welling out of my
subconcious and manifesting his
presence in the shape of my disk drive
fan. Well, hello Mesc, you've been gone
a long time. Shouldn't you be leaving

 .We all have our little quirks, mine
is you, so DIE!!

  [Simulated sounds of a head being
smacked against plywood using soybean

Slaine, Simon LeBon staid at my house
before, he was sick on the plants and
he was--sick on the floor, and he
wouldn't leave until he'd sung his song
with a backing harmony by--Paul Young.

Msg # 1204 Sun Aug  4, 1990 10:01 PM
Subject:Ghosts & Homos.
Resp To:1191-Cast Party consists of:

 Yes, a ghost, could, I suppose, enter
anything, but it [The ghost], is, in
an esoteric sense, frictionless. If
you've ever had sex you'd know that
friction makes the sex worthwhile, or
it's just an exercise in fertility.
[Relaxing with a nirvarnic

 In all seriousness I forgot what you
said so I'm going to ramble on
incessantly until I'm slap-happy. Wait,
this just in, I just remembered..
Headlines, trashy, credible.. Yes. Ok,
I haven't thought of anything new, but
I'll try something ON THE SPOT!

 Umm... Ok. "Judas Priest Trial Ends On
Sour Note When Priest Testifies He
Molested His Onion Patch When Asked If
He Would 'Tell The Whole Truth'."


Slaine, no more lies or fear.

Msg # 1205 Sun Aug  4, 1990 10:11 PM
Subject:Boats Is Fun.
Resp To:1194-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

 Yes, well, the boat he has isn't made
of wood. It's made of some plastic of
some sort. If you were nautical in any
way you'd know that Boston Whalers have
a guaruntee not to sink. My friend has
a Bayliner and it's nice, like 20'-25'
and cruises, but if it capsized in the
ocean, like my cousins [It floated.], I
don't think it'd stay above water.

 I love those small sailboats, like
yours or Cutter's Sailfish, on a lake,
they can fly! Then if someone falls out
when you take a sharp turn you can
amuse yourself by trying to hit the
submerged person's anatomy as he/she
sputters about '...cutting off all your
extremities...' as your carouse the
environment, pristine and clean in your
boating machine.

 Yes, I was rather broken up over
Killmor, but I'll get over it.

Slaine, we want Rambo in a--ra-ra

P.S. My cousin's boat is a motorboat,
meaning it has an engine which rotates
this propellor under the water, behind
the boat which makes it move very
quickly. The boat will still float with
the engine attached, even when cut into
little pieces. [ No, I'm not
patronizing you in any way. It is your
imagination. I swear. ]

Msg # 1206 Sun Aug  4, 1990 10:20 PM
Subject:You've got me there.
Resp To:1195-Stereotypes

 I don't know, they're afraid to showme
the ID's,  like they're the members of
this Inner Sanctum. That's my friends
for you, spend,spend,spend. While I, on
the other side of the totem pole, am
convinced I'm Scottish. I can't spend
money unless it's absolutely a
life-or-death situation. Oddly enough,
these situations have been arising
quite frequently over the past few

 Oh yeah, getting to the previous
message, it wasn't Ericson who had the
rol-theory for personality. I could
find out the guy's name, I keep all my
photocopies and handouts from all my
classes, I know it begins with an 'H'..
I seem to recall it's vaugely like
'Hubbard', but I may be befuddled.

 I like psychology, but I just don't
see where there's money to be made,
aside from electrocuting rats to make
them do tricks. I couldn't do that, I
love animals. Right now I'm resting
splendidly in my lhama longjohns. Oh..
I didn't kill the animal, it's still
alive, but bred to suit my particular
needs. Yes, it is a lovely time to be

Slaine, the birds are singing in the
trees, as we rise up--to a beautiful
morning, but I can't hear--that
peaceful sound, because
I'm--permenantly yawning.

Msg # 1207 Sun Aug  4, 1990 10:55 PM
Subject:Ghosts & Homos
Resp To:1204-Cast Party consists of:

     Well in the movie Ghost that I saw Friday night, (good movie by the way),
all a A ghost can actually in a way become temporarily solid, at least enough
to move objects... All the ghost needs to do is focus his emotions into
completing the task... And if that doesn't generate a strong emotion (sex that
is) I don't know what does...

     Let's see, titles...  Aliens come to Earth and Say they are here to save
us... Only to turn around and collect certain religious leaders for dinner, all

the fertilization makes them tender they are heard to say...


Msg # 1208 Sun Aug  4, 1990 11:20 PM
Subject:ahem ??
Resp To:1177-@*)('&$#"

  Slaine, About that 'we' talk, its
because The Clam and I are making a
band, we actually do have a few kick
ass songs made up, we just need to tie
up some loose ends. We kinda have a
drummer, but we want someone better.

So Dont talk about shit ya dont know
about, Ok ??

          Kool !

        -+ The Cavity +-

Msg # 1209 Sun Aug  4, 1990 11:32 PM
Resp To:1200-AD&D

     Hey, I have been playing that game
for about 6 yrs. I like Thieves myself,
I just started a new one about 3 months
ago, he's level 9...

       -+ The Cavity +-

         Spencer Stealthfingers

       (I'm conforming)

Msg # 1210 Mon Aug  5, 1990  1:16 AM

     YOOOO!! Wutz sup wit yoooooz!!!

  the porch monkey

Msg # 1211 Mon Aug  5, 1990  8:02 AM
Subject:who says
Resp To:1196-Cast Party consists of:

Who says women have limited
intelligence? While males may have a
better ability to think in mathematical
terms, females have compensation in
that they tend to pick up foriegn
languages easier.. it's the way the
human brain is set up... I'll admit
that there are some people that are a
lot more intelligent than I, but they
are both male and female...
 I am by no stretch of the imagination
a feminist, but I do believe people are
equal.. maybe someday you will see that
they in many ways are too...

Msg # 1212 Mon Aug  5, 1990  8:06 AM
Resp To:1197-Cast Party consists of:

Sounds like a fun semester.. I have to
call Bridgewater this afternoon andget
my class transfered down to my
school...I need it so I can take part 2
in the fall... yippee... the course
that tells you everything you mever
wanted to know about the human body and
wouldn't bother asking... I mean it's
fun sometimes but.....

Msg # 1213 Mon Aug  5, 1990  8:08 AM
Resp To:1198-Cast Party consists of:

I thought everything would be so much
different after that relationship with
jimmie... some of it is, but it's more
relaxed I think.. wierd huh?

Msg # 1214 Mon Aug  5, 1990  9:58 AM
Resp To:1178-Cast Party

Well you could have called. Oh well, at least my boyfriend managed to show.

Msg # 1215 Mon Aug  5, 1990 11:52 AM
Resp To:1199-I'm Back!

The reason why I'm asking is because we're looking for a power source to power
the robotics project that's coming up in the fall.  2 volts isn't very much,
but 12.5 amps doesn't sound bad.  Could increase the voltage and decrease the
amps with a transformer.  What's the name and address of the company?


Msg # 1216 Mon Aug  5, 1990 11:55 AM
Resp To:1201-Caesura

I think it's time to UPGRADE to new hardware, particularly the CPU.  But then
again, Derec is extremely poor, so we mustn't expect much from him.

Msg # 1217 Mon Aug  5, 1990  4:23 PM
Resp To:1166-Cast Party consists of:

     No problem!!!  Well what is up (besides your phone bill)??? Having fun???

Well lateR gator.

          dear killy

Msg # 1218 Mon Aug  5, 1990  4:26 PM
Resp To:1169-@*)('&$#"

   i like good guitar players just as good as the next person.  Just that speed

metal sounds like trash.  Except I like some of the DRI stuff.   But anyway....

Well see ya around


Msg # 1219 Mon Aug  5, 1990  4:32 PM
Resp To:1190-AD&D

   Frumpy is your live in dm here.  But I have been playing for six or seven
years and boy it gets very boring.  My best character is a Multi class Fighter
macic-user cleric.  But yeah there a re alot of people here who play!!


Msg # 1220 Mon Aug  5, 1990  6:18 PM
Resp To:1218-@*)('&$#"

    A good guitar player doesn't
have to play 200 Mph. A good guitarist
can make even the slowest riffs sound
good. I would like to get into
classical guitar myself....

           -+ The Cavity +-

Msg # 1221 Mon Aug  5, 1990 11:14 PM
Resp To:1175-@*)('&$#"

Yup, I listen to that sort of thing all the time.  If you think that he was
loud, go to see Metallica or Iron Maiden sometime.....makes Satriani look like
he isn't even playing..


Msg # 1222 Mon Aug  5, 1990 11:17 PM
Resp To:1186-Cast Party consists of:

And that's what she said this weekend..."Jay, you just exude sexuality"....or
something very close to it.

"Oh so Horny"

Msg # 1223 Mon Aug  5, 1990 11:32 PM
Resp To:1218-@*)('&$#"

Trash...speed metal trash????   How can playing classically based music be
called trash??  I'll admit, some bands who play a basic I-IV-V chord
progression and then do a little pentatonic solo do get a little boring, but
the majority of it is incredible.  Just look a "Frenzy" by Paul Gilbert or any
instrumental by Yngwie Malmsteen.  That stuff is so complicated to play and if
it's done right, it sounds great.  It's sad to say though that the majority of
really good metal is obscure to all but the few enlightened people who keep
their ears to the ground.  If it doesn't fit the radio format of
Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Solo-Chorus-Outro it doesn't get played, which is
really too bad, because people might get a chance to hear some good music for a

change.  Satriani is basically the only one who has broken through this

"Hot for Teacher"

Msg # 1224 Mon Aug  5, 1990 11:34 PM
Resp To:1220-@*)('&$#"

Look at Hendrix or Clapton.  Can take a simple riff and make it come alive.
Speed isn't everthing, but it is fun to aspire to get the speed necessary to
play caprices and the such.


Msg # 1225 Tue Aug  6, 1990 12:14 AM
Subject:RAP !!!

       YOOO !!

     I HATE metal, its for suckas...

         The D.O.C. RULEZ !!

                Word !!

          the porch monkey

Msg # 1226 Tue Aug  6, 1990 12:36 AM
Subject:I'm going to...
Resp To:1207-Cast Party consists of:

 ...stop this before it gets out of
hand. Ghosts having sex indeed! You're
living in a dreamworld, pal, and I
don't need anymore perversity in my
life, I do fine by myself. Besides, we
all know that there are no such things
as ghosts, there are only dim-witted
little fools who need some assurance of
life-after-death so they can sleep at

 Well, I did see something strange when
I was a kid once. I was over my
friend's house, who's family or parents
are heavily religious,  and this organ
downstairs started playing by itself.
Apparently this happened often before,
the grandmother said it was the devil
and all this poo-poo. So we got some
holy water, in a religious household
such items are attainable, and poured
it on the organ, and it melted part of
it. Gives me the willies every time I
think about that.

Slaine, shall we dance again--in our
special way--with our trousers
'round--our knees--our knees.

Msg # 1227 Tue Aug  6, 1990 12:41 AM
Subject:Mr. Root Canal.
Resp To:1208-@*)('&$#"

 Listen you little spud, don't think
you're a big man because you can type
words like 'shit' here. I'm happy that
you and Mr Mollusk are in a band,
making some 'kick ass tunes', may you
live and prosper with bells on all the
live long day. Perhaps you could treat
us to a taste of your lyric
capabilities and post a song you have
created. I would be most interested to
read it, and try not to laugh. You
wouldn't be friends of Killmor, would
you? If so, I could show you a trick
using a beaded necklace and some KY

Slaine, I am not from Scandinavia.

Msg # 1228 Tue Aug  6, 1990 12:47 AM
Resp To:1214-Cast Party

 My dear, I didn't have your number,
and I would have called if I had access
to it. Well, I went to a Red Sox game
instead and all the while I felt so
guilty; drinking beers, yelling
obscenities at people I just met,
urinating after every inning, thinking
to myself; Golly, I wish I was at that

 Did  anyone go? Did anyone get
directions? Does anyone give a flaming
nipple twist? I thought not.

Slaine, hey you with the glasses, I
want you in the front.

Msg # 1229 Tue Aug  6, 1990 12:58 AM
Resp To:1221-@*)('&$#"

 Compared to a show at the Rat, where
they crank the liverwurst out of the
amps, Metallica was a day at the park.

 These clubs are so small, and you're
right on top of the amps, I couldn't
discern anything musical from
Dogzilla's entire set, it was just one
tsunami of sound crashing and
throbbing, reaching inside your body
cavities and ripping your spine out by
the roots.

 I actually enjoyed being deaf for the
next few days.

 Oh yeah, heard Queensryche's new song?
It's on the Ford Fairlane soundtrack,
'Last Night In Paris'. Went to Check It
Out and found out their new album
should be out by September. Hopefully
it's another concept album, I really
enjoy 'Operation Mindcrime', quite
original in it's own way.

 Another 'oh yeah', got that album with
'All The Young Dudes' on it. It's
recorded by this band, Mott The Hoople,
it's actually a pretty good tape, got
it cheap too.

Slaine, you must have been listening
to your Carousel--your
Carousel--Saturn's much too far--you
had to watch--Carousel.

Msg # 1230 Tue Aug  6, 1990  8:08 AM
Resp To:1217-Cast Party consists of:

Fun is a relative thing... if by fun
you mean getting up at 7 am every
single morning except sunday when I
have to be up at 6 and then I don't get
home until 10.. well then yeah I'm
haveing a BLAST!!! so very very much
fun dealing with idiots and jerks! Yes
I love my jobs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
slightly stressed out

Msg # 1231 Tue Aug  6, 1990  8:14 AM
Resp To:1222-Cast Party consists of:

Hey Jay you are such a .. dare I say
it? If I don't you will dear notty..
you slut! Naughty notty.. that's just
what we'll have to callyou from now

Msg # 1232 Tue Aug  6, 1990  8:17 AM
Resp To:1225-RAP !!!

Suckas??? What pray tell is a sucka??
Maybe it means highly intelligent
people who listen to good music?

I heard night ranger twice on the
radio.. I used to love them.. I had the
tapes until a certain ex fiance of mine
collected my tape collection... Bummer
rap rots

Msg # 1233 Tue Aug  6, 1990  9:02 AM
Resp To:1228-Cast Party

I sent you and not-man e-mail with directions and my #.
I called L'aura at 3 and told her no-one showed.. she said she let me and my
boyfriend spend some time together without her.  So after that I snuggled up
w/him infont of Tango and Cash.

Msg # 1234 Tue Aug  6, 1990 10:41 AM
Subject:classic guitar
Resp To:1220-@*)('&$#"

   Hear some before by this crapy smal town band it wasn't to bad either.  But
i was saying I just hate speed metal.  But anyways I am into mostly hevay metal

or hard rock.  I like Ac/Dc, Areosmith,Britny Fox, Cinderella, Alice Cooper,
Guns & roses,  Hanio Rocks, Kiss (the older stuff), Motely Crue, Ozzy osborne,
Some poison, Winger and a lot of other groups.  That is what i normally listen
to.  Well I best be going.


Msg # 1235 Tue Aug  6, 1990 10:47 AM
Resp To:1223-@*)('&$#"

   You right but if they played that stuff on the radio you know how many
socail groups would be on them.  It is bad enough trying to find a station
playing metal.  But anyways I just don't care for it. I like listening to
heavey base sounds with singing. Real singing not one guy who get a sore throat

at the end of each concert.   Well lateR


Msg # 1236 Tue Aug  6, 1990 10:51 AM
Resp To:1225-RAP !!!

   Funny so funny.  Suckas!! hahahaaha!! Well I like a bit of rap don't don7t
say you hate metal people because you're out numbered 15-1.  Yes i said I like
rap only three or four groups " live crew, Ice tea, and M.C. Hammer.  Haste


Msg # 1237 Tue Aug  6, 1990 10:56 AM
Resp To:1230-Cast Party consists of:

   So you're having a BLAST!!!!  Well I got into an arguement with my boss the
other day and boy I was pissed!!!!  He kept on bugging me so when he jumped on
my back yelling at me for putting a stupied cover on backwards he jumped on me
so I jumped back on him.  Then he started to cool down.  I told him i don't
need to take this I might as well quit.  But I didn't but he didn't bug me at
all anyways.  He would have lost one of his best customers too.  Well lateR


Msg # 1238 Tue Aug  6, 1990 10:59 AM

   How many people collect sports cards???  You know Baseball, Basketball,
football, and hockey card!!!  Just wondering.  Thought I'd ask and see what typ

e of a reponds I would get.  Later gator.


Msg # 1239 Tue Aug  6, 1990  1:37 PM
Resp To:1233-Cast Party

 How could you send mail when the
E-Mail system has been closed for

 I didn't think I'd enjoy Tango & Cash,
but I found it highly entertaining, and
quite funny at times.

Slaine, if you don't want to get
sticky, step--back--Jack.

Msg # 1240 Tue Aug  6, 1990  2:27 PM
Subject:Rap and Metal
Resp To:1225-RAP !!!

You should try having more of an open mind, there Monkey.  My two favorite
types of music are Rap and Metal, and in the words of Scott Ian, rythym
guitarist for Anthrax "Rap is metal without the guitars."  Look at it
objectively.  Both genres are abhorred by many, constantly being picked on for
the lyrics(ie 2 Live Crew and Judas Priest, to name a couple), and are getting
more and more socially accepted by the month.

Open your mind!

"Into the Pit"

Msg # 1241 Tue Aug  6, 1990  2:33 PM
Subject:I know, believe me
Resp To:1229-@*)('&$#"

Believe me, I know about the volumes at clubs.  At school, there is this club
called Katina's that has like 10 foot high ceilings and is as big as maybe my
living room.  National acts play there 4 or 5 nights a week, and this place is
loud!  Manowar played there last year(supposedly the loudest band in the world)

and I thought I was gonna puke from the bass.  Very loud, but so isn't Anthrax
or anyone else for that matter when they play in a club.


Msg # 1242 Tue Aug  6, 1990  2:36 PM
Subject:Why not.
Resp To:1231-Cast Party consists of:

Slut??  What's wrong with that.  Most of male friends at school refer to me as
a slut, what's wrong with that.  The female ones don't know my reputation, so
as long as it is kept a secret, I can have all the fun that I want.  Call me a
Slut if you wish, but don't call me Naughty Notty, or else I'll call you Fairy.

"Brain burnt out dead"

Msg # 1243 Tue Aug  6, 1990  2:38 PM
Subject:M and D
Resp To:1233-Cast Party

I couldn't call because I was gone all weekend and slightly "getting busy" and
that just seemed like the more important thing at the time.  Oh well.


Msg # 1244 Tue Aug  6, 1990  2:42 PM
Subject:Yeah, but
Resp To:1235-@*)('&$#"

Ahh, there's plenty of "heavy bass sounds" in metal today that aren't what I'd
call mainstream for me.  Then again, my definition of mainstream isn't what
most people's is.  Check out Overkill.


Msg # 1245 Tue Aug  6, 1990  2:44 PM
Subject:Email system
Resp To:1239-Cast Party

Email isn't closed.  Me and TFM have been corresponding over it for awhile now.

"Solitary Solitude"

Msg # 1246 Tue Aug  6, 1990 11:47 PM
Resp To:1240-RAP !!!

 Was watching the JP trial, they had
some sound technician scoping the
record Stained Class [One of many JP
records that I have.] for backward
lyrics. He played one short segment he
believed mentioned something like
'Satan is our lord.' When he played it
for the audience, it sounded like
'Mofgdere ddffef eiweo' or something
equally similar. This trial, the 2 Live
Crew controversey, The Mapplethorpe
exhibit, the flag burning fracas; have
you noticed how much they remind you of
the witchunts in Salem? Or the Red
Scare with McCarthy in the 50's?

 People have nothing better to do than
be assholes lately. Thank God there's
a war going on to get people's minds
off this stuff.

 If anyone's to be sued [Getting back
to backward lyrics.] it should be Led
Zeppelin for 'Stairway to Heaven'.
Everyone and their armadillo knows
about the backward messages on that
song. Only difference is that these
losers that killed themselves chose JP
as the scapegoat.

Slaine, all aboard, get on board...

Msg # 1247 Tue Aug  6, 1990 11:51 PM
Resp To:1241-@*)('&$#"

 Absolutely, I believe loud is good,
but the way these idiots crank the
music, it just makes the music all
distorted and blase'.

  Oh, what the hell was I going to
say...Damn. I can't remember.

Slaine, last night in Paris.

Msg # 1248 Tue Aug  6, 1990 11:55 PM
Resp To:1245-Cast Party

 You're kidding me? Then I owe Rebekah
an apology. Sorry, Rebekah, but I guess
my access isn't high enough, when I try
to use the E-mail system it says 'Area
presently closed.' I smell a

  Then again, what would you, your
boyfriend, and I do together? Don't
answer that.

Slaine, I lied to myself right from the
start, finally figured out that I'm
falling apart--sitting on a

Msg # 1249 Wed Aug  7, 1990 12:05 AM
Subject:rap ?!?!
Resp To:1225-RAP !!!

   Rap SUCKS !!!

              WORD !!

         -+ The Cav +-

Msg # 1250 Wed Aug  7, 1990 12:09 AM
     To:you slut! Naughty notty.. that's just
Resp To:0-..

  I hear ya FM, rap ROTS!!

   -The Cavity

Msg # 1251 Wed Aug  7, 1990 12:15 AM
Resp To:1234-@*)('&$#"

  It doesn 't matter what type of music
you prefer, as long as there is talent,
not some guy spitting to a drum

          -+ The Cavity +-

         'into the pit...'

Msg # 1252 Wed Aug  7, 1990 12:23 AM
Resp To:1240-RAP !!!

   Not-man, I wrote a message and
signed my name :

          -+ The Cavity +-

          'into the pit...'

and as I read further I saw a message
you wrote that said :


         "Into The Pit"

 What a Coincidence !!

      Wild huh  ???

    -+ TC +-

Msg # 1253 Wed Aug  7, 1990  1:48 AM
Subject:I know
Resp To:1246-RAP !!!

for those of you who dislike obscenity, press space bar now!!!

I know what you mean.  With all of the homeless in this fucking country, and
problems such as education, hunger, and the deficit, it seems as though our
country could be better spending it's money by concentrating on these problems
rather than art.  Judas Priest, 2 Live Crew, etc, etc, etc, all have one thing
in common and that is that I listen to them all, and look at me: I'm, so far,
a successful, sane(for the most part), and healthy individual, not some fucking

God hating, suicidal, Satan Worshipper that the government would lead us to
believe.  I think that our government is getting bored with the current state
of affairs and needs to start picking on it's own citizens to get some action

I heard the Judas Priest singing and the so-called backwards messages played at

the trial.  All bullshit.  It sounded like me hitting a muted E chord on the
guitar.  Do it?!?  Yeah right.   Why does everyone need a scapegoat?  Can't
they just face the fact that their kids were FUCKED UP!?!  I think that the 2
Live Crew's tape is hilarious, in fact, I'm listening to it right now.  I don't

want to sodomize women.

This all pisses me off to no end.  My personal freedoms are at stake, and the
government just doesn't seem to give two shits.[D

"Just call me Jay"

Msg # 1254 Wed Aug  7, 1990  1:52 AM
Resp To:1247-@*)('&$#"

Yeah, but it's when bands crank up to 11 and their music is still crystal
clear that gets me going.  I've heard bands that do this just to cover up their

talent deficits.  But, I've also heard plenty of bands that do it and sound
incredible, like Maiden and Judas Priest and Metallica.  Speaking of JP, a mew
(I mean new) album is supposed to be out VERY soon.  It's been 2 years since
"Ram it Down."  Can you imagine all the free publicity this trial is giving

"Drain the Lizard"

Msg # 1255 Wed Aug  7, 1990  1:54 AM
Resp To:1251-@*)('&$#"

Hey man!  "Into the Pit" is my line.

"Environmental Holocaust"

Msg # 1256 Wed Aug  7, 1990  1:58 AM
Subject:If you would read
Resp To:1252-RAP !!!

Not to be mean or to stir up bad feelings, if you would read back to the first
1000 or so messages, and then back to the last 2 years or so, I make it my
practice to use lines from metal songs as my end of message quote.  "Into the
Pit" by Testament happens to be one of them.  Oh well, I can choose from
thoudsands of other ones, like "She Goes Down" or "Bartender...four more


PS.  What type of instrument do you play, ie, what BRAND?!?

Msg # 1257 Wed Aug  7, 1990  2:34 PM
Resp To:1239-Cast Party

It works!  You have 4 messages ..

Msg # 1258 Wed Aug  7, 1990  2:38 PM
Resp To:1248-Cast Party

Well if you showed I would call L'aura and tell her to still come.
Oh well , hey what kind/color car do you drive so I can tell if you are

Msg # 1259 Wed Aug  7, 1990  3:19 PM

  I'm looking for one die-hard Pro
Wrestling fan, preferably 21+, to join
a twice-monthly Wrestling Simulation

  This is a wrestling role-playing
game. You design the wrestle, you call
the shots in the ring!  If you can say
it, you can do it!  No limit to the
action except the limits of your

  This league uses GRAPPLE!, a system I
developed and have been playing for
four years.

  If you're interested, send me private
mail and I'll get you my phone number
and we can discuss it further.  There
are currently 3 players in the league,
we're looking for a fourth...is it you?


Msg # 1260 Wed Aug  7, 1990  4:03 PM
Subject:stick it out
Resp To:1237-Cast Party consists of:

Mske the best of a bad situation.. try
to see the humour in your job.. I do...
it's the only saving grace is that
basically people are pretty funny

Msg # 1261 Wed Aug  7, 1990  4:07 PM
Subject:Naughty Notty
Resp To:1242-Cast Party consists of:

Calling me Fairy isn't going to make me
stop.. you'll have to do something far
more drastic.. mere words alone won't
cut it.. you should know THAT!

Msg # 1262 Wed Aug  7, 1990  4:09 PM
Subject:better than
Resp To:1245-Cast Party

Yeah it's better than phone sex.. it's
computer sex.. tho I must admit.. My
mother is beginning to wonder about the
pudding on the moniter...

Msg # 1263 Wed Aug  7, 1990  8:41 PM
Subject:floating in itty bitty pieces
Resp To:1205-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Great!  It sounds like fun, I'll bring an axe.  Heck, don't worry, it
IS guarenteed.

Yup, we went out again... the wind was really VERY strong out on the lake,
Cutter said it was the fastest we had ever gone in the sailboat... it must have

been, I was getting hit by an inordinate amount of water.  Cutter saw some
people sitting on shore and began initiating some really impressive incredibly
foolhardy manuevers.. then the boat tipped over.  I asked him if we could get
back on the boat and if everyone was sufficiently impressed yet or whether it
would be necessary for me to drown.

Msg # 1264 Wed Aug  7, 1990  8:49 PM
Subject:looking it up...
Resp To:1206-Stereotypes

I suppose I really ought to have gone and looked it up, but I don't seem to
have the energy.. must be one of those summer things...

I would Actually, be asleep about now, but I seem to have this real inclination

to watch this absolutely awful movie on "USA" network (It's on now -- USA, not
the movie -- there's some commercial about talking toilet bowls (they sing too)

slithering off into the sunset together)... That and knitting, Knitting has
taken on new importance lately.. I want to make Cutter and I matching sweaters
but I have several hundred projects to finish first.

Msg # 1265 Wed Aug  7, 1990  8:59 PM
Subject:how ridiculous
Resp To:1211-Cast Party consists of:

What a silly idea.  "People are equal" under the LAW... in Some countries.  It
doesn't apply to people as individuals, how could it?  Sociologists sit in
little rooms all day long and figure out cute little racial/social/class
hierachies to rank us with.  Women are definately inferior to men, trust me,
it's all worked out very scientifically.

Msg # 1266 Wed Aug  7, 1990  9:04 PM
Subject:They say...
Resp To:1221-@*)('&$#"

They say high-level noise of that variety causes homosexuality in mice.

SO, is there anything you want to tell us?

Actually, (I didn't make that up, by the bye) Actually, couldn't you lose your
hearing (I do hear that urban humans are all partially (and certainly
psychologically) deaf anyways) lose your hearing being exposed to something
like that on a constant basis?

Msg # 1267 Wed Aug  7, 1990  9:23 PM
Subject:Tango and Cash
Resp To:1233-Cast Party

That was pretty good, wasn't it.   You should have seen him (Kurt Russel) in

I'm sorry about your party... Cutter and I were planning on doing the same
thing.. except we're inviting every single person we know and we're doing it
(the inviting anyways, I'm already working out the menu) at the last possible
minute (come as you are sort of deal) so we have only a reasonable number of
guests who actually arrive.

Msg # 1268 Wed Aug  7, 1990  9:28 PM
Subject:E-Mail system has been closed for what?
Resp To:1239-Cast Party

Hmmm, that's odd... actually, that's not so odd, it might make perfectly good
sense... I remember Sending some letters, I just don't remember anyone actually

Mentioning RECEIVING them.  Hmmmm, methinks something has gone amiss.

Msg # 1269 Wed Aug  7, 1990  9:33 PM
Subject:humor is lost around here
Resp To:1240-RAP !!!

The point to humor is really lost on you people sometimes.  It's a joke.  I
think you were supposed to laugh, or get really indignant or something.  Get
it, porch monkey?  All that "say bro" talk?  The next response is probably
going to be about fried chicken and watermelon.

Gosh, you guys are a barrel of fun.

Msg # 1270 Wed Aug  7, 1990  9:52 PM
Subject:pure energy
Resp To:1104-Cast Party consists of:

Star Trek.

Msg # 1271 Wed Aug  7, 1990 10:02 PM
Subject:How clever.
Resp To:1225-RAP !!!

The person of this handle needs to make statements of social status obviously
due to a feeling of ineptitude. Insignificance is written about his/her person
and blatant racism is utilized to get attention and perhaps a rise from
negative reinforcement such as what I am doing, in recognition of said handle
being offensive.

If the word "interesting" were omitted from the World Book definition of music,

then rap would no longer fall into the catagory, for it has none of the aspects

of music aside from consistent tempo.

Msg # 1272 Wed Aug  7, 1990 10:08 PM
Subject:Out numbered four to one.
Resp To:1236-RAP !!!

yeah, right, thats why Ronny James Dio's concert had such a HUGE CROWD of 300
people.. and Bruce Dickenson played at the living room. 15 to 1? yeah, maybe
rap to heavy metal*.

Msg # 1273 Wed Aug  7, 1990 10:16 PM
Resp To:1263-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

hey, 1st came the realy impressive manoovs, then we tried to come about, and I
didn't get a foothold on the gunnel, there was a gust and I didnt get my ass
across the boat, so i rolled over to grab the tiller, and it was too late.

it was the simple manuv that I screwed up.

Msg # 1274 Wed Aug  7, 1990 10:32 PM
Subject:independent types?
Resp To:973-Cast Party consists of:

hey kiddo, I was raised by a single mother in New York and then Boston, lived
on my own and supported myself for a year, and have been to European contries
without my parent or any other family members for that matter. I've cut
through Washington street alone or with a few friends in the middle of the
night since I was 12 on route to Harvard Square. I reak of independance.

Just thought I'd say that.

Try Coppenhagen streets at 1.a.m. when you're 15 if you want to be lonesome.

Msg # 1275 Wed Aug  7, 1990 10:37 PM
Subject:I certainly hope

you realy copyrighted it or at least sent it to a few (NEVER just ONE) game
companies for proofing, so you can use them as witnesses in court when TSR's
GRAPPLEMANIA is released.

Msg # 1276 Wed Aug  7, 1990 11:45 PM
Subject:Well, yes and no.
Resp To:1266-@*)('&$#"

Well, hearing loss seems to depend on the individual.  When listening to loud
music, such as loud walkmans, concerts, stereos, etc., a person undergoes a
temporary threshold shift in which the hearing threshold goes up making it
necessary for the volume to be increased for a person to hear something.  It
seems as though it is different for everyone, that is, the amount of threshold
shift.  Take me, for example.  I have the bad habit of playing my walkman loud
2-4 hours a day 8 months a year(walking around campus).  I experience tinnitus
after this, but my hearing returns to normal quickly.  When you listen to loud
noises, the cilia in your ears get laid down, and if they are exposed again,
they break off, thereby causing permanent hearing loss.  This hasn't seemed to
have happened to me.  But, on the other hand, my friend Dave experiened serious

hearing loss from just 2 months of playing a walkman while landscaping.

Some of the theories I have been presented with about this deal with the fact
that the ears get conditioned to loud noises, and eventually, it takes more and

more to affect them.  I personally tend to believe this, seeing as I have NEVER

failed a hearing test.

And NO, I am no homosexual.


Msg # 1277 Wed Aug  7, 1990 11:49 PM
Subject:And that's why
Resp To:1272-RAP !!!

Ronnie James Dio sucks live, every metalhead knows that, and people don't want
to see Dickinson without Maiden.  If metal has a hard time drawing audiences,
why does Metallica sell out 95% of their shows?  Why are the most requested
songs and videos usually by Metal bands?  Answer that.


Msg # 1278 Thu Aug  8, 1990 12:06 AM
Subject:Hearing loss
Resp To:1276-@*)('&$#"

When you begin to get "used" to the loud music, it's a sure sign that you're
losing your hearing.

Msg # 1279 Thu Aug  8, 1990  1:40 AM
Subject:The point is moot.
Resp To:1253-RAP !!!

 People that see lewdness in nudity and
d rock music need the help, how come no
one else sees it? Or even remotely
associates it to violence? It's like
going against the grain; society is a
herd of sheep, bleating this way and
that to the whim of their shepherd.
Lately the shepherd has been the
politicians who have been scrambling to
cover their own f-ck-ups and get people
riled up about something different.
It's all a conspiracy, a conspiracy
against ourselves.

 God, watching Clockwork Orange can
open your mind.

Slaine, we've been on this road to
long, take a break driver 8, we can
reach our destination.

Msg # 1280 Thu Aug  8, 1990  1:47 AM
Subject:Le Splunge.
Resp To:1254-@*)('&$#"

 Absolutely, JP is loving this
publicity, and why not? Better than
paying some publicist to do the same
thing. God love 'em. Although I haven't
gotten the last two JP albums I'll be
sure to pick up this new one for olld
times sake.

 I'm pretty sure that either JP will be
found not guilty, it would be insane if
they were, or they will be fined, but
that's such a remote possibility it's
not even plausible.

 I had a laugh, watching the trial,
they had Halford singing the lyrics to
Stained Class as part of his testimony.
The prosecuter was trying to allege
that the way Halford exhaled after each
sentence was a way to cover up backward
lyrics. Backward lyrics aren't even
subliminal, even subliminal suggestions
have limited abilities, contrary to
popular opinion. Is "Don't steal"
played under music in a stoore really
going to stop all people from stealing?
Let's get serious.

