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>> >> >Fencing? I *know* I woulbd poke my eye out doing that... <Even with
>> >> >the protective thingy... I am quite bad at that sort of thing...
>> >> Yeah... that's why it's fnu. It's a lot easier to pop someone elses
>> >> eye out with a sword tho'... unless of course you're REALLY accident
>> >> prone. It IS a lot of fun tho'.... I'm currently in training for a
>> >> competition in England in two weeks time.. I'm fencing four or five
>> >> days a week, with two different weapons (ie totally different
>> >> styles), and I have to switch instantly between them. There's even a
>> >> chance I might be doing a third.
>> >
>> >That is cool... My major hobby is doing video <Happens to be my job as well
>> >I do quite enjoy it> I should take up somthing a bit more physical...
>> >But There is that lazyness factor ;) One question... What does peeps mean?
>> >Is that a net term? Or just a bit of british slang I havn't heard before
>> ><You can oly pick up so much from tv shows...> I dont think peeps in
>> >in the jargon file...  True I am new to usenet but not Internet...
>> ><Or janet tymnet Etc...>  I never got into usenet before caus I always
>> >had a thing about statying away from informaton overlaod ... But
>> >the Python one dosnt hat THAT much trafic ;)
>> Erm... I know about this laziness thing, and I am in fact a master
>> of it... In fact, I'm the laziest person I know (along with a good
>> friend of mine). I do fencing coz I'm good at it, and coz no amount
>> of exercise could ever overcome wot I've already not done. Plus,
>> I've met the three best wimmin of my life in fencing clubs, and
>> there are another two who look hopeful. Much as I love to be laz, I
>> like a good woman too.
>> Peeps is a term I took for my own. It's not in any jagon file coz
>> I'm the only peep who uses it (wel... a couple of peeps I mail use
>> it too, and it's spreading quite fast, but it's not quite in full
>> use you.) It means people. I also say one peep as the singular
>> (person) I find it a lot easier, more naturaly, and fnuuier than the
>> original. I talk a lot of my own crap... Noimsese I call it. Stuff
>> like porbubly=probably, fnu=fun etc....
>> Usenet IS fnu... I spend most of my waking hours on unix either
>> mailing peeps I've met there, or posting directly. The thing about
>> the python group is that there IS a lot of useless crap there, so
>> unless you can appreciate crap (like I can) it gets boring.
>> >
>Ah! Got it... For a moment there I thought I was missing out on some slang
>I should have known by now... I have mett alot of peeps since I got into the
>nets... It is a great place to meet...
Yeah.. I know. I know loads of 'em all over the world.. I've ben at
it for about a year and a half now, and i've made quite a name for
myself *:) It's really handy... I'm even having a love affair via
email. If I ever go over to the states, I plan to have a person in
every state I can stay with (I'll mave on to cities from there. Of
course, if ever they're in Ireland, they've go somewhere to stay
>Funny thing about this lazyness thing... the one great thing that can overcome
>it is a STUNNING girl... <And that same bod can also make my brain turn to
>mush at the same time ... And act Drain bramaged>
Yeah... I know it. The thing is, I started off with Annicka being my
fencing pupil, as I said. Of course, I was interested in her then
(her being Swedish and all), but only in my dreams did anything ever
>Crap can be alot of fun! I have to admit though there is alot of "Get a Lifers
>on those groups <Gee Like I dont qualify!> I think one of the requirements
>of some of those groups is not having a life ;)
Yeah. It's one of my least liked phrases... I don't have a life, and
I don't want one... I like the way I am (not?)
>One of the terms I have picked up that I quike like is Wig out... Like
>"Damn! The Computer is Wigging out again!" Or... "I wigged out when I
>got his phone bill"
FUCK! I hate that word. I really do.
>Although there is a candy caled "Peeps" In the Us... It is an easter Candy.
>Its a marshmellow 'Chick' <I.E. Babby chicken> Covered in flavorued
>sugar... <Like the marshmllow wasn ENOUGH shougar ;) >
You can NEVER have enuff sugar! I'd love to try one some time 8:)
>Damn I cant type today!
Yeah.. I know the feeling. I'm well used to it all by now tho'.
>-Grue "Her mouth said 'No No...' But Her Eyes Said 'Food And Gas Next Left'."
Why the fuk did you have to mention food! I hate you.