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  5 "What?"
    By Derec Butler (As79)
    On Sat 27-Jan-1990 11:22am
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Here Is A Few Things People Have Said About What:
                       "I Might As Well Get A Vasectomy."
                          "It's Like Really Good Sex!"
                               -The Fugitive Guy
                      "I Get Chills *Thinking* About It!"
                                 -The Scotsman
                "The Only Place Where You Can Get A Really Good
                    Pan-Fried Span And Tang To Go With it!"
                          "I Want To Gag My Lunch Up"
                              -Lorenzo St. Dubois
                                 -The Scotsman
                        "OOPS! Almost Had One There..."
                             "Oh MY! Fnarr Fnarr!"
                               -The Fugitive Guy
                               "I Get The Point"
                              -Lorenzo St. Dubois
                       "Stop Putting Words In My Mouth!"
                               -The Fugitive Guy

                     Call W.H.A.T. Now Before You Explode.
                           Now On DragNet V1.431 <A>
-- RESPONSE 1 --
By (Anonymous)
On Sat 27-Jan-1990  3:25pm
                 Like Passing Gas In A Wet Suit!
                   -*- The Hmong Hmasher!
-- RESPONSE 2 --
By Rebekah (As42)
On Sat 27-Jan-1990  4:09pm
fine dont quote me.
-- RESPONSE 3 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Sun 28-Jan-1990 12:57pm

You didnt say anything in last last ad post... So there!  Possibly next time
-- RESPONSE 4 --
By (Anonymous)
On Sun 28-Jan-1990  2:53pm
    "Oh My GOD, W.H.A.T.'s THAT??"
                         -Derec Butler
-- RESPONSE 5 --
By Aqualung (As9)
On Sun 28-Jan-1990  4:07pm
 I've been quoted! Ack! and i don't even think i said that!
-- RESPONSE 6 --
By Fantasia (As65)
On Sun 28-Jan-1990  4:28pm
 By all means tells us "W.H.A.T. is that"
 and I don't even recall saying it!
oh well C'est la vie!
-- RESPONSE 7 --
By The Fugitive Guy (As52)
On Mon 29-Jan-1990  2:42pm
    Oh MY! You people actually fell for MCI!!! And here I was, thinking maybe
you'd have been around long enough to recognize it.. Then again, v4.0 is
sneaky about it, putting people's handles in small letters too, not like the
older versions that used
to have thing like "THE FUGITIVE GUY said what's that?"
   And I'd just like you all to notice the fact that I'm quoted more often
than anyone else.. So there! :)
                        -->The F.Guy
Why call W.H.A.T.? Because W.H.A.T.'s it! And W.H.A.T. W.H.A.T. is, is
W.H.A.T.'s W.H.A.T... So call today, and see W.H.A.T.'s up, W.H.A.T.'s in,
W.H.A.T.'s hot, W.H.A.T.'s happening!
-- RESPONSE 8 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Mon 29-Jan-1990  4:12pm
Oh Fan.... La Vie...
Well Keith... You are so quoteable...  I hope you are not misquoted....

-- RESPONSE 9 --
By (Anonymous)
On Mon 29-Jan-1990  9:29pm

-*- The Spanish Inquisitor!
-- RESPONSE 10 --
By (Anonymous)
On Wed 31-Jan-1990  4:33pm
W.H.A.T.'s up, Doc?

  -*- Dat wascally wabbit!
-- RESPONSE 11 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Sat  3-Feb-1990 12:36pm

Sorry.... Just hope this dosn't fall into bad puns like that last one... was
that ever an arrowing experience....
-- RESPONSE 12 --
By (Anonymous)
On Sun  4-Feb-1990  6:45pm
   I think you should have just said "Yes" to that last query, Derec. :)
   (I don't know about you, but I'd be offended if someone called me "Doc")
  And Derec, you're so... no, I can't say that word on this board.. hehe
-- RESPONSE 13 --
By (Anonymous)
On Mon  5-Feb-1990  4:22pm
What he's trying to say is that you're such a --
LJH=;][p]'/ghfNO CARRIER

  -*-  What a thing to say to someone!
-- RESPONSE 14 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Mon  5-Feb-1990  7:41pm

hehehehehe I hope I don't turn into a doc....

  =%= That is SO STRANGE!
-- RESPONSE 15 --
By (Anonymous)
On Thu  8-Feb-1990  4:49pm
That's why we're here, ain't it?