Slaine, boiling here in summer's

Msg # 1281 Thu Aug  8, 1990  1:49 AM
Resp To:1257-Cast Party

 But Derec has disabled my E-Mail
abilities, once they have been
re-established I will read the mail.
Sorry about all the flak I sent you.

 Can I help it if people conspire
behind my back? Is it really my fault
everyone wants to do me in? Maybe so.

Slaine, today's word is 'conspire'.

Msg # 1282 Thu Aug  8, 1990  1:55 AM
Subject:My 'beast'.
Resp To:1258-Cast Party

 I won't be working at Papa's until
next week, with any luck. I was
scheduled only for Monday, but the
Westgate Papa's called me this morning
asking me if I would work there. They
had thhe gall to wake me at 8am!
Delivery doesn't start until 11:30! I
was extremely upset and said, 'I've got
plans.' Which I did, and they went
through without a hitch. I got married,
had a kid, retired, and discovered a
new color on the spectrum. When I make
plans I follow through on them.
Besides, it was raining.

 You should spot my car easily enough.
It's orange, loud, fast, with a black
landaou [Roof.] and squeaks a lot. Just
don't hit it or make any sudden moves,
it don't take kindly to strangers.

Slaine, the children grew fat--on the

Msg # 1283 Thu Aug  8, 1990  2:02 AM
Subject:Cutter the Hot Dog.
Resp To:1263-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

 So, he was showing off in the sailboat
and it backfired, eh? Don't worry,
every guy has done it at least once in
his life. Take me for example, driving
the love of my life around the town,
and me being the wearer-of-the-pants
pretended to be exasperated with the
flow of traffic and burned rubber
through an intersection. My car is old,
18 years to be exact, it doesn't handle
like a new car, but it's much faster
than a new car, you should have seen
her face when I lost control. It wasn't
my fault, the puddle made the back
'fishtail' and I almost hit a BMW.
Thank God I've got the reflexes of
Mario Andretti...

Slaine, over and over we flatten the

Msg # 1284 Thu Aug  8, 1990  2:16 AM
Subject:No biggie.
Resp To:1264-Stereotypes

 I finally got my grades, I had
been waiting for them for months, and
they arrived today. Got an A, 2 B's ,
and a B+ in Shakespeare! And I thought
I was doomed in that class. Must have
been my acting prowess that catapulted
me to the top of yon list of teacher's
pets. Now why can't I retain anything
I've learned, sweated over for months
in my cubicle, in an effort to become
educated? Damn.

 So, knitting is 'in' for you know, eh?
What about the gardening, Japanese, and
'nightclothes'? [ Yes, I have a list
and I'm checking it twice, etc..]

 Right now I'm reading Vonnegut, and
want to get his address so I can write
to him. That's my mission for the
summer. I think they actually have his
address at the Globe, but they won't
give it to me. You may be asking why I
want to write to him, or even; who the
hell is Vonnegut? But nevermind. He is
my hero, and I want to have a
correspondence with him before he dies.
He's over 80 years old now. Why am I
writing in suchh succint sentences?

 Oh well, would you have any
girlfriends interested in going out
with my brother? He's been quite
dismantled over the last few months,
since February, when his girlfriend of
3 years broke up with him to date a
doctor. It was rather sudden and he
can't find someone to be with to save
his life. The reason I'm asking is
because he can really get on your
nerves with the 'woe is me' speech, and
we would like to let the healing powers
of love to slap him around. ['We' being
the immediate family. ]

 I am so tired right now.

Slaine, master of the jerk-out.

Msg # 1285 Thu Aug  8, 1990  2:20 AM
Resp To:1268-Cast Party

 Is SOMEONE implying that they sent me
mail? Well, I don't expect to receive
it anytime soon, you know how Derec is
with his coma.

Slaine, welcome to your life--there's
no turning back--even while we
sleep--we will find you--being on your
best behavior--turn your back on Mother
Nature--everybody wants to rule the

Msg # 1286 Thu Aug  8, 1990  2:23 AM
Resp To:1270-Cast Party consists of:

 You probably have the tape, right?

 Anyways, you were right. The excerpt
of 'pure energy' in the song What's On
Your Mind by Information Society is
from the Star Trek show. BUT SAID BY

Slaine, Mr Trivia's ego being deflated
to 5psi.

Msg # 1287 Thu Aug  8, 1990  2:31 AM
Subject:Bring out the violins.
Resp To:1274-Cast Party consists of:

 My Lord. What brought on that
lambastic terpitude? I actually wept as
I read your message, Cutter. It was so
poignant, so airy, so TEPID!

 Uh, can someone tell me what I'm
talking about? It's all the dust in my
system inducing an Alzheimer's state of
existence, or my amnesia has set in.

 So you've been to Europe? Excellent. I
had the opportunity to see relatives in
Germany last year, but I had to work
all summer. Next year the family is
planning a trip to Lithuania [ Me being
of said ancestry. ] but I'd rather see
Germany, in October.

 Speaking of places abroad, my aunt
from France is over with her twin
daughters. She's not really French, she
took German in college, hated French in
high school, now she's married to a
Frenchman named Jean Claude, and she
teaches English to French school
children. Ain't it a wacky world?

Slaine, Iraqnophobia.

Msg # 1288 Thu Aug  8, 1990  2:34 AM
Resp To:1276-@*)('&$#"

 I crank my car radio all the time, but
it never seems loud enough to me. I
have people in my car saying the volume
is too high, but I guess, like you
said, your threshold of tolerance grows
the more you listen to loud music.

 And I'm not gay either, well, only
with Killmor.

Slaine, I will see you through.

Msg # 1289 Thu Aug  8, 1990 11:47 AM
Resp To:1287-Cast Party consists of:

You're part lithuanian?

My father's side is 100% lithuanian.

Msg # 1290 Thu Aug  8, 1990  4:08 PM
Subject:Not really
Resp To:1278-@*)('&$#"

On the contrary.  I underwent an Industry Standard hearing test last semester
in my Human Factors engineering class, and my hearing is still above average.
It shows little or no deteriation.  My range is fine, and I don't have


Msg # 1291 Thu Aug  8, 1990  4:10 PM
Subject:Clockwork Orange
Resp To:1279-RAP !!!

Did you watch A Clockwork Orange last night, too?


Msg # 1292 Thu Aug  8, 1990  4:29 PM
Subject:Grapple et al

 It's copyrighted, and I've got a
minimum of 6 people who've been playing
for 4 years.

 Lick me, TSR.

Msg # 1293 Thu Aug  8, 1990  6:46 PM
Resp To:1290-@*)('&$#"

You probably fit in the category of unusual humans, meaning that you're one of
those people that everyone would love to strangle.  These people can eat fat
without clogging up arteries, smoke like a chimney without getting cancer, have

flat stomachs yet eat like a pig, never get sick yet they eat shit, need only 2

hours of sleep yet they're not tired, and so on.


Msg # 1294 Thu Aug  8, 1990  6:47 PM
Subject:Clocking Orange
Resp To:1291-RAP !!!

OH SHIT!  I forgot all about that movie!  I wanted to WATCH that.  DAMN! (to
the third).

Msg # 1295 Fri Aug  9, 1990  8:16 AM
Resp To:1265-Cast Party consists of:

Get real, get a life and get some
conseling hon... this is absolutely
ridiculous... people are are equal..
granted there are some things that I
can't do because I'm not a man, but
there are things that men can't do
because they aren't women. Ever hear of
men giving birth no I don't think so.
There is no such thing as an inferior
woman unless she wants to be. Pople can
be anything they set out to be, it's
only people who's ideas are in the dark
ages who set up roadblocks for them to
stumble upon... It has been many many
years since wareham has graduated a man
as valadictorian.. the last salutorian
that was male was a good 4 - 5 years
ago at least.. Now don7t tell me that
men are more intelligent. People are
all in all equal.

Msg # 1296 Fri Aug  9, 1990  8:24 AM
Resp To:1274-Cast Party consists of:

Did I ever say you weren't independent?
noooooooooo All I was saying is that
women don't have to be tied down to be
happy. That's what started this
discussion in the first place.. me
saying I like my independence and
really am happy not being tied down to
any one person. I have many male
friends whom I can go out with
whenever.. there is no pressure what
soever. In collegeand work there is
enough pressure with out the
responsibility of a serious
relationship.. I'm too young to be tied
down to anyone person right now.

Msg # 1297 Fri Aug  9, 1990 12:58 PM
Resp To:1293-@*)('&$#"

Well, you'
[start over]

Well, you're right on two counts.  I do eat like a pig, yet only weigh 175(not
bad for 6'2").  And, I only need minimal sleep to be wide awake during the day.

 More in the range of 4 hours, though.


Msg # 1298 Fri Aug  9, 1990  1:00 PM
Subject:It was the
Resp To:1294-RAP !!!

It was the first time I saw it in like 5 years.  Really good, better than I
remembered it.  Even remembered to break out the 'ol VCR and tape it this time,

so I can horrify all my friends who haven't seen it before.


Msg # 1299 Fri Aug  9, 1990  7:07 PM
Resp To:1297-@*)('&$#"

Half and half for me.  I can eat all I want without gaining too much.  That
itself is a pain when it comes to weightlifting.  As for sleep.  I HATE IT WHEN

I NEED EIGHT HOURS JUST TO FUNCTION for a day.  That really pisses me off.  I
do have some advantages, like a powerful immune system.

Do you think yourself lucky?  I think I'm one of the luckiest persons in the
world -- in terms of situations, that is.  Not the kind of luck where you win a

lottery or something.

Ah well.

That reminds me, can I strangle you sometime?

Msg # 1300 Fri Aug  9, 1990  7:09 PM
Subject:Clockwork Green
Resp To:1298-RAP !!!

I'm still kicking myself for missing it.

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! <that was a primal scream deep from the heart>

Msg # 1301 Fri Aug  9, 1990  8:11 PM
Subject:Stuff like that
Resp To:1226-Cast Party consists of:

    Some friends of mine told me they had some strange things like that happen
to them.  Actually they thought that some thing that used to be an old church
was possessed by some kind of being, strange things happening, people being
possessed and certain people were only able to walk to within a certain
distance of this.  I have some reason to believe that some of this was true,
either that or it was the most elaborate hoax I have ever seen.
    Who knows in a world like this anything can be possible.


Msg # 1302 Sat Aug 10, 1990 12:28 AM
Resp To:1289-Cast Party consists of:

 Kaip tau? Gerai? Ahh.. Labai gerai.

 If you don't understand, ask your
father what it means, if he speaks
Lithuanian. I do, sort of, I understand
what people are saying and pick out
certain phrases to get the jist of the
topic. I also know some neat swears.

 That's interesting. So what other
nationalities are you besides Lith? I7m
I'm also part German. 3/4ths Lith. I
sound like a lovely beverage.

 You wouldn't happen to work at
Plymouth Plantation, would you? [This
is just a wild guess on my part.] And
are you the user named 'Rogodeter
Snowl' who called most frequently last

Slaine, mother--and father--I think
that I would rather--spend another year
or two with you--ah-who-who.

Msg # 1303 Sat Aug 10, 1990 12:31 AM
Resp To:1291-RAP !!!

 Right, right right, my fine droog. I
didst watcheth Clockwork Orange late
that night. Stanley Kubrick is my
favorite director, all his movies
are incredible. Ever read the book? I
think it's better than the movie, as
difficult as that may be.

Slaine, dynamite bouquet.

Msg # 1304 Sat Aug 10, 1990 12:37 AM
Resp To:1301-Cast Party consists of:

 Right now when I think back on that
situation it seems like it was a dream.

 Are you prepared for th Exorcist III?
I'm eagerly looking forward to that and
Flatliners, both look very appealing to
my demented nature.

d you, me--screaming in a pine tree.

Msg # 1305 Sat Aug 10, 1990 12:55 AM
Subject:Luck and what-not
Resp To:1299-@*)('&$#"

NO!  I am not a "Lucky" person.  I have the type of luck that when one thing
goes wrong, everything goes wrong, and vice-versa.  An example would be last
summer, when upon getting out of school, I promptly contracted mononucleosis,
which laid me up for a month.  When I went back to work, I found that the
summer help had been laid off.  Then, my carbeurator needed replacing.  Then my

girlfriend dumped me(although she later saw the error of her ways and we
reconciled), then on my birthday, my car BLEW UP!  To top it all off, I also
contracted Jerusalem Brain-Rot on my computer and had to reformat
EVERYTHING!!!!   Really bad luck.

My immune system seems to be up to par, as I haven't had a cold in something
like 4 years.  With exception of Mono, I haven't been sick, either.  I take my
vitamins,  and sleep doesn't seem to have much effect on me.  I get between 4-5

hours now, and when school starts in 22 days, I'll be getting somewhere in the
area of 23-30 hours a week.  I usually get all my sleep on Sunday and Monday
nights, like 5 or six hours a night, then Tuesday and Wednesday I get about 4,
then Thursday thru Saturday nights I just take quick powernaps, due to the fact

that I drink until 2 or 3 on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday I usually don't
drink that much, I usually spend until 9 or 10 doing Homework and then go to a
Club until the wee hours---an event which is usually followed by an all night
session with that 'someone special.'  Needless to say, I live in a Comatose
state most of the time, but I get by just fine with my Mountain Dew and various

other stimulants.  Man, now I've got myself all worked up.

How did I get all that out??


Msg # 1306 Sat Aug 10, 1990 12:57 AM
Resp To:1303-RAP !!!

Yeah, I did read the book as a matter of fact.  It's been a few years, and now
I'm eagerly searching for my copy to re-read it before the summer's over.


Msg # 1307 Sat Aug 10, 1990  1:16 AM
Resp To:1256-RAP !!!

   Not-man, if you are familiar w/
guitars, I play a Washburn
KC-40V,through a 50 Watt Dean
Markley... My pedals are a D.O.D.
Supra-Distortion and a Turbo Rat...

My Guitar has a cracked glass paint
job,and a Floyd Rose tremolo...

        -+ The Cavity +-

 What do you play ?

Msg # 1308 Sat Aug 10, 1990  9:44 AM
Subject:Ok but
Resp To:1244-@*)('&$#"

   What is your definition of mainstream???  Hmmm... I really don't know what
mine is but I would say err.... ******  so what is yours??


Msg # 1309 Sat Aug 10, 1990  9:46 AM
Subject:right you are
Resp To:1251-@*)('&$#"

   I never said anything about what people perfer that makes it good or bad
music. It is just the talent in the group.  Well lateR


Msg # 1310 Sat Aug 10, 1990  9:50 AM
Subject:stick what out??/
Resp To:1260-Cast Party consists of:

   Just joking.  I know what you meant.  Well i got a new game which is seven
yearws old and I like it.  Have you ever played the dragonriders of pern???
Well it is an awesome game!!!

          LateR gatoR


Msg # 1311 Sat Aug 10, 1990  9:54 AM
Subject:i meant on this board
Resp To:1272-RAP !!!

   Hey brettter I meant on this board in concerts.  anyways I like Bruce
Dickinson.  So leave him out of this. i could care less about Dio.


Msg # 1312 Sat Aug 10, 1990  5:06 PM
Subject:I play
Resp To:1307-RAP !!!

Well, I play a Strat with a Stock Tremolo and Select Pickups(my little
addition), along with Dean Markley high-output strings.  I'm currently running
through a Vintage Marshall stack that I picked up from a neighbor(he played in
the sixties).  I also own a DOD Stereo Chorus and a DOD Hard Rock Distortion.
My secondary amp is a Laney 50 watt.


Msg # 1313 Sat Aug 10, 1990  5:08 PM
Resp To:1308-@*)('&$#"

Mainstream Rock to me is Faith No More, Extreme, Poison, Van Halen, Living
Colour, etc.


Msg # 1314 Sat Aug 10, 1990  6:40 PM
Resp To:1310-Cast Party consists of:

No time for games of the computer sort
my dear lad... Hey got my cassette deck
back in my car.. it' great... now I can
happily listen to my journey tunes as I
toodle along the highways... I can't
find my rush tape anywhere tho I think
the car monster that lives under the
passenger seat ate it... I dunno..
pretty wierd stuff...

Msg # 1315 Sat Aug 10, 1990  6:49 PM
Resp To:1302-Cast Party consists of:

I would say I'm part Italian, Irish, Danish, and Lithuanian.  Basically, I'm a
mutt.  Nah, my parents haven't passed any of their childhood languages down to
me, even though one side knows italian, and the other knows lithuanian (both
grandparents of mine were immigrants to this country).  What about yours?  Are
you a direct immigrant or are other members in your family immigrants?

Yes, I was Rogodeter Snowl last summer.  I pick different handles every so

No, sorry, I don't work at the Plymouth Plantation.  What gave you that idea?

Msg # 1316 Sat Aug 10, 1990  6:55 PM
Resp To:1305-@*)('&$#"

I extract colds every now and then like everyone else.  Usually, they're mild.

I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, with the exception of the
weekends.  That's when I usually stay up till the crack o'dawn and I sleep for
a few hours and begin my "day."

Boy, you sure sound like an unlucky person.  Do me a favor, huh?  Stay away
from me.  Nothing personal.  <grin>

Usually my luck works when something crisis-like comes up.  For example,
if a bad situation crops up, I usually take the lucky way out.  But I'd rather
much prefer to avoid the whole situation in the FIRST place.

Ever had a time when you couldn't do any work?  Your brain would be stuck in a
slump -- refuses to work properly.  Ever notice how it's connected with the
interaction of female species?  <grin>

Msg # 1317 Sat Aug 10, 1990  6:56 PM
Resp To:1306-RAP !!!

How's the book?  Is it fast paced?  Slow?  Monotonous?

Msg # 1318 Sat Aug 10, 1990 10:24 PM
Resp To:1316-@*)('&$#"

Yeah, I've had many of those periods when my brain refused to work, and they
were all connected with female interaction, usually dealing with relationships.

That's why I refuse to get involved seriously with anyone anymore.  It's really

detrimental to my academic and personal performance as well as to my sanity.


Msg # 1319 Sat Aug 10, 1990 10:45 PM
Subject:Why not
Resp To:1304-Cast Party consists of:

    I want to see Flatliners, but the Exorcist III looks a little too, shall we

say, gross for me to want to see it.  I have heard stories about the other 2
and I don't think anyone will catch me dead seeing that.


Msg # 1320 Sun Aug 11, 1990 11:22 AM
Resp To:1318-@*)('&$#"

Yeah, I've been through all those things myself.  It's a major pain in the ass.

Are you always successful in distancing yourself from relationships?

Msg # 1321 Sun Aug 11, 1990  2:14 PM
Subject:Of course not.
Resp To:1320-@*)('&$#"

I usually try to distance myself from relationships, but there are many times
when I'm not able to do it.  It usually gets me in trouble, because the female
usually gets hurt when they get involved with me.  I like to keep my life
exciting, and one woman just doesn't do that for me.  I like to see what else
the world has to offer, and in the process end up hurting people.


Msg # 1322 Sun Aug 11, 1990  4:50 PM
Subject:Olde times
Resp To:1209-AD&D

   Is it just me, or were you once a
user on the dearly departed Late Night
and the long-gone Underworld?


P.S.: You know what they say -- thieves
      do it in the shadows...

Msg # 1323 Sun Aug 11, 1990  4:55 PM
Resp To:1215-I'm Back!

   I'll have to get the exact address
for you, but some basic info I can give
you is: Gates Batteries, El Paso, TX.


P.S.: The address of Adcour, where I
work, is: Adcour, 1438 Washington St.,
Stoughton, MA, ZIP unknown.

Msg # 1324 Sun Aug 11, 1990  5:18 PM
Subject:Extreme Trivia
Resp To:1286-Cast Party consists of:

   But if you want to get really
technical about it, which episode of
"Star Trek" is that little clip from??


P.S.: There's another song on the other
side of the tape with an excerpt of
Spock saying, "I know what you know. I
feel what you feel." Obviously from
some early mind-meld episode.

Msg # 1325 Sun Aug 11, 1990  5:24 PM
Subject:odd stuff
Resp To:1298-RAP !!!

   Can't say as I watched "A Clockwork
Orange", but I did make the mistake of
watching "Twin Peaks" and now I'm
rather hooked on it, I fear. Doesn't
quite make me want to run out and rent
"Eraserhead," but perhaps "Blue


Msg # 1326 Sun Aug 11, 1990 10:08 PM
Subject:don't say
Resp To:1320-@*)('&$#"

Shhhhh don't say the 'r' word to some
of us it's a very very bad word indeed.
Not quite as bad as that love word..
oops I said the whole 'l' word.. but
pretty close.... Keep it simple keep it
light and nobody gets hurt... that's
the only kind of relationships to have.
As long as the other person knows that
everything is good. Life is wonderful

Msg # 1327 Sun Aug 11, 1990 10:12 PM
Subject:Ohh and you think
Resp To:1321-@*)('&$#"

I suppose you think that females are
incapable of such things? Let me tell
you, I have trashed my share of young
admirers hearts too... It's not always
the poor female who gets too attached
so there...THhhhppttt
No Mr Notman I know you never said
anything of the sort.... you know the
type of person I am tho.. just kinda
fly off the handle before really
thinking sometimes.....
Leave me alone... I'm BLONDE!

Msg # 1328 Sun Aug 11, 1990 10:21 PM
Resp To:1321-@*)('&$#"

A lot of weird things happen.  It's no fun, that much I know.  Sometimes, I've
been accused of being cold, other times, I've been accused of being too
"tight" (ya know whut I mean... <grin>).  Lately, I just "go with the flow"
'cuz it seems to work best for me.

Ever get stuck in a relationship and you begin to sacrifice your academics to
prolong or get somewhere in that relationship?  I sure have.  I wish that I
hadn't, it's not worth it (at least, most of the time, it wasn't for me.)

Msg # 1329 Sun Aug 11, 1990 10:22 PM
Resp To:1323-I'm Back!


Msg # 1330 Sun Aug 11, 1990 10:24 PM
Subject:Blue Velvet
Resp To:1325-RAP !!!

I rented that movie while I was up in college.  I watched it with a group of
people late, LATE at night.  It was a WEIRD movie.  VERY weird.  I was shocked,

to say the least.

I don't remember much of it, but it sure had a lasting impression.

Msg # 1331 Sun Aug 11, 1990 10:31 PM
Resp To:1326-@*)('&$#"

Ah, now, here's another item to thrown in (sort of a wrench to wreck the works,


What about ... SEX?  Yes, that S word.  Does a relationship always have to be
platonic?  Can you have a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" without having hurt
feelings or developing a deeper level of a relationship when you DON'T want to?

OR can you have a situation like in that movie "When Harry Met Sally..."

Personally, I found that movie depressing.  It reminded me too much of my life
 -- too many platonic relationships.

Now, I hope you're not getting the impression that I'm a one-night stand type
of a person, because I'm not.

Oh yes, just for the record, I DO have friendships with members of the opposite

sex without any sexual feelings whatsoever.  But then again, I'm sure everyone
on this BBS has managed to do that as well.  This is the 90's!

Obviously, I will need more experience as I progress throughout life.  But it
certainly would help if other people provided their insight for others to think


Msg # 1332 Mon Aug 12, 1990 11:40 AM
   From:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1307-RAP !!!

  Haaaa! Your tremolo isn't a Floyd
Rose,It's a Floyd Rose LICENSED.Now on
the other hand,I have the original
Floyd Rose tremolo which came with my
Kramer Focus 1000.
  I am also equipped with a Peavey
Backstage Plus amplifier,a Pro-Co RAT
Distortion pedal,an American Metal
Distortion pedal,A D.O.D Stereo
Flanger,and a Cry Baby Wah-Wah.

-The Clam

Msg # 1333 Mon Aug 12, 1990 11:44 AM
   From:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1309-@*)('&$#"

 There is only one aspect of Rap/Funk
That I like,and that is the drum beat.
Though some of the Bass lines are cool

-The Clam

Msg # 1334 Mon Aug 12, 1990 11:56 AM
   From:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1322-AD&D

  The Underworld,I faintly remember
that board.That was long ago when
boards like Dreamland,The Dark
Domain,My Own Demise,and The Experiment
were up.

-The Clam/The Sentinel

Barbarians will forever RULE!!!

Msg # 1335 Mon Aug 12, 1990  3:54 PM
Resp To:1306-RAP !!!

 Ever read Piers Anthony? My cousin
tells me that I should check him out.
Right now I'm in my
Vonnegut-is-God-stage. Well, I have
been for about a year, and still
haven't read even half of his books
yet. Good God, the summer is flying by.

Slaine, don't beg--and don't plead--you
can't have the heart--you made
bleed--you're in love--with pain--so
whilst we love--please don't call my
name--don't scream my name...

Msg # 1336 Mon Aug 12, 1990  4:01 PM
Resp To:1315-Cast Party consists of:

 Well, jeez, why didn't you say you
were Snowl? I suspected it, but didn't
know it for a fact.

 Oh, I met some guy at a party who was
Lithuanian and he work[ed]s at the
Plantationas an Indian interpreter.
Just thought, just maybe, you were the
one and the same person. Weird party

 Yeah, well, my mother's parents
immigrated here from Germany, but
they're both full-blooded Lithuanians.
My father's mother is Lithuanian, but
my father's father is part
Lithuanian-part German. I could be
wrong. When people ask me what
nationality I am I say 'American' just
to be a pain in the ass.

 I wouldn't say you're a mutt. Just
think of all the ethnic juices flowing
through your veins. Wow.

Slaine, I wrote so many songs about
you--I forget your name--I forget your

Msg # 1337 Mon Aug 12, 1990  4:04 PM
Subject:Hey now, hey now.
Resp To:1318-@*)('&$#"

 My brain works fine and I've been
seeing someone seriously for a month
now. [Not like I stare at her with th
look of concentration on my face, but
we're like an 'item' I think is the
appropriate term.]

 Then again, I have been having a few
streaks of bad luck lately. Welp, looks
like it's time to break up.

Slaine, from the bottom of my

Msg # 1338 Mon Aug 12, 1990  4:09 PM
Resp To:1319-Cast Party consists of:

 Do you have heart trouble or a weak
stomach? That's a bummer. If you really
want to see something nauseating, rent
'Faces Of Death' I or II or III, and I
think they have a IV. The worst part
about this is, it's real and gross.

 Speakinng of getting ill, I drank so
much this weekend that I've quit
drinking. Talk about nightmares, talk
about bed-spins, talk about all that
stuff. Good lord, one never knows how
colorful vomit could be.

Slaine, what about the time--when I
turned the house--into a
rocketship--and you refused to go to
Mars--you said,"It's too far'...

Msg # 1339 Mon Aug 12, 1990  4:14 PM
Subject:Trivia Schizophrenia.
Resp To:1324-Cast Party consists of:

 Frumpy, you palpatating little
quiz-master, I couldn't tell you which
show it was. In fact, my trivia days
are over. My head hurts too much if I
think nowadays.

Slaine, your 'Fight them on the
beaches' speeches--make me
despair--cause if there's one thing we
can--guaruntee--is you will not be
there--tidying your room--making up
your bed--and if you diary's full that
week--you'll send us lot instead.

Msg # 1340 Mon Aug 12, 1990  5:23 PM
Subject:You bet
Resp To:1328-@*)('&$#"

You bet.  My last serious thing with Lori was a case in point.  I put
everything on hold when it came to making things work with her, and now I
realize that it was very stupid to do.  My whole life suffered.



Msg # 1341 Mon Aug 12, 1990  5:27 PM
Resp To:1331-@*)('&$#"

In the words of my roommate Chris: "Variety is the spice of life.  And for you
Jay one-nighters are variety.  If you have fun, it's worth it."

As for feelings,  "Ain't nuthin' but a thang"


Msg # 1342 Mon Aug 12, 1990  6:25 PM
Resp To:1335-RAP !!!

I've read all the Xanth novels, the Adept novels, and most of the Incarnation
of Mortality novels.  That was a while ago though.  At first, it was fresh and
interesting.  After reading halfway through any of his series, you get bored
with the style.  Now that I reflect upon Anthony, he's a mediocre writer.

Msg # 1343 Mon Aug 12, 1990  6:27 PM
Subject:Ethical Ethnics.
Resp To:1336-Cast Party consists of:

Actually, if you say you're American, some people would take you to be a native

indian, one of the original tribes that lived in America before the Europeans.

Why should I say that I was Snowl?  What difference would it have made?

Msg # 1344 Mon Aug 12, 1990  8:48 PM

You know what is really pissing me off these days?  It's these users who call,
play empire, and DON'T post!!!  Who the hell are these people?  Why do they
constantly attack me?  I don't play anymore because I have never heard of half
of the people who are playing.  grrrrrrrrrrrr....

"E.vil N.ever D.ies"

Msg # 1345 Mon Aug 12, 1990 10:38 PM
Resp To:1338-Cast Party consists of:

   None of the above, just don't like gross stuff.

BTW.  Vomit can be many interesting colors, ever see fluorescent (sp.) green.


Msg # 1346 Mon Aug 12, 1990 10:41 PM
Resp To:1342-RAP !!!

   Some really good authors for that type of story areTom Deitz and Jack L.


Msg # 1347 Mon Aug 12, 1990 11:08 PM
Resp To:1342-RAP !!!

 I think my cousin referred me to the
Mortality series. The same thing,
getting bored of the style, happened
with Stephen King. I think, reflecting
on the serious charge, that he's gotten
steadily worse since The Tommyknockers.
The last decent thing he's written is
'The Gunslinger', which didn't have
much of his 'style', which includes at
least one drunk, plenty of
bloodletting, swears, and some corny
town in Maine.

 Ever read Catch-22?  Now that was a
funny book. Looks like Douglas Adams
borrowed heavily from that book and
Vonnegut  in his style.

 Thomas Harris is good, I recommend
'Red Dragon' and 'Silence Of The
Lambs', both great thrillers.

 I like Clive Barker's short stories,
ie: The Books Of Blood volumes, and a
few others like the Cabal collection.
His shorts are really packed and vivid.
But Weaveworld by him, was about 500
pages and not that shabby, at least it'
s his own favorite of all he's written.

 Anyone good you can recommend? I'm
just about  finished with 'God Bless
You Mr Rosewater'.

Slaine, with a rip at the knee.

Msg # 1348 Mon Aug 12, 1990 11:12 PM
Resp To:1343-Cast Party consists of:

 No difference, I didn't know that you
were the same person as Snowl. I recall
our chats of weightlifting techniques,
it was quite enlightening at times. You
told me not to lift weights every day,
and many people who are serious
weightlifters/bodybuilders work out
every day, even weekends. But I suspect
that is because they have more muscle
to work on than I do, and rotate every

 I can't wait to get back to school and
start lifting again. It's a pain when
you're at home and have no equipment,
or even a gym membership. But working
in a warehouse has kept me in shape,
and feeling fit.

 So how did school go? RIT, right?

Slaine, what a drag--to many--snags..

Msg # 1349 Mon Aug 12, 1990 11:15 PM
Resp To:1344-FUBAR


 How do you know it's not one user who
has 10 handles and just plays Empire
all day? And is a poster! What would
you say if... Hey. I'm not giving
anymore clues. And it's not me. I
swear, on my dead hamster, Chet's

Slaine, all the way to Memphis.

Msg # 1350 Mon Aug 12, 1990 11:19 PM
Subject:Flourescent puke.
Resp To:1345-Cast Party consists of:

 Seen it? Heck, I've got it saved in a

 Oh. What was I saying?

 Oh. Puke. No,  never seen the glow in
the dark kind. Mine was kind of like
strawberry oatmeal, mixed with a sort
of ochre and mauve texture giving it a
subdued hue as it hit the white
porcelin. Thank God for cold tiles.

Slaine, breaking the silence of the
night--can't you hear me--screaming...

Msg # 1351 Mon Aug 12, 1990 11:40 PM
Resp To:1349-FUBAR

If it was one person with many handles I'd have two things to say about them:

1.  They are an asshole.  The purpose of a BBS is not to take up disk space so
you can have multiple handles to play Empire all day long.

2.  They also must be a pretty boring person, or just bored, to want to play
Empire, the dullest on-line game of all time.

"Fretboard Frenzy"

Msg # 1352 Tue Aug 13, 1990  9:40 AM
Resp To:1347-RAP !!!

I've read most of King's novels up to the Gunslinger.  That was quite some time

ago, though.  You're right, you get bored with the same style that reoccurs in
his novels.

I read primarily science fiction novels -- so, I'm not sure if you'll like the
choices I'm about to suggest.

First off, my first two top choices would be Isaac Asimov's Foundation series
and L.Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth.  Asimov has some interesting concepts
and an easygoing writing style.  I know L.Ron Hubbard has a bad reputation for
his Scientology crap and the fact that he makes millions when he's dead.  But
that didn't change my opinion of his science fiction.  His Battlefield Earth
saga is one whopping long story -- 1000 something pages.  And another series
from him that I heartily recommend is Mission Earth, all TEN volumes.  It
combines science fiction and satire.  Extremely funny.  It has an interesting
viewpoint -- the villian.  Try the 1st novel and see if you like it.  The first

novel is named "Mission Earth: The Invader's Plan" (or Book #1 <grin>)

Other novels I've tried are Greg Bear, Robert Heinlein, Harry Harrison, Tom
Clancy, blah blah blah.  I've read quite a few.

Msg # 1353 Tue Aug 13, 1990  9:49 AM
Resp To:1348-Cast Party consists of:

I don't call it weightlifting anymore.  I've chosen a more suitable name:
"Painlifting."  Go figure...

Since last year, I have gone through "refined techniques."  Most of the
fundamentals that I believed in are still there.  Rest is important.  I have a
completely different weightlifting schedule.  One day, I do the chest and
triceps, another day I do the back and the biceps, and finally shoulders and
legs.  I take a day of rest between Shoulders/Legs and Chest/Triceps.  Every so

often, like about 3 months, I take a long breather, about 1-2 weeks.  The
workout sessions last no longer than one hour and a half.  On the average, I'm
in and out of the gym in one hour and fifteen minutes.  I only take a half a
minute of rest between sets.  This is called high intensity training -- one
suitable for my body type, plus it burns a lot of fat.  Most of these so called

techniqued were gleaned from my roommate last year who was an avid lifter.  It
helped a lot, I'd say.

By the way, the schedule used last year was strictly beginner's.  The one I'm
using now is high-intermediate to advanced.

Yes, I'm still going to RIT.  You've read my "stories" as you go along the
message base.

P.S. I bought one of those HUGE weightlifting books so I could look at the
kinseiology of most exercise movements and change my schedule every month or

Msg # 1354 Tue Aug 13, 1990  9:51 AM
Subject:MultiHandled people
Resp To:1351-FUBAR

Hey... what if a multi-handle person played Empire against himself and lost...
consistently!  Now, that'd be hiliarious...

