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Subject: Terminus Guest Use Policy
Status: RO

This is the current policy.  Many of you have probably seen it, it
hasn't been changing much.  It is sent to remind everyone and to
update anyone who hasn't seen it in a while.  Violations of these
guidelines are getting out of hand and direct restrictions of guest
use may need to be imposed if you don't start following them    -MAP



The dialup server Terminus is purchased and maintained out of LCS
research funds and is intended to be used by people working on LCS
research.  The system was configured to have enough lines for periods
when these researchers are home (i.e. mornings before coming in and
evenings after work) and need to dial in.  This means that at other
times (daytime and very late night/early morning) the system has extra
lines that are not being used.  We are willing to make this excess
capacity available for use by other people, but we expect in return
that they will be courteous and avoid any use that might interfere
with the productivity of LCS members.

This basically means that you should keep an eye on how many others
are on and not use it if the line utilization is more than 75% and not
use it at all during the hours from 8PM-Midnight EST (NOTE THAT THESE
BUSY HOURS MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU EXPECT) as it may become very busy,
very fast during these hours.  You should also discontinue use if any
regular user asks you to.

The easiest ways to check line use are to use the FINGER protocol from
the host you log into, or use "^^x" to get back to Terminus and type
"systat".  Presently there are 24 working lines, thus 18 lines is the
cutoff.  There is a script available for UNIX systems which does a
more comprehensive job and computes this for you.  You can get it by
anonymous FTP from LCS.MIT.Edu, directory terminus, file check-load.

The specific guest rules are:

    o Never use Terminus between 8PM and Midnight EST.  Do not even
    call in during this time and if you are connected at eight,
    log off and disconnect at that time.

    o Always check the number of lines in use immediately upon dialing
    in and disconnect if the utilization is over 75%.

    o After connecting, continue to check the line utilization and if
    it goes above 75%, finish up and disconnect.  If the
    utilization is anywhere near 75% you should check pretty often
    so that you can react quickly when the load goes up.  At lower
    utilizations you can probably check less often.  Every ten to
    fifteen minutes is best when right near the limit, if down
    below 50% you might only check once an hour.

    o If any regular user asks you to discontinue use and come back,
    do so as quickly as possible.  This also means that you should
    not run uploads/downloads when the utilization is over 50% as
    these will prevent you from seeing messages.

Since you will be using Terminus to connect over various networks to
other hosts, you are also required to follow any policies of these
networks and hosts.  You should familiarize yourself with these and
always keep them in mind.

If you ever want to get an up-to-date copy of this document, you can
request one from Terminus-Admin@LCS.MIT.Edu.