  -*- Baw Haw Haw!
-- RESPONSE 16 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Sat 10-Feb-1990 12:11am

I guess You are not as flexable as you used to be...
 -/- And We All Know How Painful That Can Be.
-- RESPONSE 17 --
By (Anonymous)
On Sat 10-Feb-1990  4:19pm
 -=<*>=- Or Flexible Even!
 >-:/:-< Mr. Plastic Man
-- RESPONSE 18 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Sun 11-Feb-1990  8:06pm

Are you a tad critical???? Mr. Non mouse....
-+-/>>><<<====Oh! How Long Can We Keep This Up??<>-[][[][]
-- RESPONSE 19 --
By (Anonymous)
On Tue 13-Feb-1990  4:07pm
Hey!  Quit doing that in a public subboard!!
-- RESPONSE 19 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Tue 13-Feb-1990 10:14pm
I'll do whatever I want in public, buddy - weather you like it or not!
-- RESPONSE 20 --
By (Anonymous)
On Tue 20-Feb-1990  1:56am
   - Or whether, even!

'(&[:<?=@*@=?>:]&)' Exit, stage left!
-- RESPONSE 21 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Tue 20-Feb-1990  1:29pm

Well that was a nice fake message! I would Never Say Buddy! Buddy....
!###!###>>>>>>>>>Woah! Exit, Stage Up!@@@@@@
-- RESPONSE 22 --
By Sonny (As46)
On Tue 27-Feb-1990  5:22pm
Woah!  Inside out!
  Woah!  Did I explode!
-- RESPONSE 23 --
By Speardodger (As8)
On Tue 27-Feb-1990  8:58pm
There's still a few openings left in R-Man's pants! [Hint, Hint!]
        -- The Scotsman
-- RESPONSE 24 --
By Mensan (As55)
On Fri  2-Mar-1990  8:29pm
^^^^^^ Way back there was a response labelled "Mensan"... Now Derec, you KNOW
I like your board, but REALLY!
 Yes, folks, W.H.A.T. is a great board, but shame on you, Derec, for putting
words in my mouth......"Anonymous", huh? We will be "discussing" this in the
near future, as soon as I can get through to your (extremely popular) board!
 Your favourite lawnmower,for whom your bum is grass,
-- RESPONSE 25 --
By Frumpy (As84)
On Sat 10-Mar-1990  9:41am
   "W.H.A.T. is more fun than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick."
                  --Archibald Leach
   "Oop ack. Thpthpthpthpthptff."
                  --Bill the Cat
   "Better than being dipped in a vat of hot butterscotch topping and
liberally sprinkled with Tang!"
So call W.H.A.T. now, you gits!
-- RESPONSE 26 --
By Nighthawk (As7)
On Sat 10-Mar-1990  3:53pm
 To the person that posted anonymously and quoted me.. Tis not a word of mine.
 He who is misquoting or stating words that are not from anothers mouth
 is mis-quoting life itself.
-- RESPONSE 27 --
By The Fugitive Guy (As52)
On Sat 10-Mar-1990  4:32pm
   Call it W.H.A.T. you will, call W.H.A.T. nevertheless! No no, don't call
W.H.A.T. "Nevertheless", call W.H.A.T. "W.H.A.T.", cuz that's W.H.A.T. it's
name is... W.H.A.T.??? Exactly!!
   Frumpola, long time no see on the board.. And of course you just call so
yoou can quote yourself! :)
   And people, people, it's MCI!!! What have we had, five different people
thiking it was they who were misquoted? hehe. Not bad...
   Who's on first?
   Yes. And W.H.A.T.'s on second..

                    -->The F.Guy
-- RESPONSE 28 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Fri 16-Mar-1990  4:35pm

It's Amazing how many people forget about MCI...
-- RESPONSE 29 --
By The Fugitive Guy (As52)
On Sun 18-Mar-1990  4:39pm
   True true.. First MCI was discovered.. Then abused.. Then everyone got
extremely sick of it.. And now there are new users that have no experience
with MCI, cuz not too many people use it anymore. Why, I remember back in my
day........ :)
-- RESPONSE 30 --
By Al Capone (As29)
On Sun 18-Mar-1990 10:15pm
Exactly WHEN was YOUR day Fugie?
-- RESPONSE 31 --
By Derec Butler (As79)
On Tue 20-Mar-1990 11:55am

Oh Good God! Not More stories of old telecom!!! Sheesh! You Old Telecom nut !
Hmmm.... Those OLLLLLLLD Days of Underworld... ;)   Does anybody here remember
the infinate loop? Or The Statosphere? <Sigh... The Good O'l Days>
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