Msg # 1355 Tue Aug 13, 1990  4:39 PM
Subject:Oh!!! Mainstream
Resp To:1313-@*)('&$#"

   So that is mainstream to you.  Well mine is about the same. Van Halen is
awesome I hate the new Van Halen. I liked it better with David Lee Roth.  My
last concert of them I went to was 1984 and that would have been his last time
with them to. But i like him solo too. I like Yankee Rose that is an awesome
video.  Well catch you lateR


Msg # 1356 Tue Aug 13, 1990  4:43 PM
Subject:no not to wierd
Resp To:1314-Cast Party consists of:

   You car can't be that bad!!!  Ever see Fuggy's car????  the F guys car is a
piece.  I me my dad even worked on it to get it running once when he was over
at my house.  So you got a casette thing, huh. Well hope you play many tunes on

  well lateR dude


Msg # 1357 Tue Aug 13, 1990  4:47 PM
     To:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1333-@*)('&$#"

   i like the beat also in rap.  i am not much of a rap freak.  There are just
three guys i like.  Imostly listen to hard rock and heavey metal though.


Msg # 1358 Tue Aug 13, 1990  4:53 PM
Subject:I know what you mean
Resp To:1344-FUBAR

   i used to be a regular at empire.  But i didn't want to be classified as an
empire junky type of person so i started to post.  I was once a king at it to
(as if you're interested.) but anyway i stopped playing and when I did stop
people said I stop because this guy named Tumble was getting to large and that
wasn't the case at all.  If i started back up again I would kill everyone off
it.  But that is a waste of my credits.


Msg # 1359 Wed Aug 14, 1990 12:06 AM
Resp To:1351-FUBAR

 Jeez, Not-Man, lighten up. It's just a
game, if it sucks so bad, why do you
get upset about it, eh? Tell me some
more about your deep-seated anxieties.

Slaine, call my 900 number.

Msg # 1360 Wed Aug 14, 1990 12:11 AM
Subject:Asimov & Hubbard.
Resp To:1352-RAP !!!

 He wrote [Hubbard] Dianetics too,
didn't he?

 I've read his Mission Earth books,
he's a pretty good writer, but has the
same sort of style as Heinlein, only
slightly less tedious. I don't like
books that get swept up in their own
bullshit, even if it is sci-fi. I do
admit enjoying the first and second
books in the series, hated the third,
haven't seen the rest.

 Right now I'm reading Barker's Books
Of Blood Vol.2, not bad, not bad at

Slaine, we are razors--on your

Msg # 1361 Wed Aug 14, 1990 12:18 AM
Resp To:1353-Cast Party consists of:

 I work out pretty much the same way. I
usually stay in the gym about an hour,
and don't rest much between exercises.
I'll do something easy, like triceps,
then move right off into squats without
stopping, alternate the easy with the
ones that make you breath hard. Works
out pretty good.

 A lot of people, who don't work out,
say it's boring, it's painful, but
anything but boring. There's other
people to talk with between
bench-presses, seeing improvement in
you body, I love it. I can't believe
how much strength I've got in my legs,
I worked the hell out of them in the
gym [On a universal I do the whole
stack.] and now in the warehouse, all
the deep-knee bends have done more than
5 months in the gym. Go figure.

 When I go back I'll try y to stick
with it for the whole year, get a
membership at home during the summer,
who knows. Next summer, if the board's
still up we can get together and get
'pumped', jah? [Speaking German ala
Hans and Franz.]

Slaine, you are--you are--the deceiver.

Msg # 1362 Wed Aug 14, 1990  8:45 AM
Subject:wet hair
Resp To:1273-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Well, I suppose I Did look pretty majestic scrambling back up onto the boat,
dripping and all...  and the headfirst flight into Long Pond was probably
incredibly dramatic, I suppose I could forgive you...  Just don't do it again,
my hair will wash off --- YES!  The secret of the ancients is out... my
greatest fear is outliving my supply of henna.

Msg # 1363 Wed Aug 14, 1990  8:50 AM
Resp To:1276-@*)('&$#"

Prehaps, on the whole, you didn't have very good hearing to begin with --
Primates don't anyways on a relative scale -- and thus haven't been affected by

it... I wouldn't make a very good control, loud noise gives me a headache,
especially if it's constant noise, like a radio or TV.

Msg # 1364 Wed Aug 14, 1990  8:57 AM
Resp To:1283-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

So, was she impressed?  Maybe you should have hit him, then you could have been

really rude to the policeman, it's possible she's never seen the inside of a
jail before -- I bet that would've impressed the hell out of her.  Why do men
strive to get their woman to think "Hey, my boyfriend/husband/lover has no
brains whatsoever, he's a real dope... look at the stupid thing he almost
killed the both of us doing"

Personally, I'm more impressed when he leans over and locks my door behind me
because he's afraid for my safety (though, with him driving, he should be).

Msg # 1365 Wed Aug 14, 1990  9:07 AM
Subject:B plus in Shakesphere, acting prowess.
Resp To:1284-Stereotypes

Or, of course, it could be the twenty bucks you slipped him.

I just bought a "Living Language Series" tape on Japanese.. though I haven't
got it out of the package yet.  I have mastered the basics of sentance
structure, now I need the vocabulary.. all I can talk about now is books (Hon)
or men, or myself, or fooku and naifu -- one guess what they mean in English.

Kore wa Hon-de su ka?   Nan, kore-wa ari-masen hon-de, kore-wa otakiwa su.

Is this a book?   No, this is not a book, this is myself (why the hell would
anyone mistake themselves for a book, that's what I want to know!).

The gardening goes, my marigolds are beautiful, my primroses smell heavenly, my

roses are terrible this year, I haven't even got a dozen blooms all season.

Would the Globe forward a letter for you?  He must get fan mail, and have
someone to answer it for him.. or at least screen it for him.

Actually, I think I'd like to learn to bonzai trees... after all, I haven't got

enough hobbies already, right?

Msg # 1366 Wed Aug 14, 1990  9:14 AM
Subject:implications, et al.
Resp To:1285-Cast Party

Prehaps someone sent you a torrid, passionate love letter, filled with subtle
and not so subtle inneudenos, made wild, reckless confessions of lust and
desire, suggested a meeting place and a time ... and you never came, crushed
and defeated, she gave up her ideas of a sorrid affair filled with lots of
anatomical references and licking, and returned to home and hearth

 .... or maybe I'm just pulling your chain.

Marpessa, welcome to your life, there's no turning back.

Msg # 1367 Wed Aug 14, 1990  9:17 AM
Subject:oh, that is the first verse...
Resp To:1285-Cast Party

I thought you wrote the second.. nevermind, I wouldn't change mine to the
second now, even if I could, because isn't to be Slaine the aspiration of every

human being?

Methinks I detect a note of sarcasm here.

Msg # 1368 Wed Aug 14, 1990 11:51 AM
Resp To:1360-RAP !!!

Dianetics is what I was referring to (scientology).  I know what you mean about

the 3rd to 8th books, they were kind of monotonous.  But the 9th and 10th books

really picked up -- they were hilarious.  Ah well, each to his own taste.

I've read some of Barker's work.  Damnation Game, for one.  I didn't like it
too much.  You're right, some of his short stories are interesting...

Have you read Frank Herbert's books?  (NOT the Dune.... there ARE other books
by him...)

Msg # 1369 Wed Aug 14, 1990 11:58 AM
Subject:"Shop" talk
Resp To:1361-Cast Party consists of:

Well, personally, I do the hard stuff first, then I do the easy stuff, that
way, the easy stuff becomes hard to do, eh?  No, no, seriously.  The squats
require energy from your whole body, so you should devote all that energy doing

the squats.  Most people wind up undersquatting -- thus they don't get the
workout they need.  The reason why I combined chest and triceps is because the
triceps are important when developing the chest.  When you do a bench press,
the whole triceps comes into play along with the pectorals and anterior
deltoids.  SO, when I finish the chest, I only need to do 2 more exercises for
the triceps to "finish" things off.  Same goes for the back.  The biceps play a

large role in back exercises.

Like you, I have extremely strong legs.  When you said the universal and the
whole stack, what exercise are you referring to?  Calf presses?  Leg presses?
Leg extensions?

Weighlifting, to put it bluntly, is tiring, painful, exhausing, and monotonous.

But, you're right, it's great, isn't it?  <grin>

There are other benefits in weightlifting as well.  In a college environment,
it's a great way to blow off steam and stress.

Well, I gotta get going, by coincidence, I have to go to the gym, RIGHT NOW.

Msg # 1370 Wed Aug 14, 1990  7:27 PM
Subject:what that was all about...
Resp To:1287-Cast Party consists of:

It was in reference to "independant types" and why I should rebel against my
fiance.  He tends to take what people say at face value... me, being the
smartalecky, nosey type, tends to take Nothing people say at face value, and
instead try to figure out Why they're saying it...   He's telling someone who
lives with Mommy and Daddy, and admits to letting them pay as many expenses as
possible that they shouldn't be lecturing on "freedom" and "Independance"

On the other hand, every single girl (no pun intended) that I know raves about
how wonderful it is not to have a steady boyfriend, and "come and go as I
please" and all sorts of other posititve things about "freedom and
independance" would, in actuality, cut off their right hand to have a ring on
their left one.

Msg # 1371 Wed Aug 14, 1990  7:45 PM
Subject:"Pople" et al.
Resp To:1295-Cast Party consists of:

Oh, people (or pople, as it were) are all equal, is that it?  In that case I'm
actually, blonde, too heavy, and not very pleasant to look at, yes?  And I have

a life, I think that's what this arguement actually stems from.

Your OWN arguement (if you can call it that) mentions that your graduating
class had a woman valedictorian -- how did she GET to be valedictorian, HMMMMM?

 Could it have been her grade point average.. CLASS RANK maybe?  Why weren't
YOU valedictorian, people are equal right?  Maybe in Wareham they choose those
things by lottery... that must be it.  And if you and Jackie Kennedy both
walked into a restuarant, she wouldn't get seated first because people are
equal.  And we don't need laws protecting minorities against discrimination
because everybody's equal -- heck, there are no such things as minorities
either, Would there be in this best of all possible worlds because Everybody's
equal, right?

Gee, I'm going to move Wareham, sounds like a heck of a place.
Are women as strong as men?  Are they as smart as men?  Can they run as fast?
Do they fight wars?  Do they lead nations?   More interestingly Do they get
paid as much?  Do they receive equal treatment at work, social situations,
etc.?   Guess that means they aren't equal, yes?

Msg # 1372 Wed Aug 14, 1990  7:56 PM
Subject:Exorcist I & II
Resp To:1319-Cast Party consists of:

I wouldn't worry about your sensibilities, just your pocketbook.  They were
both very silly, and extremely humorous... Wait 'til three comes on channel
38... it should be about 6 months from now.

Mr. Ed recommends "Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death" or "Surf
Nazis Must Die".

Flatliners was very good.

Msg # 1373 Wed Aug 14, 1990  8:10 PM
Subject:Anthony et al.
Resp To:1342-RAP !!!

I read every single book in every single series you just mentioned, and in my
"educated opinion" those were the worst.  The were so, so FORMULA... he
probably has the whole thing on disk... he just changes the names and LO! a new

series is born.   SO WHY DID I BUY THEM ALL?  They're darn addictive, aren't

Msg # 1374 Wed Aug 14, 1990  8:59 PM

SUMMERFEST 1990, BACK TO THE BEACH.   (Actually, I had been toying with Elvis
Lives ROCKAHULA but Cutter couldn't deal with a theme that involved both
sideburns and lais).  SUN.  FUN.  WATERSPORTS.  BULLFIGHTING (bring u own

Saturday, Sept. 1st starting around elevenish Cutter and I are having party at
the lake and everyone's invited.

DO bring your bathing suit
DON'T bring Great Aunt Noonie and her seventeen cats
DO bring towels
DON'T bring farm impliments
DO bring your spouse/friend(s)/significant other
DON'T bring alcohol, drugs, or attitude problems
DO feel free to bring a bottle of soda or a bag of your favorite snacks (See me

   for list)
DON'T bring your computer
DO bring your SMALL watercraft, floatation device, whatever...
DON'T bring The Queen Mary
DO bring any and all clippings you may have reguarding the REAL whereabouts of
DON'T bring nude photographs of Ed McMahon

RSVP through E-Mail, to Cutter (or, if you want an answer) Me, with the number
of people you're bringing with you.

Msg # 1375 Wed Aug 14, 1990  9:23 PM
Subject:I'm ok
Resp To:1359-FUBAR

It's ok.  I'm just going through my


I tend to get a little over-excited now.



Msg # 1376 Wed Aug 14, 1990  9:30 PM
Subject:That brings something up
Resp To:1363-@*)('&$#"

Has anyone ever participated in a scientific study before?

I'm about to begin on my second one this fall.  Last year, I participated in
one where I was a guinea pig for a bunch of Mech. Engineers to test their new
winch.  Really easy work, only 3 hours a week for 5 weeks, and I pocketed $100
for my efforts at the end of it all.

This fall I get to participate in a Human Factors Engineering study in which I
have to sit at a computer with headphones and respond to audio commands.  The
study will measure my reaction time.  I get $100, too.


Msg # 1377 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:17 PM
Subject:Well, sheesh.
Resp To:1364-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

 It wasn't THAT bad. I've never been in
an accident, while driving that is,
since I got my license. Look at you and
Cutter, he 'showboats' [Pardon the pun!
Whoopie!] with you on a lake, nearly
drowns you both, and you're telling me
to stop being macho? Everyone's a
hypocrite. Except me.

Slaine, o say can you see?

Msg # 1378 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:22 PM
Subject:Hobbies: Never enough.
Resp To:1365-Stereotypes

The way I see it, Vonnegut will get my
letter and die. That's just the way my
luck goes these days.

 I have  a question about the Japanese
thing... Why? I mean, why learn the
language? You must have some Japanese
friends or want to travel to Japan,
right?  That was a pointless question.
I took Spanish. But I had many Puerto
Rican friends, they've all been
deported. Oh well.

 Ever laugh at someone who thought they
were being smart? Like a while ago
someone said, instead of 'My mistake',
they said 'My pas faux.' Only thhey
said it phoentically, as in, 'Paws
Fox.' What an idiot.

Slaine, with fingers like these, who
needs a manicure?

Msg # 1379 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:25 PM
Resp To:1366-Cast Party

 Well that certainly carbonated my
hormones. I think I'll check my mail
again for that particular letter. Hell,
I write it to myself.

Slaine, hearts a-flutter--eyes of

Msg # 1380 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:30 PM
Subject:2 B Slaine.
Resp To:1367-Cast Party

 Sarcasm? What's that? Sounds like a
soybean substitute too me.

 Of course, everyone wants to be like
Slaine, look like Slaine, act  like
Slaine, BE like Slaine. But you can't,
I won't have everyone infringing on my
copyrights. We have laws in this
country, if you don't like it, well,
tough cookies.

Slaine, Mother Russia--your children
lick your wounds...

Msg # 1381 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:34 PM
Subject:Dune - Barker.
Resp To:1368-RAP !!!

 Damnation Game sucked. I'll admit
that. Get Weavworld. That's my
favorite, possibly his best, but I
haven't read all his stuff yet.

 Dune? Frank Herbert? Bleah. I don't
think so. What kind of a writer has a
name like Frank? He can't be good with
a name like that.

Slaine, judging books by their covers.

Msg # 1382 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:40 PM
Subject:Er, what?
Resp To:1369-Cast Party consists of:

 I don't know the technical term for
it. I do the Universal stack  with my
legs. I put my legs on the little bar
and push down as far as I can go, thus
lifting the entire stack. After I do
about 13 reps, I do "calf burners"
which is just rocking the weight back
and forth slightly with the feet
creating a burning sensation in the
back of the calves. Hurts like hell.

 God. I gotta start working out. I ride
my ten speed around a lot, with the
added muscle to my legs I can really
get around, but I'm out of shape so by
the time I pick up speed I'm exhausted.
Quite a dilemma.[Sp?]

 I've got to work more on my arms, but
I'm just too tall to get bulky, and I7
don't want to gain 35 more pounnds to
do it.

Slaine, with a face like that one.

Msg # 1383 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:43 PM
Subject:Ack. Thpt.
Resp To:1370-Cast Party consists of:

 What? Methinks you're lambasting thhe
wrong person. Not-Man, TFM, and D 'Arc
were giving all the advice, I wasn't
even involved in that topic. Sheesh.

Slaine, rubbing salt into wounds.

Msg # 1384 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:48 PM
Resp To:1374-COME AS YOU ARE

 Sorry. I don't go anywhere without my
attitude problems. We're joined at the
hip. Heck, I'll go. Can I bring my
gigantic Killer Whale flotation device?
It seats 12 comfortably.

Slaine, the man who crossed his
heart--took no compass, guide, or

Msg # 1385 Wed Aug 14, 1990 10:49 PM
Subject:Guinea Pig.
Resp To:1376-@*)('&$#"

 What else will you do for $100?

Slaine, getting tacky.

Msg # 1386 Wed Aug 14, 1990 11:46 PM
Resp To:1373-RAP !!!

YOU BOUGHT BOOKS?  <gasp>  YOU actually BOUGHT books??

I read them all through the library and saved a fortune!  I'm a real cheapo --
I buy used books all the time.  I read them so fast that it's not worth paying
four to five bucks for a book that would be finished in a day.

Msg # 1387 Wed Aug 14, 1990 11:50 PM
Resp To:1376-@*)('&$#"

What a coincidence!

I got paid $500 for standing next to a wall, flicking an on/off switch 500
times just to measure my patience.

<sarcasm mixed with jealousy>

<wide grin>

Msg # 1388 Wed Aug 14, 1990 11:54 PM
Subject:"Being smart"
Resp To:1378-Stereotypes

That reminds me.  I went through an embarrasing situation myself.

A group of friends and I were discussing the greek.  And I brought up
Hippocrates, the greek "doctor."  Only I called him "Hippo - crates," and a
friend deftly responded "That's how hippotomases (sp??) get across the ocean,

Boy, that was embarrasing..


Msg # 1389 Wed Aug 14, 1990 11:57 PM
Resp To:1381-RAP !!!

Obviously, you haven't read his other books.  There's "A Man of Two Worlds,"
"The Jesus Incident," "The Lazarus Effect," "The Ascension Factor,"
and "The White Plague."  They were all good books - not fantastic, but
enjoyable reading.

Msg # 1390 Thu Aug 15, 1990 12:06 AM
Resp To:1382-Cast Party consists of:

All I can basically is say:

LEARN THE STUFF!!  Just doing it sounds idiotic.  Sorry if this sounds harsh,
but I don't think you know what you're doing....

Read some material -- organize.

There are many ways to exercise the calves.  The way you mentioned only got
half of the job done.  There are two major muscles in the calves -- the soleus
and the gastronemicus (sp?).  The gastro muscles make up the large bulk of your

calves -- which was what you exercised with the universal.  The soleus is the
thin sheet of muscle behind the gastrocs.  They only fully contract when your
legs are bent 90 degrees.  The best SINGLE exercise to work both that I've
found is standing machine calf raises.

YOu want to ride a bike fast?  Sorry, you will have to compromise here.
Strenth and mass don't mix with endurance.  Weightlifting is anaerobic.  Riding

a bike at top speed would be aerobic.  Exact opposites.  You'd have to go
through a rigorous training period to get the best of both.  Trade a little
strength for some endurance, or trade a little endurance for more strength.
Sort of a balancing act...
Do you want to discuss more of this through e-mail so that I way I can REALLY
get into details?

Msg # 1391 Thu Aug 15, 1990 12:08 AM
Resp To:1384-COME AS YOU ARE

You'll have a great time at summerfest.  Cutter has a really neat lakefront
near his house.  It'll be a blast -- something to do instead of nothing at a
lame cast party.

Msg # 1392 Thu Aug 15, 1990  3:28 PM
Subject:scientific research
Resp To:1376-@*)('&$#"

Actually, I was involved in a scientific study, and it also involved response
 - but not in the way I had figured... fortunately, the vice squad arrived
just in time and the whole story has a happy ending.  Nope, you'll never
catch me answering one of those New Paper Ads again, no matter how legit they

Msg # 1393 Thu Aug 15, 1990  3:30 PM
Subject:I'm telling you...
Resp To:1377-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

Heck, you think YOU heard it, what do you suppose I said to him when I emmerged

from the lake, hmmmm?

Msg # 1394 Thu Aug 15, 1990  3:41 PM
Subject:pointless points, mootness, et al.
Resp To:1378-Stereotypes

There is no point, the books were lying around.  To explain this, I need to
give you some background information.. When I was a child I read too much and
watched too much TV (I usually did both at the same time) anyways, I tend to
explain things by referring to a third event... Like earlier you asked me to
point someone out to you and I said "looks like Fred Gwynne"  Now, prehaps the
young lady in question in reality looks nothing like Fred Gwynne, but some
unfortunate aspect of her person brings to mind Herman Munster, thus you hear
"looks like Fred Gwynne".  I was about to answer your question with "You can't
Take it With You"... Not much of an answer, unless you knew that it was a play
written by Kaufman (and Hart? He wrote a lot of the Marx Brothers' stuff with
Hart) and one of the charectors worte plays because six years ago, a
typewritter was delivered to the house by accident.
Now, what the heck were you talking about?

Msg # 1395 Thu Aug 15, 1990  3:44 PM
Subject:bitter disappointment
Resp To:1380-Cast Party

I'm crushed.  I haven't felt this bad since the other night, when I was sitting

in a local Brockton bar, alone, waiting.. eating basket after basket of bread
sticks...  fiend.

Msg # 1396 Thu Aug 15, 1990  3:50 PM
Subject:lamb basting.
Resp To:1383-Cast Party consists of:

SEE, SEE!  I TOLD Cutter that grilled Lamb and Papaya would go over well around

here, but nnnnooooooo, he wants to cook Hamburgers and Hotdogs.

Um, I wasn't talking to you... well, I was, I just wasn't talking about you..
you shouldn't have asked what it all meant if you didn't want to know.  Violins


Msg # 1397 Thu Aug 15, 1990  3:52 PM
Subject:Giant Killer Whales that seat about 20.
Resp To:1384-COME AS YOU ARE

GREAT!  If we get enough boats, we can have a race... Sometime after the limbo
contest... HEY, Does everyone know that Elvis is coming to our party?

Msg # 1398 Thu Aug 15, 1990  3:58 PM
Subject:and I thought you were being funny.
Resp To:1386-RAP !!!

I thought that was some kind of dog sarcasm for a minute... I thought you knew,

I belong to 7 different book clubs under three different names.  Cutter finally

got me to get rid of most of them... I don't really have any now (though I am
waiting for some things that were out of stock previously) but I still
subscribe to at least 12 different magazines... I'm only keeping about 6
though, the ones I don't like I let the subscriptions run out and try new ones.

They're mostly craft magazines, but I have two mystery that I renewed not too
long ago for my sister and I get Popular Science and Longevity for Bret, that a

nd a nice decorating magazine (Creative Ideas) for me.

Msg # 1399 Thu Aug 15, 1990  4:04 PM
Subject:vote of confidence
Resp To:1391-COME AS YOU ARE

Thanks for the vote of confidence as far as the Lake goes... could you have
mentioned that I'm a gourmet cook?  Talked about the Limbo Contest?  Mentioned
that Elvis is planning on attending if he can make the aliens understand what
eastern standard time means?  Told everyone who the celebrity guest is? Nooo,
you've got to talk about water and frontage.  Heck, what do I expect to be
important to a dog.

Msg # 1400 Thu Aug 15, 1990  5:25 PM
Resp To:1277-RAP !!!

Metallica, where do they play? holes in the wall like boston garden? And Ronny
James was excellent last I heard from a biased fan.

Why are they the most requested videos? Because they won't play that garbage on

the radio (garbage is a selective term, its not ALL terrible.)

Msg # 1401 Thu Aug 15, 1990  5:32 PM
Resp To:1287-Cast Party consists of:

hyuck! jolly good!.

Yeah, I've been to Asia as well.

Msg # 1402 Thu Aug 15, 1990  6:49 PM
Resp To:1399-COME AS YOU ARE

Ahhh.. speaking of importance:

I demand that there be 20 fire hydrants placed in a circle; each hydrant being
exactly 5 feet apart from another.  Furthermore, they must be painted
flourescent green and fire engine red; these colors must alternate for every
hydrant placed.  Still, I demand that each hydrant is capable of pouring out
500 gals/min.

Got that?


See ya then.

Msg # 1403 Thu Aug 15, 1990  9:57 PM
Subject:Holes in the wall
Resp To:1400-RAP !!!

Well, on the last tour, Metallica was playing places like Prov. Civic Center,
Worcester Centrum, Long Beach Arena, etc.

Listen to WAAF much?  Most of the music that they play in the metal vein.

I don't know why you put the music down when you obviously don't know a
fucking thing about it.

"Sonic Reducer, ain't no loser"

Msg # 1404 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:18 PM
Subject:Me Heap Big Cheapo.
Resp To:1386-RAP !!!

 I only buy books I really really
really [ This is a definite trend. ]
really really like.

 I've wised up and started using the
library as well. I read about 6 books a
week, that would put a definite damper
on my miniscule 'budget'. Thank the
gods for the Dewey Decimel System,
whatever the hell that is. I heard a
librarian sigh that one time behind a
rather large shelf, perhaps she wasn't
refering to books or their
catergorization at all, perhaps she was
... What was I talking about?

Slaine, it's my life--don't you
forget--it's my life--I won't regret

Msg # 1405 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:25 PM
Resp To:1388-Stereotypes

 That's a moment, isn't it? I've
personally never made a fool of myself,
so I don't know how that feels. [ This
is sarcasm. Relish it. ]

 So you and you're friends just sit
around and just start discussing Greeks
and Hippocrates? Wow. Whenever I'm with
my friends the topics are usually; sex,
religion, beer [ I've since jumped on
the wagon. ], cars, sex, revenge, sex,
gossip, and sex. By now we've just
about exhausted everything in those
categories and we don't talk much, but
communicate tellepathically. You know,
like Aquaman and his undersea friends.

Slaine, and I believe--no, I can't
believe that--every time you hear--a
loose board creak--you just can't
see--the shaping of the light.

Msg # 1406 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:29 PM
Resp To:1389-RAP !!!

 Okay, okay. Stop ranting. I'll read
the books, and if I don't like them
they'll be hell to pay. Damn. I had a
list of some authors that I can
recommend, but lost it. Damn. Oh well,
what are you reading now?

 I haven't had the chance to go to the
library the past few days, so I'm
re-reading 'Red Dragon' by Tom Harris.
Great book. Also check out 'Silence of
the Lambs' by him. They've got a few
characters that are related in each
book. I liked the end of 'Lambs' when
the six-fingered sociopath, Dr. Lecter,
escapes from his cell. Promises to be a
another sequel because they hadn't
caught him.

Slaine, when does the end of me--become
the start of you?

Msg # 1407 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:35 PM
Resp To:1390-Cast Party consists of:

 No, please God, no more details. I
don't really care what I'm doing, as
long as I'm doing it. Well, maybe I'd
like to learn a bit more about which
muscles I could work on more efficently
in less time. Actually I'm very quick
for my height, and quite agile, the
only problem with the bike is that I
haven't gotten my 'wind'. If I did it
every day I probably would be able to
keep the speed up. But I've got lung
problems, they didn't grow in
proportion with my body, so there are
times when I get short of breath. No
big deal.

Slaine, it's a waste of time--if you
know what I mean--try shaking the
ground--how hard it'll be--for the
poor--for the poor.

Msg # 1408 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:39 PM
Subject:Cool, neat, and other euphemisms.
Resp To:1391-COME AS YOU ARE

 Excellent. I'm looking forward to
meeting everyone after communicating
all this time.

 I'll bring a volleyball net, that is
if Cutter doesn't mind us tearing the
hell out of his lawn.

Slaine, and please--don't change your
uniform--or start to mourn--the
thousands dead--and please--wear what
you've always worn--don't listen to
what I say...

Msg # 1409 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:44 PM
Subject:I suppose.
Resp To:1393-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

 I don't know what you said to Bret
after you emerged; dripping, shocked,
cold, stunned, amazed, flustered,
embarrassed, upset, boggled,
frustrated, soggy, and nauseous from
the lake.

 I can guess. I see a lot of 4-letter

Slaine, and please--say what you mean
to say--and always stay--with heart of

Msg # 1410 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:47 PM
Subject:You're asking me?
Resp To:1394-Stereotypes

 Haha. Fred Gwyne. That's really
obscene. 'She'. Haha. You're killing
me. And, no, I have no idea what we
were talking about, who cares? I'm
feeling a bit peppy tonight, must be a
dopamine overload or something.

Slaine, if you think I'm cooking
dinner--well, prepare to eat dead rat.

Msg # 1411 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:50 PM
Resp To:1395-Cast Party

 Well, what would Bret say, you
sneaking off to bars, eating bread
sticks... for shame. They're fattening.

Slaine, I can't put my--finger on it.

Msg # 1412 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:55 PM
Subject:Speaking of.
Resp To:1396-Cast Party consists of:

 Do you guys need anything for the
Summerfest? Food? Music? Cocktail
weenies? Soybean Catsup Substitute?

 I don't think it's fair that you're
footing the bill for all this. Perhaps
you should have a cover charge. Then
again, no one would show up. 'What?!

Slaine, in case of emergency, break

Msg # 1413 Thu Aug 15, 1990 10:58 PM
Subject:Elvis and various rumours.
Resp To:1397-COME AS YOU ARE

 I'm serious. This Killer Whale float
is huge! I have one! It cost me $50!
You'll see, then you wish you wouldn't
have mocked me. Does Bret has an
industrial air compressor at the house,
by any chance?

Slaine, too many hands in pockets--not
enough hands on hearts.

Msg # 1414 Thu Aug 15, 1990 11:03 PM
Resp To:1401-Cast Party consists of:

 Asia, what part? A friend of mine was
sent there on business, said he
couldn't get a hamburger at McDonalds.
Also said it sounded like a kennel in
the back.

Slaine, so this is freedom--they must
be joking...

Msg # 1415 Thu Aug 15, 1990 11:21 PM
Subject:one nites
Resp To:1331-@*)('&$#"

I7ve never had a one night stand
really...... I had some fun with a guy
I used to be in a relationship with
long after it was over.. still do..
he's convenient, doesn't expect
anything in return really and we
respect each other for the most part..
he's used to my bizarre moods... I
guess you could call THAT casual...
I7ve never gotten to know anyone at
school long enough to get into that
kind of thing..
I don't really know if I could...

Msg # 1416 Thu Aug 15, 1990 11:33 PM
Subject:new car
Resp To:1356-Cast Party consists of:

I7ve had my new car since June.. It's
great honest... the seats recline and
you can do some most interesting things
in it.... And now with the cassete deck
back.. it's even better.. altho The
fireman doesn't seem to like my taste
in music at all anymore.. he sings
along to lionel richie and I like guns
n roses... he was listening to diana
ross and I changed it to great white...
This could be part of the reason we
don't have a serius 'thing' anymore...
I miss the days when we'd have the
music cranked up loud.. now he's into
this mellow junk... too wierd for me.
YoU'll have to see my car sometime..
It'S really cute..
hey guess where I went through a few
times today??? Lakeville... it's still
pretty boony!

Msg # 1417 Thu Aug 15, 1990 11:42 PM
Resp To:1370-Cast Party consists of:

I7ve already had the ring on the left
one thank you and do NOT want another
one anytime in the near future... As
for independence.... I know that if I
had to I could and already have tried
living on my own. Mum and Dad do NOT
pay for everything.. I pay for school
as I am NOT eligible for financial aid,
I must pay the full tuition price, I
have My car payments, I have insurance,
I have credit card payments, I have a
checkbook which I might add DOes
balance. I am independent. I live at
home because of my school situation. I
pay room and board.
I am at a complete loss that you can
think so narrowmindedly about
marriage....... it isn't all it's cut
out to be.. and that's coming from
someone who grew up in a stable 2
parent household

Msg # 1418 Thu Aug 15, 1990 11:49 PM
Resp To:1371-Cast Party consists of:

I wasn't valedictorian because I didn't
particularly care about my grades in
Hs. I went because I had to to become
anything in life( besides the happy
little homemaker that you want to be) I
was a success at things I set my mind
to do and that's what matters.  Yes
there are quite a few women who are
smarter than men.. I happen to have a
higher IQ than my brother who is by no
strtch of the imagination an idiot..
he's going to become an engineer and it
takes some intelligence to do that.. I
was in all Honors and AP classes in HS
and these classes were predominantly
female.. and if you want to know why my
class rank wasn't as it should have
been.. your rank goes down if you
participate in the music programs which
I did... Not to mention the fact that
the grades I did apply myself in I did
honestly and didn't cheat my way
through. People can be anything they
want to be male or female

Msg # 1419 Fri Aug 16, 1990  8:51 AM
Subject:Fire hydrants, demands, lease laws.
Resp To:1402-COME AS YOU ARE

Actually, you DO, of course, realize that Lakeville has a lease law?  And, of
course, that his parents Do have a nicely kept (particular about) yard... I
mean, it was your owner I was actually inviting... I'm afraid we're going to
have to tie You up in the garage... But don't worry, I was afraid the food I
was cooking would be too rich for your little doggie digestive system, all that

heavy pastry and all, and who REALLY knows whats in hotdogs, and peoplefood
isn't very good for dogs anyways, so I put some dogfood on my shopping list,
AND as a special treat, a jar of strained babyfood mixed in (that's what the
vet told us to feed our dog) ... Doesn't that sound lovely?

Msg # 1420 Fri Aug 16, 1990  9:02 AM
Subject:ratings sweep
Resp To:1403-RAP !!!

You may hear people in the music industry speaking reverently of "The Book".
This may lead one to assume they are actually very religious people, but "the
Book" is actually a compliation of charts, graphs, and figures showing just
what their ratings are, who (if anyone) is listening to their station, and to
their show specifically.  People are hired and fired by the information in this

book, careers are made and lost, it is a program directors' bible.

There is a seperate list for each age group and metropolitan area.  People
are choosen completely at random, probably a system involving birth

The existance of a station that plays heavy metal music is not proof of it's
popularity.  There also exists a station that plays only rap music (I have to
listen to it when I work nights) A station that plays only classical music (but

I can never get it in properly) and SEVERAL religious programing stations.

Just thought you might be curious where "WAAF" ranks in all that.

Msg # 1421 Fri Aug 16, 1990  9:21 AM
Resp To:1408-COME AS YOU ARE

Cutter has a volleyball net (I do too.. and I have a new volleyball if he
doesn't have one) I used to have badminton rackets but I believe my brother and

sister invented a new game involving beating each other over the head with them

until they are in several pieces.. I'm not sure how you win, but the rackets
definately lost.  SO, if you have some, bring them along... any and all lawn
games welcome... especially those with really obscure rules so that I can claim

victory at the end when everyone's fighting.

Uh, you people all know that this isn't a cast party, right?  I mean, I am
inviting EVERYone from the board who wants to come, but most of the people
attending (so far anyways) are school friends and couples that we're friendly
with -- Is that going to make people uncomfortable or something, I mean, Emily
Post says that every guest should know at least two other people besides the
host and hostess (there won't be ANYbody at the party who knows every single
person there) I've really labored at this list making sure it meets the

Msg # 1422 Fri Aug 16, 1990  9:29 AM
Subject:dead rat
Resp To:1410-Stereotypes

Close, Mussels (among other things,) they're Cutter's favorite.

We're starting with Gougere Bourgignon and this wonderful dill dip in a bread
bowl.  (Can everyone now understand why Cutter is trying to stop me from
playing cruise director and have a nice little cookout?).

You know, I got logged off about an half hour ago by some jerk making an
obscene phone call -- who the heck makes obscene phone calls at nine o'clock in

the morning.. of course, if I hadn't of given you Cutter's number to call if
there were trouble with the directions I'd have a prime suspect.

Msg # 1423 Fri Aug 16, 1990  9:38 AM
Subject:well, actually...
Resp To:1412-Cast Party consists of:

Like Cunnegonde, (though, she lost her beauty, I never had any) I am an
accomplished pastry chef, so look forward to lots of rich, fattening deserts,
one of which I have in mind involves ice cream and inordiante amounts of

Cutter's bound and determined to have a cookout, he gets all his rolls
wholesale (the joy of being in the bakery business) so PLEASE no one bring any
of those... I think he has all the hamburg he needs (my father's in the
restaurant business so we're getting that wholesale too) uh, what would be
great is a bottle or two of soda..  I hadn't figured out what I was going to do

about that yet, I wanted to make this great punch involving a good white wine
(quantities of which would probably be too expensive anyways) rosewater, rose
petals, and several large blooms frozen in blocks of ice in the center, but 1.

Many of the people we've invited (including Cutter) are underage and 2.  Who
the heck would appreciate it  "uh, hey, you know ya got some stuff floating in
your punch here?  The wind musta blew um off the trees or sumtin"

Msg # 1424 Fri Aug 16, 1990  9:43 AM
Subject:industrial air compressor
Resp To:1413-COME AS YOU ARE

I'm not sure... I do know they have the central vacuuming.. I don't know if you

can back that up though to blow up floats... I'll ask him if he's not on line
before then.  Bring it by all means... what I meant by "The Queen Mary" is the
unlikely event that someone owns a large power boat, which, they sorta have
room to dock, but I don't know how we'd get it into the water unless they drove

down to the Freetown Boat Ramp and rode back in the boat.

I'm glad you're coming, I'm dying to meet you and this girl who's crazy enough
to see you.

Msg # 1425 Fri Aug 16, 1990  9:53 AM
Subject:place in society
Resp To:1417-Cast Party consists of:

"Everyone must keep to their place, some on top and some below"

I'm just content with my place in society... I like the idea of the universe as

a neat, orderly system, and don't mind being told what to do.

The only information I had about your family life came from YOU.  I believe you

were going on about how to get ones parents to pay for this and that when I was

amazed your family supported your goldfish.. of course, this was a long time
ago... My memory (terrible for useful things like where something was placed,
yesterday I washed my paycheck by accident) is useful for thÓ"§.L«­­¦ +‹’½Ýÿ
of the cable pattern was I on and how many stitches to decrease for the neck
and exactly how much of what I was supposed to add when I can't remember where
I put my recipe book -- also works for reminding people of what where probably
trival comments they made years ago.

Msg # 1426 Fri Aug 16, 1990 10:06 AM
Subject:class rank
Resp To:1418-Cast Party consists of:

Yes, but if people are RANKED then how can they all be equal?

RE:  The happy little homemaker.  If "people, male or female can be anything
they want" then why am I getting so much slack around here for being what I
want.  I have no interest in astrophysics, I'm interested in dust.  I'm
interested in having my husbands meals ready when he comes through the door,
and keeping his house spotless, and my linens starched and white, and the
children well mannered and presentable.  This is what I derive joy from.  I
should make an excellent domestic (if I do say so myself), hardworking and
respectful of my betters.  If I do work after Cutter and I marry, it will be in

that capacity.

And, by the bye, I'm sure you aren't dumb enough to think the Weschessler
Standard-Binet Intelligence test scores mean anything at all, but if you still
need convincing, I think you should know in most groupings my score is 7to 10
standard deviations beyond the norm  --- and by my own admission (and I'm sure
your opinion) I'm as dumb as a box of rocks.

Msg # 1427 Fri Aug 16, 1990 11:56 AM
Resp To:1406-RAP !!!

Try the library for Herbert's books.  That way you can save money, eh?  <grin>
Perhaps next summer, I can loan the books that I have out to you -- I have most

of his books in paperback form.

Right now, I'm reading something completely different -- I'm not sure what it
is.  It's an italian book by Umberto Eco, "Foucault's Pendulum."  It's really
weird -- yet so interesting and captivating.  It's hard to say if it's a
mystery, science fiction, or whatever.  Everything just seems to be thrown in

Msg # 1428 Fri Aug 16, 1990 11:58 AM
Resp To:1413-COME AS YOU ARE

For the big boat I had in my pool, I used the vacuum cleaner switched on

Msg # 1429 Fri Aug 16, 1990 12:01 PM
Resp To:1419-COME AS YOU ARE



Msg # 1430 Fri Aug 16, 1990  1:50 PM
Resp To:1419-COME AS YOU ARE

I though it was Leash law, not lease law.

"Jump in the Fire"

Msg # 1431 Fri Aug 16, 1990  1:54 PM
Subject:All I was saying...
Resp To:1420-RAP !!!

......was that it's time that people recognized that it is a viable form of
music and start to accept it for what it is, not what they THINK it is.  Take
the distortion away, and you have great melodies and rythyms that can stand on
their own.  Metal is a violent, aggressive form of music.  Take it or leave it,

but don't bash it if you don't understand it.


Msg # 1432 Fri Aug 16, 1990  5:33 PM
Subject:Leash law
Resp To:1430-COME AS YOU ARE


This is Marpessa that we're dealing with here.  You have to make allowances for

that sort of thing...


Msg # 1433 Fri Aug 16, 1990  6:07 PM
Subject:Life in general
Resp To:1417-Cast Party consists of:

I guess that makes you a very dull person.

Msg # 1434 Fri Aug 16, 1990 10:42 PM
Subject:Excuse this little interruption.
Resp To:1419-COME AS YOU ARE

 "Lease law"? If D'Arc's a dog,
wouldn't "leash law" be more appropo?

Slaine, fahrvegnugen - n. the mating
call of the German beer-hound.

Msg # 1435 Fri Aug 16, 1990 10:50 PM
Subject:Lawn games, evilness, sponge cake.
Resp To:1421-COME AS YOU ARE

 How many people are you estimating
will attend? I may come by myself,
since my significant other deems her
family more important than I. In short,
she has some family deal lined up and
her father's an asshole. Oh well.

 Uncomfortable? Moi? I don't think so.
Would you mind if I brought a few
friends of mine over? They won't eat, I
promise. It shouldn't be more than 4,
including me. And the killer whale
float. Who knows? We may pick up a few
hitchikers and bring them along.

Slaine, sometimes you're beaten to the
top--sometimes...--sometimes you're
beaten in the ground--but you don't
give in...

Msg # 1436 Fri Aug 16, 1990 10:55 PM
Resp To:1422-Stereotypes

 There you go again. Judging what's
obscene and what isn't. First it was 2
Live Crew, then it was Mapplethorpe,
now it's my 'obscene' phone calls. When
will the madness end?

 I have been known to occasionally make
prank calls, but wouldn't do that to
anyone on the BBS. Come on, I do have
my standards. I only call up blind
parapalegics, and hang up after 5 secs.
Don't call me a wimp.

Slaine, the Lord is my shelter--God is
by my side--if you pay rent on that
temple--build the tower in the sky...

Msg # 1437 Fri Aug 16, 1990 11:01 PM
Subject:Flower power.
Resp To:1423-Cast Party consists of:

 Hey, I thought there was no drinking?
I'm underage too, but I've learned a
most heinous lesson in the evils of
drinking from the past weekend. I've
vowed never to touch a drop of the
stuff, never again. Oh yeah, quit
smoking too. It was a nasty habit to
begin with, now I've just kicked all
these monkeys off my back...

 Okay, whatever you need, just ask.
I'll bring a few bottles of soda, the
lawn darts [ Banned, but fun.], and the
Twister game... Looks like a day of fun
in the sun.

 Oh yeah, when does it start and what
if it rains?

Slaine, always planning ahead--but two
day's behind.

Msg # 1438 Fri Aug 16, 1990 11:10 PM
Subject:This crazy girl.
Resp To:1424-COME AS YOU ARE

 Right now I'm trying to convince her
to come with me, but apparently her
family has some annual reunion gig down
on Nantasket that weekend. You know the
type, where Norman Rockwell would go
nuts painting these family situations;
'Hey Granpa! Look at me swimming!' You
know, everyone has videocameras and
enormous sun hats. The funny thing is
before I was just friends with her, I
went with her to this shin-dig for the
past couple years. Now that I'm 'the
boyfriend' her father doesn't want me

 Apparently he believes we'll have sex
sometime during the night. Wouldn't it
break his heart if he knew daddy's
little girl isn't so little? If you
catch my tsunami.

 Oh well. I'm not giving up on it yet,
she might go, but it's slim. I think I
need an Alka-Seltzer.

Slaine, I can't take--another
industrial feast...

Msg # 1439 Fri Aug 16, 1990 11:17 PM
Resp To:1427-RAP !!!

 Yes, Umberto Eco is interesting, an
Italian professor of some sort, isn't
he? He also wrote "The Name Of The
Rose", unless I'm mistaken. Great
writer, that guy.

 Okay, tomorrow I'm off to the library
and will try to find some Herbert. I've
had car trouble all week, and today
when I was planning to make the trek to
the library the car refused to turn
over. Was I annoyed? You bet. Rip-sh*t
was more like it.

Slaine, just like gasoline...

Msg # 1440 Fri Aug 16, 1990 11:21 PM
Subject:Killer Whale Float.
Resp To:1428-COME AS YOU ARE

 I've done that [ Used the vacuum
cleaner in reverse. ] before, but now
I'm considering just blowing the thing
up and tying it to the roof of my car
and driving over. Would be a sight to
see. What the hell, I'll do it. Then
you'll be sure it's me, if the
spandex-wedding gown doesn't tip you

Slaine, in a big country--dreams stay
with you--like a lover's voice--across
the mountainside--stay alive...

Msg # 1441 Sat Aug 17, 1990 12:26 AM
Resp To:1350-Cast Party consists of:

   When I was away at school some of my friends went to this house party where
in every room there was a different kind of drink, in about four or five of the

rooms they had drinks that where different colors like flourescent blue and
things like that, when they got sick, It was like a rainbow, that you would
swear would glow in the dark if you shut the lights out....

Sick huh...

Msg # 1442 Sat Aug 17, 1990 12:33 AM
Resp To:1372-Cast Party consists of:

   I'm thinking of seeing Flatliners this weekend but I haven't decided yet.
So Surf Nazis Must Die, and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death are
good huh, I've been thinking about seeing them to, but didn't know anyone who
thought they were good.


Msg # 1443 Sat Aug 17, 1990  8:27 AM
Resp To:1377-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

As I said, it wasn't the hard stuff that knocked us off.

It would be like slaloming cars at 40 mph in the mall parking lot, then going
to turn around at a mild 15 mph and hitting a lamp post. It was turning around
that turned us. And the fact that I was busy untangling something and didn't
switch sides fast enough.

Msg # 1444 Sat Aug 17, 1990  8:32 AM
Resp To:1381-RAP !!!

I rather enjoyed Dune, but I think the series is a bit strung out. I'm sure I'd

get more out of it now that I'm older, but reading 5000 pages of the same
author on the same thing would choke me.

Msg # 1445 Sat Aug 17, 1990  8:35 AM
Subject:uh.. calf burners
Resp To:1382-Cast Party consists of:

Could calf burners hurt because they aren't good for you? Last I understood,
you should do reps in full, not partial, because you aren't stretching your
ligaments and such that you "musclebound" yourself. That's why those guys that
have their arms curved out at their sides walk funny, the tendons are too short

Msg # 1446 Sat Aug 17, 1990  8:37 AM
Subject:oh yeah?
Resp To:1386-RAP !!!


and all you have is memories of what you read.

Msg # 1447 Sat Aug 17, 1990  8:40 AM
Resp To:1391-COME AS YOU ARE

 Yep, 220 feet of exciting primo Long Pond real estate, including 20 feet of
shich is sand, all in the privacy of my front lawn (which rivals the 3rd and
fourth holes at puqouy (sp) brook.

Msg # 1448 Sat Aug 17, 1990  8:55 AM
Subject:the fuck I'm talking about.
Resp To:1403-RAP !!!

WEll first of all lets straighten out our presupositions. My Major premise was
that rap conerts were attended by more people than Metal, with rap being a more

popular form of music entertainment based on that fact.

The term garbage was as I said, selective. I'm sure there are a few groups that

you don't like, or perhaps like the music of, but can't stand the group.

For instance, I've never heard much music by Stryper, but I remember seein some

back stage footage before one of their concerts, and this "we Rock for you Lord

Jesus Christ" stuff is just toooo thick for me. Sounds more like a marketing

I'm not putting the music down, in fact I happen to like some of it. However
it was published in psychology today (the article being based on a more
apropriate journal) that loud, fast beat sound is deterent to learning and may
cause learning disabilities and a short attention span.

Now as for what the fuck I'm talking about, I could take you down to New York
right now, and introduce you to Anthrax tonight, if they were in town.
You see, they're from Yonkers too, and they jam upstairs at Dante's
delicatessin off Nepperhan ave. I've met their drummer, My uncle's Dante's good

friend, and knows them. Dante is a drummer and jams with them and has done
extensive road work for them. I remember hearing a story of how they were
on tour but insisted on riding around in this Chevy van and then the axel broke

on the New Jeresy turnpike...

Msg # 1449 Sat Aug 17, 1990  8:57 AM
Subject:vollyball net is got.
Resp To:1408-COME AS YOU ARE


Msg # 1450 Sat Aug 17, 1990  9:00 AM
Resp To:1413-COME AS YOU ARE

Air compressor that would take 5 people to lift and wouldn't fit in my truck.

Msg # 1451 Sat Aug 17, 1990  9:01 AM
Resp To:1414-Cast Party consists of:

Moscow and Leningrad aren't considered part of Europe. That's as far East as
I've been.

Msg # 1452 Sat Aug 17, 1990  9:25 AM
Subject:well then
Resp To:1417-Cast Party consists of:

 Who is thinking so narrow mindedly? Are you trying to tell me you were going
out with the man who engaged you for more than 6 mos.? Marpessa and I have no
plans for marriage that will execute before 1994 or so. We've been going out
for almost 3 years now. 94 will make it 6 years. What is so narrowminded about
that?  I've lived through a death and a divorce, and then a remarriage (all
quite a few years apart) and all the wonderous arrays of emotions therein, and
I ask, how can one who has seen perhaps an arguementitive, perhaps warzone 2
parent household comment on the REAL down sides of Marriage such as a dead
spouse or divorce? or adoption and then custody battles?

Mom and Dad do not pay for Everything? that means they pay for Something then,
no? As of June first my step father has been out of his company. It
consolidated, he had a difference of opinion with his boss, who was the
president of the multi-national he worked for, so he didn't get a contract
renewal (His boss is from the mid east, and, praise Allah! is ancient. the man
beleives he is still on his Earth so that he may leave his son a propper
Corporation Allah be Praised! and is filtering out as many of us infidels as
possible before his trip to Mecca.) As a result I've been working as I've been
and feeding this household. In an emergency I was prepared to abandon my next
semester of school and continue working to pay the mortgage, but fortunately
the ruffer times have past.

Just something to stir the grey cells

Msg # 1453 Sat Aug 17, 1990  9:34 AM
Subject:they can try
Resp To:1418-Cast Party consists of:

Its also a scientific FACT that the neurotransmitters making up the reflexes
and eye-hand coordination of a woman are faster and better tuned than that of a

man. So why aren't there female combat pilots in the U.S.?

Sure, there are FIGHTER pilots, but not Combat pilots. Israel isn't stupid and
they let women in their armed forces for the purpose of fighting.

you may be equal or better than a man, but American society will NEVER deal you

a fair hand, and until you realize that, you may have a few problems.

by the by, Were both heading for doctorates, and Marpessa was involved in
theatre about 20 hours a week and would work All day Sat and Sun. She graduated

with honors and a 3. something from BCC. And if I.Q. tests are worth anything
(as most of them are just tests of social maturity and acclimation) she has
enough I.Q. points to get into Mensa, and enough to spare after that to put me
there too, and I'm not a fool by any means, being dislexic, and having a mental

block and still managing to make it to college, never mind out of High School,
where most people would still be under similar circumstances.

Msg # 1454 Sat Aug 17, 1990 10:58 AM
Subject:the thanks I get
Resp To:1429-COME AS YOU ARE

O sharper than a serpent's tooth

Msg # 1455 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:00 AM
Subject:yes, but
Resp To:1430-COME AS YOU ARE

Yes, but you have to rent them first.

SO, you comming to my party or what?

Jump in de line

Msg # 1456 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:06 AM
Subject:flag waving, et al.
Resp To:1431-RAP !!!

Uh, why not?   I thought you were one of those all het up, diehard first
amendment types.  I thought anyone could say anything at all they wanted -- oh,

you mean unless you Personally find it offensive, yes?

This is kind of (but not really) how I felt when David Bowie bailed out of one
particularly difficult note while singing "Young Americans" and decided to turn

the whole thing into a sermon on the evils of censorship, and artistic freedom
-- but he sure does get het up when they call him a limey fag in the papers.

Change the battle cry to FREEDOM of speech (for people I happen to aree with).

Msg # 1457 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:09 AM
Resp To:1432-COME AS YOU ARE

Hmph!  I know what I mean, is it MY fault you can't follow my meanings... what
do I expect from a dog -- what do you understand besides "walkies" "din din"
and we have to take him to the   v. e. t.  for a  s. h. o. t. "

Msg # 1458 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:13 AM
Subject:ok ok, the secrets out...
Resp To:1434-COME AS YOU ARE

All right, the secrets out... that Freud really knew what he was talking about
-- unconsciously this whole thing has bothered me and I can't hide it anymore..

LEASE instead of LEASH --- They're (gulp) (personally, I want you all to know I

find this very distasteful) Hiring him out for stud  (there, I said it, I hope
your happy.. I think pimping for your dog is one of the sickest things I've
every heard of.. NOT the mark of a loving pet owner).

Msg # 1459 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:29 AM
Subject:friends, et al.
Resp To:1435-COME AS YOU ARE

Sure, no problem, as long as you can vouch for them I'm sure they'll be Ok.
(and yes, they can eat, how silly).

Right now only about half of the people I wanted to invite I've actually gotten

around to inviting (Cutter's supposed to be making some phone calls of his own,

and I'm pretty certain about some people but I don't want to speak for anyone
else.. SO far I've gotten 7 definate-set-a-place-for-me, 2 maybes (which are
probably yes) 1 I-don't-know-about-this (which is probably a no) and you and
your friends -- though if the I don't know about this turns into a yes, it'll
be at least two people --- Oh, Cutter's here, he wants you all to know HE'S an
I don't know about this, too.   There are 3 people I want to invite but I don't

know how to get ahold of them directly, There are 2 people I want to invite but

I never seem to remember to call them (which is too bad, Jerry is really cool,
I think he'd be a lot of fun at the party)  Then there's my friends from work
-- most of them are WORKING (sat. is a busy day, don't ask me how I managed to
rank a Sat. off)  Sandra (works midnights so she'll be free by 11) might bring
her husband, Brian, and the dog, but she's afraid she'll have to bring her
dictionary, thought you might all be too smart for her --- boy is she in for a
pleasant surprise.    Everyone else I think Cutter is supposed to invite... I
wouldn't think there would be anymore than 40 people there at any one time...
maybe as few as 20.

Msg # 1460 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:32 AM
Resp To:1435-COME AS YOU ARE

Say, how did you know I was making Victoria Sponge cake with Strawberry Jam?

Cutter wanted me to make sure I ask How much this Killer Whale of yours plans
on eating, and whom, and that we might not be responsible.

Msg # 1461 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:39 AM
Resp To:1437-Cast Party consists of:

We'll be ready to recieve people around 11:30 or Twelve, we won't start serving

lunch until close to one, the limbo contest starts promptly at two.

Lawn darts and twister sound great.

Of course, my day will start about 3 am.

Thanks for the soda.

Msg # 1462 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:42 AM
Subject:daddy's little girl.
Resp To:1438-COME AS YOU ARE

You're daddies little girl until you're about 45, or until he dies, whichever
comes first.

Msg # 1463 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:45 AM
Subject:Surf Nazis must die.
Resp To:1442-Cast Party consists of:

I can only vouch personally for Flatliners... Cutter liked it too.

Msg # 1464 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:48 AM
Subject:ok ok
Resp To:1446-RAP !!!

Ok, ok, so maybe I have a few too many books lying around the house.. in
stacks ... stacks that reach the ceiling...   Well, at least I'm well read.

Msg # 1465 Sat Aug 17, 1990  1:35 PM
Resp To:1439-RAP !!!

Yes, he wrote "The Name of the Rose," though I have not read it.  What do you
think of his writing style?  "Foucault's Pendulum" is a thick book -- I think
it could be cut down a little.  He tends to ramble in some places of the story.

Hope you enjoy the Herbert.  I recommend "The Jesus Incident" to start out
with.  There is a book that began before that but vaguely connected called
"Destination: Void."  I have not read it since I CAN'T FIND IT!!!  Anyone know
where I can find it?

Msg # 1466 Sat Aug 17, 1990  1:46 PM
Subject:I disagree
Resp To:1445-Cast Party consists of:

I disagree with that.  Partial reps, in some instances, are more effective than

full reps.  For example, the standing barbell curl.  You can curl it halfway up

and back down, doing this 6 times.  Then curling from the halfway up to the
neck six times.  THIS BURNS and KILLS your biceps, but does an effective job.
This is recommended when you're at a sticking point (when you're stuck and
you're not making any progress).

Now, for the tendons.  If you weightlift carefully and "naturally" (i.e. no
steroids), your tendons will support the new muscle growth.  If you take
steroids, the new muscle growth will cause the tendons to become weak and

Now, as for why weightlifters walk funny, or have arms hanging 2 feet
away from the waist in a lateral fashion... there are a number of reasons:

One: Simply because you're big.  If your back and shoulders are wide, your arms

will move with them.  My arms do that, I can't bring my arms close to my body
because my lats are in the way.

Two: Poor development/proportions of certain muscles.  If you have massive
biceps and weak triceps, the arm will tend to curl because the biceps tend to
tense up easily.  The same for the legs.  If you have underdeveloped hamstrings

and overdeveloped quads, you will literally waddle -- I have seen this happen.

People with MASSIVE quads wind up waddling like ducks.
However, in this instance, calves should be flexed fully and then relaxed fully

-- it's more effective to strain all you've got in the calves rather than do a
half ass job of it.  It's not easy.

Msg # 1467 Sat Aug 17, 1990  1:48 PM
Subject:I beg to differ!
Resp To:1446-RAP !!!

I have a small library, if you remember correctly -- full of paperbacks.  Most
of them are my favorites.  So THERE.

Another thing, my memory is pretty good -- I remember most of the novels well
except for the tiniest details.  I can't bring myself to read a book again
because I get impatient and skim through it.


Happiness is when you've got a bad memory and a single book.

Msg # 1468 Sat Aug 17, 1990  1:53 PM
Resp To:1453-Cast Party consists of:

You?  You're dyslexic???  Come now, is that the truth?  I've known you for four

years and you never told me this???

You're heading for a doctorate degree?  What kind?

Msg # 1469 Sat Aug 17, 1990  1:57 PM
Resp To:1459-COME AS YOU ARE

Cutter?  The very host of the party, might be unable to attend?

Msg # 1470 Sat Aug 17, 1990  2:02 PM

Does anyone know if Derec is still alive?  You remember Derec, the sysop of
this BBS... Has anyone recieved a response from him in the past month or so?

I have an obituary ready to go out -- just in case...

Msg # 1471 Sat Aug 17, 1990  2:19 PM
Subject:Big Deal
Resp To:1448-RAP !!!

Big Deal.  Just knowing members of a band and where they jam doesn't mean you
know a damn thing about the music.  I know members of bands, too, and I don't
know squat about their music.

Why does everyone around here(well, not everyone, just a few people,) have to
be know it alls.  Can't someone just admit when they're wrong.

As for Stryper, they've since toned down their image quite a bit, and the
preachy Christ stuff is history.  Besides, what's wrong with doing what you
like and believing in it.  If that's what they want to do, let 'em.

"Let's Mosh"

Msg # 1472 Sat Aug 17, 1990  2:24 PM
Resp To:1455-COME AS YOU ARE

I can't attend your party, as it is the day that I am moving into my apartment
in Amherst.

That brings up another thing.  I'll probably never call here again after that.

My new residence is in Amherst, permanently, so ld calls are out of the
question when I have the Umass mainframe and it's international network to use
for messages.  oh well.


Msg # 1473 Sat Aug 17, 1990  2:31 PM
Subject:he's gotta
Resp To:1470-Anyone?

He's gotta be alive, as the board's been down a few times this past summer, and

SOMEONE has to be their to put it back up.

"Got the Time?"

Msg # 1474 Sat Aug 17, 1990  5:51 PM
Resp To:1473-Anyone?

I doubt that.  I think he willed the BBS to his parents.  One of the provisions

in the will states that the BBS must be kept running at all costs.

Msg # 1475 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:42 PM
Subject:Another consideration
Resp To:1329-I'm Back!

   I've talked with my supervisor a bit
about this, he says your best bet would
probably be to deal with Adcour. Also,
I found out that just one J cell goes
for around $8, and a power pack of 12,
all packaged up and all, retails for
around $180...


Msg # 1476 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:45 PM
Subject:Lasting impression
Resp To:1330-RAP !!!

   Yes, from what I've heard, that
movie does tend to have that sort of an
effect on the viewer(s). It stars the
guy who plays Special Agent Cooper on
"Twin Peaks" (Kyle MacLachlan) and has,
among other notables, Dean Stockwell,
who now plays Al on "Quantum Leap."


Msg # 1477 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:48 PM
     To:THE CLAM-ID77
Subject:Thought so
Resp To:1334-AD&D

   Yes, I thought I remembered the
handle; how difficult is it to forget
someone who names himself after a
bivalve mollusc?


Msg # 1478 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:51 PM
Subject:Excessive trivia
Resp To:1339-Cast Party consists of:

   Actually I was rather hoping you'd
be able to tell me. Ah well...
Personally, I think it came from the
episode with that vampiric cloud


Msg # 1479 Sat Aug 17, 1990 11:56 PM
Subject:Empire Parasites
Resp To:1344-FUBAR

   Yes, I know exactly what you mean.
These same vermin cost me the
emperorship last game, and I swear it's
only a few people with tons of
accounts. Personally I think it's high
time Derec reactivated the credits for
messages system. But then again, the
message base might be swamped with
drivel ten times more inane. Then
again, maybe not...


Msg # 1480 Sun Aug 18, 1990 12:10 AM
Subject:Two cents' worth
Resp To:1371-Cast Party consists of:

   First off, there's quite a
difference between being equal and
being treated equal, I think we'll all
agree, yes?

   Women may not be as physically
strong as men, but in many cases they
do seem smarter. As for women fighting
wars, I believe that's what the WACS
was (is?) for, among other
organizations. As for women running
countries, look no further than Great
Britain. (Notice I only said running
countries, not how they were being


Msg # 1481 Sun Aug 18, 1990 12:45 AM
Subject:Fear not
Resp To:1470-Anyone?

   Derec still lives, he just has a
summer job with extremely odd hours,
plus several other projects currently
in the work. At the rate this BBS
moves, he's lucky to buffer all the
messages before they scroll off into


Msg # 1482 Sun Aug 18, 1990 12:50 AM
Subject:So, who killed Laura Palmer?

   Yes, yes, I know it's already been
asked on here before, but I figured
what the heck, since I'm hooked on the
damn show now, I might as well ask.

   So far it looks like possibly either
Dr. Jacoby or more likely Leo Johnson
(wife-beating druggie scum). However,
they probably didn't do it because
things somewhat point towards them. (I
don't put anything past David Lynch).


Msg # 1483 Sun Aug 18, 1990  1:22 PM
Resp To:1481-Anyone?

Why on earth would he buffer all the messages??!

Msg # 1484 Sun Aug 18, 1990  1:44 PM
Subject:come as you are
Resp To:1374-COME AS YOU ARE

One question what time ?  I think I know where cutter lives is it lake
tispaquin. Directions would be nice.  You can count on me and my boyfriend
being there maybe even L'aura too.

Msg # 1485 Sun Aug 18, 1990  1:50 PM
Subject:My Vacation

To those of you who thought I disappeared ..no such luck.
I just went down the cape for the week .  It was very enjoyable and relaxing.

Msg # 1486 Sun Aug 18, 1990  3:21 PM
Resp To:1416-Cast Party consists of:

  Lakeville will never change it will always be booney!!!!!!!!!!  So you car is

cute, huh?  Well we'll just have to see it to believe it!!!  So what with this
fireman guy???  Well I was trying to get on modem madness but it was busy so
you're lucky i call here. Just kidding around.  i haven7t seen you around on
there to much.  Well what color is your car?? Blue???  What type is it again???

 Well see ya around!!!


Msg # 1487 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:06 PM
Subject:Last night.
Resp To:1441-Cast Party consists of:

 Went to a keg party last night, and I
didn't touch a drop of the stuff. It
wasn't that hard to do, I played
Nintendo, which is slightly more
addicting than alcohol.

 Some kid passed out on the kitchen
table so we dragged him out into the
bedroom and left him there. Later on we
got him with the ol' 'Shaving Cream On
The Crotch'.. Covered his eyes with
the stuff too, when he woke up he
couldn't see thus he couldn't find the
bathroom. I never laughed so hard in my

Slaine, let it all out.

Msg # 1488 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:10 PM
Subject:I believe you.
Resp To:1443-Reason I'm calling twice in one day.....

 I understand completely. You weren't
showing off. It was just 'one of those
things'. Right?

 But it sounds much better if you
exaggerate, like the wind was upto 50
mph and you lost control, ratherr than,
'The boat capsized while I was
untangling a rope.'

Slaine, in violent times--you shouldn't
have to sell your soul...

Msg # 1489 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:12 PM
Resp To:1445-Cast Party consists of:

 It's possible, ask D 'Arc, he knows
all this stuff. I just go in the gym
and do it, even if I'm not sure what
I'm doing. [ If that makes sense.]

Slaine, nothing ever lasts forever.

Msg # 1490 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:18 PM
Subject:Pimping the Pooch.
Resp To:1458-COME AS YOU ARE

 Does Not-Mom know about this?


Msg # 1491 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:26 PM
Resp To:1459-COME AS YOU ARE

 I might just come myself and mingle
like hell. Yes, if I bring my friends,
they should be okay, they're usually
not assholes, but once they're 'in that
mood' I'll have to snip it in the bud
with a few chops to the head.

 Don't worry, I'm definitely not as
smart as I seem on this BBS. [ Heavily
laced with sarcasm, parental discretion
advised.] What a minute. Actually I'm a
genius. So make sure everyone has a

Slaine, I remember your face--the dance
was slow--'Easy' by the Commodores--and
you said 'No.'

Msg # 1492 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:28 PM
Subject:Killer Sponge Whale
Resp To:1460-COME AS YOU ARE

 Of course I knew, what's a party
without sponge cake?

 Uh, the Killer Whale isn't a big
eater, it might just take a nibble of
what's on my plate, and a nibble of the
dog, and a nibble of whatever else it
can get it's filthy teeth into.

Slaine, diamonds on the soles of his

Msg # 1493 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:32 PM
Subject:No problem.
Resp To:1461-Cast Party consists of:

 Excellent. Don't mention the soda. I'm
stealing it anyways.

 I have one more question; will alcohol
be permitted?

 My friends are over 21, and probably
won't feel safe without a 6-pack or
two. They won't share. I promise. I'll
be clean, since I'm on the wagon. I do
have this fetish for cat-nip, is that

Slaine, they gave you life--in return
you gave them hell.

Msg # 1494 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:37 PM
Subject:Reading, writing, splunge.
Resp To:1465-RAP !!!

 When I think of Eco, I think of a lush
tropical rain forest which could do
with a little 'slash and burn'
technique. He does go overboard, but
that's his style, it's like a tidal
wave. So huge and packed. I kind of
like it.

 Oh yeah, I thought of another author
you'd like. Thomas Pynchon and
'Gravity's Rainbow'. He's somewhat like
Eco, but not as all-encompassing.

Slaine, lovely Rita--meter maid.

Msg # 1495 Sun Aug 18, 1990  5:40 PM
Resp To:1470-Anyone?

 His death is greatly exaggerated. Just
got a message from him, he's pretty
busy with a TV show, and production and
all that jazz. Sounds like Mr.
Hollywood, don't he?


Msg # 1496 Sun Aug 18, 1990 10:18 PM
Subject:What not
Resp To:1487-Cast Party consists of:

   Shaving cream is fun, but what is also considered extremly funny is to cover

the person with words, pictures or anything you can think off with magic
marker.  Especially if they live at home...

Msg # 1497 Sun Aug 18, 1990 11:02 PM
Resp To:1494-RAP !!!

I like the way Eco goes into details in certain parts of the book.  However, he

DOES tend use that style too much.  His writing style is different --
refreshing, I suppose.

What is "Gravity's Rainbow" about?

Msg # 1498 Sun Aug 18, 1990 11:04 PM
Subject:Now now...
Resp To:1496-Cast Party consists of:

Jokes are funny if it can be cleaned up in a relatively short time.  A joke
ain't funny if the effects are going to last a long time - i.e. using a
permanent marker to write on people.  I know, I did that.  Boy, did I get hell
for that one...

Msg # 1499 Mon Aug 19, 1990 12:25 AM
   From:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1403-RAP !!!

   More like the last 3 tours.all for
the same album.Which reminds me,the
last I've heard Lars Ulrich was
planning on a new album around
Christmas.(I doubt it though)
It'll probably end up being around next
summer.I also heard Megadeth was coming
out with their new tape in October.

-The Clam

Msg # 1500 Mon Aug 19, 1990  1:00 PM
     To:THE CLAM-ID77
Resp To:1499-RAP !!!

I heard about the new Megadeth tape on HJY Saturday.  It's called "Rust in

Into Maiden??  "No Prayer for the Dying" is coming out soon, too.

"Fighting the fear of fear"

Msg # 1501 Mon Aug 19, 1990  1:06 PM
Subject:Jump in the fire
Resp To:1430-COME AS YOU ARE

Why don't you stay there!

Msg # 1502 Mon Aug 19, 1990  1:16 PM
Resp To:1448-RAP !!!

Yes,  and we all have active imaginations too.

Msg # 1503 Mon Aug 19, 1990  1:28 PM
Resp To:1486-Cast Party consists of:

What, Do you want to see it,  or do you want to steal it.

   Oh by the way we are VERY lucky that you call here.  I know I'd kill myself
if you stopped.

Msg # 1504 Mon Aug 19, 1990  3:20 PM
Subject:Been there, done that.
Resp To:1496-Cast Party consists of:

 I've done that. I wrote, back in high
school mind you, 'I hate my mother' on
this kids shoes along with 'I'm so
tense' and other catchy phrases.
Managed to spoon-feed some kid his own
vomit once, he thought we were giving
him Pepto Bismol. Yes, it is the work
of a demented genius.

Slaine, Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

Msg # 1505 Mon Aug 19, 1990  3:26 PM
Subject:Pynchon & 'Rainbow'
Resp To:1497-RAP !!!

 'Gravity's Rainbow' is set in WW2, it
reminds me a lot of Catch-22. Basically
tells how insane war is. It's really
too long to write what happens in this
short space. Suffice to say it's
extremely well-written. Oh yes, a first
print edition of the book is worth
$400. I was tempted to steal one from
my library, but not to sell it, I
really liked it a lot. Now that I think
of it, I didn't read it all, because I
was studying for finals. If you've read
'Last Confederate Widow Tells All',
it's along the same lines, every page
is packed with meaning. Not one word
wasted. Incredible.

 Oh yes, got 'The Jesus Incident', but
haven't started it yet, and the library
doesn't have 'Destination: Void'
either. Also got 'Mother Night' by, who
else, Vonnegut and The Nebula Winners
for '89, I think.

Slaine, this world's so tall--and it
makes me feel so small--just like I'd

Msg # 1506 Mon Aug 19, 1990  9:20 PM
Resp To:1434-COME AS YOU ARE

Fahrvegnugen is an experience..

or something that they'd have you beleive down at a Volkswagon dealership...

Msg # 1507 Mon Aug 19, 1990  9:31 PM
Subject:well hell.
Resp To:1437-Cast Party consists of:

If you're of age, or a resident of the household :) then I'm not going to stop
you from having a drink with your meal, or to be socialy comfortable, but my
parents do so enjoy their home and I'd hate to see it taken away in a law suit,

and I'd really hate to have to kill someone for taking my parents house away...

i.e. Noone is comming here to "get wasted" this is not some sort of beer
imbibicational convention, inebreation (sp) will not be permitted, and while
we're on the subject of what you can/can't do:

 No swearing (loudly), it echos across water too easily.
 No teaching my little sister (3) aforementioned art.
 please don't spin the ducks.
 Preferably no Lambading (lambadaing? lamb-boding?)
 No calls to Fiji.
 You CANT use my Amiga. ;)

 You CAN use the water
 You CAN drown because you're all consenting adults and are submitting
yourselves to this event willingly
 You Can't go upstairs, cause that's where I'm hiding my parents.

uh... more on all this later.

And that was a general announcement, I'm not just yapping at Slaine.

Msg # 1508 Mon Aug 19, 1990  9:51 PM
Resp To:1456-RAP !!!

WHO will censor the censorers?

Msg # 1509 Mon Aug 19, 1990 10:00 PM
Subject:Now, now
Resp To:1501-COME AS YOU ARE

Now what have YOU got against me?!?  Huh??

"Way cool Meunier"

Msg # 1510 Mon Aug 19, 1990 10:02 PM
Resp To:1504-Cast Party consists of:

Did you watch that movie, also.  I thought that it was pretty stupid myself.


Msg # 1511 Mon Aug 19, 1990 10:10 PM
Resp To:1498-Cast Party consists of:

  Well some people enjoy getting things semi-permanent written on them,
especially if they are going to another party within a few days and can explain

how they got written on..


Msg # 1512 Mon Aug 19, 1990 10:11 PM
Resp To:1498-Cast Party consists of:

    Another interesting thing to do is to wrap the other party in very strong
duck tape, they won't be going anywhere soon.


Msg # 1513 Mon Aug 19, 1990 10:13 PM
Subject:Not the same
Resp To:1504-Cast Party consists of:

   Writing on shoes and articles of clothing is not the same as writing on face

and bare body....


Msg # 1514 Mon Aug 19, 1990 10:39 PM
Resp To:1507-Cast Party consists of:

You got an Amiga?  Since WHEN?

Msg # 1515 Mon Aug 19, 1990 10:42 PM
Resp To:1512-Cast Party consists of:

I like that one.  Here are some -- it doesn't require much effort.

If your roommate is expecting something very important to happen -- change all
the clocks to scare the hell out of him/her.

Crush some alka seltzer and throw it on the shower floor.  Surprise,

Msg # 1516 Tue Aug 20, 1990 10:29 AM
Resp To:1471-RAP !!!

Why don't You start... might create a trend.

Msg # 1517 Tue Aug 20, 1990 10:38 AM
Resp To:1468-Cast Party consists of:

It's not a secret, I'm dyslexic as well.  You don't spend any time with Cutter,

so you probably wouldn't notice... it's not a big deal... like hey, why are we
taking this exit -- we want 140 not 104.. etc. etc... It only gets noticable
when he's really really tired.

Msg # 1518 Tue Aug 20, 1990 10:40 AM
Subject:oh course he's coming
Resp To:1469-COME AS YOU ARE

Of course he's coming, he's just kidding -- I don't know about you dogs, you
never know how to take a joke.

Msg # 1519 Tue Aug 20, 1990 10:42 AM
Subject:oh well.
Resp To:1472-COME AS YOU ARE

Oh well.  Happy moving day.

Msg # 1520 Tue Aug 20, 1990 10:49 AM
Subject:running countries
Resp To:1480-Cast Party consists of:

She doesn't run the country, she's the Prime Minister, the Cabinet runs the

The WACs do exist, Women are allowed to join the military, they just aren't
allowed into combat... therefore, technically they do not "fight" wars.

If you are not treated equally, how can you say you're equal.

And I thought you hated women, anyways, and had a low opinion of them.. or

did you just want to argue for the arguements sake.

Msg # 1521 Tue Aug 20, 1990 10:58 AM
Subject:Twin Peaks.
Resp To:1482-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

No one else here watches Twin Peaks.  Don't expect it to become the hot new
topic of conversation.


Josie Packard is either directly or indirectly involved in Laura's actual

Laura and Rhonda parted company some time that night;

Laura was not necessarily killed by a man, or by the same person who attacked

"How did you know"  "Body language"  -- watch relationship between Audrey Horne

and Dale Cooper.

Msg # 1522 Tue Aug 20, 1990 11:00 AM
Subject:Cutter, et al.
Resp To:1484-COME AS YOU ARE

Cutter lives on Long Pond, my directions should bring everyone right to his
doorstep, if I get ambitious, I'll tie some balloons to the mailboxes out
in front of his "Street" (it's just a dirt drive with a couple of houses on it)

and some to the top of his driveway.

Msg # 1523 Tue Aug 20, 1990 11:06 AM
Subject:Don't worry
Resp To:1491-COME AS YOU ARE

Gee, you never seemed terribly smart of me...  I think we'll all be alright.

I'll see what I can do to get you a partner for shuffleboard... actually, we
don't have shuffleboard... I'll see what I can do to get me some equipment for
shuffleboard, and then...

Msg # 1524 Tue Aug 20, 1990 11:08 AM
Subject:of me?
Resp To:1491-COME AS YOU ARE

Methinks I detect a Freudian slip coming on ...

Of me instead of To me... hmmmm.  Whoever figures that one out gets a cookie...

Hey, I know!  Maybe it's an anagram  ofme  fome  meof  emfo  efmo  ofem  ok, I

Msg # 1525 Tue Aug 20, 1990 11:10 AM
Subject:Killer whale
Resp To:1492-COME AS YOU ARE

He's welcome to the dog... got a defective sense of humor... only one thing to
do with a dog with a defective sense of humor.. poor little guy.

I've got it, MEFO it's got to be Mefo... what the hell does mefo mean?

Msg # 1526 Tue Aug 20, 1990 11:16 AM
Subject:Catnip, OK.
Resp To:1493-Cast Party consists of:

If they are of age, I don't see what the problem could be... WE won't be
serving any alcohol... Most of my friends are older as well, I mean, Denise is
a twenty five year old married woman, if she wants to have a drink I'm not
going to give her the sermon on the mount.
I assume you'll be driving, yes?  As long as they can still behave like humans,

I don't see a problem.. if they start passing out and throwing up on things
you're going to have to get them out of there.

Msg # 1527 Tue Aug 20, 1990 11:34 AM
Subject:censoring the censors.
Resp To:1508-RAP !!!

How about me, I'm a fairly responsible person... good sense of decency.. yeah,
I'll do it.

Msg # 1528 Tue Aug 20, 1990 11:41 AM
Subject:there goes that sense of humor again.
Resp To:1514-Cast Party consists of:

Just yesterday, he keeps it on the yacht.  "The Yacht"  that's our little pet
name for the new boat we just bought, you might know it as "The Queen Mary" it
used to be in San Francisco, but we bought it and put it in the lake so we can
walk around on it .. it's really too big to sail anywhere.  Personally I didn't

he'd be able to pull it off, AND have the Hope Diamond set in my new engagement


Isn't there a special attachment that people who have your handicap (no sense
of humor) could have put on their computer/forhead to tell them when to laugh?

Msg # 1529 Tue Aug 20, 1990 11:44 AM
Resp To:1515-Cast Party consists of:

Please don't think that I'm getting nervous or anything... You wouldn't behave
like a twelve year old just to embarass me in front of my grown-up friends,
would you?  I've been following your responses, and you Do intend to act like
an adult, right?  I mean, I am trusting you... Yeah, I'm just being silly, of
course you aren't planning on doing anything stupid, yes?  Reassure me, please.

Msg # 1530 Tue Aug 20, 1990  1:18 PM
Resp To:1518-COME AS YOU ARE


Ha. Ha.

Msg # 1531 Tue Aug 20, 1990  1:21 PM
Resp To:1528-Cast Party consists of:

Please refer to the last message.

Msg # 1532 Tue Aug 20, 1990  1:23 PM
Subject:<snicker snicker>
Resp To:1529-Cast Party consists of:

No comment.  No comment.

Good news -- the order for 2,000 balloons came today.

Msg # 1533 Tue Aug 20, 1990  1:42 PM
Subject:What, Moshing?
Resp To:1516-RAP !!!

I already do enough of this already.  I don't have to worry about starting a
trend or anything.

Although, Slayer should be a good show to do this in.....

"Keep it in the Family"

Msg # 1534 Tue Aug 20, 1990  9:16 PM
Resp To:1506-COME AS YOU ARE

 My father's German, and he tells me
that fahrvegnugen means 'Kraut Mobile'
in the Germanic tongue. Do you know
what German means in Latin?

   "Leather-wearing warriors". God's
truth. Unless my history teacher lied
to me, the bastard.

 I want to get a car that's better on
gas, but don't want an econobox. Those
Cabriolet [ Sounds French, don't it? ]
look mighty tasty; black, mags, posi,
flames on the side. Yup.

Slaine, and it may be a sad
reflection--on thhe way young people
feel--but early Monday morning-- is
losing it's appeal.

Msg # 1535 Tue Aug 20, 1990  9:19 PM
Subject:Yapping at Slaine.
Resp To:1507-Cast Party consists of:

 I mentioned that I was 'on the
wagon'so to speak. I've quit drinking,
smoking, nude bunji-jumping, and
rodeos. I want to live to see my 21st

Slaine, me and the farmer--like
brother--like sister..

Msg # 1536 Tue Aug 20, 1990  9:22 PM
Subject:Killer Klowns.
Resp To:1510-Cast Party consists of:

 I thought the special effects with the
clown make-up was incredible. Too bad
the story-line sucked eggs. I also like
[ed] the part when the clowns were
tracking the people with a dog made of
balloons. C'mon, admit it, that was
funny. But on the whole, the movie was

Slaine, sitting on a fence--is a man
who swings from--pole to pole...

Msg # 1537 Tue Aug 20, 1990  9:25 PM
Resp To:1511-Cast Party consists of:

 When someone's been an asshole then
passes out, then I feel you're
obligated to do something heinous to
them. I've seen eyebrows shaved off,
heads shaved bald, home-made permenant
tattoos made... All sorts of fun stuff.

Slaine, here they come with a brick in
thheir hand--it's build...

Msg # 1538 Tue Aug 20, 1990  9:31 PM
Subject:Twin Bleaks.
Resp To:1521-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

 I like the show, only I caught it
about 10 episodes into the season, kind
of confusing.

 Speaking of TP, anyone see or going to
see 'Wild At Heart' by David Lynch,
co-creator & sometime director of Twin
Peaks? I've heard it was good, but not
better than 'Blue Velvet', not

Slaine, when I call you Cain--I hear a

Msg # 1539 Tue Aug 20, 1990  9:36 PM
Subject:Smart. Very smart.
Resp To:1523-COME AS YOU ARE

 That stings. Ouch. If everyone keeps
mentioning I'm not smart, I might
actually fall into that line of
thought, and gee, wouldn't that be a
shame? Then again, I'm halfway into the
abyss, whatever the hell that means.

 Partner for shuffleboard? I don't
think it'll come to you being
matchmaker for me. If that's what you
mean. If that's not what you mean, oh
hell, where's that killer whale float?

Slaine, people are strange--when you're
a stranger...

Msg # 1540 Tue Aug 20, 1990  9:41 PM
Resp To:1525-COME AS YOU ARE

 Consulting Hodges, 'Man and the
Language Of The Ancients', ahh. Here it
is; 'mefo' - n. Ancient battlecry of
Neandethral prarie nomads. Predecessor
to 'One for all, all for one.' slogan
by the Three Muskateers. Slaine dies of
an apparent spleen rupture due to lack
of viscosity to the temporal lobes.
Film at 11.

Slaine, for today..

Msg # 1541 Tue Aug 20, 1990  9:44 PM
Resp To:1526-Cast Party consists of:

 You sure have a misconstrued picture
of the people I associate with. I've
yet to see any of them get so
inebriated that they got sick or caused
trouble. [ Maybe because I was so
inebriated I couldn't notice.]

 But anyways, they're out of college
and responsible adults, don't worry.
Just relax. Take a deep breath. Now
it's me you should be worried about.

 Just a joke.

Slaine, getting tacky.

Msg # 1542 Wed Aug 21, 1990  1:03 AM
Resp To:1190-AD&D

Yes, Indeed I do play AD&D. Have for a
few months. I have been RPGing fo about
one year for months on other systems. I
have played a knight, fighter, druid,
another fighter and a wizard/fighter.
As well as two super-heroes! In the
future, I hope to start a ROBOTECH RPG.

Sir Tristan

Msg # 1543 Wed Aug 21, 1990  1:19 AM
Subject:Duck Tape
Resp To:1512-Cast Party consists of:


NASTY thought!!!


Msg # 1544 Wed Aug 21, 1990  1:18 PM
Resp To:1509-COME AS YOU ARE

I've got nothing against a
head-banging, boot wearing,  metal
head.   However....

Everybody sing:

Satan regurgitates chewed angel's heads
Burning hellfire singed my eyebrows,
Kiss the devil's flaming tounge.
Satan's minions take now.

  Chorus: Satan is good
          Satan is your friend
          Satan is good
          Satan is your friend.

Eternal darkness claims the land,
While satan barbeques the unbelievers.
Burns thier flesh and calls em diner,
Sold my soul for a Hostess Twinkie.

"I'm soooo twisted"

Msg # 1545 Wed Aug 21, 1990  4:10 PM
Resp To:1536-Cast Party consists of:

Yeah, that balloon dog was pretty funny, and the effects were good, but the
movie DID suck as a whole.


Msg # 1546 Wed Aug 21, 1990  4:14 PM
Subject:Who's the wiseass
Resp To:1544-COME AS YOU ARE

Who's the wiseass who's trying to piss me off?  Is it you Slaine, TFM,
Marpessa, or D'arc?  It's not going to work.

BTW, what was the point of that whole message that you left?

"The Real One"

Msg # 1547 Wed Aug 21, 1990  6:28 PM
Resp To:1532-Cast Party consists of:

Yup, feel better already.. much better ... just gonna take a couple of valium
now -- WHADDA YA MEAN "You've already had six you can't have anymore" gimme
that bottle.

Msg # 1548 Wed Aug 21, 1990  6:35 PM
Resp To:1538-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

I want Cutter to take me to see that, but I want to see Darkman first (yeah,
I've got a list, I think Air America is on it too).

They started rerunning it (Twin Peaks) I think Aug.5 ... This Saturday should
be the fourth episode, if you want to try and pick it up (it's the about the
same amount of confusing no matter where you pick it up from, but a little
imagination and a mother who spends a lot of time gosipping about her neighbors

and you should have no trouble figuring out who's doing what to whom --- here's

a dandy hint, this episode coming should reveal some pretty wild things about
the "private" life of a homecomming queen ----- I had THAT all figured out from

the second episode... nice girls don't end up dead on beaches wrapped in

Msg # 1549 Wed Aug 21, 1990  6:39 PM
Subject:You're in no posistion
Resp To:1539-COME AS YOU ARE

RE:  "Don't play coy"  RE:  "Barbarella"  RE:  Nevermind.

I'm not in a posistion to expound on the intelligence of anyone right now.

I know a heck of a guy I could fix you up with... hey!  You could always kiss
and make up with Killmor, he only lives down the street.

Msg # 1550 Wed Aug 21, 1990  6:41 PM
Subject:well then..
Resp To:1540-COME AS YOU ARE

Well then, I guess the tyrannosaurous' out of the bag, so to speak... I might
as well come clean then.

Msg # 1551 Wed Aug 21, 1990  7:08 PM
Resp To:1546-COME AS YOU ARE

OH NO!   I admit I'M GUILTY.

   So whaddaya gonna do.

"I like the Sprite in you"

Msg # 1552 Wed Aug 21, 1990  7:14 PM
Subject:Wots this??!
Resp To:1544-COME AS YOU ARE

Two Not-Men?  One is punishment enough.

Msg # 1553 Wed Aug 21, 1990  7:19 PM
Subject:Oh, that's an easy one.
Resp To:1551-COME AS YOU ARE

If Not-Man is in a good mood, he'll make you listen to Killmor's nonstop

If he isn't, well, hate to say this, you're outta luck, bud.

Msg # 1554 Wed Aug 21, 1990  9:34 PM
Subject:jeez Doc,
Resp To:1468-Cast Party consists of:

Well its kind of hard to demonstrate dyslexia when a) you're typing, not
writing, and b) you have analy retentive spelling habits.

On the waitlifting stuff, the partial reps could harm you if you didn't do the
other 6 of the set, right? i.e. the horizontal to half way to necks, but no
halfs up to necks. you'd shorten your tendons.

Yes, I am a profesional student, I have a job to maintain my academic studies.
I want to see how many degrees I can get in on lifetime.

I may wind up with a degree in Hypermedia related feilds such as computer
animation or such, I have to talk to a professor...

Msg # 1555 Wed Aug 21, 1990  9:49 PM
Subject:exscuse me..
Resp To:1471-RAP !!!

Where did I ever deny someone the right to do something? If they want to rock
for Jesus, fine I haven't the least problem, but you must also let me be free
to suspect them of trying to make a gimmick if I can substantiate my case.

 You want me to admit that I'm wrong? Do you even know what we are talking
about? My case is still the larger audience for the "rap" music than for
"metal" music,

 A better case in point would have to be the American top 40, supposedly the
most popular hits in the US. Not that I'm saying this institution has any
merit, but most of it is rap related or "pop" rather than metal.

 You may speak for yourself, but don't speak for me please. If you want to
argue your side of the point, go ahead. But don't try such leaps and bound of
logic as you did in that 1st paragraph. It could have followed the same logic
stream as the following statement:

 " Just by having blond hair doesn't mean you know a damn thing about hair.
   I have blond hair, and I don't know squat about hair."
 You could have inserted "eyes" for "blond hair" and "stars" for "hair" in the
major premise (your first statement)
 and then said " I have eyes and I don't know squat about stars."
And by saying thusly are trying to prove that I not only have no such
knoweledge, but lack the ability to do so. And here I am taking Astrophysics at


 Not that I'm working for some Hit Parader-esque magazine, on the premise of
Speed Metal, but I happen to know my ass from my elbow.

 I don't think there are as many "know-it-alls" here as there are people who
are just plain ignorant.

Msg # 1556 Wed Aug 21, 1990  9:52 PM
Subject:no more
Resp To:1472-COME AS YOU ARE



Take a course in ethics Not-Man before one of our international neighbors ..

well never mind.

Enjoy yourself at UMASS.

Msg # 1557 Wed Aug 21, 1990  9:56 PM
Subject: aaarrrgh.
Resp To:1479-FUBAR

Wasn't there a MOVIE last SUMMER with Kirstie Alley....


Msg # 1558 Wed Aug 21, 1990  9:58 PM
Resp To:1483-Anyone?

So he can save them, why the hell else would you do it?
Hath thee no nostalgia?

Msg # 1559 Wed Aug 21, 1990 10:01 PM
Resp To:1484-COME AS YOU ARE

 Sound's like a 18th century skin cream commercial.

"oi ther Lois, whatcha be usin on ye fair haaands?"

" 'tis Paquin."

Ok bad joke.

I Live on Long Pond next to Parkhurst off Route 18/105.

Directions are handled by Marpessa.

Msg # 1560 Wed Aug 21, 1990 11:19 PM
Subject:My God.
Resp To:1544-COME AS YOU ARE

 Not-Man's evil twin! The one that
listens to Depeche Mode and The
Carpenter's! AIGH!

 Has anyone seen my Valium? I just put
it here a minute ago. Meow.

Slaine, third uncle.

Msg # 1561 Wed Aug 21, 1990 11:23 PM
Subject:Movie's that sucked.
Resp To:1545-Cast Party consists of:

 I've actually got a short list oof
movie's that I'd heartily recommend to
all my good buddies on the BBS.


Continental Divide
Hellraiser II
Indiana Jones III
Caddyshack II

 More will come e to me as I
contemplate the significance and
cadence of each plot I run through
meinst brainal cavities.

Slaine, coiled venom.

Msg # 1562 Wed Aug 21, 1990 11:26 PM
Resp To:1546-COME AS YOU ARE

 If you look at the time that
Knot-Man's message was posted, you'll
note it was 1:18pm. I have an alibi, I
was working, and probably stranded out
in the boonies at that time because my
car's starter blew up.

 You'll have to admit, that was pretty
funny. I do have a very strong
suspicion on who did post it.

Slaine, "Satan reguritates angel's

Msg # 1563 Wed Aug 21, 1990 11:30 PM
Subject:Twin Avacadoes.
Resp To:1548-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

 Spend a Saturday night cooped up in
the house in front of the boob tube?
You speakest blasphemy uponst my

 Oh, what channel?

Slaine, under the dreadful birds--upon
the singing soil...

Msg # 1564 Wed Aug 21, 1990 11:37 PM
Subject:Indigestion & Clay Pottery.
Resp To:1549-COME AS YOU ARE

 Re: What?    Re: Oh.    Re: Splunge.

 Right now I don't think Killmor will
take me back, believe me, I've come
crawling on my hands and knees to no
avail. Sigh.

 OH! I just got what the hell you were
talking about. Yeah, a 'heck of a guy'
alright.  Just because ... erp. I'd
better shut my mouth before we all
put our foots somewhere it ought not to

 Our shoes... Meow.

Slaine, somethings going on--changes
taking place--and nothing I could
say--would ever change their
hearts--and nothing I could do--would
ever sway their minds...

Msg # 1565 Wed Aug 21, 1990 11:38 PM
Subject:Freudian Slap.
Resp To:1549-COME AS YOU ARE

 Shoule have been "feet" not "foots".

Slaine, I go to college.

Msg # 1566 Wed Aug 21, 1990 11:42 PM
Resp To:1551-COME AS YOU ARE

 We don't need to turn this message
base into a War board. I've got an
idea. Go to Sub 2 and use that. It's
barren as the vast wasteland I call 'My

Slaine, the people look so beautiful...

Msg # 1567 Thu Aug 22, 1990 12:13 AM
Resp To:1551-COME AS YOU ARE

Nothing wrong with it, I just don't see why you take up valuable disk space to
create a second ID just to logon and try and annoy me.  Oh well, simple things
for simple minds, I guess.

"Scarred for Life"

Msg # 1568 Thu Aug 22, 1990 12:16 AM
Subject:One of my friends
Resp To:1554-Cast Party consists of:

One of my friends just graduated from Umass with a BA in Computer Animation.
She is currently working for Amblin' Entertainment (The Spielberg thing) doing
special effects for his productions.

Not a bad deal.

"The Man Who Wasn't There"

Msg # 1569 Thu Aug 22, 1990 12:24 AM
Subject:Wait a sec, Bud
Resp To:1555-RAP !!!

You and one other user seem to think that you are impressing people with your
majors and your travels and all of your basic bullshit.  It doesn't work.  I
could give a shit if you take Astrophysics. Whoopee!  BFD.  Coursework isn't
necessarily a measure of someone's intelligence.

I still think that metal has a much, MUCH larger audience than you give it
credit for.  Rap is still a relatively new form of music whereas metal, in one
form or another, has been around since the sixties.  What about Black Sabbath?

Alice Cooper?  The audience is there, it's just that fans of metal aren't
always so outspoken about their tastes, whereas rap fans seem to talk and act
the lingo of the genre.  If you looked at me, and talked to me, you wouldn't
have any clue as to my tastes in music.  If you got to know me, then you would
find out otherwise.  For every 1 person I find that likes Rap, I can also find
at least 2 that like metal.

Besides, it seems as though most metalheads like some rap, in one form or
another, and vice-versa.  So what's all this argument about.

"Bass, how low can you go, death row, is what a brother knows..."

Msg # 1570 Thu Aug 22, 1990 12:27 AM
Subject:As a matter of fact
Resp To:1556-COME AS YOU ARE

As a matter of fact, I have taken TWO courses in ethics.

It's kind of hard to study ethics when you have none.

One of them was "Engineering Ethics."  That's any oxymoron if I ever saw one.

"Bitnet here I come"

Msg # 1571 Thu Aug 22, 1990 12:30 AM
Subject:Barker flicks
Resp To:1561-Cast Party consists of:

I'll have to admit that I really like both of the Hellraiser flicks that Barker

did.  Really interesting.

Did you catch them the other night when they were both shown in sequence?

"Contains language which may be unsuitable for some listeners"

Msg # 1572 Thu Aug 22, 1990 12:00 PM
Resp To:1554-Cast Party consists of:

Well, jeez, ya never mentioned it to me (dyslexia).

As for the shortening of tendons -- I don't think they shorten, it's the
muscles that shorten.  I'll ask around more about this stuff -- you've got me
thinking about it.  I don't know if it's harmful to do six half reps and ignore

the other six.

Msg # 1573 Thu Aug 22, 1990 12:01 PM
Resp To:1554-Cast Party consists of:

You mean "multimedia," right?

Sounds like you're going to be in school for life if you pursue as many degress

as possible.

Msg # 1574 Thu Aug 22, 1990 11:28 PM
Subject:Clive Barker.
Resp To:1571-Cast Party consists of:

 Although he directed the first
Hellraiser, which I liked, he only
wrote the screenplay for the second
one, Hellbound, which I didn't like.
He's not very  consistent in his books
or movies, for example; Cabal was
portrayed so poorly and changed so
radically from the book, that it made
me sick. The Boston Phoenix did a great
trashing of the film where it wrote all
the parts that would've made the film
much more enjoyable than the way Barker
did it. It looked like a rush-job to
me, also a skimpy budget to boot.

 In his books, I loved Weaveworld, it
was great right until the end. Then you
read his book, The Damnation Game, and
it's so awful you can't believe Barker
wrote it. I haven't read his latest
book, The Great And Secret Show, but
I'll break down and get it because when
Barker's good, hhe's damn good. The
opposite is true, when he's bad, well,
he sucks eggs.

Slaine, we're just two lost souls
swimming in a fishbowl--year after

Msg # 1575 Thu Aug 22, 1990 11:31 PM
Resp To:1572-Cast Party consists of:

 Do you stretch out before your work
outs? I usually do, that way I'm not as
sore and tight the next day.

Slaine, when the world--is a
monster--bad to swallow--you whole.

Msg # 1576 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:08 AM
Resp To:1575-Cast Party consists of:

Yes, I stretch before and after the workout.  It has been found that stretching

has no effect on the soreness.  If you're sore -- it means you found a muscle
that got a good workout.  If you're consistent with weightlifting (i.e. good
workouts, don't skip) you WON'T be sore because you're used to the intensity.
If you're sore all the time, even though your workout is consistent, it's a
sure sign of overtraining which means you should cut down.

All in all, stretching is good.  It gets the muscles ready for a workout.  It
prevents injuries, and stimulates growth.

Msg # 1577 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:21 AM
Subject:Slaine, et al.
Resp To:1552-COME AS YOU ARE

Well, one is Slaine's mom, maybe the other one is Slaine's aunt or something...

Come on, fess up.

Msg # 1578 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:27 AM
Subject:Saturday Night
Resp To:1563-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

O Heavens, Not us Party Animals... we're usually in bed at 9 o'clock on
Saturday Night... of course, we DO get up for work at 4:30 Sunday morning..

Msg # 1579 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:31 AM
Subject:The Evil Queen.
Resp To:1564-COME AS YOU ARE

Just got what the hell I was talking about?  What was I talking about anyways?

Suggesting a tryst between you and Killmor?  Suggesting a tryst between you and

Killmor so no one will realize how incredibly jealous I was of you because
secretly I always wanted the big stud for myself?  Or maybe you've also
memorized all of the Great Tyrant's lines because the idea of playing opposite
Jane Fonda wearing a rhinosaurous horn and feathers is actually a secret


Screaming.  A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming.

Msg # 1580 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:33 AM
Resp To:1565-COME AS YOU ARE

"Shoule" have been feet?  Isn't that Scholl?

Msg # 1581 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:03 PM
Resp To:1576-Cast Party consists of:

 I knew all that, I just wanted to know
if you did. I never usually got sore
after I worked out for a week, except
after workouts I'd go to the computer
room and write programs and my neck
would be stiff as hell.

Slaine, someone give me a telephone
call--I need to hear a human sound...

Msg # 1582 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:07 PM
Subject:Could be.
Resp To:1577-COME AS YOU ARE

 I think it's a definite possibility. I
may have relations scattered all over
the BBS and not t even know it. For
instance, a week ago I didn't know that
Derec was my ex-girlfriend's sister's
husband's uncle's second cousin, twice
removed. Small world.

Slaine, roll back the tombstone--let
the saint's appear...

Msg # 1583 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:11 PM
Resp To:1578-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

 Let's break out the violins. I'm
working two jobs, trying to pay off
school, trying to maintain some form of
a social life, and in the time I have
to spare, I go bunji-jumping. I've
quite doing it nude, but still do it,
with a loincloth and war-paint.

Slaine, and where were the
spiders?--when the flies were breaking
our balls...

Msg # 1584 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:15 PM
Resp To:1579-COME AS YOU ARE

 At this time my client has no comment
on either the allegations nor the
insipid remarks. Thank you.

Slaine, let me talk about Mary--sad
story--turning her grief into
glory--late at night in the typewriter
light--ripped his ribbon to shreds.

Msg # 1585 Fri Aug 23, 1990 11:17 PM
Resp To:1580-COME AS YOU ARE

 Don't get me going.

 Say, it sure is quiet around here.

Slaine, all through the house--not a
creature was stirring--not even an
inflatible killer whale...

Msg # 1586 Sat Aug 24, 1990  9:17 AM
Subject:The car
Resp To:1503-Cast Party consists of:

   Neither I don't want it or to see it really.  Well I don't call to often
anymore so get ready to kill yourself.


Msg # 1587 Sat Aug 24, 1990  9:22 AM
Resp To:1553-COME AS YOU ARE

   i don't babble nor do I wish to continue this conversation with YOU!!!


Msg # 1588 Sat Aug 24, 1990  9:31 AM
Subject:I will talk
Resp To:1585-COME AS YOU ARE

   Slaine I don't mind talking to you but when you act GAY that is when i stop
talking.  You a very strange person or thing.  Well that what I wanted to


Msg # 1589 Sat Aug 24, 1990 11:42 AM
Resp To:1587-COME AS YOU ARE

La la la, TOUGH!

I'll strike up a conversation with whomever I want.

Msg # 1590 Sat Aug 24, 1990 11:43 AM
Resp To:1588-COME AS YOU ARE

Why are you hiding your innermost desires and fears?  We all KNOW that you want



Msg # 1591 Sun Aug 25, 1990  3:52 PM
Resp To:1583-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Uh, what's the big sacrifice about going to bed at 9 on Saturday night...
actually, Cutter didn't get back to his house until ten (we went out ring
shopping) but we both ended up watching Twin Peaks.  (Now how am I supposed to
sleep while wondering what's going on on Twin Peaks?)

Msg # 1592 Sun Aug 25, 1990  3:58 PM
Resp To:1590-COME AS YOU ARE

O cruel Fate...  I just KNEW Slaine would snatch Killmor up again before I
could get my hot little hands on him.  That slut.

Msg # 1593 Sun Aug 25, 1990  7:37 PM
Subject:blithering twits
Resp To:1502-RAP !!!

Dante's Inferno?

Msg # 1594 Sun Aug 25, 1990  7:43 PM
Subject:okay okay..
Resp To:1514-Cast Party consists of:

I'm only going to be making $200 a week take home this Fall, So Sept and Oct,
will be car insurance payments and then I start saving up.. Hopefully by MArch
or April..

Msg # 1595 Sun Aug 25, 1990  7:46 PM
Resp To:1517-Cast Party consists of:

Just because I thought we would head for Taunton and eventualy New Bedford by
taking Rt 104, and went off the exit to 104 twice...

Msg # 1596 Sun Aug 25, 1990  7:51 PM
Resp To:1521-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Rhonda doesn't begin with a "j" but ...

Msg # 1597 Sun Aug 25, 1990  7:54 PM
Resp To:1522-COME AS YOU ARE


so how many of you can say you own the street you live on, and "a couple"
refers to 3 or 2. At least 7 houses are year round houses on my road.

Msg # 1598 Sun Aug 25, 1990  7:55 PM
Resp To:1524-COME AS YOU ARE


Msg # 1599 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:02 PM
Resp To:1534-COME AS YOU ARE

Cabriolet means "racer" I beleive, and indicates the european aerodynamic
effects on Porches, as opposed to American airodynamics, just two different
body sculpted packages. A VW Cabriolet is nice, but if it's a convertable,
they'l cut through your roof to take your radio and stuff.

Msg # 1600 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:05 PM
Subject:where's that killer whale float?
Resp To:1539-COME AS YOU ARE

And does it posses the aptitude to play shuffleboard?

Msg # 1601 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:09 PM
Resp To:1544-COME AS YOU ARE

But shouldn't it have been a DEVIL DOG!


Msg # 1602 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:14 PM
Subject:not-man's evil twin?
Resp To:1560-COME AS YOU ARE

Wouldn't that make him your Aunt?

Msg # 1603 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:21 PM
Resp To:1568-Cast Party consists of:

So I guess a BA in Computer Animation IS worthwhile as a goal.

Shit people, you may have just witnessed the decision that changes my life...

Cutter, or should that have been "Shit, people" as not to mistaken it as a
request to pass folks..

Msg # 1604 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:39 PM
Subject:A well made point.
Resp To:1569-RAP !!!

I will begin with the good,

 you made some very good points in that statement, although I still disagree as

to the numbers of followers of each core group, you do have a point that not
all likers of metal music wear concert t's black denim and engineer's boots,
and true, I know several rap fans and metal fans that like music from the
opposing genre. There is a mild mannered (although a bit strange) man at work
who is an avid Alice Cooper fan, and he appears down right normal.
 Another good point is the fact that Sabbath and the Coop have been around
since the sixties, where as Rap began to pick up around 1979-1980, although it
had its roots in the disco era and the early 70s, like Rapmaster Mili Mel (no
relation to Milli Vanilli, unless he's their Dad, he's real old now.)

 One thing I would like to know your opinion on is the different 'tastes' of
metal and if you consider what I've heard called such, as such.
 I.e. "glamrock" such as Poison and Motley Crue. ZZ Top is defined as 'Metal'
because someone defined metal as being a group that lacks a keyboard and gets
its drive soley from guitar and percussion. Motorhead, I think their appearance

would scare ANYONE out of the music industry, and finally, Metallica and
'speed metal' stuff.

 However, when you go places like other countries it has astounding effects on
you. Travel invariably broadens the mind, and NOT trying to call you narrow
minded, you should travel to a non-english based country. It is very strange
and a little helpless when you are in the center of a busy city square and you
know that you can't communicate AT ALL because everything's in Danish.

 WHO is this 'one other person'. and If I talk about my major so much, preytell

me WHAT it is?  I gave up trying to impress people in gradeschool when I
learned the game, and that's that EVERYONE's too busy to notice you because
they're either too bust trying to impress others or too impressed with
themselves. The mention of astrophysics wa an attempt at an acurate example,
if I had known you would prefer it, I would have said "textile technologies"
which is something I know little about.

By the By, Bud, going to UMASS and getting on the INTERNATIONAL NETWORK doesn't

mean you're getting EDUCATED.

Why don't you take your headphones off (ooooo a nasty stereotypical stab) and
get outside of Massachusetts for once (?) in your life before you suffer from
the age old plague of Archibunkerism

Msg # 1605 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:41 PM
Resp To:1570-COME AS YOU ARE


You haven't escaped me yet.
I also work parttime for Academic Computing Services at SMU.


Msg # 1606 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:44 PM
Resp To:1573-Cast Party consists of:

yes. But Amiga can't say THAT word, because a small elipsoid tree fruit of
rainbow hue coined it first, so "Desk Top Video" and "Hypermedia" are used by
Amiga and not that other company.

Msg # 1607 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:48 PM
Resp To:1583-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

uh wasn't it 'while the flies tried to break our balls'?

Msg # 1608 Sun Aug 25, 1990  8:56 PM
Subject:WHO is the DARKMAN.

Beauty and the Beast, the Phantom of the Opera and... suprise elements..

A real good flick that just reaks of creative imagery and well tracked shots.
Almost comic book violence with a touch of Clive Barker.

"bu-bu-but I tu-toldyou everything I know!"

"yeah, But lets PRETEND you DIDN'T."

See it to beleive it.

p.s. littered with computer animation and such.

Msg # 1609 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:11 PM
Resp To:1590-COME AS YOU ARE

 Everyone wants me, I just can't keep
up with the demand. Last night I was
communicated by the United
Conservatives For More Slaine who
wanted some skin samples to make a
clone. Of course I heartily refused
them and they went home, whimpering
with their buttocks behind them.

Slaine, in my hands I hold a fresh
young baby--with a smile I slice off
those rosy cheeks--because I feel

Msg # 1610 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:14 PM
Subject:Break out the organ monkeys.
Resp To:1591-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

 Sacrifice? I didn't mention that it
was a sacrifice. Except you'll rue the
days you spent inside your homes
watching Twin Avacadoes when, in the
near future, the atmosphere will be
unbreathable, crime will be rampant,
and you'll be married, and then you'll
have NO choice but to stay inside and
watch Twin Avacadoes. I'm just warning

Slaine, they just gave me a hanky for
my tears...

Msg # 1611 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:16 PM
Subject:That's me.
Resp To:1592-COME AS YOU ARE

 ...the Male Slut. Isn't it delicious?

Slaine, welcome to the new scalextric

Msg # 1612 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:20 PM
Resp To:1599-COME AS YOU ARE

 Who's the 'they' that will slice my
roof and steal my stuff?! You're making
it very difficult for the drugs to
suppress the manic paranoia that
resides in me. But you don't care, no
one does. That's the problem. If
everyone gave a damn, just a little
one, then people like me wouldn't have
to go to therapists and make them rich.
I hope you're very happy with what
you've done.

Slaine, the hands they show me

Msg # 1613 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:26 PM
Resp To:1604-RAP !!!

 What groups do you listen to? [
Sharpening tungsten claws. ]

Slaine, what a beautiful morning--what
a beautiful day...

Msg # 1614 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:31 PM
Subject:I'm wrong.
Resp To:1607-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

 You're right. Happy? You remind me so
much of this person I know. I hope to
God it isn't the same person. He HAS to
be right all the time, it's a matter of
life and death with him.

 But you were right. So I take it
you know thhe lyrics to every single
David Bowie song? Right?!? Sheesh.

Slaine, I do things backwards--take
heed--start doing things in reverse...

Msg # 1615 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:36 PM
Resp To:1608-WHO is the DARKMAN.

 Good. I've heard many good things
about that flick, that and Flatliners.
Both I want to see before I miss the
chance. Did you like the choice of the
'bad guy'? I heard it was the same guy
who plays 'Benny' on LA Law, heard he
was real convincing as an evil kingpin.

 Last movie I went to was 'Total
Recall', all through the movie I had to
listen to a colored woman talk back to
the screen. And no, it wasn't
aggravating at all.

Slaine, Elvis was a hero to
millions--but he didn't mean sh*t to

Msg # 1616 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:47 PM
Subject:2 NOT-MEN
Resp To:1552-COME AS YOU ARE

HEY!   I resemble that remark.

Msg # 1617 Sun Aug 25, 1990  9:56 PM
Subject:Valuable space
Resp To:1567-COME AS YOU ARE

Of course disk space is valuable,  What
could I possibly fill it more precious
than cool facts about me  Me  ME!

      KNOT-MAN the movie
coming this friday to a theater near

    READ the book
    SEE the movie
    PLAY the video game

  Even more cool places I've been to in
Europe(better than yours)
  My school adventures(cooler than
  My GPA ( higher than yours)

See me....

  ...Drive 800 miles an hour and not
get hurt

  ...Drink like a fish and not get

  ...Withstand 10,000 decibles and not
go deaf

"best movie I ever saw"

"If you don't blow chunks, I will"

Msg # 1618 Sun Aug 25, 1990 10:05 PM
Subject:Devil dog
Resp To:1601-COME AS YOU ARE

Well,  I'm a little new at this heavy
metal song writing stuff.  But I do
happen to have a new verse...

Elvis burns within my grasp
Lick the goat hairs of my intestines
I victimized my lawn
Please dont eat me, I'm not Kosher!

  Chorus: Satan is good
          Satan is your friend
          Satan is good
          Satan is your friend
"dont get jealous"

Msg # 1619 Sun Aug 25, 1990 10:26 PM
Subject:Buffering all the messages
Resp To:1483-Anyone?

   Presumably to save them for
posterity, or perhaps to read at his
leisure... I don't know! Why not ask
him, I'm sure he'd have an answer.


Msg # 1620 Sun Aug 25, 1990 10:40 PM
Subject:Hating women
Resp To:1520-Cast Party consists of:

   Nope, sorry, no misogyny here. As it
happens, I do not hate women as a
group. Just certain ones, that's all.
But then again, there are men that I
can't stand as well, so I suppose that
counts for something...

   As for arguing for the sake of
arguing, no, I'm not doing that either.
I just can take only so much whingeing
(sp?) on before I feel obligated to say


P.S.: If the Cabinet runs England, then
how come THEY don't always go to
importat world leader meetings?

Msg # 1621 Sun Aug 25, 1990 10:45 PM
Resp To:1521-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

   Like all this speculation really
matters too, as I'm beginning to think
that they probably won't ever tell who
murdered Laura, cuz once they do, all
the air will be let out of the tire, so
to speak. Then again, people may get
tired of being jerked around and switch
off in disgust, so who's to say?

   As for Josie, there's definitely
more to her than meets the eye, but
that could be said for most of the
characters, yes?


Msg # 1622 Sun Aug 25, 1990 11:50 PM
Subject:I am a believer
Resp To:1603-Cast Party consists of:

I laughed off this girls major the first time I heard of it.

Now I'm not laughing anymore.

She graduated by herself in that major, ie., she was the only person at Umass
to get a BA in computer animation last year.  Counting Ugrad and grad students,

there were a grand total of 7 in her major at umass.

The odds are in your favor.

"Whaddaya mean my credit's no good?"

Msg # 1623 Mon Aug 26, 1990 12:05 AM
Resp To:1604-RAP !!!

Point well made.

As for the different styles of metal, I basically like them all, but I do
strongly disagree to what is metal and what is not.   Metallica is metal.  ZZ
Top is not.  Motley Crue used to be metal.  Now they are not.  Iron Maiden is
metal.  Electric Boys or Winger or Skid Row or Poison are not.

I like the guitar.  I like the way it sounds, it's versatility, it's
variations, and so on.  Hence, I like just about any band that uses a guitar to

some extent.  Some days I get the urge to play Stanley Jordan or Johnny Winter
all day.  Other days, it's Metallica.  "Whatever scratches the itch," so to
speak.  The reason that I am into metal so much, regardless of what you may
think, is that it is a greatly underrated form of music that is just now only
beginning to get the radio airplay that it deserves.  I am not one of those
people that think that once a band gets airplay, they've sold out and are now
below me.  No way.

My current favorite arists:
1.  Iron Maiden
2.  Anthrax
3.  Living Colour
4.  Public Enemy
5.  Joe Satriani
6.  Steve Vai
7.  Mr. Big, mainly Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan
8.  Metallica
9.  Over Kill
10. Scatterbrain

Wow.  That's the first time in a long time that I've done that.  Every one of
those bands has a completely different sound, and it is this diversity that I
like.  But then again, collectively, these bands don't have over 50 albums,
maybe not even 30.  That leaves a lot of room for other artists in my
collection, especially when my collection numbers over 500.

BTW, that other user is, of course, Marpessa.

As far as being educated, I may not act it, but I am.  It's now summertime, and

with my vacation  fast coming to a close, I am not thinking or acting educated.

My brain goes in the shop every college break for repairs and maintenance.
And, the only reason that I brought up Bitnet and all the other nets is that I
like the idea of telecommunicating with people around the world.  It's also a
great way of talking to my friends that go to school around the country for
free, without the hassle of a ld telephone call.

Geez, that was a long message.

"Stay away from Captain Howdy"

Msg # 1624 Mon Aug 26, 1990 12:07 AM
Resp To:1605-COME AS YOU ARE

What's your bitnet address?

Mine is UNIX1::Meunier@umass.edu      I think.
If not, it's Meunier@Umaecs, this should work.

"Cheez Balls"

Msg # 1625 Mon Aug 26, 1990 12:12 AM
Resp To:1617-COME AS YOU ARE

How do you know that your GPA is higher than mine?  NO ONE knows my GPA.  Only
that it's good enough to get me on the Dean's list.

"Can't you see, the real me?"

[End Of Messages]

Msg # 1626 Mon Aug 26, 1990  6:26 PM
Subject:Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Heeelooo Dimensions and Dementites!!!

Did you used to love listening to the
Doctor Demento Show, but now you don't
know where to find it?? Fret no more!!!

Sunday, 10p.m. to 12a.m.

WZLX 100.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Derec, who confirmed that it
was on Sunday's at ten!! Last night I
spent about a half hour going up and
down the dial looking for it!!

So tune in, get demented and tell 'em
TRISTAN sent ya!!!!

Be excellent to each other!

        Sir Tristan

Msg # 1627 Mon Aug 26, 1990 11:03 PM
Resp To:1618-COME AS YOU ARE

 Your use of the iambic pentameter was
most eloquent, I thought. Perhaps you
didn't know this but I'm somewhat of a
lyric/rhymster myself. Heck, I'm the
resident poet-laureate here. So, lemme
take a stab at this pseudo-devil
mongering lyric stuff.


 If I were Satan, and you were my dog,
 That would make you a devil dog.
 Could I eat you then, with brimstone
 Or eat you raw like my friend Chachi.


Slaine, it's a waste of time if you
know what I mean...

Msg # 1628 Mon Aug 26, 1990 11:08 PM
Resp To:1626-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

 Smoke some more crack. Sheesh. Who
DIDN'T know that Dr Demento was on at
that time on ZLX? Wake up and smell the
lima beans.

Slaine, I always said it would--through
all the fire and wood...

Msg # 1629 Tue Aug 27, 1990  7:48 AM
Resp To:1596-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Having watched one half of one Twin Peaks episode in your entire life, you are,

of course, qualified to question my suppositions, but Rhonda is presently in a
comma, she disappeared the same night Laura did, they found Laura dead, and her

wandering around in the woods, she'd been beaten, raped, and was suffering from


Actually, I know she "worked" with Laura at one eyed Jacks, and her and Leo and

Jaques and Laura were all together up at the cabin that night, but I don't
think one thing has much to do with the other.  They were into a lot of that

Msg # 1630 Tue Aug 27, 1990  3:25 PM
Subject:Slaine ah no. But why don't...
Resp To:1590-COME AS YOU ARE

   Innermost secrets???  Well mine aren't about Slaine.  My secret is how I am
going to go to college and then to the air force.  Well that really  isn't a
secret.  I know you just write about me in the way you do because you're
exteremly jealious of me.  I have everything going for me and you not so much.

Well there is a taste of your own medacine


Msg # 1631 Tue Aug 27, 1990  3:31 PM
Resp To:1626-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

   Good day Sir tristan it is I, Sir Killmor from the dearly departed LN.  So
how have things been lately???  Got to go!!!

Party on dudes!!!!


Msg # 1632 Tue Aug 27, 1990  5:29 PM
Resp To:1425-Cast Party consists of:

Ahh Marpessa.. Did I forget to mention
the reason why they maintain my
beasties?? The tank is in the
livingroom...And dead fish would be
VERY unnattractive to guests. As I
stated a while back as long as you are
happy as who you are then that's all
that really matters in life. Really and
truly that was my point in the
discussion.. if I ramble.. kick me..
I'm recovering from surgery and am on
heavy pain killers and icepacks to
boot. Do you do needlepoint too? I just
started it and am trying to figure out
how to fill in large surface areas..
it's a change from the embroidery and
cross stitch.... anyhelp would really
honestly and truly be appreciated...

Msg # 1633 Tue Aug 27, 1990  5:38 PM
Resp To:1426-Cast Party consists of:

Excuse my spelling.. Intelligence is a
relative thing.. I know people who are
absolutely brilliant in math or
sciences but can't spell or cook.. each
person has strengths and weaknesses. As
long as you are happy with who you are
then that's what matters honest.. I
wouldn't tell anyone how to live their
lives.. my friends like coming to me
with their problems because I listen
and don't tell them what to do about
them. I don't believe i class rank
personally, but that is how a great
many school systems work.  I think that
if you're happy being domestic then go
for it.. it's not for me at the
moment.. the are aspects that i do wish
I could learn like for instance how to
knit without becoming one with the yarn
and ending up requiring outside
assistance to untangle me.. Mum has
tried and tried for years to teach me I
can't do it I can't crochet either...
but hey...
As long as you are happy then that's
what is important.. and you say youare
soooo.. drop the discussion..  Just
please yf you know do tell about the

Msg # 1634 Tue Aug 27, 1990  5:43 PM
Resp To:1433-Cast Party consists of:

Why does it make me a dull person? I'm
really not you know... I take care of
my responsibilies and then I have my

Msg # 1635 Tue Aug 27, 1990  6:01 PM
Resp To:1452-Cast Party consists of:

Fine cutter you've lived through one
hell of a lot for one so young and
thusly are entitiled to your own
opinions of what Marriage is.. I have
my opinions and they don't agree.. BIG
DEAL. I Was with the man I was going to
marry for longer than six months... I
was younger, more gullible and at the
time I thought it was what I wanted...
But.. people change and some people are
not as loyal as others... After someone
cheats on you once you may forgive but
after a second time you really think
it's time to call it quits and school
and my carreer are far more important
to me at the moment.. perhaps when the
time is right and the person is right I
may settle down. You are right I do
have it good to have both parents and
to have them there to help when needed
but that took some doing... I am lucky
as my burden hasn't been nearly as
heavy as yours.. I've had my share of
hard times, but those are what makes a
person better in the end.. now please I
am not in the mood for any more
tirades. yes I am wimping out I admit
it.. I do not enjoy having my life torn
apart by someone who doesn't really
know me.. as I have said to marpessa as
long as you are happy then that's all
that matters.. I hope things get better
for you.. I sincerely mean that.
and I honestly hope that you and
Marpessa have long happy and successful
marriage.. I don't know what else to
wimping out

Msg # 1636 Tue Aug 27, 1990  6:09 PM
Resp To:1453-Cast Party consists of:

I never ever said you were a fool
Cutter, and yes american society can be
limited in it's views too but you have
to keep trying until you reach a wall
then you try another path... That's how
life is.. And by the by those were My
own personal view points In an ideal
society they probably might work, but
ours hasn't come far enough for such
things yet..I am entitled to those
views as you are entitled to yours.. I
too fully intend to get my doctorate..
most likely a pharmD but who knows..
Intelligence tests can't be truly
accurate anyway and most places only
use them as a guide as to wear to place
a child in school. I also never said
that marpessa was stupid or a fool.. I
don't honestly think that of anyone.. I
haven't figured out why I'm defending
myself like this yet... My views are my
views and no one elses... Each person
is an individual.....
Can't argue anymore.. I don't like to
argue much it's against my nature

Msg # 1637 Tue Aug 27, 1990  7:29 PM
Resp To:1630-COME AS YOU ARE


You make me laugh.  Ever think about becoming a comedienne?

Msg # 1638 Tue Aug 27, 1990  7:31 PM
Resp To:1632-Cast Party consists of:

Finally got that sex change operation that you were always talking about?
<snicker snicker>

Msg # 1639 Tue Aug 27, 1990  8:45 PM
Subject:Bad Guy.
Resp To:1615-WHO is the DARKMAN.

The man gave new meaning to the word Mean.  He collected Fingers.  I viewed the

entire movie threw the spaces between my fingers... Putting your hands in front

of your eyes and peaking through the cracks always lessens the effects of
horror movies.

Msg # 1640 Tue Aug 27, 1990  8:49 PM
Resp To:1618-COME AS YOU ARE

HERESY!  SACRILIEDGE!  BLASPHEMY!  How DARE you take the name of The King in

Msg # 1641 Tue Aug 27, 1990  8:54 PM
Resp To:1620-Cast Party consists of:

Because they're not puddy cats... besides, who could afford to put up the
entire legislative body of every country on the planet at a "world meeting"?
And what would they discuss?  Food shortages?  The amount of planes that would
be getting shot down lately?  Full hotels?

What the hell is whinging?  And do you need a permit.

Just the ones that say No?

Msg # 1642 Tue Aug 27, 1990  8:58 PM
Subject:yeah, right.
Resp To:1621-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Oh sure, Laura was the type of girl who'd spend her time after school giving
English lessons to foreign widows... the dope business pays well, but I'm sure
that's much more spiritually rewarding.  Isn't it more likely that Laura found
something out about her older, stinking rich late husband's demise, and went to

pick up her hush money?

Msg # 1643 Tue Aug 27, 1990  9:09 PM
Resp To:1632-Cast Party consists of:

Consider yourself kicked, but one for me too, I am the Queen of Hot Air.

I have a magazine somewhere devoted entirely to needlepoint and I remember
reading something in the helpful hints column on background (can be tedious, I
suppose for people who aren't into repetition -- hey, I'm going to write my own

book -- The Zen of Background.  I'll look it up for you.

I cultivate all the needle arts... very suitable pasttimes for gentlewomen.. We

spoke about this once before, I think that was the reason I brought my knitting

to the LNCP.

Msg # 1644 Tue Aug 27, 1990  9:17 PM
Resp To:1633-Cast Party consists of:

Consider the information in your mailbox.   I have a needlepoint project in the

works now (what project AREN'T I in the middle of) it's a series Nine two foot
square panels.  You sew them seperately, there are something like 400 different

colours (alltogether, not in each one) and join them at the end... it has a
kind of weird, foreign disjointed look, extremely pretty when you see it all
together though, they're nature scenes, from a French magazine, 101 idees.

Are you coming to our party on Saturday?  If so, let me know what kind of
subjects you're interested in, I might have some patterns you'd like that I can

photocopy for you, I have several books of needlepoint patterns.

Msg # 1645 Tue Aug 27, 1990 11:28 PM
Subject:Bad Dudes.
Resp To:1639-WHO is the DARKMAN.

 Yes! I heard how he collected fingers,
with his cigar cutter! Was told he had
to lose 40lbs to get the role.

 My personal favorite 'bad guy' was
Donald Sutherland in Eye Of The Needle.

Slaine, walls are built up--stone by
stone--hills divided--one by one...

Msg # 1646 Tue Aug 27, 1990 11:32 PM
Resp To:1644-Cast Party consists of:

 Girls, the rest of us would appreciate
it if you kept your illicit drug abuse
and talk of needles, syringes,
hypodermics and whatever else you shoot
up with, to yourselves. And me, just
going cold turkey.

Slaine, hell--parallel.

Msg # 1647 Tue Aug 27, 1990 11:58 PM
Subject:Well, then...
Resp To:1628-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Why didn't YOU tell ME..... HAH??

I!KNEW somebody was going to say that!
Sheesh... I figure, be nice Tristan.
Post it so those poor unfortunates who
haven't been able to find it might
know. Those of us whose reception,
being not so-good, might have a chance
at finding a place where they can
RECIEVE that station, once they know
where it is. Call long distance,
Tristan, and do it _ut of the kindness
of your heart.

Tristan, wondering why I bother

Msg # 1648 Wed Aug 28, 1990 12:04 AM
Resp To:1631-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

    Good day to YOU, Sir Killmor!! Glad
to see some of the friendly faces from
LN here! I just got used to that base
when it folded! It was getting
agrivating, especially when I got the
phone bill! Yes, there was circular
call back, but for every time I got
connected to the modem but the BBS
wasn't working I got charged 28 cents!!
That hurt more than I knew!! Tomorrow,
I must call NET to get a calling
package for this area so I don't loose
an arm and  a leg calling this BBS.
    More L8R, Killy!


Msg # 1649 Wed Aug 28, 1990 12:52 AM
Resp To:1630-COME AS YOU ARE

Well, from what I know of D'arc, he has a lot going for him, almost as much as

I think that he will someday work for a computer company or large AI firm and
make some astounding innovation on current technology that will make him large
sums of money.

Sort of like me.(grin)

"Feel the Fire"

Msg # 1650 Wed Aug 28, 1990 10:35 AM

I used to do needlepoint! It was rather
fun! I even think I remember how to do
it! [This was a looong time ago!!]

Geez, I should get back into that! I
could make some money at craft fairs.
Hmmm... the possibilities are

TFM, I hope all is well after your


Msg # 1651 Wed Aug 28, 1990  1:20 PM
Subject:Yes I have
Resp To:1637-COME AS YOU ARE

    I have thought have becoming a commediene.  but I gave it up.  Now it is
losers like you that make me laugh!!! Muhahahahaha!!!


Msg # 1652 Wed Aug 28, 1990  1:27 PM
Resp To:1648-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

   I never had the problem with my phone bill because I don't call long
distance.   I always called this bbs and LN, plus I call Modem Madness, and
Shoe City when the games are up there.  Well hope you find this bbs just as
nice as LN (even though I think LN was better).  Sorry Derec if you read this.

But it is all n the past now.  I don't call here to often like I use to.  Well
Catch ya lateR


Msg # 1653 Wed Aug 28, 1990  1:29 PM
Subject:that is nice
Resp To:1649-COME AS YOU ARE

   So you're in the computer field.  in software,huh.  Well that isn't really
what i am interested in. But what type of money do they bring in anually???


Msg # 1654 Wed Aug 28, 1990  1:40 PM
Resp To:1649-COME AS YOU ARE

You'll get that payment at the end of the month for that plug.  Thanks!  <grin>

I'm sure we'll run into each other on a professional level in the future since
we're both Locals.

Msg # 1655 Wed Aug 28, 1990  1:42 PM
Resp To:1651-COME AS YOU ARE


I guess you're stupider than I thought.  Apparently, your spelling is going
down the drain.  The word "commedienne" is a FEMALE comedian, you dolt.  Well,
thanks for confirming our theories about your sexuality.

What a maroon!  Ha ha!

Msg # 1656 Wed Aug 28, 1990  1:44 PM
Resp To:1653-COME AS YOU ARE

LOTS and LOTS of money!  SO much that we have to burn some of it to make room
for the new money coming in!

It's too bad that you're too stupid to use a computer.  I heard that you took a

class on "Computer Power Switches -- How to turn them On."

Msg # 1657 Wed Aug 28, 1990  6:47 PM
Resp To:1546-COME AS YOU ARE

b (thing?=?

Msg # 1658 Wed Aug 28, 1990  7:22 PM
Resp To:1638-Cast Party consists of:

stupid line noisD

Msg # 1659 Wed Aug 28, 1990  7:28 PM
Resp To:1643-Cast Party consists of:

restf has  been reneWeD

Msg # 1660 Wed Aug 29, 1990  8:17 PM
Subject:Not really
Resp To:1653-COME AS YOU ARE

Not really in the software field.  I'm studying Artificial Intelligence through

Industrial Engineering.   IE's usually bring in 30-35000 to start after college

with a BS.

"Intro to Reality"

Msg # 1661 Wed Aug 29, 1990  9:04 PM
Subject:my last replies
Resp To:1659-Cast Party consists of:

Thanks to either the board my last
replies were rather garbled... to D'rac
no I really don't need the sex change
thanks anyway.. Marpessa I wish I could
attend but I can't drive yet...
Tristan welcome back sweetie!
Killy willy FINE SEE IF I ever EVER
offer you a ride in my car.. your loss!
FRumpy.. hello welcome back and good
luck at school.....
and to everyone else Good luck in your
next semesters at schools!
very very mellow now

Msg # 1662 Wed Aug 29, 1990  9:07 PM
Resp To:1660-COME AS YOU ARE

That's it? I mean couldn't you get more
doing other things Notty? I mean that's
not bad money but compared to some
Just curious

Msg # 1663 Wed Aug 29, 1990 10:10 PM
Resp To:1661-Cast Party consists of:

D'rac?  Who the hell is D'rac?

I'll make some allowances because of that super heavy drug dose you must be


Msg # 1664 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:20 PM
Subject:Ask a stupid question.
Resp To:1647-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Get a hyper-intelligent answer. The
reason I didn't tell you was, you never
asked. Wasn't that special?

Slaine, wash the world off my back..

Msg # 1665 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:35 PM
Resp To:1613-RAP !!!


I like Adam and the Ants, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Dune soundtrack, Cosmos
soundtrack, Giles Reaves 'Wunjo', Queen (Highlander II the movie has been
completed by the way, they just need to accumulate some cash to distribute it.)

 Uh Queen, the Police, Sting (on his own), Depeche Mode, Milli Vanilli

Msg # 1666 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:38 PM
Resp To:1614-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

I don't know the words to Ashes to Ashes, but from what I DO know, they are
QUITE strange, and Neuromanceresque, like " looking at cheap holos of jap gals
and such, also miss parts of The Young Americans, like were supposed to
remember Lincoln, not Nixon...

Msg # 1667 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:42 PM
Subject:I bet
Resp To:1621-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

I bet the writers don't even know who the f*ck killed her yet, I mean you can
be so DAMN ambiguous... Did anyone here ever see "Shear Madness"?

Msg # 1668 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:43 PM
Resp To:1622-Cast Party consists of:

They need to have 3 Faculty members to support a major at SMU, and they have 2
faculty on the computer animation multimedia staff. I don't care I'm doing it

Msg # 1669 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:49 PM
Resp To:1623-RAP !!!

did you think when you heard about Stevie Rhys Vaughn?
it is Rhys isn't it? I know its pronounced "Ray" but I think it has a screwed
up spelling no?.

To clue some of you in, from what I heard renound guitarist/vocalist Vaughn
needed to be in Chicago and hopped a ride with Eric Clapton's band and manager
to get there, since he had shown up at the concert unexpectedly. The helecopter

crashed into an artificial ski slope and killed all aboard.

Hats off folks.

Msg # 1670 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:52 PM
Resp To:1623-RAP !!!

I recall a GREAT DEAL of majorisms and such discussions when D'arc showed up
at the begining of the summer. And besides if I had talked so much about my
major then you'd be able to name it, no? Marpessa and I don't carry on HALF as
much as you folks did about engineering stuff in June...

Msg # 1671 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:54 PM
Resp To:1624-COME AS YOU ARE

I'm on SMUCS1 and my name is ACSBK, but that's on SMU VAX node 1. I have the
opportunity to use bitnet because of my ACS position, but I will more likely be

haunting the Hypelabs.

Msg # 1672 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:56 PM
Subject:you shouldhave asked
Resp To:1626-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

I could have told ya where...

Has ANYONE a copy of Kinko the Clown?

Msg # 1673 Wed Aug 29, 1990 11:59 PM
Resp To:1627-COME AS YOU ARE

You Are the PSEUDO POET LAUREATE as well, I received the title from you a while

back, or are you issueing a challenge once more?

   Do you want to stage a gig, pig?
   Or chicken out like a Nazi Fig, pig?
   No? For you'd rather Go to the Barry Manillow Show?

 The People's Poet.

Msg # 1674 Thu Aug 30, 1990 12:02 AM
Subject:well shit, kiddo.
Resp To:1629-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Jaques, the flake, he OBVIOUSLY did it, his name starts with a "j".

I don't know why I bother with this stuff,

I still don't know who shot J.R.

Msg # 1675 Thu Aug 30, 1990 12:07 AM
Subject:oh, yeah,
Resp To:1630-COME AS YOU ARE

I SUPPOSE you're going to be a combat pilot then, get your BA at a college and
go right in for your physical.. Hope that's a BS then. In Aeronautical
engineering may help...

 It sure as hell ISN'T a good plan, only people who's parents have a million
favors due from senators find themselves in the pilot seat now adays.

 Do you have 20/20 vision?
 Are you tall enough?

Trust me on this one, Palzy, Cutter spent 2 years trying to climb into the

Msg # 1676 Thu Aug 30, 1990 12:15 AM
Resp To:1651-COME AS YOU ARE

But Killywilly, why did you give up? you're the roving joke on the street
arounfhere, and shouldn't it be


Msg # 1677 Thu Aug 30, 1990 12:36 AM
Subject:Long distance
Resp To:1652-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

  I don't LIKE calling long distance,
but there are only a couple of decent
boards in my calling area, and they are
mostly the same people! To meet fun
people like yourself, I have to call LN
and WHAT and so forth. I try to keep it
down. I was only going to call here
once a week, but the board is too busy
fo that!!


Msg # 1678 Thu Aug 30, 1990 12:39 AM
Subject:Now just a minute....
Resp To:1656-COME AS YOU ARE

If Killy is 'too stupid to use a
computer', how IS he calling BBSs???

Tristan, bringing new meaning to the
term 'interface'.


Msg # 1679 Thu Aug 30, 1990 12:52 AM
Subject:I have been asking....
Resp To:1664-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

..ever since the show changed stations
years ago!! Back then, I had to drive
out into Dartmouth and park in a
restaurant parking lot jus*t to RECIEVE
it (the show) on the radio!!* I tr*ied
looking for it on the dial, but I
couldn't find it! I asked everyone I
knew (at the time) and no one KNEW. I
gave up asking. Finally, Zezhian said
that Derec might have a clue to where
it was and the rest is posted!! See, I
believe in offering up these worthless
facts that *people always tell you they
knew AFTER you've told everyone about
them. Even if only one person benefits
(and one has on another board I posted
it on), I'm happy. I am also exstatic
that you have been enjoying Dr. D for
the many years that I have been
deprived of it!! So, let us drop our
weapons and rejoice in the free
excha!ge of information, which is WHAT
bbs'*s are all about!!! ('WHAT', get
it?? Nudge-nudge, know what I mean??)

TRISTAN, making the world safe from
man-eating rabbits.

Msg # 1680 Thu Aug 30, 1990 12:58 AM
Subject:Dr. D
Resp To:1672-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Okay, I give up! Thank you Cutter AND
Slaine! I see now the error of my ways.
Apparently you Bridgewater people are
better informed than the inhabitants of
PIT-CITY!! [Don't blame me! I didn't
ask to be born here!!] Next time I have
a question I shall bring it to your
cap*able minds!!  O;)

No, Cutter, I used to have a copy of
'Kinko The Clown', but not any mor*e.
If I get my hands on one, I'll let ya

TRISTAN, needing a good dose of the
REAL world!

Msg # 1681 Thu Aug 30, 1990  1:03 AM
Resp To:1674-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Who DID shoot J.R.! And for THAT
matter, WHO is LAura Palmer??

Tristane still living in the '80s.

Msg # 1682 Thu Aug 30, 1990  7:09 AM
Resp To:1655-COME AS YOU ARE

   Apparently you didn't get what I was going after.  It just flew over your
head.  Sorry try to make it more in baby talk next time.  Hahahaha!!!  I was
just going along with what every you said.  I knew I misspelled it but I though

t you were so dumb it wasn't worth correcting.


Msg # 1683 Thu Aug 30, 1990  7:13 AM
Subject:that was good...
Resp To:1656-COME AS YOU ARE

   That was a good one.  But my brother told me you're a loser or was a loser
sysOp from a Taunton bbs.  So I really don't take you to seriously.  Another
idiot down the drain.


       God this is better that the great Slaine vs.  Killmor talks.

Msg # 1684 Thu Aug 30, 1990  7:17 AM
Subject:The art of Artificial...
Resp To:1660-COME AS YOU ARE

   Not bad....  You better develop, something quick I think that Tangent guy
needs some!!!  Sorry just had to put that there.  So what types of materials do

you work with.  well talk to you later


Msg # 1685 Thu Aug 30, 1990  7:21 AM
Subject:well thanks
Resp To:1661-Cast Party consists off

   Gee just put me third in your message!!!!  Just kidding.   Well sorry if i
hurt your little cars fellings.  So what is new???  Well catch ya lateR


Msg # 1686 Thu Aug 30, 1990  7:27 AM
Resp To:1675-COME AS YOU ARE

   Well I should make it. In college I was plaining on takeing courses like
that.  Opps oh well screwed up again. Well I'm going in ROTC I hope. I do have
20/20 vision and right now I am about 5'10g.   So I have a chance I think???


Msg # 1687 Thu Aug 30, 1990  7:31 AM
Subject:Why I give up
Resp To:1676-COME AS YOU ARE

   Well some of the people aren't worth the effort i put in to the messages.
Like Darc tangent. If that what you meant???  But I want to say it doesn't take

alot of effort though.


Msg # 1688 Thu Aug 30, 1990  4:50 PM
Subject:To start
Resp To:1662-COME AS YOU ARE

To START.  That is the key word.  D.H, one of my graduate IE friends has just
gotten his 6th pay raise in 2 years.  He started at 32,500, and is now up to
55,000.  That's not bad.  Once you hit 60,000 the raises start coming more
slowly now.

"Boo Hoo"

Msg # 1689 Thu Aug 30, 1990  4:53 PM
Subject:I was
Resp To:1669-RAP !!!

a little choked up by it, well actually more than a little.  I'm just thanking
god that it wasn't a remake of the tragedy that killed Valens....good thing
that Clapton and Cray weren't on board also.

A tragic loss.

"Scuttle Buttin'"

Msg # 1690 Thu Aug 30, 1990  4:58 PM
Subject:Bye all

Well, this is my last call of the summer.    Have fun in school or work
everyone, and I'm now off to Umass, the school that never sleeps.

"Umass:  If we're not wasted, the day is."


Msg # 1691 Thu Aug 30, 1990  5:44 PM
Resp To:1678-COME AS YOU ARE

Ahh, I'm glad you asked that question!  I'm sure it was a pressing question
that most users were wondering about.

At first, when Killy got his computer, the person who sold him the computer set

it up for him and loaded the terminal program.  And he left the computer on
since then.  Now, what about blown fuses and power outages?  That's an easy one

to answer.  Killy got his pet snake to turn on the computer for him and load
the terminal software.

Msg # 1692 Thu Aug 30, 1990  6:11 PM
Subject:Was wondering.
Resp To:1688-COME AS YOU ARE

I was wondering what you thought of those sort of people that have eidetic
(photographic) memory?  I've heard a few stories about them remembering
everything, but failing to understand anything.  For example, a person with all

the calculus formulas in his head wouldn't be able to make sense out of them.

Sort of like a tradeoff -- better memory retention for lower ability to "put
two and two together."

Msg # 1693 Thu Aug 30, 1990  9:02 PM
Subject:poor examples.
Resp To:1646-Cast Party consists of:

As the King of Poor-Examples-for-Others-to-Follow, Mr. Substance Abuse, I think

it might not be such a bad idea if you were to take up knitting.

Msg # 1694 Thu Aug 30, 1990  9:07 PM
Resp To:1655-COME AS YOU ARE

SHHHH!  You dolt, don't you know Anything about Psychology?  We're supposed to
let Killmor come out and tell us about his , opps, I mean "Her" little
operation when she's good and ready.

Msg # 1695 Thu Aug 30, 1990  9:14 PM
Resp To:1674-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Language please, ladies present.

Jaques didn't do it, but he knows who did.

Msg # 1696 Thu Aug 30, 1990  9:32 PM
Resp To:1692-COME AS YOU ARE

Not a word.  It's as though you were reading it off a page.  But once you
remembered them, you could write them down, then use them to evaluate the

Msg # 1697 Thu Aug 30, 1990 10:27 PM
Resp To:1641-Cast Party consists of:

   Just a British expression which
basically means the same thing as going
on at great lengths about some subject,
that's all. Merely a result of talking
too much with Derec...


Msg # 1698 Thu Aug 30, 1990 10:31 PM
Resp To:1642-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

   Yes, that sounds quite reasonable to
me. Still, her sister-in-law Catherine
strikes me as much more the type who
would have done Andrew in, but then
again if Catherine had, she must not
have known that Josie would get the
mill instead of her... I dunno, you're
probably right for all I know. You do
have the advantage of having already
seen all the episodes whereas I'm going
along for the first time.


Msg # 1699 Thu Aug 30, 1990 10:40 PM
Subject:School and/or luck
Resp To:1661-Cast Party consists of:

   Well first off I hope you're feeling
better from your operation. As per
usual, your grandmother filled me in on
your situation this past weekend when I
saw her at the Plymouth Antiquarian
Society. I guess right now telecomming
is about the best mode of
communication, eh?

   I just when to school today to buy
my books and spend $171 so far, and
still have to buy around four or five
more little books... You'd better be a
good note-taker (and writer) your first
few weeks at school, what with having
your jaw wired shut and all...


Msg # 1700 Thu Aug 30, 1990 10:44 PM
Resp To:1667-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

   I'm told the actors have standing
orders to shred their scripts
afterwards rather than tossing them in
the trash, apparently to discourage
unsavory media types from disclosing
things best left unknown.

   BTW, is it just me, or are you
severely fed up with this whole


Msg # 1701 Thu Aug 30, 1990 10:48 PM
Subject:Who shot J.R.
Resp To:1674-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

   If you REALLY want to know (which
I'm sure you don't but I'll tell you
anyways), it was Sue Ellen's sister,
Kristen, who shot him. (Yes, I was into
that too at the time.) She subsequently
appeared the next season floating face
down in the Ewing swimming pool.


Msg # 1702 Fri Aug 31, 1990 12:21 AM
Resp To:1665-RAP !!!

 Wow. You mean you actually like Milli
Vanilli? Well, I do too, but don't tell

 I try to like Depeche Mode, but
they're just too stiff for me. I mean,
the lead singer is such a boinger, he
makes me want to dig for skull clams.

 I liked them a while ago when they had
songs like, 'People Are People' and
'Route 66', now they're coasting on
this stuff they have now.

 Okay, I guess it's my turn. In my
cassette holder I've got some Bauhaus,
'Swing the Heartache'. The lead singer
is Peter Murphy, also in thhe band are
David J and Ash from Love And Rockets,
possibly the drummer too. It's 'Gothic
Rock', pretty much hit oor miss on each
song. I like most of them, find the
rest interesting. Um, Crowded House's
first album, my favorite. XTC
'Skylarking'. Police 'Zenyatta
Mondata'. The Church 'Starfish'.
Suicidal Tendencies 'How Can I
Laugh...'. P. Floyd, Beatles, M.Oil, Te
Housemartins, Beautiful South.

Slaine, making a list--checking it

Msg # 1703 Fri Aug 31, 1990 12:25 AM
Subject:Bowie lyrics.
Resp To:1666-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

 I don't have much Bowie, none in fact,
but yeah, he does have great lyrics,
strange at least. Like one of his later
songs, uh... 'Blue Jeans' or something
like that.. He talks about babies on
doorsteps being left by wolves or
something equally bizarre. I must
investigate this further!

Slaine, the cannibals wear smart suits
and ties...

Msg # 1704 Fri Aug 31, 1990 12:33 AM
Subject:Ack! Thpt!
Resp To:1673-COME AS YOU ARE

 Excuse me? I don't recall you being
ANYONE'S choice for poet laureate. You
are most heinously mistaken, and for
that, you must suffer the penalty, A

 Cutter was the name of a man most

 He wrote tepid lyrics, and swilled

 He thought himself good,
 He thought himself great,

 But Slaine made him look like

Slaine, 'nuff said.

Msg # 1705 Fri Aug 31, 1990 12:37 AM
Resp To:1679-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

 Why do you  so blatantly rip-off my
[NAME],[QUOTE] sign-off. It's most
heeinous of you to do so, and also, not
very effective.

Slaine, have you ever been away--where
were you when we took Calais--I don't
know--I don't care--I'm just glad that
I wasn't there....

Msg # 1706 Fri Aug 31, 1990 12:40 AM
Subject:Quaking in my proverbial boots.
Resp To:1686-COME AS YOU ARE

 It makes me shudder to think someone
as incacipated as Killmor would ever be
allowed near a jet, much less fly one.
Any thoughts?

Slaine, it's alive--and it's
kicking--inside of me...

Msg # 1707 Fri Aug 31, 1990 12:44 AM
Resp To:1689-RAP !!!

 Absolutely. I'm a fan of SRV, I was
pretty blown away when I heard the
news. But that's life. He'll easily be
remebered as one of the greatest
guitarists, and one of my favorites.

Slaine, couldn't stand the weather...

Msg # 1708 Fri Aug 31, 1990 12:48 AM
Subject:What was that?
Resp To:1693-Cast Party consists of:

 'King of Poor-Examples-for-Others-to
-Follow, Mr. Stubstance Abuse'? What?
Do I believe my eyes?! Is this a dagger
before me?!

 Hey, I'm a changed man. Clean, lean,
loving machine. Just because I've
strayed the path a few times, made a
few mistakes, doesn't make me Mr
Heinous Of All Time now, does it?

Slaine, don't answer that.

Msg # 1709 Fri Aug 31, 1990  3:01 AM
Subject:Intruiging answer...
Resp To:1691-COME AS YOU ARE

Pet snake, eh?? Sounds like something
from "Space Ark"!! Always a clever
answer to a pointless question!!



Msg # 1710 Fri Aug 31, 1990  3:10 AM
Resp To:1705-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Why? Because it has been done to me
many times on other boards!!!

Seriously, no insult is intended. They
say that imitation is the sincerest
form of flattery, so consider yourself
flattered. After a few weeks of reading
your posts, it somehow seems obscene
not to end a post with some form of
pointless yet somehow amusing
statement!  O;)  It's..an addiction...
yeah, that's it!! I couldn't help


Msg # 1711 Fri Aug 31, 1990  3:35 PM
Resp To:1663-Cast Party consists of:

Umm yeah it was the demerol talking
yeah that's it!

Msg # 1712 Fri Aug 31, 1990  3:43 PM
Resp To:1677-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

You have to do what I ended up giving
into.. Baystate service from NE tel...
After the last huge phone bill I
decided that I should probably do
something about it. since I like
calling here... Of course this is the
only action my phone line gets these
days.. kinda hard to mumble into the
ohh well
good to see you
well hear from you

Msg # 1713 Fri Aug 31, 1990  3:52 PM
Subject:nuttin honey
Resp To:1685-Cast Party consists off

Nothings new... I'm bored out of my
mind being stuck at home. I wannna go
back to work but I can't yet soI'm
doomed to e bored until next Friday
when my classes start again yay!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to go back .
ohh well smell ya later killy
my car is thinking about forgiving you
but hasn't as of yet

Msg # 1714 Fri Aug 31, 1990  3:57 PM
Resp To:1688-COME AS YOU ARE

Okay now I understand that a little bit
better... ( what do you want I'm
blonde)((Just kidding))  I'll probably
start out at about 45000 probably there
are no guarentees and money is only
part of the reason I chose what I want
to be anyway.. obviously not the main
reason..... As long as I can live
comfortably and support my bad
habits......( shopping, men and books
and cd's) then I'll be set.
oh well
have a blast

Msg # 1715 Fri Aug 31, 1990  4:06 PM
Subject:books et al
Resp To:1699-Cast Party consists of:

Ahh I forgot you would have seen My
grandma... yes she is good abot filling
in isn't she? Is she still going around
telling people I'm going to be a...shh
not too loud now.... pharmacist... and
then saying she doesn't know why? She's
great tho really.....
I have to go Wed and register.. I think
I'm down to 3 classes for the first4
weeks. Saves big bucks on books.. A&P
ii uses the same book so I'll just need
maybe 2 more books if that. Got my
notebooks weeks ago got my pens and a
new really nice backpack topo tote
everything around in.. now let the
semester begin! I'm can't wait to go
manhunting again...

Msg # 1716 Fri Aug 31, 1990  4:12 PM
Resp To:1702-RAP !!!

Not early beatles tho right? I have
Abbey Road, Magical Mystery and Sgt
Peppers.. Basically I listen to
everything. Absolutley love journey..
the tape of the greatest hits is almost
always with me.... I'm sure many will
remember school dances almost all had
to play Faithfully or Open Arms at some
point in them...Anybody like Rush???

Msg # 1717 Fri Aug 31, 1990 10:27 PM
Subject:Just like Not!

Bye y'all!  I'm heading off to N.Y.

Msg # 1718 Fri Aug 31, 1990 10:50 PM
Resp To:1680-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

am not a Bridgewater person.

Msg # 1719 Fri Aug 31, 1990 11:00 PM
Resp To:1683-COME AS YOU ARE

Oh, well you're brother is obviously a rocket scientist AND has tenure at NASA
I SUPPOSE? He's probably the one who's gonna get you somewhere in the Air Force

as well!

 I'm telling you you're brother's a presumptuous twit, and to make more of a
point for you to understand: a fuckhead.  So you realy shouldn't take him
seriously. There. How's that? I've told you what to think, I guess it will be
his turn again soon eh?

 Whoa, you realy came to terms with yourself in that last sentence before your
name, huh?

 With your admited ignorance, you couldn't possibly be doing well in school,
and the picture you've painted for us of your brother is dismal as well, for
the only thing he programs is You. You'd better wake up and smell the coffee
before you wake up to smell the asvalt.

 Go fly a desk,

   You're brother can fuel it up for you.

Msg # 1720 Fri Aug 31, 1990 11:04 PM
Resp To:1690-Bye all

it be redundant to say good bye to him?

Msg # 1721 Fri Aug 31, 1990 11:08 PM
Subject:no not at all,
Resp To:1700-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

I'm rather glad about all this,

with all this cover-up who'd know that I killed Laura Palmer?

Msg # 1722 Fri Aug 31, 1990 11:12 PM
Resp To:1702-RAP !!!

Floyd puts a lump in my throat, certain songs. They bring out various stages of

depresion in me.

O.K. I'm not afraid to admit I like Milli Vanilli. After all I had named my
favorite fish after them.

I have all of Prince's old stuff, except for dirty minds, and the album he did
with "The Champeighn" from way back. After Around the world in a day he kind of

varied to greatly in sound quality. I hear Graffiti Bridge is supposed to be a
killer though.

Msg # 1723 Fri Aug 31, 1990 11:30 PM
Resp To:1704-COME AS YOU ARE

 Slaine thinken' himself righteous,
 But we're not to listen, (Bf Buh-BfBf.)
 Only thing he's good for is missin' an dissen'

 He don't just miss the point,
 He can't find the pencil, (buf-buha BF!)
 And ain't to bright to boot, hence y'all:

 BoofaBuf BoohaBuf shoocka clik CLOP!

 He comes on so swift, quotin' his lines (bufabufa)
 But they've only been his
 For so short a time

 He carries on,
 About household i-tems
 As if HE, Himself copy-rights them (Comon'Comon')

 He realy hasn't got
 Anything better to do,
 So he takes it out on me and you.

 So I'll be takin some time,
 To him berate
 And as Laureate, I'll leave him prostrate. (HoooP! yAW!)

 BfBfBf hah! hummahummahummahumma BfBfBf huh-uh-huh-uh-huh-uh BfBfBF Buf!

 BAW BAW bumena bumena bumena bumena,
 BAW BAW bumena bumena bumena bumena...

Msg # 1724 Fri Aug 31, 1990 11:32 PM
Resp To:1705-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!



QUotes! You sign YOUR name and quote SOMEONE ELSE.

Cutter, yahoo you're all clear kid, lets blow this thing so we can go home.

And without quotations, thats purgery.

Msg # 1725 Fri Aug 31, 1990 11:37 PM
Resp To:1717-Just like Not!


WHAT THE FRACK? I thought he was going to UCC XI?!?

DOC, YOu'd better get back here, I didn't stick up for you for nothin!

Msg # 1726 Sat Sep  1, 1990 12:12 AM
Subject:That movie everyone's talking about
Resp To:1697-Cast Party consists of:

That movie last summer, the one with Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, and Bruce
Willis... what was the name of that again.

Gee, I don't know anyone around here who does that.. nope, nobody... SAY, why
don't you expound for a few hundred more paragraphs on the Tao of WHO.

Msg # 1727 Sat Sep  1, 1990 12:16 AM
Resp To:1698-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Come now, even from the few episodes you've seen -- Does Catherine strike you
as the type of person who wouldn't MAKE it her business to find out exactly
what was in Andrew's will?  And Josie spoke of Catherine and Horne being in
Andrew's death together.. which implys they were seeing each other at that
time.. CONSIDERING he's the family soliciter...

Msg # 1728 Sat Sep  1, 1990 12:22 AM
Resp To:1708-Cast Party consists of:

I see "heinous" has roled around again as the "new" word of the day.

Marpessa .. And three years down the track/we'll be a Las Vegas Lounge
Act/We'll be back/We'll be back..

Msg # 1729 Sat Sep  1, 1990 12:29 AM
Resp To:1724-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Uh, honey, that's Plagerism you're thinking of, Purgery (sp?) is when you lie
under oath.

Msg # 1730 Sat Sep  1, 1990  1:32 AM
Resp To:1712-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Seeing as how I have a service for Fall
River which I never use anymore, I
figure I should switch it over & make
Nynex foot some of the bills!

More soon!

Msg # 1731 Sat Sep  1, 1990  1:36 AM
Subject:Forgive me...
Resp To:1718-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

..for I knew not what you were! If not
a Bridgie, then what are you??


Msg # 1732 Sat Sep  1, 1990 12:12 PM
Subject:That movie
Resp To:1726-Cast Party consists of:

That movie was called Look Who's Talking


Msg # 1733 Sat Sep  1, 1990 10:22 PM
Subject:he be
Resp To:1731-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

If I'm not mistaken isn't h one of
those there Lakeviliians? Could explain
a few things.....
just kidding

Msg # 1734 Sat Sep  1, 1990 10:46 PM
Resp To:1710-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

 If you wish to use the TM, I can show
you the true way of enlightenment, by
following my daily regimen of yoga,
jujitsu, and quiche, you may be fit,
someday, to use the Slaine 'Name,
Quote' format. Yours only for $19.95
care of this BBS, make checks payable
to Big Snort Enterprises.

Slaine, could you be--could you
be--squeaky clean--and smash any hope
of democracy--the headlines--say you're
free to choose--there's egg on your
face and mud on your shoes...

Msg # 1735 Sat Sep  1, 1990 10:51 PM
Subject:In tepid times.
Resp To:1716-RAP !!!

 Welp, yeah. I have Sgt. Pepper in my
car. My uncle's a Beatles fanatic, he
lived in England for a few years and
has an electric guitar from that era [
The '60's. ] I like them a lot, without
question the best band I've ever heard.

 Journey? With the lead singer with the
huge  schnozola? Ack, thpt. Sentimental
ca-ka. No offense.

Slaine, bludgeon the crudgemungeon.

Msg # 1736 Sat Sep  1, 1990 11:07 PM
Resp To:1723-COME AS YOU ARE

 Eh? What was that? That wasn't poetry!
That was... trash. Simply put, the
rhyme schemes were deformed, and left
me flat and disappointed. I give it a
'thumbs down'.

 Okay, I'll have to say something to
offset your glibbous chatter. Ahem:

 When Cutter was born, they broke the

 Because he weighed 40lbs when just 1
day old...

  His lines are quite weak,
  And so with a tweak,

  Just like an old dog, he learned a
new trick.

 Yes, boys and girls, he rolled [Over
and played dead. ]

 Well, it's not Shakespeare, but it

Slaine, too many call it a day--before
the day can start...

Msg # 1737 Sat Sep  1, 1990 11:11 PM
Resp To:1724-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

 Ack. Well, I meant the whole
name,quote deal was my set-up in the
first place. And who gives a flying
rotund icicle-pick if it is 'perjury',
everyone knows it's a quote, maybe not
always mine [ Yes, I do have some of my
own.] but it's artistic expressionism.

Slaine, when life begins with--needles
and pins--it ends--with swords and

Msg # 1738 Sat Sep  1, 1990 11:17 PM
Subject:Boil my skin.
Resp To:1728-Cast Party consists of:

 Most heinous of you to notice.

 Is everyone getting on my back about
my insistence on my rights as the
originator of the name,quote set-up?
Godammit. Just doesn't feel like I'm
welcome here anymore. Sniff. Gag.

 Oh yeah, thanks for having me over. I
can say, without a doubt, that the WHAT
volleyball team has nothing to fear in
terms of competition. We were much akin
to a well-oiled machine, well, maybe a
rusted old machine, but nonethless,
oiled. Or covered with oil. Yes ,
that's what I was driving at.

Slaine, where is Slaine, and what have
you done with him?

Msg # 1739 Sun Sep  2, 1990  8:19 AM
Resp To:1738-Cast Party consists of:

I think we were doing better playing 2-2 ..

Msg # 1740 Sun Sep  2, 1990  8:57 AM
Subject:U MASS
Resp To:1690-Bye all

   He probably wo't read this but oh well.  My brother is going to U mass also.

He is out a here today!!!


Msg # 1741 Sun Sep  2, 1990  9:07 AM
Resp To:1706-COME AS YOU ARE

   Look!!!! I am not stupied.   Sure I let you guys get away with talk about me

behind my back.  I have an above average I.Q. and I like the science field.
Mainly Aerospace and I like Archaeology.   I have done more with my life now
than most of you done.  I seen different parts of the nations different
countries.  I don't care what most of you guys say about me.  But when you
start puttting me down about the Air Force now that pisses me off!!!


Msg # 1742 Sun Sep  2, 1990  9:12 AM
Resp To:1713-Cast Party consists off

   Like my subject!!!  Well I start school again on Thursday!!!  Can wait!!!  I

hate to say it but i like school.  Well I hope your car forgives me soon!!!
Smell me later
good bye
                                 killmor                                With a

Msg # 1743 Sun Sep  2, 1990  9:18 AM
Subject:how the hell!!!
Resp To:1719-COME AS YOU ARE

   Listen here I don't know how my brother go into this conversation but keep
him out.  And next better not get on the mother subject because I just got off
yours.  Hahahaha!!!!  Well if wonders never....  Cutter you have become good at

insults better stick with it because your personality isn't much better.

Msg # 1744 Sun Sep  2, 1990 11:14 AM
Resp To:1735-RAP !!!

yeah I guess Some of Journey's stuff is
sentimental junk and yes Steve perry
does have a beak but the music is
pretty good.. Got hooked in High school
band on it... the seniors would always
be playing either journey or rush on
the buses to the football games and
after a while the stuff kinda grows on
you.. Kinda like Mold I guess..... Was
that a tears for fears song thou did
quotest earlier yep I do believe it
was!  Beatles are cool... Been
listening to all kinds of stuff lately.
Impressed my brother's girlfriend with
my wide variety of music.... she's
easily impressed tho... kinda ditzy....
ohhh well I have rambled along as

Msg # 1745 Sun Sep  2, 1990 11:19 AM
Subject:Lucky you!
Resp To:1740-Bye all

Ahh so you managed to ditch your
brother too! It's great fun! Mine'S
home on shore leave for the weekend...
he's at Mass Maritme.. which even tho
just down the road.. he must live
there!!!!!!! I kinda like it. It's nice
being an only child once more!!!!!
Believe me killy you'll have so much
more fun with him gone... you can use
h)s stuff and he won't know.. all kinds
/f goodies...

Msg # 1746 Sun Sep  2, 1990 11:24 AM
Subject:It's thinking about it
Resp To:1742-Cast Party consists off

My car said unto me the other night
that if Killmor buys it a tankful of
really yummy gas it might think about
forgiving you..... Just kidding.... So
school starts thursday huh? I start Fri
with classes... I'm really psyched..
even tho I can't talk I can't wait to
go back.. I've shed alot of weight and
look a lot better than when I left
there last year. More relaxed.... Oh
about the airforce.. I think the
airforce is cool and of all the armed
services, personally I 4hink that they
have sme of the best looking guys
there.. Just my opinion but hey....
later Killy

Msg # 1747 Sun Sep  2, 1990  2:17 PM
Subject:my party.
Resp To:1738-Cast Party consists of:

Your welcome... real nice of you not to bother showing up after all the trouble

Cutter and I went to... So who was that clown you paid to show up in your stead

 (Everybody KNOWS the REAL Slaine is a long haired hippy freak who works at the

Chicken Shack).  Next time Cutter and I are having a dinner party I think I'll
invite him and his girl  -- If you folks think my intimate parties for forty
have fancy menus, wait 'til you see dinner for four.

Msg # 1748 Sun Sep  2, 1990  3:43 PM
Resp To:1729-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Oh, I thought that was Engagement.


I was only kidding.

O.k. Plaigerism, but I thought there was something about it in the student

Msg # 1749 Sun Sep  2, 1990  4:00 PM
Subject:Chatter indeed!
Resp To:1736-COME AS YOU ARE

And YOUR chatter was Gibbonous!

 He's got a weak mind,
for he can't find,
a better rhyme,
 than weak with a "t",
which won't impress me,
or raise a question
about laureate fidelity.

 Like an OLD BOOK,
read 10x before,
how could you bear to read it,
even ONCE more?
 So pass me the title,
and end you're recital,
for we're BORED with watching
your motor idle.

 With just TWO rhyme scheems,
its hard to tell what he means,
He KNOWS he's a laureate,
in ONE of his dreams.
 Whereas the pace I set,
with rhythem ample,
is quite more,
than just a good example.
 And when I sit back,
as Laureate to think,
Slain'll say
"Cutter, pass me
 just ONE MORE drink."

Msg # 1750 Sun Sep  2, 1990  4:15 PM
Subject:yeaaaah sure.
Resp To:1741-COME AS YOU ARE

Have you even taken the ASVAB yet?
Do you have any relatives in the Air Force?

WHAT have you done that's so outstanding besides put up with the boondocks for
so long?

What the hell does incacpated mean? your body logged on without your head?
Is that why there aren't many spelling errors?

Msg # 1751 Sun Sep  2, 1990  4:18 PM
Subject:illigitimate ape child
Resp To:1743-COME AS YOU ARE

you have the wit of a sea anenome, that joke has been around since before you
were born.

And besides, you shouldn't talk to your father that way.

 What I was implying was that your brother told you what to think about Doc,
and then you got up off your hands and knees, thanked him, and knew what to
 Have you ever met him? You have many assumptions and prejudices.

Msg # 1752 Sun Sep  2, 1990  9:38 PM
Resp To:1739-Cast Party consists of:

 Thank God I didn't bring the lawn
darts. There would have been
casualties, more serious than D'Arc's
assassination attempt on Cutter even.
Of course my Twister suggestion was
poo-poo'ed. Cads.

Slaine, watch the dragon burn.

Msg # 1753 Sun Sep  2, 1990  9:42 PM
Resp To:1741-COME AS YOU ARE

 I heard all about you Killy, at the
Summerfest, and I must say, it got my
blood boiling. The way you mispell is
so cute and damn sexy. I just want to
eat you all up. Yum-yum. Grr. Meow.

 By the way, D'Arc gave me directions
to your house, when can I come over?

Slaine, just put your lips together

Msg # 1754 Sun Sep  2, 1990  9:47 PM
Subject:Scallop patee'.
Resp To:1744-RAP !!!

 Yes, I was quoting Tears For Fears,
one of my favorites, Everybody Wants To
Rule The World is perhaps my favorite
song of all time, if it's not that it's
Wish You Were Here by Floyd. Pink
Floyd, that is.

 So, what kind of operation did you
have, and how are you feeling? Any kind
of surgery ruffles my feathers,
especially when you get stitches on
your noggin, without anesthetic. Ouch.

Slaine, say what you want--say what you
want--say what you will...

Msg # 1755 Sun Sep  2, 1990  9:53 PM
Subject:The real Slaine.
Resp To:1747-Cast Party consists of:

 Yeah, that was some bozo I found
wandering the bogs of Lakeville. I
dressed him up in that stupid shirt and
gave him my car, directions, and a
brief synopsis of what is Slaine. I
knew he would fail most heinously,
especially with those ridiculous
sunglasses he plastered on his face.

 Ahem. I guess how I write cannot be
easily translated into how I really am.
Also I didn't want to get on anyone's
nerves so I was on my best behavior. By
my nature I'm a wise-ass, but don't
think I said anything rude all night.
Well, maybe to Rebekah under my breath,
but I swear! I can't recall. All that
air and nature, makes my skin crawl...

 I was surprised that F. Guy showed up,
that was a pleasant surprise since he
hasn't called here for months. How did
he find out about it?

Slaine, even in death--you still look

Msg # 1756 Sun Sep  2, 1990 10:05 PM
Subject:Much better.
Resp To:1749-COME AS YOU ARE

 At least there was no heavy breathing
in that one, but it still isn't quite
upto Slaine's standards.

 Cutter, get a clue
 Rhymes just ain't for you,
 Your rap is much too white
 Walk with buttocks very tight,
 So when you try to start with Slaine
 Accept the massive amounts of pain[e],
 It's just the price you pay
 When you try to walk this way.

 I could literally write for hours, but
I realize the pain you would endure
would leave you feeble and incoherent
for many weeks. I'll  give you a break.

Slaine, when all about are losing their
heads--don't give them yours...

Msg # 1757 Sun Sep  2, 1990 10:53 PM
Subject:could be
Resp To:1733-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Some of those Lakevillians are STRANGE!
Then again, so are some of those
Middleborites!! [Particularly those
working in the NETelephone building!!!]


Msg # 1758 Sun Sep  2, 1990 10:56 PM
Resp To:1734-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

I got plenty of grashoppas in my back
yard, and for $19.95, I'd rather get a
little bonsai!!


Msg # 1759 Sun Sep  2, 1990 11:03 PM
Subject:Air Force Guys
Resp To:1746-Cast Party consists off

My friend Bill Dompierre would cringe
to hear you say that, TFM!! He's a Navy
dude, submarine type! Just got back in
from duty, too!

Sir Tristan  OB)

Msg # 1760 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:10 AM
Resp To:1748-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

As you wish, I will submit graciously as befits my station.  However, shouldn't

you take into consideration how "beautiful" and "delicate" I am?  Heck, to hear

you carry on, I'm the Light of Asia... wouldn't it be a shame to spoil
something like that with a lot of ugly bruises?  Besides, what if I run away?
Then you'd have to cut off my legs when you caught up with me, and I'd be no
use at all.

Msg # 1761 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:13 AM
Subject:not again.
Resp To:1749-COME AS YOU ARE

Another Poet Laureate (sp?) title bout?  Can't you two find something better to

fight over?  You know, like "tastes great" vs. "less filling"  ?

Msg # 1762 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:23 AM
Resp To:1755-Cast Party consists of:

He must have a second account!  Maybe he's really Derec's evil twin!  Maybe
he's tapping my phone, listening behind every door, under the bed!!!

Or maybe Cutter called him up on the telephone and invited him.

I can't believe Elvis didn't show, he always blows me off at the last minute,

YOU were on your best behavior, how about me?  Did I threaten anyone's life,
scream and swear, throw dishes?  I even meekly trotted up to the house to get
Doc some water because he was too much of a crunchy granola to drink some of
the thirty dollars worth of soda in the fridge.  YEP, I've almost got this
hostess thing down pact, I even refrained from Sambaing until Almost everyone
left (when you invite Jerry to your house, you have to be willing to face the
inevitable fact that it is entirely possible and not highly unlikely he may
never leave... he and Cutter were making jokes like that at 11 o'clock that
night... Jerry was talking about where we could get him reupholstered.

Msg # 1763 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:59 AM
Resp To:1755-Cast Party consists of:

You are lucky my boyfriend doesnt use this board..
WHAT a comment!!!

Msg # 1764 Mon Sep  3, 1990  2:10 PM
Resp To:1754-RAP !!!

Gee slaine, I hope you don't expect me
to give you the exact technical term,
after all I am only blonde... I had a
Mandibular Advancement to take the
pressure (hopefully) off of my
displaced temolarmandibular joints.
Basically the doctors took six hours to
split my lower jaw bone and slide part
of it foward on itself ( moved the half
with my lower teeth in it) Many
stitches were involved.. I have a
revised jaw line a more prominent chin
now, and metal pins holding my jaw
together where the doc broke it. I have
about 5 more weeks of pure hades to
endure as I am wired shut to boot. Hope
I didn't bore you or gross anyone out.
Hey I thought getting stitches in the
head with out anesthetic was rather fun
myself... but that was a long time ago
too. Everybody wants to rule the world
is a pretty decent song.  Umm gee what
was I gonna say... couldn't have been
important.... Oh I know the biggest
bummer of this surgery is that I can't
have alcohol until I'm unwired.. I
never drank much to begin with but once
in a while...... especially with school
starting again....
major bummer
But hey that's life
Bartender.. I'll have a vanilla
icecream soda please!

Msg # 1765 Mon Sep  3, 1990  2:14 PM
Resp To:1757-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Which Middleborites that work for Ne
tel.. you'be lost me... In the state
I've been in lately quite easily done.

Msg # 1766 Mon Sep  3, 1990  2:16 PM
Resp To:1759-Cast Party consists off

Is he good looking? Hmmm??? Navy guys
aren't too bad either... but Air force
I think are still better......

Msg # 1767 Mon Sep  3, 1990  6:10 PM
Resp To:1640-COME AS YOU ARE

Elvis is dead,  Has been dead and will
always be dead.

"thanks for your support"

Msg # 1768 Mon Sep  3, 1990  6:16 PM
Subject:Nazi Fig, Pig
Resp To:1673-COME AS YOU ARE

I see you've been watching my Young
Ones tape.

Msg # 1769 Mon Sep  3, 1990  6:28 PM

And now for some more musical genius
from your hero and mine   KNOT-MAN.

Suck my burnt and blackened face,
Mix me a bloody mary in the bathtub.
Eat the festering roadkill steak-ums
But please leave me the urinal cakes

Chorus:Satan is good
       Satan is your Friend
       Satan is good
       Satan is your Friend

Lo tho I walked through the shadow of
     Roseanne Barr,
Rolling nuns through porno outlets.
Kill the saints, REDRUM, REDRUM!
I've fallen and I cant get up.

Drink to the death with a Drano
Beat the hell outta that Pinata.
Anti-TUMS Anti-Rolaids Anti-Pepto
Phil Rizzuto sold his soul.

Look for these verses and many others
in my new cheap horror film....


"eat the fire"

Msg # 1770 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:02 PM
Resp To:1760-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

I told you before that IIIII was the one on the receiving end...

Msg # 1771 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:19 PM
Resp To:1767-COME AS YOU ARE

Elvis is dead!!!   Are you serious, I could have sworn I saw him at the 7-11
last night buying jewelry polish.


Msg # 1772 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:39 PM
Resp To:1757-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

 You wouldn't happen to know anyone
that works at the Middleboro NE Tele
place, there would you? If you do, does
Missy Wilson ring a bell? She used to
work there, last I talked with her. If
you haven't a clue, then by all means,
keep this all hush-hush. We wouldn't
anyone losing their jobs over such a
minor discretion. [You know how finicky
the federal government gets when people
who work for the phone company are
mentioned on BBS's... You'll figure it

Slaine, the general scratches his belly
and thinks--his pay is good--but his
officers stink...

Msg # 1773 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:42 PM
Resp To:1761-COME AS YOU ARE

 Make him see the light, Marpessa. He
just won't accept the fact that I am
superior to him in every way and kiss
my feet.

Slaine, you live your life like a
canary in a coalmine...

Msg # 1774 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:50 PM
Subject:Best behavior.
Resp To:1762-Cast Party consists of:

 Jerry... was that the guy who was just
like magic on the volleyball court? He
was ..ahem.. unbelievable, a prodigy at
the game, I'm still speechless.

 Oh yeah, you were on your best
behavior, especially when you started
screaming bloody murder as you told
your 'Don Ge Hi' story, consequently
waking up every sleeping organism
within a 12 mile radius. Oh, I hope
your 'eating disorder' works out
okay. Remember chew each piece of food
32 times before swallowing.

Slaine, doo doo do--be dah dah dah--is
all I want to say to you...

Msg # 1775 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:54 PM
Subject:Just a yoke.
Resp To:1763-Cast Party consists of:

 Hey, that was just a joke. You should
learn to relax, or you'll end up like
my grandfather--flattened on a stretch
of highway by a Mack truck with some
ducks walking over him. That or ulcers
will get you.

Slaine, we scream for a new birth--one
to replace the old--God we hurt so
bad--but the story must be told...

Msg # 1776 Mon Sep  3, 1990  9:58 PM
Subject:Blondes have more pain.
Resp To:1764-RAP !!!

 It's true right?

 So I take it this wasn't cosmetic
surgery, right? Just why, in layman's
[Or laywoman's, or layperson's] terms,
did you have to endure such tepid

 Oh damn. Gotta run, fight brewing as
we speak...

Slaine, man in a suitcase...

Msg # 1777 Mon Sep  3, 1990 10:01 PM
Resp To:1769-Talent

 Hey. I know who you are. Keep up the
good work. 'Urinal cakes' indeed. Don't
tell you you've cast your hat in for
poet laureate of the BBS. Here's a
little hint: try to make the lines
rhyme, it's much more appealing. And
less fattening too.

Slaine, pass the rotund beef jerky

Msg # 1778 Mon Sep  3, 1990 10:30 PM
Subject:ahhhhhh no
Resp To:1776-RAP !!!

Yep blondes have more pain.... in alll
aspespects of life. I went thugh this
wonderful torture to lose weight.. no
seriously I was in a semiserious car
accident a year and a half ago and when
I whacked the back of my head I messed
up my jaw.. no broken bones just alot
of internal damage done. It does have
it's cosmetic benefits... I look alot
different now then I did in High
School. As soon as this is over and I'm
free again there are three things I'm
going to do. #1, My friend pete is
taking me out for dinner, #2 I'm going
to have at least one barcardi breezer
and a fuzzy navel, and #3 I'm going to
find a loose man... I have 4 and a half
weeks to get all of this arranged. I
think I can do it.=
So Mr. Slaine are you a Police fan too?
I like them too. Sting on his own isn't
too shabby!
Ohh well
I think I'll toodle around now
they call me mumbles

Msg # 1779 Tue Sep  4, 1990 12:13 AM
Resp To:1765-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Well....my sister for one. I used to
work for NETel, and believe me... we
were STRANGE!!! Me, Steve and Jeannie
were the Terrible Trio. Eating snacks
and making faces at the customers as we
too*k calls. We sat at stations so that
you had *one person beside you and two
across from you. We usually sat
together to ammuse each other aod get
through the boredom. Instaed of
'Operator. City please', I was answered
with: 'Hot potatoe, Cottage cheese'.
The caller ne*ver knew the difference!!
I've got lots of stories 'bout that
place an' I was only there 5 months!!!

Meanwhile...at the Stop Uncommon Inn...

'One Vannilla Ice Cream Soda coming
up!! A more legal choice t*han* a Fuzzy

Sir Tristan

Msg # 1780 Tue Sep  4, 1990 12:15 AM
Subject:Navy Guys
Resp To:1766-Cast Party consists off

Yes, he's good looking, buv you haven't
gone out with me yet, so why should I
set you up with him?? HMMMM????

Sir Tristan  O;)

Msg # 1781 Tue Sep  4, 1990 12:19 AM
Resp To:1772-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

..I do know many that work there, but
often can't remember their names!!
Missy doesn't ring a bell, but then I
worked there in 1987, so she m*ay have
started after I left. I'll ask my

P.S. - Who is she???

Sir Tristan

Msg # 1782 Tue Sep  4, 1990 11:45 AM
Resp To:1715-Cast Party consists of:

   Exactly. She seems to feel obligated
to update me on the conditions and
whereabouts of all your family whenever
I see her. Not that I mind that, but I
do get a bit tired of the patented
"disapproving pause" before she says
you're still planning to be a

   Book update: bought three more of
the damn things today, bringing the
subtotal up to $196 with two to go...


Msg # 1783 Tue Sep  4, 1990 11:48 AM
Subject:Oh great
Resp To:1721-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

   Gee thanks, now I have to go watch
the episodes (both rerun and new) with
the knowledge that you of all people
are responsible! Nothing ruins a
mystery more than knowing whodunnit.


Msg # 1784 Tue Sep  4, 1990 11:52 AM
Subject:i.e., Look Who's Talking
Resp To:1726-Cast Party consists of:

   Simpler definition: take out the
first "g" in "whinging" and you have
"whining" which is basically what it
amounts to.

   As for expounding, methinks I shall
do so on the Tao of nihilism (if that
isn't a contradiction in terms, that
is): what's the point?


Msg # 1785 Tue Sep  4, 1990 11:58 AM
Resp To:1727-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

   Hmmm, the plot sickens. Lemme try to
untangle some convoluted plot lines
here: Catherine is married to Pete, but
is having an affair with Ben. Josie was
married to the late Andrew and is now
seeing Harry. Big Ed is married to
Nadine but is seeing Peggy the
waitress, who happens to be married to
the recently-paroled Hugh, who also has
connections with Josie. Next sentence.
Leo's beaten wife is fooling around
with Bobby, who was going out with the
dearly departed Laura. But Laura was
actually seeing James, who has now
paired up with Laura's best friend
whatshername. Oh yes, let's not forget
Lucy and the dippy deputy -- isn't his
name Andy or something like that?


Msg # 1786 Tue Sep  4, 1990 11:22 PM
Resp To:1773-COME AS YOU ARE

And we've consequently TRAPPED you, Slaine, by not contradicting the FACT of
this being "ANOTHER... title bout" then you DON'T deny there being a FIRST one,

and we ALL know you lost the first one...

And since Derec saves ALL the old responses, perhaps he could come up with that

response in which you did so.

Msg # 1787 Wed Sep  5, 1990  4:03 PM
Subject:no booze for youse
Resp To:1779-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

I can't have booze until I'm unwired.
Do you know what I would do for a
chocolate bar?? A nestle special
dark... yumm..... what I would do is
probably illeagal in some states.
never mind
thinking thin
and hating it

Msg # 1788 Wed Sep  5, 1990  4:06 PM
Resp To:1780-Cast Party consists off

Well you never asked me to go anywhere
with you so there! Right now I'm a real
cheap date.. can't go out to eat. Think
how much monies can be saved! Is he
really good looking? I saw some very
good looking guys at school today... I
knew there wasa  reason I enjoyed going
 school so much!

Msg # 1789 Wed Sep  5, 1990  4:12 PM
Resp To:1782-Cast Party consists of:

I got out slightly cheaper than you
did.. Mine were about $100 for all new
ones. Still have to buy one more if I
get added to the class I want to take.
Not too bad and besided I had Mum along
to translate for registration today an
as I was whipping out the checkbook she
beat me too it and bought my books for
me. Has something to do with what they
had to dish out in costs for my baby
bro's schooling. Classes start FRIDAY I
can't wait! yippee! I'm going back to
work next week I can't wait.. sick huh?

Msg # 1790 Wed Sep  5, 1990  4:52 PM
Resp To:1778-RAP !!!

 I was in a few serious wrecks myself,
but haven't noticed any ill-effects,
although many other people have... I
still have some fuzzy spots in my
memory, like a few weeks ago I was in
some store and this guy walks upto me
and says 'Hi' and all this, all the
while I'm thinking 'Who the hell is
this?'. Then it sort of 'hit' me, this
was my faorite teacher that I had all
through high school... That's from when
a year ago when I got in a car wreck,
had some amnesia... It was pretty

 Find a loose man? As opposed to, a
tight man? Believe me, every man is
loose. As a goose, on a noose in
Burmuce.Well, I hope your recovery is
swift and painless.

 Yeah, I am a Police fan, and Sting is
pretty darn good on his own...

Slaine,  first to fall over when the
atmosphere is less than perfect--your
sensibilities are shaken by the
slightest defect--you live your life
like a canary in a coalmine--you get so
dizzy even walking in a straight

Msg # 1791 Wed Sep  5, 1990  4:57 PM
Resp To:1779-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

 Is it true that every working at the
phone company is a Nazi Fig, or aspires
to be one?

Slaine, the afternoon has
gently--passed me by--the evening sprea
ds it's sail against--the sky--waiting
for tomorrow-just another day--God bid

Msg # 1792 Wed Sep  5, 1990  5:00 PM
Resp To:1786-COME AS YOU ARE

 Right, this is another bout, I won the
first one too. Ahem.

Slaine, poets never die, they just
umm...get caught up in the scheme of

Msg # 1793 Wed Sep  5, 1990  9:00 PM
Resp To:1790-RAP !!!

I am making my reovery less painful as
we speak. I'm having a stawberry
daquari( close enough on the spelling)
And it does seem to be true that you
get buzzed faster through a straw. I'm
very frustrated.. and no not
sexually... do you kow what a bum deal
itis not even being able to eat blended
macaroni and cheeze.. I threw a whole
lot of milk in the blender extra liquid
galore and I still couldn't drink it..
ohh well when I waste away to
nothingness maybe then the oral surgeon
will understand that the blend and mend
diet doesn't work... Yes isn't amnesia
fun? After I smacked my head I lost
alot of memory that's just been coming
back over the summer. Childhood buddies
would say remember such and such and I
'd look at them like the thy were from
another planet. Everything is pretty
much back to normal and what I forget
people chalk up to my blondeness.
ohhhh well enough rambling.. I must go
to bed soon.. one of my buddies is
taking me out 4 wheeling with another
one of our friends truck!

such is life
NO I don't want any more soup!

Msg # 1794 Wed Sep  5, 1990 10:28 PM
Resp To:1787-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

..and once you've been unwired, you'll
be wired with all the chocolate and
booze!!  O;)  Nestle special dark?
Never tried it. HERSHEY's special dark
is good....
û÷HøI've been told that some chord
formations I use on my guitar are
illegal in this state, but the police
haven't touched me so far.....hehehe...


Sir Tristan

Msg # 1795 Wed Sep  5, 1990 10:34 PM
Resp To:1788-Cast Party consists off

Consider yourself asked!! So there!!!

If I were to rate him...I couldn't!!
What do I know about guys?? I wouldn't
say he's any better looking than I am,
but he's a WHOLE lot thinner!!! A lot
shorter, too....

I'm auditioning for a chorus in
Buzzard's Bay that is supposed to have
quite a shortage of men! I LIKE the

Sir Tristan, avoiding using the
name:quote method!

Msg # 1796 Wed Sep  5, 1990 10:39 PM
Resp To:1790-RAP !!!

Speak for thyself, knave! Thou hast
insulted the honour of a Knight of the
Circle of Silver!!

KTAANNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!  [Sound effect of
a metal glove being slapped across my

Seriously, the only thing loose about
ME is my TUMMY!!!


Sir Tristan

Msg # 1797 Wed Sep  5, 1990 10:43 PM
Subject:Nazi Figs
Resp To:1791-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Well, some are. Many are just
misinformed about the meaning of the
term 'successful career', as I was for
about 5 months!!  0B>

There rae some nice people there. Some
endure it for awhile and then they find
out they are making too much money to

Sir Tristan: Non-Published.

Msg # 1798 Wed Sep  5, 1990 10:47 PM
Subject:Bedtime For Fair Maiden
Resp To:1793-RAP !!!

She isn't visited by the Sandman,
anymore, she's visited by........


Sir Tristan

Here, Mumbles, have some chicken
Noodle!   0B>

Msg # 1799 Wed Sep  5, 1990 11:07 PM
Subject:4 Wheels.
Resp To:1793-RAP !!!

 Couldn't everyone say that,
technically, we all go four wheeling in
our cars? It's such an oxymoron, makes
me want to vomit.

 Two of my friends have Jeeps, well one
still does, the other has a Mustang GT
now. Anyways we used to go 4 wheeling
every night, really pounded the hell
out of them. It's pretty good if you go
once in a while, but I've kind of
gotten tired of it, we did everything
except flip the damn thing over.

 Don't jostle your head too much, as
your physician I highly recommend you
stay home and read a Harlequin 'novel'
instead of bounce around in the woods.

Slaine, as a child--I caught a fleeting

Msg # 1800 Wed Sep  5, 1990 11:12 PM
Resp To:1796-RAP !!!

 Wow! Really! You're pretty funny, you
know that! I wish my tummy would jiggle
like Jello! Neat! I've always aspired
to be a couch potato! Cool! Awesome!

  Show me a man who doesn't think about
sex every five minutes and I'll show
you a eunich.

Slaine, the kids get younger--the older
get older--and I stay the same...

Msg # 1801 Wed Sep  5, 1990 11:17 PM
Subject:2 much.
Resp To:1797-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

 How much is too much money? What are
we talking, $5/hr? Ooooo, too much

 Does anyone know if they have surgery
in which they remove, say, 10 inches
from your neck? My neck is killing me.
Literally, it's got it's beady little
eyes on me every minute, then when I'm
sleeping it tries to strangle me. Oh,
pass the butter.

Slaine, no one told you when to
run--you missed the starting gun...

Msg # 1802 Thu Sep  6, 1990 11:12 AM
Subject:is it
Resp To:1794-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Is it hershey's special dark? Could
be.. brown and orange wrapper? the
chocolate itself is in gold foil? Well
see I think I'll be almost normal.. if
I'm not mistaken chocolate is a
stimulant and booze is a depressant...
See it all works out.. I used to be
wired at work... A chocolate bar a
couple of coke classics and aspirin I
was set... Now.. I don't drink coke...
don't drink too much of anything with
carbonation anymore.. just juices and
jello and cow juice. You do illegal
things with your guitar? Tsk TSk

Msg # 1803 Thu Sep  6, 1990 11:17 AM
Resp To:1795-Cast Party consists off

Ahh shortness is a problem considering
my height... I'm not all that tiny as
you know and that was without heels...
So I can sonsider myself asked where?
B. Bay is just down the street from my
house you know. Good luck singoing..
that's one gift I wish I had.
but hey I can't be too perfect
But I want grape jello

Msg # 1804 Thu Sep  6, 1990 11:21 AM
Subject:no NOODLES
Resp To:1798-RAP !!!

Hardy Bloomin Har! Yes and last nite
the zzzzzzz uop man brought cream of
broccoli and green pea soup. I'm a
little worried about the grean pea,
Hope it's not contagious or anything...
Nope no noodles for me.. the only thing
I can use noodles for right now is
whipping people into submission.
10 hours of sleep does wonders for you

Msg # 1805 Thu Sep  6, 1990 11:28 AM
Subject:Comforatbly Numb
Resp To:1799-RAP !!!

Ohhhhhhh Doctor! Well nix the smashin
through the forest.. the truck is
broken hahahahahahahaha couldn't have
happened to a nicer guy.hahahahahaha. I
have 4 wheel drive on my car.. we've
taken it out a few times.. not much as
I do want to have said car for
commuting to school.
  But Dr Slaine, I don't wanna read a
harlequin... That's cheap trash, and
why read about why not just go out and
do it? WEll when I'm well enough
perhaps I will. As my physician could
you puleeze recommend a better form of
I don't WANT anymore GREEN jello

Msg # 1806 Thu Sep  6, 1990  1:42 PM
Subject:Death, et al.
Resp To:1767-COME AS YOU ARE

Pretty good, try this one out for size...

YOU are dead, and, one unspecified day this year, expect to feel a cold
draft... someone may cut away all the inside seams in your pants.  Yes, yes, I
can picture it now quite clearly in my mind.. a dropped pen or notebook, you
stooping over to pick it up, those fragile, outer stitches breaking away ... I
hear laughter, laughter

Marpessa, looking into the Unknown.

Msg # 1807 Thu Sep  6, 1990  1:44 PM
Subject:who, 'lil ol' me?
Resp To:1770-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

Who am I to raise my hand to a man, or question his infinite wisdom?

Besides, who could little me hurt big, strong, you?

Msg # 1808 Thu Sep  6, 1990  1:47 PM
Subject:the light, blinding by, et al.
Resp To:1773-COME AS YOU ARE

Hmm, As I recall, you Lost the last poet Lauraete title bout, and handed Cutter

the crown.

Msg # 1809 Thu Sep  6, 1990  1:52 PM
Subject:the party was over.
Resp To:1774-Cast Party consists of:

Oh, I see where you have made your mistake..  I was through being hostess at
that point in time, because there was no party to host.. the party was over...
We were just looking for a way to get you hangers-on the hell out of our
house.  Obviously, I was not telling the story loudly enough, because that was
Bret's mom's cue to come tearing down the stairs waving a cleaver in the hopes
that you all would run for your lives and never return.

It didn't work with Jerry, we had to wrap him in cellophane and dump him in the

lake.. THREE TIMES, he kept coming back... finally we weighed him down with
chains, THAT did it.

Msg # 1810 Thu Sep  6, 1990  1:57 PM
Resp To:1774-Cast Party consists of:

Leave me alone.  Just because I cram as much food as I possibly can into my
mouth and then can't understand WHY I can't seem to swallow and am presently
choking is no reason to make fun... Heck, maybe it's a serious cry for
psychological help... or maybe out and out stupidity, that's what I've got my
money on  "NO instict for self-preservation at ALL that girl" <-- a famous
quote of my father's ... what follows is generally uninteresting stuff about my

overall foolishness.

Bret and I watched a seagull do the same thing with the muffin we threw to it
(the WHOLE muffin, mind you).

RELAX, i'm cooking rice, it's small it'll just slip down.

Msg # 1811 Thu Sep  6, 1990  2:05 PM
Subject:absolute nerve.
Resp To:1784-Cast Party consists of:

The point was absolute nerve, if that wasn't blunt enough.  Fair Maiden and I
discuss traditional vs. nontraditional womens roles in society for three
responses and we're whining.  (BECAUSE we're women, gee, see how this stuff
works).  YOU go on to no one at all for infinity on end and we all smile and
nod (no pun intended) our heads.

OR, of course, it could be because you are the all-time KING  "oooh dear" as
far as whining goes, so I suppose you must know what you're talking about.

Msg # 1812 Thu Sep  6, 1990  2:10 PM
Resp To:1785-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Big Ed is seeing Nora, who owns the dinner.

Josie and Nora's husband are not lovers, they're business partners, Probably
Josie hired him to kill Andrew and make it look like an accident.

Lucy is seeing Andy, and is pregnant by him.

James' new girl's name (Laura's best friend) is Donna.

You forgot Audrey and Cooper.

Msg # 1813 Thu Sep  6, 1990  2:43 PM
Subject:House call.
Resp To:1805-RAP !!!

[ Ahem: Post Ahead--Full Of Sexual
Innuendo--Please Read Slowly.]

 Yes, as your physician, I can suggest
you give me your address so I could
make a house call. Perhaps give you
something to alleviate the pain,
some treatment I could administer that
would let you sleep and wake up
exhausted, and yet, refreshed. How's
that sound?

 Don't knock a Harlequin until you've
read one... I've just gotta find out
how Betsy, the farmer's daughter, is
going to work things out with Chad, the
traveling salesman. The plots are so
intricate, it takes full attention in
order to not get lost. [My, what an odd

Slaine, money--it's a trip...

Msg # 1814 Thu Sep  6, 1990  2:47 PM
Resp To:1808-COME AS YOU ARE

 Like splunge-cakes I did! Just because
he's your fiancee doesn't mean you have
to bear false witness against thy
Slaine. C'mon, it's obviouss he's
lifting Tennyson's techniques and
improvising on them with Voltaire's
scheme emorphalisticism. Everyone can
see that.

Slaine, us--and them...

Msg # 1815 Thu Sep  6, 1990  2:51 PM
Subject:Jerry's kids.
Resp To:1809-Cast Party consists of:

 I don't think he spoke a word all
night. Who is he? [Op. I was just about
to make an offensive remark, but
luckily, I caught myself in time. Thank
goodness for small miracles.]

 You know, we never did take out the
sailboat. And I wanted to see Cutter's
marine prowess at work.. sigh.

Slaine, there's a king on a throne with
his eyes torn out...

Msg # 1816 Thu Sep  6, 1990  2:55 PM
Subject:Food lodging.
Resp To:1810-Cast Party consists of:

 Well, my dog does the same thing. Eats
like a vacuum cleaner, then vomits it
up and eats it again. I heard it's very
good for the digestive process,
especially if you step on it and mash
it down before swallowing it again. Yum
yum, save some for me...

 Maybe you should consider being fed
intravenously, but knowing you, you'll
just start choking out of habit. Ahem.

Slaine, and every single meeting--with
his so called superior--is a
humiliating kick in the crotch...

Msg # 1817 Thu Sep  6, 1990  9:29 PM
Resp To:1811-Cast Party consists of:

Were we whining? Ohh dear... musn't do
THAT. Although it is ONE way to get
your own way. Worked well with
Starfighter..... But I wannnnnnnnntt
that 3 carat diamonnnndddd I don't care
if you'll be paying it off for life
that's what I wannttttt and if you
REALLY love me you'll buy it for me. In
actuality I had no wants of such a huge
rock, I didn't like the one carat cuz
it looked fake so I got a gorgeous and
I mean GORGEOUS half carat ring, which
since THAt wonderful relationship is
done and over with has since been reset
with saphires surrounding it.. looks
nothing like an engagement ring now!
and best of all he's STILL paying for
it! hahahahahahahahahahaha.
TFM suddenly spiteful

Msg # 1818 Thu Sep  6, 1990  9:35 PM
Subject:oooohhhhhh doctor
Resp To:1813-RAP !!!

Gee doctor do ypou REALLY think that
such a dratic treatment is necesary?
Well I suppose you do know best... This
will be a semi unique treatment. I
didn't know Dr's still made
housecalls.. I KNOW emt's do.
I just can't get into those trashy
romances... I mean when I got to the
part of 'she gulped passionately' I was
gone into hyterical laughter for about
3 hours.. for the next three hours I
tried to figure out how one gulps
passionately.. Still haven't quite
mastered it.
Anyway doc, I'm down here in E. Wareham
the gateway to ole Cape Cod... what
will I need to prepare for such
treatments ????
Sometimes you gotta break the rules

Msg # 1819 Fri Sep  7, 1990  3:54 PM
Resp To:1789-Cast Party consists of:

   At the moment, costs have stablized,
but the three other books I require are
due in soon, doubtless another $25 gone
the way of all organic matter...

   As for being an inexpensive date
(whereas you can't really eat), doesn't
this also mean you can't really carry
on much of a verbal conversation?


Msg # 1820 Fri Sep  7, 1990  4:07 PM
Subject:Audrey and Cooper
Resp To:1812-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

   OK, I THINK I've got it figured out
now. As for Audrey and Cooper, plus
Lucy, I haven't gotten quite that far.
Still two or more episodes to go, and
all I've heard about the last episode
to date is that Waldo the mynah bird
gets blown away and is uncouth enough
to spray his blood all over the
doughnuts, Dr. Jacoby expires of a
heart attack, Catherine and Leo's wife
are trapped in the burning mill, and
Special Agent Cooper gets shot by an
unknown assailant...

   BTW, seen this week's TV Guide, and
the opinions of several best-selling
authors on who killed LP?


Msg # 1821 Fri Sep  7, 1990  4:12 PM
Subject:Gulping passionately
Resp To:1818-RAP !!!

   My guess is that it all depends on
what (or who, for that matter) she is


Msg # 1822 Fri Sep  7, 1990  5:25 PM
Subject:you know, Cutter...
Resp To:1816-Cast Party consists of:

You know, Cutter Says something like that all the time... I guess there's a
comedian who does it...

We went away on vacation, and like, we were going to be gone seven days, so we
opened seven cans of dog food, and put out for the dog to eat....

 .. seven days later, when we came home...

Msg # 1823 Fri Sep  7, 1990  9:30 PM
Resp To:1745-Bye all

   You say I can use his stuff!!!  Well the only thing my brother left was a
few clothes of his and sports stuff!!!! Even though I use his bat.  Yeap at U
mass!!!  Well tomarrow I have a soccer jambury thingy!!! Catch ya later


Msg # 1824 Fri Sep  7, 1990  9:36 PM
Resp To:1746-Cast Party consists off

   So how was your first day of school???  Did that Chris guy notice you with a

jaw brace on????   Do you have a jaw brace on???   Well I want to be a pilot!!!

 Iron man just got on!!! You know Ozzy.  Well never mind.  I don't want to go
into the navy because it just something about being on an aircraft carrier that

bug me.  My dad was on one (actually two) in the 60's.  Also it is more
difficult to land a plane on and carrier.  You need a lot more
concentration!!!!  well talk to you lateRRRRRR

           Killy Willy

Msg # 1825 Fri Sep  7, 1990  9:41 PM
Resp To:1753-COME AS YOU ARE

   You're funny.   God that is the dumbest  thing I have ever heard " my
mispelling are cute and so damn sexy."  Hahahahahaaha!!! I had a few snickers
(bars) over that one.  Just joking about the Bar part.  Hey gay I'm not.  Later


Msg # 1826 Fri Sep  7, 1990  9:45 PM
Resp To:1757-Doctor DEEEMENTOOO!!

   Sir Tristan hw can you call us Lakevillians strange!  Sorry about the "hw"
it suppose to be how.  I am very much normal!!!  Look at the respones I get
with this one.  Well lateR Dude!!! Be exce;lent to each other and party on

      Sh*t another stupied mis-type but yu can figure it out easily.


Msg # 1827 Fri Sep  7, 1990 11:40 PM
Resp To:1818-RAP !!!

 You must learn to gulp passionately,
that's the first step. Picture this;
you're siphoning gas through a garden
hose and insteadd of sucking in toxic
fumes, you inhale fudge brownies. As
you swallow the brownies make a low
moaning sound, much akin to the
Peaceful Meadow's ice cream cow.
'Ummmm.. Oh....Uhmm....' Get it?

 Do this until I reach your house,to
get you in the mood, then strip naked
and prepare the bathtub with vanilla
pudding and jump in. I'll be over in
ah... 2.3 seconds.

Slaine, 20 killerhurtz.

Msg # 1828 Fri Sep  7, 1990 11:48 PM
Subject:The way.
Resp To:1825-COME AS YOU ARE

 It's true. I can't help myself, you
always send me such exhilirating mail.
It makes me wet all over. You never
know about being gay until you've tried
it, you'll love it. I promise. What do
you think all the guys in the Air Force
do when they're sent overseas, alone,
sexually frustrated, and riding in all
their chaffing flight suits?

 I don't know how to answer your
request from the mail you sent me. How
could I drive all the way to Lakeville
with all the cowboy gear and 'toys'and
not get pulled over?

Slaine, 2 snaps in a circle...

Msg # 1829 Sat Sep  8, 1990  2:20 AM
Subject:God forbid.
Resp To:1812-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Can't forget Audrey and Cooper.

Msg # 1830 Sat Sep  8, 1990  2:22 AM
Resp To:1814-COME AS YOU ARE

You're either a poet or a critic.

Thank's Slaine, I'll keep that in mind.

Msg # 1831 Sat Sep  8, 1990  2:28 AM
Resp To:1820-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Now, since I killed Laura, would it be so hard to determine who the only guy
with a loaded gun is around here? Audrey would be bored without him, so I took
a pot-shot at him..

Msg # 1832 Sat Sep  8, 1990  2:31 AM
Subject:Bob and Doug McKensie (sp)
Resp To:1822-Cast Party consists of:

in reference to their dog "Hosehead"

Msg # 1833 Sat Sep  8, 1990  7:58 AM
Resp To:1817-Cast Party consists of:

I wasn't personally aware of any whining either.  Though I can certainly
understand how a couple of chattering lowly females would disturb such a sober,

serious "male" in his efforts to meaningfully communicate ideas of great merit
to other sober, serious males.  We should continue our discussion of
needlework, prehaps that won't be so offensive.

Your ring sounds beautiful.  Uh, I can't think of a nice way to ask (it
certainly is a noisey question,) but, how come you're still in possession of
it?  Isn't it customary to return an engagement ring if you break off an
engagement?  Though, I know if they give it to you on a "special occaision"
like Christmas or Valentines Day it falls under the catagory of "gift".  I
understand men have been known to sue for there return.

Msg # 1834 Sat Sep  8, 1990  8:07 AM
Subject:TV GUIDE.
Resp To:1820-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Yes, they're ridiculous.  Audrey could not possibly have shot anyone, she's
tied to a chair at One-Eyed Jacks, most likely about to get shot herself.
(An interesting side note -- As if there wasn't enough evidence that Laura
worked at One-Eyed Jacks, and worked the night of her death ----- therefore,
wasn't necessarily killed by a man ----- then watch Audrey, she's tied in the
same manner the forensic expert described Laura being tied).

The person who might be on the right track is the one who basically said
"Duhhhh", but he (?) did mention that maybe Andy did it because he's the least
likely person.  (Andy, who "dropped" his gun at exactly the right moment as to
warn the one-armed man; who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn; drops Jaques

Reneiu (sp) in a amazing display of marksmanship right out of an old Western).

Everyone relyed to much on what people Said... people are notorious liers...
the only other good point was someone mentioned Josie's Flowha ofde Orient
routine might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Msg # 1835 Sat Sep  8, 1990  8:14 AM
Resp To:1829-So, who killed Laura Palmer?

Oh, you are a dream my beloved.  Your act doesn't fool me.  You are just
pretending to be very childish and jealous of some guy on TV so I will pay
extra attention to you.  What a clever little trick, of course it will fool
such a silly woman as myself -- for instance, the other day "Are you SURE you
weren't?!"... OF course you weren't serious, I mean, nobody could be so
ridiculous and paranoid, especially not someone of your intelligence.

Msg # 1836 Sat Sep  8, 1990  8:16 AM
Resp To:1832-Cast Party consists of:

Gee thanks.  Aren't you the little fountain of romance today.

Msg # 1837 Sat Sep  8, 1990  9:53 AM
Resp To:1819-Cast Party consists of:

Since the swelling has gone down
considerably and I no longer look like
a linebacker, most of my conversations
can be understood... some things are
really hard to say so I end up
rephrasing them... I have to learn to
slow down. I even have phone
converstions now. That's hard but.....
The one book I still need to get My
bookstore is out of... Keep an eye out
anyone who might be near a college
bookstore.. it's called M<math For
Meds, a very thin and long softbound
book it's around 22 dollars and if any
of the other schools carry it then I'll
just pick it up there....
School was an experience.. I had to
tell the profs the reason I was such a
quiet student and to puleeze not call
on me for the next 4 weeks.

Msg # 1838 Sat Sep  8, 1990  9:57 AM
Resp To:1821-RAP !!!

She hadn't gotten THAT far yet.. she
was still kissing this dude or he was
kissing her neck or something... So how
does one gulp passionately when
someones kissing you???
still curious

Msg # 1839 Sat Sep  8, 1990 10:01 AM
Subject:Good luck
Resp To:1823-Bye all

Gee my brother left all kinds of good
stuff home.. his cable Tv, his amiga,
his stereo, his tapes his CD player his
waterbed, his shirts... the list
Good luck at your soccer thingydoodle
and killy please don't hit the ball
with your head.. we don't need anymore
brain damage done...
I'm kidding

Msg # 1840 Sat Sep  8, 1990 10:05 AM
Subject:jaw brace
Resp To:1824-Cast Party consists off

No I do not have a jaw brace on.. all
the wire and elastic are inside my
mouth, No I didn't see that Chris guy
either...It went okay.. I wasn't as
nervous as I was the nightbefore so
what if I went through 3 cjanges of
clothes before decding tp wear just
shorts and a shirt.. I went from all
dressed up to all dressed down. Music
looks like fun, math is cool and A&P
well... it's necessary......
4 more weeks until freedom

Msg # 1841 Sat Sep  8, 1990 10:10 AM
Resp To:1827-RAP !!!

Thinks I gots it now... I practiced by
siphoning my fish tank! Anyway the
pudding and tub and me are all set. My
parents saw it and kinda looked at me
wired and then just said WHATEVER...
they understand the need for such
radical treatments.
2.3 seconds huh doc? I don't think so..
heck I can make it from the dartmouth
mall to buzzards bay in 13 minutes but
2.3 seconds WOW! The staties wouldn't
even see you go by!
Better hurry doc... the pudding is
starting to get gross

Msg # 1842 Sat Sep  8, 1990 10:19 AM
Subject:Too much in love
Resp To:1833-Cast Party consists of:

The first time he cheated on me I gave
it back the second time I got it back
it was on valentines day and was a
birthday and valentines surprise and
when he cheated again well I figured I
had earned it besides how do you give
something back when you haven't seen
him until after you had it reset? I
went to a funeral in Florida last
August and after I cam e back I